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Volkswagen Beetle Gallery: The Bug at Indian Auto Expo 2016

Published On Feb 10, 2016 08:02 PM By Abhijeet for Volkswagen Beetle

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Volkwagen Beetle FrontIf Volkswagen launching a compact sedan did not impress you, its lineup for the Auto Expo 2016, will certainly do so. However, this time around, the German car manufacturer only had its high-end cars to showcase and no mass market product were unveiled, except for Ameo and Vento facelift. Cars like the Passat plug-in hybrid, Tiguan, the VW Vento Cup vehicle and the jolly car, Beetle, were up for display. 

Volkwagen Beetle Rear

To be honest, I am a fan of the old beetle, but when I looked upon the pictures of the all-new Beetle, my love for beetle underwent a downward tumble. Upon visiting the latest iteration at Auto Expo, my perceptions of the new bug were instantly washed away. People just flocked around Beetle and eagerly awaiting for their turn to be seated within the car. Like everyone else, I too got in the line, so that I could get some inside shots. While I silently waited in the backdrop, the quality of paint and finish of the car caught my eye. The shut lines of the curvy bodywork looked laser precise. Also, the tyres perfectly filled up the arches and were wrapped around its diamond cut wheels. 

Volkwagen Beetle Interior

Finally, I was able to step in and was amazed by the same level of the German quality. The exteriors colour was carried onto the dashboard and as well as on several other bits on the inside. The seats were supportive and then there always is a feeling of safety when it all boils down to a 3-door hatch, because everything is so close to you; one ultimately has only the rear seats and two doors to deal with. 

I tried to Capture the Bettle, Hope you like it.

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Feb 10, 2020 11:47:42 PM

what prize on Road?for desel and petrol

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