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How Do You Know It’s A Good Time To Sell Your Car?

Published On Nov 26, 2020 05:31 PM By CarDekho

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To sell or not to sell? No, WHEN to sell is the REAL question you need to be asking

The car ownership experience varies greatly between individuals and that includes the duration of ownership. While some change cars to keep up with the latest trends, there are those who hold onto theirs for generations. Most owners have similar reasons to change cars as frequently as they do and deciding to sell your car isn’t always a straightforward decision. So, here are some easy ways to help you figure out the best time to move on:

Your needs change, as does spending capacity

Most cars are bought to fulfil the buyer’s needs within a budget at that point in time. As times change, so do the buyer’s needs. For instance, a mid-size hatchback is enough for young professionals but they might need a larger car once they have a family. Sometimes, it’s a matter of different budgets and as one does well in their career, they can afford a nicer car. It could also be the opposite scenario wherein an older person may decide to sell the family MPV once the kids are grown up. One may have to downsize due to economic hardships as well.

If your needs and wallet do not match your car, that’s a good time to part with it, not taking into account the sentimental attachment with said car.

There’s newer and better stuff out there

We are, of course, talking from a practical standpoint. Not all new things are better than the ones you are emotionally attached to, but usually, they’re better to use and easier to live with. Every year, carmakers launch new or updated versions of their products. Some are purely cosmetic updates while many include new technologies and comforts. Depending on how old your car is, there’s a fair chance it’s not as safe as the new models.

While features such as connected car technology and large touchscreen systems are more often seen as toys for those who can afford it, modern cars also get useful stuff worth upgrading for. These days, most cars come with ABS and dual front airbags while more expensive variants get traction and stability control as well. Better and more efficient air con systems with rear AC vents, modern suspension and more refined engines as well as automatic powertrains help make journeys less tiring and more enjoyable. 

Sometimes, it’s just good to try the new stuff for daily use and plan to keep the older stuff on the side for your automotive indulgence. With the EV revolution looming, it might also be worth looking at future-proofing your automotive needs and settling into the new format ahead of time.

High mileage is bad for your pocket

If you’re keen on selling your current car to help you afford your next one, mileage is your enemy. The number on your odometer is inversely proportional to the car’s valuation at the time of selling, no matter how well maintained. A car with 30,000km on the clock will sell for more than a car of similar age that has done 40,000km. The acceptable average use for a pre-owned car to get a good selling price is usually within the range of 50,000km to 75,000km. While the car is built to last a lot more, its value falls sharply the more you use it. Another way to keep your asking price up is to ensure the car is still within warranty at the time of selling it. These days, many brands will offer up to 5-years warranty within a certain range of kilometres, so your window of sale isn’t too tight.

Increased ownership costs

This is a fairly obvious indicator that you should probably sell your car while you can. An older car requires more frequent servicing and after a point of time, it needs some fresh components as well due to normal wear and tear. If your service bill starts to look a bit too much for what the car is worth, you should try and get the most value you can for it. A well-looked after example still has plenty of life left and may suit somebody who doesn’t have the capital to buy a fresh one off the lot while reducing your regular spends, so it is not a matter of passing on junk. Reducing your running costs while affording a replacement vehicle is usually a good idea.


The process of selling your car at the CarDekho Gaadi store is a rather simple one. Once you visit its website, you are required to fill in your vehicle’s details and book an appointment for its free inspection. After this, you are presented with a value quote for your vehicle. You can then book an appointment for a visit to your nearest Gaadi store or have the car sold at your place for the said price that’s transferred instantly.

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