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  • Economic And Practical Car For Everyday Use

    For my routine commute conditions, the Tata Tiago CNG has proven to be an accessible and detectable option. This hatchback is a fantastic liberty for my constant megacity performances and short sorties because of its provident and smooth CNG engine. Both the motorist and the passengers will detect the ride to be simple and pleasurable thanks to its...Read More

    By madhan
    On: Nov 30, 2023 | 119 Views
  • 4 Wheeler Car Thriller

    The frontal ABC fits the car truly well. The headlight is of ordinary type with somewhat average performance. The fog lights seem good. The steering is smooth and has useful controls on it. The gearbox gives smooth stirring. The seats are comfortable and hold the rider tightly on turns. The rear parking detectors do their duty veritably well. The r...Read More

    By aakash
    On: Nov 28, 2023 | 99 Views
  • I Love This Car Tata Tiago

    One of the best hatchback cars in this segment, Tata's Iron is top-notch. It offers a mileage of 19.5 in petrol, making it a great choice for fuel efficiency and safety.Read More

    By amit
    On: Nov 27, 2023 | 583 Views
  • Fast And Easy To Handle

    I've of late added another Tata Tiago CNG Varient in my carport for my everyday drives and numerous over 100 km entries. My Tiago comes furnished with significant highlights, which were enough for me, for example, a Harman infotainment framework with a speakers arrangement, which is astounding, I would agree. Then, it accompanies pliable rooms and ...Read More

    By deepti
    On: Nov 25, 2023 | 162 Views
  • Killer Look

    The car delivers excellent performance, requires minimal maintenance, offers superb comfort, and prioritizes safety as its top feature. Its killer looks, especially in the top model, make it the best choice for a purchase.Read More

    By sanjeev gangwar
    On: Nov 25, 2023 | 377 Views
  • Best In This Segment

    Tata Tiago is an excellent car in this segment, safety features are very good. I like this car very much. The mileage is amazing, with sassy looks, and its ground clearance is much better than other cars.Read More

    By mudit gautam
    On: Nov 23, 2023 | 446 Views
  • Solid And Good Build Quality

    Tata Tiago CNG offers more power than other CNG hatchbacks and produce good power and torque. It feels very solid with great riding experience and the look of this car is also good. The interior comes with the modern equippment but the boot space is limited. It feels very safe at high speed and this car gets 5 star rating in global NCAP with superb...Read More

    By vijay
    On: Nov 21, 2023 | 495 Views
  • Safest CNG Hatchback

    The safest CNG hatchback in India Tata Tiago CNG is a good looking car. It has solid build quality and gives smooth ride. It produce good amount of power and torque and gives high level of safety. It offers more power than other CNG hatchbacks but is not as efficient as other CNG cars. It is a modern hatchback with great modern features. It comes w...Read More

    By arul
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 520 Views
  • The Ideal Hatchback

    This model's immolation is the reason I feel a debt of gratitude. I'm drawn to this model due to all it offers. For ultramodern comers, the Tata Tiago is the best specialist. An auto promptly joins fervor with utility because of its usable understanding and classy appearance. The Tiago's delicate size makes it full for covering community environmen...Read More

    By sumit
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 579 Views
  • Comfortable Car For Middle Class Family

    The price is affordable, and it comes with a lot of features. It's great for personal use, especially for middle-class families, because it's budget-friendly.Read More

    By raja choudhary
    On: Nov 15, 2023 | 946 Views
  • Experience Fuel Efficiency Tata Tiago CNG

    The Tata Tiago CNG is a good choice for budget friendly buyers. Its CNG offers excellent fuel efficiency, making it in budget for regular rides. The car's compact size makes it easy to handle in traffic, and the big cabin provides a comfortable ride for both driver and passenger. the performance might not be much good, but it's sufficient for daily...Read More

    By aditi
    On: Nov 10, 2023 | 628 Views
  • Impressive Car

    It's enjoyable to drive, and it offers impressive features within its price range. It handles well in mountainous terrain, provides good mileage and is among the best options available.Read More

    By akii
    On: Nov 02, 2023 | 1684 Views
  • The Tata Tiago is a fantastic compact car that offers a great combination of style, performance, and affordability. I've been driving it for a while now, and I'm impressed with its fuel efficiency and smooth handling. The design is modern and eye-catching, making it stand out in its segment. The interior is spacious and well-designed, providing a c...Read More

