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26 Videos of Ferrari Available
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    Following the beautifully created advertisement for an equally elegant car Berlinetta from the gods of speed, Ferrari, the company launched the making video of the advertisement. Though a company of Ferrari’s stature doesn’t require advertisement as there would be a constant anticipation among public for the company’s launch. Still, the advertisement seems to be made with a specific need of addressing the need to take pride in the company itself for a while by cheering over the masterpiece they created. The behind the scenes clip shows the way Ferrari’s ethics have been translated to screen. The technology and elegance a Ferrari offers is perfectly displayed in the advertisement which clearly indicates the efforts put behind making such an advertisement.

    The behind the scenes view suggests that the advertisement had high production values with indisputable creativity in portraying the automobile brilliantly. Helicopters and high performance SUV’s are used to keep up with the speed at which the vehicle was desired to be shot at. The visual communication, which was top notch as evident in the advertisement, was smoothly handled by showing the car out of mist in corners, showing the braking and handling features as a standout forte. The elements used, which was shown for individual elements such as engine and framework, were shot by using actual elements in high frame video capture. The effects are embedded efficiently and the efforts in achieving the same were obvious by the storyboard creation for the script. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta features a V12 engine with a high speed pick-up at 120 kmph in 3.3 seconds.

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    The Italian sports icon Ferrari has been redefining automobiles since 1929. The entire range of cars Ferrari offers is an exclusive elite class which many luxury cars aspire to reach. The legend came back with another amazing car Ferrari F12berlinetta that features a V12 engine. The advertisement Ferrari created for the car is not just an indication to the way they design cars, but the way they choose those ways. The advertisement explains individual elements being used to create the masterpiece called Ferrari. The engine's visual description is followed by another light metal being used to design the framework. The car is made available in red colour for the video. The molten metal is shown with corresponding parts created with it, starting with the engine. The lightweight material used to design the engine helps maintain the much required power management and fuel efficiency along with the aerodynamic effect, so that heavy weight would not sabotage the speed. Ferrari has always been known for the aerodynamic design that creates a perfect GT class vehicle. The grooves in the front help the vehicle in easing out the drag effect and leaving the vehicle to go in a direction specific motion instead of whistling at the turns.

    The Ferrari F12berlinetta features striking interiors which define the sport needs. The car has the normal paddle shifters, driving mode controls for better handling of the car. The pickup seems amazing. The braking around the corners seem to offer stability and performance to high standards.

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    It was a win-win situation when the Reggia di Caserta agreed to let Ferrari display its latest innovation, the Ferrari F458 Spider. The Reggai di Caserta, along with the Amalfi Coast makes two of the most beautiful UNESCO heritage sites in the Mediterranean The official advertisement featured not just the 458 Spider, but also the architectural marvel of Naples and the world famous tourist attraction, Amalfi coast. The GT official video started off by flaunting its interior beauty, striking tail lamps and the double curvature top which improved efficiency by 12 per cent compared to previous mode. The exteriors transform into a GT ready to rule in an amazing 14 second roof close time. The car is then maneuvered across the Amalfi with ease and scenic localities in modes ranging from race to wet, etc. The paddle shifters help in successfully maintaining the tempo and rhythm of travel without losing a moment to shift the concentration to any mid-gear box. The handling across corners and braking system was astonishing, due to the new suspension system it offers, considering the high acceleration of 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds and the speed the vehicle offers. The official video ends with the car’s roof opening at an equally small amount of time unlike the traditional convertibles.

    Ferrari launched this latest version in the 2011 Frankfurt show, where its base predecessor Ferrari Italia was launched too in 2009. An Italian company making truly Italian art with its design, is definitely a delight to watch.

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