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Good News Roundup: The Fight Against COVID-19 Vol. 12

Published On Jun 27, 2020 02:20 PM By Dhruv

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In the fight against COVID-19, here’s all the good stuff that happened over the past week

It’s that time of the week again when we take a break from cars and simply focus on the good around us. The overall sense of negativity that the novel coronavirus has spread in our lives needs to be countered with some positivity. So, let’s look at all the positive headlines that have been pouring in from India and around the world.

Number Of Recovered Nears 50 Lakh

Out of nearly one crore people infected by COVID-19 worldwide, almost 50 lakh have recovered. The numbers are a little more positive for India, with close to five lakh infected and almost three lakh cured.


New drug to treat coronavirus

Pharmaceutical company Glenmark has obtained clearance to sell Favipiravir as a drug used to fight against COVID-19. This is an antiviral drug that can be administered orally. Initial tests have yielded positive results and if all goes well, it can be a boon for those who are recovering from coronavirus at home.


Employment for the financially challenged

It’s clear that the financially challenged have been the worst affected by COVID-19. Not only are they at greater risk of contracting the virus, but their livelihood has also been virtually destroyed. With no source of income, chances of them succumbing to hunger had become far greater than dying from the virus. To combat this problem, five IAS officers have joined forces to give these people jobs.


Smart wrist-band to help you fight coronavirus

A 15-year old teenager has invented a wristband that warns users against touching their face. Touching one’s face frequently increases the chances of contracting the disease given that you can’t see it through the naked eye. 


One minute test for coronavirus

Israeli scientists have invented a new device that can test for coronavirus in one minute. This will help in opening up public places once more and speed up testing in crowded places. The scientists have used the principle of frequency to come up with this process.


If you’ve missed out on our last week’s good news bulletin, check it out here.

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