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Tata Altroz User Reviews

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  • Superb Car At The Segment

    The Tata Altroz impresses with its stylish design, spacious cabin, and well-balanced ride. Its refined engine and good fuel efficiency add to the appeal, making it a strong contender in the premium hatchback segment.Read More

    By parjanya sharma
    On: Nov 28, 2023 | 48 Views
  • A Solid Compact Sedan

    The Tata Altroz is a competent minimal car that offers a great deal at the cost. The outside plan is up to date and present day with sharp lines and wrinkles. The lodge is large for its group with great front and back seating space. The Altroz accompanies many highlights as standards like a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment framework, back stopping s...Read More

    By gunjan
    On: Nov 25, 2023 | 65 Views
  • A Solid Compact Sedan

    The Tata Altroz is an able conservative car that offers a ton at the cost. The outside plan is up to date and current with sharp lines and wrinkles. The lodge is large for its group with great front and back seating space. The Altroz accompanies many elements as standard like a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment framework, back stopping sensors and 15...Read More

    By nagalakshmi
    On: Nov 25, 2023 | 117 Views
  • The Sassy Ride

    The Tata Altroz impresses with its stylish design, spacious cabin, and well-balanced ride. Its refined engine and good fuel efficiency add to the appeal, making it a strong contender in the premium hatchback segment.Read More

    By harshal jagtap
    On: Nov 22, 2023 | 995 Views
  • for XM Plus S Diesel

    The Sporty Altroz

    Very good car i am so happy with this car front looks awesome and its back look is crazy, its interior seems full of luxury.Read More

    By bikram kumar
    On: Nov 21, 2023 | 507 Views
  • High On Practicality

    Tata Altroz is the safest vehicle in its class and has the best steering wheel connectivity with the driver with a futuristic appearance and can open doors at 90 degrees. It offers a big and functional cabin as well as an exceptional fit and finish and has a powerful engine and a well balanced suspension arrangement. On terrible roads it feels comf...Read More

    By pradeep
    On: Nov 21, 2023 | 440 Views
  • Excellent Riding And Handing Set Up

    Tata Altroz CNG is India most feature rich CNG hatchback and its engine delivers good performance. It has high safety ratings and a five star rating in worldwide NCAP but its three cylinder engine is not smooth and it has a superb riding and handling setup and is a great Tata hatchback. This is the only CNG hatchback in India with a sunroof and the...Read More

    By rintu
    On: Nov 21, 2023 | 395 Views
  • Best Car For Regular Use

    It looks incredibly beautiful and stylish. The features are good, with many modern additions for the new generation. It's a nice car overall.Read More

    By mahaveer
    On: Nov 19, 2023 | 74 Views
  • Overall Nice Car

    This car is overall a nice package but the ground clearance of this car is not good, so I want to advise the manufacturers that try to increase their ground clearance this car will be one of the world's best cars.Read More

    By rajeev
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 810 Views
  • Best Safety

    Tata Altroz rated the best in terms of safety in its segment and gives best steering wheel connectivity with the driver. It looks furistic and attractive and get 90 degrees opening doors. It has a spacious and practical cabin and has impressive fit and finishing. Its engine gives strong performance and has a well balanced suspension setup. It feels...Read More

    By debargha
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 484 Views
  • Outstanding And Brillant Tata Hatchback

    This is the only CNG hatchback that comes with a sunroof and gives biggest boot space for a CNG hatchback in India. It is a smart and modern looking premium hatchback and the dashboard design is very nice. Tata Altroz CNG is the most feature loaded CNG hatchback in india and its engine gives good performance. It gets excellent safety and gets five ...Read More

    By nitin
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 231 Views
  • Altroz Most Coolest Car

    Offered what it needs to broaden, I value this model as a top freedom. What has me enchanted with this worldview is the capability it offers. The TATA Altroz is a marvelous delineation of translation and style working out together. It recognizes the hatchback assiduity because its cut chomp highlights and ultramodern expressiveness. The roomy lodge...Read More

    By ashish
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 198 Views
  • Efficiency And Elegance, Exploring The Altroz

    The Tata Altroz is a reliable that offers great value for money. Its modern design and spacious interior make it perfect. The car has safety features like ABS and dual airbags, makes a secure driving experience. The fuel efficiency is impressive, making it practical for daily rides. The Altroz provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Its user friend...Read More

    By anuradha
    On: Nov 10, 2023 | 929 Views
  • Unveiling The Tata Altroz CNG

    The Tata Altroz CNG is a practical and eco friendly choice for those looking for a fuel efficient car. its CNG variant, it offers a budget friendly solution for daily rides. The car's design is sleek and modern, making it amazing. Its spacious interior provides big legroom and comfort for passengers. The CNG technology contributing to a cleaner env...Read More

