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Here’re The RTO Forms You Need To Sell Your Car, And Why

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Allow us to explain why these documents are necessary for the process of transferring ownership when you sell your car

Owning a car involves a fair bit of paperwork, and so does selling your car. In both cases, you’ll find yourself making a trip to or needing documents from your local Regional Transport Office (RTO). Each RTO has to perform a range of functions and activities as stipulated in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, which is applicable across the country.

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What are the different functions performed by the RTO?

Even though RTOs vary between cities and states, some broad tasks are common to all of them. This includes registration of motor vehicles, collecting tax for the vehicles allowed on the road, issuing and renewing licenses for both light and heavy vehicles, allotting fitness licenses to motor vehicles, validating and keeping track of insured motor vehicles, and transfer and re-registration of vehicles. Like any government office a lot of their functions require the people to fill out and submit various forms depending on what is required. In this article we’re going to focus on the ones you’d need while selling your car.

Forms issued by RTO for selling a used car

There are some mandatory forms when disposing off used cars, as issued by the RTO: numbered 28, 29, 30 and 35. These are available at your local RTO office but they can also be downloaded from the government website called VAHAN. An individual selling their car has to submit filled out copies of these forms for the sale process to be defined as complete. Let’s get to know a little more about the part played by each of those forms.

Form 28

This document is submitted in order to acquire a No Objection Certificate(NOC) for your car from the RTO. The NOC affirms that you have no pending liabilities such as challans, taxes or any accident or criminal activities involved with your vehicle and you are lawfully selling it. When selling the car, you need a minimum of 3 copies of Form 28.

Form 29

Once the car is sold, you need to submit Form 29 to report to the RTO about the sale to the third party. This form explicitly states that the owner has submitted all vehicle-related documents such as insurance, PUC (pollution under control certificate) and RC(vehicle registration certificate) to the person who has bought the car. Form 29 is available at the RTO and can be downloaded as well. You’ll need at least 2 copies of this form.

Form 30

Form 30 is a follow-up document for Form 29. After reporting to your RTO that the vehicle has been sold, it is necessary to inform the concerned RTO that the process of legally transferring the car to its new owner should be done on an urgent basis. Yes, the government makes you fill and submit a form to tell the RTO not to dilly-dally with the process.

This form clearly states that all legalities for the car are now the responsibility of its new owner. You should submit Form 30 to your local RTO within 14 days of selling your car and you’ll need at least 2 copies of this one as well. This form is also available both online and offline.

Form 35

In case your car is financed, you’ll also need Form 35. Along with the NOC from the bank that financed your car, this form is required to complete the transfer-of-ownership process when selling it. It will eliminate the ‘Hypothecation’ from the RC which then represents that you have repaid the loan you took to buy the car in the first place.


These are just some of the documents required in the process of selling your car. If this seems a bit cumbersome, you could just visit the specialists at CarDekho Gaadi store instead. All the procedural requirements are handled by their executives free of cost and the team will also guide you through the documentation stage. You can also be assured of receiving the best price for your car--and if you are satisfied with the offer, the money is transferred to your account instantly! Surely that level of convenience and time-saving is worth a trip to the nearest Gaadi store, isn’t it?

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