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     The German luxury car maker Audi, had added all new sporty Audi TT to its product portfolio. This compact sporty coupe design has athletic

    killer looks with prominent trapezium shaped huge radiator grille which proudly holds the signature rings of Audi. The front fascia is defined with prominent hoods and sharply placed halogen headlamps which are perfectly fitted into the finely carved flanks, the smooth transition from the bonnet to the bumpers which are integrated with pair of fog lamps on the either sides of chin area. Raised body color outside rear view mirrors which are electrically operated complemented with power windows and nicely framed fenders enhance the spunky nature of this efficient sports driving device. Moving on to the rear part which is signified by LED rear license plate, dual branch TFSI exhaustpipes complemented with two TDI exhaust pipes on left hand side ,rectangular rear spoiler and rear fog lamp makes it align with the exciting appearance of racing cars. This premium compact coupe design is lashed with numerous innovative features which adds to the safety and comfort of passengers moreover the elegant interiors with luxury attributes will delight the traveling experience. The car runs on 17-inches 5-spoke V-design alloy wheels. The car is powered by 2.0-liter TFSi engine which churns a maximum power of 211bhp at 6000rpm and generates a torque of 350Nm at 1600rpm. The quattro all drive system is a standard one with S-tronic gearbox. The car seems to be a pretty good performer as it can accelerate from 0-100kmph in 5.6 seconds.

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  • Audi A4

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  • Audi Q7

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    Audi is one of the most luxurious car makers in the global car market. It has not only offered its consumers some classic lavish sedans, but has proved itself in the SUV segment as well with its Q7. The Audi Q7 is a seven-seater SUV, which doesn’t let down its consumers and actually fit in seven adults inside with utmost ease. The seating arrangement in the car has been done with utter smartness and make sure that the occupants don’t feel uncomfortable during the ride. The above Audi Q7 video showcases the capacity of the car and how it is better than other premium SUVs available in the market today. this one sure does have a great competition in the market, but with this high seating capacity, power engine, decent mileage and lots of comfort and safety features does make the worth the price.

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    Audi believes in progress through technology and has never let down its consumers and the Audi Q7 SUV is one of the best products that have been offered by the company so far. As compared to other SUVs, Audi Q7 is a true SUV as it promises a comfortable seating arrangement and can adjust seven adults without any trouble. What further takes the SUV to a next level is the performance delivered by it. The Quattro engine fitted under the hood makes this one more power-packed and impressive. The above Audi Q7 video showcases the capacity of the car as the car is a successful drive in any kind of road and weather condition. The rugged exterior along with strong alloy wheels and impressive brake system makes the drive for the driver an amazing experience altogether. The comfort of the passengers has also been maintained inside the car by the presence of numerous comfort features.

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    Audi has never disappointed its fans at any point of time. With every car that it has manufactured, it has grown both in terms of style and performance. With Audi Q7, the SUV segment got a new definition. This one is actually amongst the most stunning and premium MPVs available in the market today. The car is not only a stunner from the appearance, but it has also successfully scored full marks in terms of interiors. In the Audi Q7 video above, you can clearly see that the car has quite impressive exteriors. The looks of this one appears to be a perfect amalgamation of sportiness and full style. The front looks vivacious, while the rear has masculinity and boldness dripping from every angle. This seven-seater car by Audi is no less in terms of interiors as well. The car has ample of space for 7 passengers along with all the comfort amenities that one could imagine being present in their SUVs.

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    Audi India has been one of the most successful luxury car makers in the global market today. Its Audi Q7 has impressed everyone around the globe, which also includes the Indian car fanatics. This SUV has all the stuff that one can imagine to be there. The above Audi Q7 video the power and style it posses and the precision given to the engine, which helps the car to perform amazingly on road. The car’s engine is very powerful and strong, but at the same time, it has the capability to deliver decent fuel efficiency as well. On the other hand the superior car interiors take away your heart in just one go. The superbly designed front cabin has taken care of all the needs and requirement of the driver. Alternatively, the capacity to adjust seven passengers is just fabulous.  The car exteriors do complement the Audi reputation as they are the perfect mix of style and sportiness. For that reason, from every angle, Audi Q7 is a winner.

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    The Audi Q7 SUV is one of the most impressive products offered by Audi in the Indian car bazaar. The car has not impressed the Audi car fanatics, but has also hit the Bollywood stars and has left them in complete awe. The Bollywood hunk, John Abraham is seemed to have been struck by the beauty and sportiness of Q7. It is quite sure that the company has made this one with so much effort. When you look at the SUV, the first thing that catches your eye is the sporty exteriors. The traditional Audi grille on the front with a pair of huge LED headlamps just steals the show. The bold alloy wheels fitted into the very nicely shaped wheel arches make the stance of the car much better than other SUVs. The comfort inside the SUV is classic as it promises to provide a relaxing seating capacity for seven adults unlike other SUVs. the other comfort and safety traits present inside further makes the car an awesome one altogether.  

