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    Ferrari 488
    Ferrari 488
    Rs   3.88 Cr*
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Rs   2.99 - 3.97 Cr*
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    Ferrari 488
    Ferrari 488
    Rs   3.88 Cr*
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Lamborghini Aventador
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    Ferrari 488
    Ferrari 488
    Rs   3.88 Cr*
    Ferrari 458 Speciale
    Ferrari 458 Speciale
    Rs   4.07 Cr*
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    Ferrari 488
    Ferrari 488
    Rs   3.88 Cr*
    Aston Martin DB11
    Aston Martin DB11
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    Ferrari 488
    Ferrari 488
    Rs   3.88 Cr*
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    Bugatti Veyron
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Ferrari 488

Rs 3.88 Cr*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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Mileage 8.77 kmpl
Service Cost -
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank 78 Litres
Engine 3902 cc 
BHP 661.1
No. of Cylinders 8
No. of Gears 7 Speed
Parking Sensor Yes
Airbags Yes
Duration 5 years
EMIRs 7,50,567
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Showing information of Ferrari 488 GTB V8 - Petrol variant

488 highlights

February 17, 2016: Ferrari today launched the much awaited 488 GTB in India. Priced at INR 3.88 crore, the 488 is a successor to the iconic 458 Italia and Ferrari’s second turbocharged attempt in recent times, post the last year introduced California T. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 engine that churns out a total of 661bhp and 760 Nm of peak torque. Power from the mid-placed engine is channeled through a revised 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It also features a Variable Torque Management system, which unleashes the massive twist from the engine linearly and powerfully right across its rev range. The 488 GTB is capable of doing 0-200 km/h in an unbelievable 8.3 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds flat.

Ferrari 488 price list (Variants)

Variant Ex-Showroom Price   Compare
3902 cc,  Manual, Petrol, 8.77 kmpl
Rs 3.88 Cr*
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Ferrari 488 Price in Other Cities

City Ex-showroom Price
New Delhi Rs 3.88 Cr*
Mumbai Rs 3.89 Cr*
Bangalore Rs 3.89 Cr*
Chennai Rs 3.89 Cr*
Hyderabad Rs 3.89 Cr*
Pune Rs 3.89 Cr*
Kolkata Rs 3.88 Cr*
Kochi Rs 3.89 Cr*

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*Ex-showroom price New Delhi

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Ferrari 488 Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Petrol Manual  8.77 kmpl -

Ferrari 488 review


Ferrari is one of the very few brands that has emboldened itself in history. The Italian manufacturer commands respect like few corporations ever have, with engineering for the auto-realm that has transcended new borders. This is a brand that has imported F-1 design marvels for the regular roads, and honed them into an avatar of comfort and radiance that suits the modern crowd. We'd personally say we've found no vehicle as mind-blowing as this one. We know for one that many of the new auto-audience would feel exactly the same way, and so here we are, to give you our detailed analysis of this monster. 


1. Awe-inciting visual aspect, sure to get any car-lover's approval.

2. Incomparable performance features, far beyond the average capacity of any Indian model.


1. A complete lack of comfort, convenience and entertainment facilities within is surely a down-mark.

2. The cabin has just enough space for two people, and this may disappoint luxury-attuned customers.

Stand-Out Features:

1. It has a wide slew of techno aids to go along with its performance, ranging from ABS to Side Slip Control System, and this is definitely an up-vote for many of today's buyers.


Here is a machine that brings some real sizzle into the market. The Ferrari 488 GTB is an encapsulation of what every young Indian car lover could ever want, from speed, power and acceleration. With an iron-fisted V8 engine that displaces nearly 4000cc, this is the ideal machine to awaken the speed-lover in you. Only a handful of on-road vehicles have ever come close to its mighty performance, and most of them belong either to this manufacturer, or its only competitor, Lamborghini. Aside from the performance, the vehicle hits a nerve with its formidable exterior display. Its agile and balanced stance makes for a display of engineering perfection that few companies would bother with. Its tense, hawk-like stance gives it a bold, commanding aura that goes beyond its lack of size and weight.  While we dig into the machine to bring you the goods and the bads, we'd like you to view this as a vehicle that's suited not for every ordinary driver, but for a specific niche of drivers that most people would fantasise of being. 


