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MG Customers: What They Have To Say About The Brand

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MG’s customers have turned into enthusiastic ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences with the British brand

MG came to India only a short while back but the British carmaker has managed to leave a huge impact on Indian customers. Buyers all over the country have emerged with impressive reviews about the brand, highlighting the difference it has made to their day-to-day lives. What’s more surprising is that the British brand has managed to do this with just two cars on sale, one of them being India’s first electric SUV!

To give you an example of the brand’s appeal, we bring you some testimonials straight from MG customers. Let’s start with the ‘MG’ experience, that is so quintessentially British.

Image Sourced from MG’s website

“The sales process was handled very professionally by the MG team and I am very happy with that. My family is enjoying the luxurious space, comfort, and technology of the car. I had purchased the Hector Sharp in January 2020 and drove around 2,000 km in the 1st week itself. The experience has been truly amazing and comfortable. My first service was in February and the service department did their job very neatly. I would definitely recommend the vehicle and dealership to my friends and neighbours.” 

MG’s customer response has been off the charts, guiding buyers every step of the way. That said, another aspect that seems to have found favour with a lot of people is the premium experience that the Hector offers inside its spacious cabin.

Image Sourced from MG’s website

“MG Hector is like a dream come true for us. A car with so many features in India was way beyond imagination! The panoramic sunroof, the infotainment system, smooth ride, and a strong structure which ensures safety is mind boggling! For me, driving MG is like flying in a Dreamliner!” 

MG’s Hector and the ZS EV have always looked the part. They make you feel special because they look like nothing else on the road. But more than looking the part, it is often about living up to the role. The SUV-bug has bitten people all over the world with India included in that list. And with MG being a global brand, it isn’t a surprise that the only two cars they sell in India are SUVs.

Image Sourced from MG’s website

“In this price range, MG Hector is the best SUV. The powerful engine and internet connectivity are great features. It has a lot of luggage space and a panoramic sunroof, so even the rear passengers can enjoy the view.”

The Indian buyer now strives for more. Gone are the days when the primary question before buying any new car was centred around its fuel efficiency. Safety has risen up the ranks and for many customers, it has become the most important aspect to consider before purchasing a vehicle. Then there is the added bit about having the convenience of an automatic, that too a dual-clutch transmission.

Image Sourced from MG’s website

“After 6 months of market research, my wife and I found the answer to all our requirements in MG Hector Petrol Sharp DCT with automatic transmission and BS 6 specification. We are proud owners of this beautiful vehicle and the driving experience is fantastic. During automatic driving mode, it is even more comfortable with better fuel efficiency. I really like the iSmart app which helps me stay connected to the car.”

A good customer experience, spacious cabin, the best-in-class safety features, and a powerful road presence are not exclusive. What MG manages to bring to the table is a host of premium features. The Hector and ZS EV both come with the latest suite of features that are often seen in cars a few tiers up.

Image Sourced from MG’s website

“I am glad to own the new beast - The MG Hector and am extremely happy with the comfort and road grip on the highways. My kids love to use the voice command features, the infotainment options, and the panoramic sunroof. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Nandi foothills drive and the event that was organised by MG Motor in Bangalore. We are looking forward to more such events and journeys.”

MG’s endeavour to offer the very best has made it a household name in India in a short span. If you already don't own an MG, you probably aspire to own one. And with the slew of products the brand has planned for the Indian market, you will probably find the right offering that makes you feel quintessentially British.

To know more about what MG customers have to say about their SUV click here.

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