    By vikash dhayal
    On: Nov 01, 2023 | 253 Views
  • Good Choice For Family

    This car is a suitable choice for family use as it offers safety and decent performance. The only issue I have encountered is the vibration in the gear knob. The mileage is commendable, and the overall appearance is satisfactory. Additionally, the seats are comfortable.Read More

    By pratham
    On: Nov 01, 2023 | 715 Views
  • Great Car

    It's a good performance car, with solid safety and good looks.  It's very comfortable but their backside sensors are not good and the seat quality is very good.Read More

    By krishna
    On: Oct 28, 2023 | 1161 Views
  • Good For Family

    Thank you, Tata Tiago is a very nice car with good service. It's the best hatchback for a middle-class family, and it is very safe with a 4-star rating. A very good car overall.Read More

    By sidd
    On: Oct 26, 2023 | 636 Views
  • Best Vehicle

    Hi, the Tata Tiago is the best option in this category. It offers a safety rating of 4 and provides various services and options in all segments. It looks good and has better fuel efficiency and mileage, with new features added to it.Read More

    By shrikant kondke
    On: Oct 25, 2023 | 818 Views
  • Effective AndEco Friendly Tata Tiago CNG

    The Tata Tiago CNG is a remarkable mix of effectiveness and sustainability. With its CNG variant, it offers an eco-conscious liberty without compromising on interpretation. The peppy machine provides a smooth and energy-effective drive, making it a fund-friendly option. Its swish project and commodious innards append to its supplication. The CNG te...Read More

    By vidushii
    On: Oct 25, 2023 | 283 Views
  • Excellent Build Quality And Safe

    It performs well in the global NCAP crash test and is the safest car in its segment. It is a very safe car at high speed in its rivals and it gives excellent ride quality. At high speed, it is very stable and it provides a good balance between performance and fuel efficiency. It is the most powerful car in its segment and its interior is very attra...Read More

    By amandeep
    On: Oct 17, 2023 | 929 Views
  • Awesome Car

    Tata Tiago, a popular hatchback, offers a compelling package. Its modern design, featuring Tata's Impact Design Philosophy, is eye-catching. The interior is spacious and well-built, with good-quality materials. The Tiago boasts a peppy 1.2-liter petrol engine with impressive fuel efficiency. The driving experience is enjoyable, with a comfortable r...Read More

    By ruman khan
    On: Oct 16, 2023 | 492 Views
  • Good Car In Affordable Budget

    The driving experience is very smooth, the build quality is awesome, it offers good comfort, and most importantly, it is very affordable.Read More

    By vijtashwa mishra
    On: Oct 15, 2023 | 172 Views
  • Tata Tiago Elevate Your Daily Commute With Style

    This model's advantages are why I like it. I feel drawn to this model because of its exceptional qualities. The Tata Tiago is the best representative for unintentional visitors. It's a car that, owing to its practical interpretation and elegant design, perfectly mixes excitement with practicality. The Tiago's well designed interior offers comfort a...Read More

    By jagannath
    On: Oct 15, 2023 | 188 Views
  • Great Build Quality

    A rating of four stars in global NCAP gets a high level of security in Tata Tiago. It gives excellent rides and provides great performance. It is fuel-efficient and the most powerful car in this segment. It provides 20kmpl mileage on the highway. Tiago has an attractive interior. Its steering wheels are comfortable to handle and the look is also go...Read More

    By vanditha
    On: Oct 11, 2023 | 995 Views
  • Excellent Car

    This car offers excellent value for money within its segment. It stands out in terms of safety, and being a robust and secure vehicle. Additionally, it boasts attractive looks, and a range of features, and compares favourably to other car brands in the same segment. Overall, it's a solid choice in its class.Read More

    By priyam
    On: Oct 08, 2023 | 756 Views
  • Redefining Compact Hatchback Brilliance

    I like the immolation this model makes. This path appeals to me because of all it provides. The Tata Tiago is the full auto for coincidental explorers. It's a agent that painlessly mixes fun and mileage owing to its strong interpretation and sophisticated face. The Tiago's compact size makes it ideal for conning civic areas, and its font designated...Read More

    By rohan
    On: Oct 06, 2023 | 446 Views
  • Value For Money

    This car stands out as the best option in its segment, offering a superior sense of safety compared to others like Suzuki. It provides exceptional comfort and a remarkably smooth driving experience. I wholeheartedly recommend choosing this car without hesitation.Read More

    By rohit kumar
    On: Oct 04, 2023 | 282 Views
  • Good Value For Money Car With Some Issues