There are few people in the world that could take a look at this machine, and not feel spellbound, and we've got to say, we weren't among them. This is a Ferrari, folks, and it would be a disgrace to expect anything less exhilarating in the machine's image. It takes on a low, sharp and powerful shape that gives it the ferocious look of an F1 car wrapped over to run in city roads. 

Apart from its mouth-watering visual delight, the car's bullet-like shape helps to facilitate the right airflow around it when driving, thereby keeping resistance at the minimum. This makes the key point for the machine's incredible speed capacity, as well as its incomparable road agility.

You can sense the steely character of the vehicle with the sharp posture of the front, and this portrays an aggressive aura over the machine. 

The massive air dams at the bottom invite a more dynamic allure for the front, and we thought that this blended perfectly with the brazen, sporty vision of the vehicle. The slender headlamps flow upwards towards the bonnet, giving a bolder, radiant expression for the face that you've never likely seen in any other car before. 

Refined curvatures press into the hood, while the clean lines streaking it add to the mesmerising effect of the front. The skin of the front beefs out over the wheel arches by the side, bringing a more muscular texture to the area that we're sure modern audiences would love. 

Meanwhile, strong lines cleave the door sides and the rear region, and we thought that the overall effect was stunning. The rear area has been pumped with a well toned, masculine effect, and this energises the machine's overall layout. 

The wheel rims are just gorgeous, and their spectacular design goes out of the way to underline the machine's sporty imprint.

When you stand before the vehicle, the smooth, balanced structure does make for a raw effect. The rear area has been given a heavier proportion, raised higher than the front in a perfectly streamlined profile. 

The dynamic, sporty exhaust pipes at the rear are sure to get most people going, wrapped within the massive, black region by the skirt. 

The smooth textured skin streams into the rear from the side, almost artistically melding into the region, with the rear window leaning inward for a slightly more pronounced feel. The circular lights resting by the corner weave a distinguished effect for the image in our opinion. With the prancing horse stationed at the centre of the rear region, the powerful image of the vehicle is finished off with an expensive touch. 


The interiors aren't really spacious, and we're sure you don't have to be a genius to figure that out. This is a small, cramped cockpit that is specifically designed for one purpose of taking the brunt of intense speeds. We don't blame if you feel nauseous, given that the fighter-jet style design did push a constricted feeling upon us too. 

The cockpit can service two people, and some might detect a shortage of legroom. Taller, huskier and broad shouldered people would definitely flinch while seated in here, but those of moderate design might feel more comfortable. 

Despite the lack of comfort and space, the cabin does incorporate an element of style and modernity that makes up for it. The dashboard spreads over front with a very fancy red-black combination design that we found amazing. The top half of the dash has a smooth black colour pattern. Unique designed AC vents wrapped in a silver surround are present by the corners of the dash, and side of the wheel. The bottom layer of the dash is dressed in a glaring red, along with patches of the door sides and other regions of the cabin. 

You almost get the feel that the company has ignited its well known, sporty side with the racy red-black design of the cabin. By the right side of the dash, the steering wheel section looks quite a bit like a cluster of many different screens, buttons and devices. 

The wheel has been established with the same, sporty design that all models of the company have, and we know for one that younger passengers will love this. The yellow Ferrari emblem is lodged by the centre of the wheel, with other operational buttons integrated into the bottom. 

At the front of the vehicle, the instrument cluster has a pretty sophisticated design, aligning with the theme of the rest of the cabin. A large tachometer sits by the centre of the cluster, with a navigation display by the right and a screen displaying the speed by the left. This does take a turn from the conventional design that instrument clusters come with these days, but we thought it brought a touch of ingenuity to the cabin. 

Coming to the seating arrangement, the sports-style seats make for a really strong element of comfort, keeping you well braced for the high speed dashes that this machine is made for. The plush leather upholstery refines the entire experience, while the integrated headrests ensure that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of comfort. 