    By anil
    On: Nov 10, 2023 | 410 Views
  • Best Car

    Overall, it's value for money. Prioritizing safety, comfortable for off-road drives, and boasting more boot space than any CNG car. Sounds like a great deal.Read More

    By varun singh
    On: Nov 09, 2023 | 330 Views
  • Biggest Boot For A Cng Hatchback

    Tata Altroz CNG offers the largest boot space among CNG hatchbacks in India. It provides an excellent ride and handling setup. It is the only CNG hatchback equipped with a sunroof and has received a five-star safety rating. This smart and modern-looking premium hatchback boasts maximum boot space and a good interior. It is the most feature-loaded C...Read More

    By priyanka
    On: Nov 06, 2023 | 529 Views
  • Amazing Car

    It has been a highly satisfying experience. The mileage is impressive, and the comfort level is excellent. I've been commuting 60 to 70 kilometres daily for the past year without encountering any issues.Read More

    By polash ranjan chutia
    On: Oct 28, 2023 | 3189 Views
  • Awesome Car

    It sounds like you believe this hatchback is the best in its price segment. The combination of amazing features, a good interior design, and comfortable seats makes it a strong contender for those seeking a hatchback in this price range.Read More

    By raihan
    On: Oct 28, 2023 | 662 Views
  • Amazing Car By Tata

    The Tata Altroz stands out with its elegant design and roomy interiors. Its bold presence on the road is accentuated by the striking front grille and sharp lines. Inside, the cabin offers plenty of legroom and headspace. The infotainment system is user-friendly, ensuring seamless connectivity. Safety features like ABS, EBD, and dual airbags inspire...Read More

    By darshan desai
    On: Oct 27, 2023 | 994 Views
  • for XE

    Best Car By Tata

    The Tata Altroz stands out as Tata Motors' premier hatchback when it comes to safety, and I have a strong affinity for this car due to its interior design, aesthetics, and feature set.Read More

    By vineet maurya
    On: Oct 25, 2023 | 694 Views
  • Stealthy Style And Performance Unveiled Altroz

    The Tata Altroz is a masterclass in automotive distinction, seamlessly blending phraseology and interpretation. Its satiny surface project not only captivates the eye but also ensures unusual aerodynamics. Under the hood, a potent machine delivers emotional authority while maintaining effectiveness. Inside, the Altroz boasts a commodious and sumptu...Read More

    By mahendra
    On: Oct 25, 2023 | 250 Views
  • Altroz CNG Going Green With A Many Trade Offs

    The Tata Altroz CNG is a welcome extension to the Indian machine scene, carrying a more eco-friendly liberty with its compressed natural gas( CNG) option for the popular Altroz hatchback. This conscious shift is a clear twist towards reducing both emigration and energy charges, making it an enticing prospect for environmentally inclined consumers. ...Read More

    By priyanka
    On: Oct 25, 2023 | 430 Views
  • Review Of Altroz

    This car is exceptionally safe, and I believe the mileage is good. With a relatively low budget, you get a luxurious feeling with features like a sunroof and stereo.Read More

    By sushant
    On: Oct 24, 2023 | 1076 Views
  • Good Car

    Tata Altroz is the best car in this price range. As a family car, it's the best option. Safety is very important, and Tata Motors excels in providing safe cars.Read More

    By rampal rajput
    On: Oct 24, 2023 | 723 Views
  • Attractive And Unique Look

    It has an attractive and unique look. The drive is smooth and decent, with light controls and its compact size making it easy to drive in the city. The well-designed interiors and solid build quality add to its appeal.Read More

    By wasim
    On: Oct 24, 2023 | 154 Views
  • for XE CNG

    Safety With No Compromise

    The Altroz i-cng is the better option over diesel for fuel economy. Tata altroz mileage for cng is around 20-22 km/kg. The 5 star safety rating is also added advantage.Read More

    By user
    On: Oct 24, 2023 | 463 Views
  • Amazing Car At This Price

    The finest hatchback is available within this price range, offering exceptional practicality and comfort while being equipped with an abundance of features. It boasts a strong road presence and delivers satisfactory city mileage, meeting my expectations. The build quality is truly impressive, providing a solid and robust feel. Its only drawback lie...Read More

    By devansh
    On: Oct 23, 2023 | 434 Views
  • for XZ Plus S Diesel

    My Best Car

    This is a nice car, especially for middle-class people. It's affordable for those with a low budget and offers great comfort and safety.Read More

    By krishna bhooshan
    On: Oct 22, 2023 | 213 Views
  • About TATA Altroz

    I feel like I'm sitting on a soft cushion and driving a smooth car, as if I'm in a wonderland. The sound quality of the system is awesome. This car is really awesome and the most value for money.Read More