    The overall mileage of the Tata Tiago is good on highways, but it drops to around 12-14 miles per gallon when driven in the city with heavy usage. Some other cars in this segment may offer better city mileage. In terms of maintenance, it's generally good, but those with limited knowledge about cars may be susceptible to overpaying at service center...Read More

    By prince pandey
    On: Oct 04, 2023 | 1410 Views
  • Experience Joyful Drives With The Tata Tiago

    Because of the options it provides, I adore this model. Because of its outstanding features, I detect myself charmed by this model. For ultramodern comers, the Tata Tiago is the ideal agent. It's an agent that readily combines excitement with utility thanks to its operative interpretation and tasteful appearance. The Tiago's fragile size makes it f...Read More

    By prajakta
    On: Oct 03, 2023 | 262 Views
  • For Middle Class Family It Is A Good Car

    Tiago is a comfortable and good performance car and for me it is a emotion tiago's performance of driving and mileage is good. I take out the milage of 23- 24 per /liter.Read More

    By sachin kumar gautam
    On: Oct 02, 2023 | 370 Views
  • Very Good Car

    This hatchback is an excellent choice in its price range. It offers very good mileage and boasts a 4-star safety rating, which is highly commendable.Read More

    By ajay kumar panda
    On: Oct 01, 2023 | 594 Views
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  • Tiago XECurrently Viewing
    Rs.5,59,900*EMI: Rs.12,570
    19.01 kmplManual
  • Tiago XT OptionCurrently Viewing
    Rs.5,99,900*EMI: Rs.13,409
    19.01 kmplManual
  • Tiago XTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,39,900*EMI: Rs.14,570
    19.01 kmplManual
  • Tiago XT RhythmCurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,69,900*EMI: Rs.15,203
    19.01 kmplManual
  • Tiago XTA AMTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,94,900*EMI: Rs.15,751
    19.0 kmplAutomatic
  • Tiago XZ PlusCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,14,900*EMI: Rs.16,141
    19.01 kmplManual
  • Rs.7,24,900*EMI: Rs.16,352
    19.01 kmplManual
  • Tiago XZA Plus AMTCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,69,900*EMI: Rs.17,323
    19.0 kmplAutomatic
  • Rs.7,79,900*EMI: Rs.17,534
    19.0 kmplAutomatic
  • Tiago XE CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,54,900*EMI: Rs.14,489
    26.49 km/kgManual
  • Tiago XM CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.6,89,900*EMI: Rs.15,217
    26.49 km/kgManual
  • Tiago XT CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.7,34,900*EMI: Rs.16,155
    26.49 km/kgManual
  • Tiago XZ Plus CNGCurrently Viewing
    Rs.8,09,900*EMI: Rs.17,727
    26.49 km/kgManual
  • Rs.8,19,900*EMI: Rs.17,938
    26.49 km/kgManual

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What is the CSD price of the Tata Tiago?

Abhijeet asked on 5 Nov 2023

The exact information regarding the CSD prices of the car can be only available ...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 5 Nov 2023

Dose it having sunroof?

E.S.Md.Iqbal asked on 2 Nov 2023

The Tata Tiago does not offer the sunroof feature.

By Cardekho experts on 2 Nov 2023

What are the available finance offers of Tata Tiago?

Prakash asked on 18 Oct 2023

If you are planning to buy a new car on finance, then generally, a 20 to 25 perc...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 18 Oct 2023

How many colours are available in Tata Tiago?

DevyaniSharma asked on 6 Oct 2023

The Tata Tiago is available in 5 different colours - Midnight Plum, Flame Red, O...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 6 Oct 2023

Can I exchange my old vehicle with Tata Tiago?

Prakash asked on 21 Sep 2023

The exchange of a vehicle would depend on certain factors such as kilometres dri...

Read More
By Cardekho experts on 21 Sep 2023

What is the tyre size of Tata Tiago?

Tata Tiago is available in 2 tyre sizes - 175/65 R14 and 175/60 R15.

What are the specifications of the music system?

Radio,Speakers Front,Speakers Rear,Integrated 2DIN Audio,USB & Auxiliary input,Bluetooth Connectivity,Touch Screen,Android Auto,Apple CarPlay.

What is the kerb weight of the Tata Tiago?

The kerb weight of Tata Tiago is 1230.

Does Tata Tiago have automatic climate control?

Tata Tiago has automatic climate control.

Does the Tata Tiago have a sunroof?

Tata Tiago does not have a sunroof.

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