This is the section that defines this vehicle. What we're seeing here, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the fastest road cars released in history. The company has packed the machine with a V8 engine that displaces a mammoth 3902cc. It flaunts some awesome figures, including a power of 661bhp at 8000rpm, and a pounding torque of 760Nm. The engine is equipped with a 200-bar direct fuel injection system, enabling flawless fuel transfer. The engine is geared along with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, and we thought that the shifting capacity was as solid as it could get. You can't help but admire the zeal with which the power-train has been built, with some of the most high quality design elements that fortify its working. Firstly, it has been modelled with a flat-plane crankshaft architecture, which optimises the engine's fluid dynamics and minimises mass. Apart from this, the turbos are held on ball-bearing-mounted shafts for maximum efficiency during the ride. All of this and more helps keep the engine at its maximum tune, carrying this car past all performance barriers known to ordinary cars. The vehicle zooms to a top speed of 330kmph, and if this doesn't stun you, then nothing will. It can rip from 0 to 100kmph within 3 seconds flat, just about the time an ordinary person takes two breaths. The time taken to sweep to 200kmph is 8.3 seconds, faster than what most models take to reach 100kmph. What more is left to be said?

Ride and Handling:

Like most other super-cars, the brazen and speedy side of this vehicle has been well shielded by strong braking and chassis arrangement. Firm discs have been fastened onto all the wheels, and the braking process is as smooth as it gets for a machine of this calibre. Nevertheless, you're likely to be thrown around, considering that the car can shoot to inhumane speeds of nearly 330kmph. Body roll is, however, negligent, and all other facets of comfort were well sealed. The muscular chassis system is capable of swallowing almost everything the road throws at it, but knowing Indian roads, you might need to be prepared for a little rish-rash with pot-holes and other anomalies. Apart from the inner dynamics, the company has imbued the machine with a host of advanced techno aids, ensuring that the prowess of the engine is balanced out by as secure a ride environment as it gets. A magneto-rheological damping system adjusts the ride system so that all bumps and road anomalies are digested with ease. Apart from this, a new Brembo Extreme Design braking system helps to pull off a smooth, easy and safe braking for the machine, while at the same time, reducing the stopping distance for a more efficient ride. Also present as additional driver aids are Side Slip Control System, which provide assistance during cornering, and a Variable Torque Management System, which balances the vehicle's ride stability with its torque delivery. Also present are well known aid programs, including the Anti-lock Braking System, which helps to keep the vehicle stable on all grooves. 


Ferrari has placed itself as one of the world's most sought after brands, and its credit derives not just from its spine-tingling speed capacities, but also from its uncompromising safety standards. This vehicle comes along with numerous advanced and conventional safety aids, ranging from airbags and seatbelts to integrated head restraints. The high performance radials adorned over the wheels help the vehicle maintain a firm grip over the road always, while at the same time, easing handling for the driver. High-tech drive programs go out of the way to deepen the safety regard for the vehicle, ranging from the ABS to Variable Torque Management System and many others. All of this and more together help to stabilise the machine's untameable side, ensuring that the occupants are kept as safe as possible. We couldn't help but feel a level of peace in the atmosphere, with the justified attention that the company has directed to the safety area. 


This here is one of the finest cars, from one of the finest car makers in history. And we're going to have to leave you with a massive list of advantages, as well as some very scalding cons as well. Let's not argue about this, but here is a machine that nobody would be able to resist. The 488 GTB has it all, from the jaw-dropping looks to the unimaginable speed skills. It is perhaps one of the top ten fiercest road cars ever made, and we're sure of it when we say nobody likes to turn such a vehicle down. However, it does come with some disadvantages as well, foremost among which is the price. This is not the type of car that people in this country would be able to give a go to. Apart from this, the cabin has hardly enough space to carry two adults, and it has virtually no entertainment and comfort aspects. In the end, this is a car specially made for people with a fat wallet, who would compromise a regular ride experience for the sole purpose of an adrenaline packed race experience. For others like you and me, stay out of the way of this beast. 

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