    By nanigopal dash
    On: Oct 22, 2023 | 409 Views
  • Very Good Ride

    Good-looking powerful car, with a good ride on the highway, a good future, full safety, and ample space for 5 members to have a comfortable ride.Read More

    By manish
    On: Oct 22, 2023 | 179 Views
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Compare Variants of Tata Altroz

  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • CNG
  • Altroz XECurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,59,900*EMI: Rs.15,243
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XMCurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,89,900*EMI: Rs.15,326
    19.05 kmplManual
  • Altroz XM SCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,34,900*EMI: Rs.16,264
    19.05 kmplManual
  • Altroz XM PlusCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,54,899*EMI: Rs.17,226
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XM Plus SCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,99,900*EMI: Rs.17,625
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,07,900*EMI: Rs.18,350
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XZCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,49,900*EMI: Rs.19,219
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XMA Plus DCTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,54,900*EMI: Rs.19,399
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Altroz XMA Plus S DCTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,99,900*EMI: Rs.19,713
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Altroz XZ Plus SCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,03,990*EMI: Rs.19,808
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XTA DCTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,09,900*EMI: Rs.20,549
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Altroz XZ TurboCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,09,900*EMI: Rs.20,463
    18.5 kmplManual
  • Rs.9,43,990*EMI: Rs.20,652
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XZ Plus OSCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,55,990*EMI: Rs.20,888
    19.33 kmplManual
  • Altroz XZA DCTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,59,900*EMI: Rs.21,604
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Altroz XZ Plus S TurboCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,63,990*EMI: Rs.21,052
    18.05 kmplManual
  • Rs.9,99,990*EMI: Rs.21,803
    18.5 kmplManual
  • Altroz XZA Plus S DCTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,99,990*EMI: Rs.21,803
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Rs.10,23,990*EMI: Rs.23,100
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Altroz XZA Plus OS DCTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.10,55,990*EMI: Rs.23,785
    18.5 kmplAutomatic
  • Altroz XE CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,55,400*EMI: Rs.16,921
    26.2 km/kgManual
    Key Features
    • Semi-digital driver's display
    • Front power windows
    • Rear parking sensors
    • Central locking
    • ISOFIX child seat anchorage
  • Altroz XM Plus CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,40,400*EMI: Rs.18,704
    26.2 km/kgManual
    Pay 85,000 more to get
    • 7-inch touchscreen
    • Keyless entry
    • All-four power windows
  • Altroz XM Plus S CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,84,900*EMI: Rs.19,631
    18.5 km/kgManual
    Pay 1,29,500 more to get
    • Shark-fin antenna
    • Electric sunroof
    • Auto headlights
  • Altroz XZ CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,52,900*EMI: Rs.21,052
    26.2 km/kgManual
    Pay 1,97,500 more to get
    • Projector headlamps with DRLs
    • Rear parking camera
    • Rear wiper washer
  • Altroz XZ Plus S CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.9,99,990*EMI: Rs.22,039
    26.2 km/kgManual
    Pay 2,44,590 more to get
    • Electric sunroof
    • Shark-fin antenna
    • Wireless charger
  • Altroz XZ Plus OS CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.10,54,990*EMI: Rs.23,997
    26.2 km/kgManual
    Pay 2,99,590 more to get
    • Connected car technology
    • Air purifier
    • Leatherette seats

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What are the features of the Tata Altroz?

Abhijeet asked on 5 Nov 2023

Tata’s premium hatchback boasts amenities like a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 5 Nov 2023

What is the CSD price of the Tata Altroz?

Prakash asked on 4 Nov 2023

The availability and price of the car through the CSD canteen can be only shared...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 4 Nov 2023

Is there any offer available on Tata Altroz?

Prakash asked on 18 Oct 2023

Offers and discounts are provided by the brand or the dealership and may vary de...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 18 Oct 2023

What is the price of Tata Altroz?

DevyaniSharma asked on 6 Oct 2023

The Tata Altroz is priced from INR 6.60 - 10.74 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price in New D...

Read More
By Dillip on 6 Oct 2023

What about the engine and transmission of the Tata Altroz?

Prakash asked on 22 Sep 2023

The Tata Altroz comes with three engine options: a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 22 Sep 2023

What is the tyre size of Tata Altroz?

Tata Altroz is available in 3 tyre sizes - 165/80 R14, 195/55 R16 and 185/60 R16.

What are the specifications of the music system?

Radio,Speakers Front,Speakers Rear,Integrated 2DIN Audio,USB & Auxiliary input,Bluetooth Connectivity,Touch Screen,Android Auto,Apple CarPlay.

What is the kerb weight of the Tata Altroz?

The kerb weight of Tata Altroz is 1115.

Does Tata Altroz have automatic climate control?

Tata Altroz has automatic climate control.

Does the Tata Altroz have a sunroof?

Tata Altroz does not have a sunroof.

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