10 Precautionary Monsoon Tips for your car

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The monsoon may bring relief from the searing heat but it also brings with it the need to be extra cautious while driving. When it rains, the roads get slippery or muddy and worse, visibility becomes downright poor. And if things go south, it may result in a fender bender or worse. While you can’t be sure about the road conditions, one thing you can keep a check on is the health of your car by ticking off this monsoon checklist.


A tyre has treads on it which help it dissipate excess water under it to maintain contact with the tarmac. The more the contact patch, the better the grip. With worn tyre treads, the chances of losing road grip become high. Hence, it’s advisable to check the health of your tyres before the monsoon arrives. A regular tyre has a life of around four years.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades play a huge role in providing an unhindered view out of the car. However, the rubber on the wiper blades are prone to get hard during summer, making them brittle, which can cause minor scratches on your windshield. They may not be visible to the naked eye unless its raining profusely, leaving water spots that blur your vision while driving. Hence, we recommend replacing your car’s wipers every year for better windshield protection.

Spare Tyre

Always keep an inflated spare tyre in case you get a puncture. Finding a good samaritan for help on a rainy night is something that is quite difficult to come by.  

Washer Tank

Keep a regular check on your windshield washer fluid levels and add some detergent or windshield cleaning liquid to it. This will come in handy in case some inconsiderate motorist splashes your car with muddy water, thereby hampering your view out.

Stock Up and Stay Hydrated

In most cities, the traffic stops as soon it rains. And we’ve all experienced a traffic jam that could stretch for hours. This could result in you missing lunch or a family dinner. In such a scenario, you can save yourself from starvation by keeping some snacks and water in your car.

Air-con Maintenance

Keep your air conditioner in perfect condition and make sure all of its functions are performing properly. The air conditioner will not only keep the humid weather at bay but also help you clear the mist from your windows that could hamper visibility.

Battery Terminal

Get the car battery checked on a regular basis and apply a coat of petroleum jelly to ensure that the terminals don't rust.

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Driving Through Water

It is advisable not to drive through more than six to eight inches of water. However, if you must, drive in a lower gear at higher rpms with a steady foot on the throttle pedal so that water doesn’t enter the engine and stall the car.

Insulate Your Wiring

Insulate the car’s wires with duct tape to avoid short circuit and make sure all your fuses are well protected and working properly.

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