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Good News Roundup: Fight Against COVID-19 Vol.8

Published On May 23, 2020 01:17 PM By Dhruv.A

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The coming days promise some normalcy as flight and trains for inter-state travel are set to resume

With the number of coronavirus cases surging in the country despite a two-month lockdown, the current state of affairs are bound to make anyone feel a bit bleak. However, our good news bulletin could cheer you up as we've rounded up some heartwarming, feel-good headlines from around the world. Read on. 

Nearly 20 Lakh People Have Recovered Till Now

A commendable four lakh patients across the world have kicked COVID-19 away in the past one week. India’s recovery rate is now around the 40 per cent rate mark. Even the death rates due to the virus are a measly 0.2/lakh in comparison to the world average of 4.1/lakh. Looking forward, we hope to see those numbers drop to zero.


12-year-old Boy Develops COVID-19 Protection Device

Most of us are a bit too paranoid when it comes to touching outside surfaces and it’s only natural. But instead of giving in to this hysteria, a 12-year-old boy from San Francisco has made a device that can open doors as well as press switches and buttons on ATMs and cash registers without having to make direct physical contact. Called the Safe Touch Pro, this hook-like device is made up of a plant-based plastic which is easy on the environment and doesn’t let any germs survive on its surface. 


Normalcy Returning To Daily Lives In India

Indian authorities have eased a few restrictions in Lockdown 4.0. That includes allowing limited opening of private offices with a strict tab on the number of employees that can come to the workplace. Parks and sports complexes have also been opened whereas domestic flights and trains will also be resumed in the coming days. Despite these relaxations, we suggest you limit your exposure by staying at home and move out only when absolutely necessary. 

India Becomes Second-largest PPE Maker In The World

It’s not Versace or Armani dresses that take centre stage around the world but the personal protection equipment (PPE). And India has become the second-largest producer of this life-saving equipment, second only to China. Theoretically, this means that our frontline soldiers like doctors, medical staff and essential supply chain workers should have adequate protection from the coronavirus while on duty real soon. 

Cyclists And Pedestrians Get New Dedicated Lanes Across Major Cities

As lockdowns ensue across the world, major cities are turning their city centres and main roads into a haven for cyclists. Bogota, Colombia has converted more than 600km while Paris has turned 650km of the road fit for cyclists. Cities like Budapest, Milan and New York have followed suit as well. Now, if only India implemented similar pathways for its cyclists, we could ease our burden on non-renewable resources.

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