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    Style is the main essence of Audi Q7. The SUV from Audi’s stable is just fabulous. One look at the car and you will be floored. The above Audi Q7 video takes you through this elegant SUV that has world-class power, style and comfort. Under the bonnet here, you would find V8 FSI engine that gives out high power of 350BHP and 440Nm of torque. The Quattro permanent four wheel drive gives a superb performance on road. ESP with the off-road mode is just perfect. The adaptive air suspension just adds on another feather to its hat. As you can see in the video above, the exteriors are total charm, while the interiors have been loaded with all kinds of comfort features. What will attract you the most here will be the electrically handled and heated front seats with automatic climate control. The leather upholstery is quite nice and the multifunctional power steering wheel is super smooth. Overall, the Audi Q7 is just perfect if budget is not an issue for you

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    The another avatar of Audi is all set to create a buzz in the market with the new Audi Q3 and the lately aired video of Audi Q3 features this car running on various terrains.
    Most of the luxury car makers are plunging in the car arena with their hatchbacks but Audi has no plan to follow them. Instead of that, they have got low variants of Q3S, which is the new variant of the German brand Audi. Our expert in the video, drives this car and takes on this drive along.
    Audi Q3 is the latest entry level luxury car from Audi, which is the only car in the Indian market that has a manual transmission. The power of the car has been reduced to 140bhp for the same 2L diesel engine. There is a 6 speed manual transmission and the same kind of engine and drive terrain are also used in Volkswagen Jetta or in Skoda Octavia. In terms of drive, the car does not make the driver feel that it is running out of power or turbo lack. It does not make the driver down shift or up shift unless the driver is in a lot of hurry.
    The features of the car have been taken off from it such as it does not have an automatic climate control, which is the most integral part of the luxury cars today. It misses out on some other features like reverse backing camera satellite navigation, which are there in other variants of Q3. The key change in this car, which has the front wheel drive and not a quattro.
    The new Q3 is Audi's answer in the luxury hatchback segment and it is up for its youth appealing trendy look and lot more spacious interiors. It is similarly priced and competes with the likes of BMW X1, Volvo V40, Honda CR-V and Mitsubishi Montero.
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    Audi S4 Avant builds upon the changes introduced to Audi A4 with the addition of features that justify the tag of an unparalled sports car. The very stylish 18” alloy wheels apart, it packs a mean 3.0-litre supercharged V6 that is further complemented by the radical S tronic transmission. Allan McNish, a Scottish racing driver, a two-time winner of the 24 Hour Le Mans, and an official Audi Sport Driver, drove Audi S4 Avant and he was more than impressed. And as he drove this sports gem, the ability of the transmission to combine the receptiveness of a manual gearbox with the convenience of an automatic left him speechless. S tronic saves on the engine's energy lost while changing gears, and provides an extremely brazen acceleration. This technology provides for two clutches to work together, which allows you to change gears in an instant, hence, resulting in uninterrupted power. Moving on to the trademark quattro AWD, it delivers its promise of absolute control whilst boosting the sporty traits of the car which makes the car an absolute thrill to drive. The AWD system not only provides better acceleration, but also a dynamic and yet, safe driving experience.
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  • RS 7

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    The German auto giant extended its RS line with the introduction of its high performing coupe Audi RS7. The driving machine is based on the design mechanics of the existing Audi A7 sedan model and even though it takes the body shape and design, it does not follow any of its specification. The new Audi RS7 is powered by a twin turbocharged, 4.0-liter, V8 powermill that retains the capacity to produce 552bhp with 700Nm of peak torque. It is brought on-road with the 8-speed automatic power transmission that delivers torque to all the four wheels. With this technical specification the coupe can accelerate from 0-100kmph in just 3.9 seconds, making it stand in the line of super fast automobiles.


    The silhouette depicts the true story of the Audi designing mechanism. The highlight at the exterior end is the big honeycomb radiator grille that comes in black glossy finish. It front fascia is made more stunning with the stylish LED supplemented headlamps. The air dams provide handsome air transition and even get air intakes made of carbon fibre. The carbon fibre finds its place at the rear end too, which gives a sporty elegance to this driving device. Stepping in, one would experience the plush luxury ambiance and driver oriented design. The steering wheel is padded for an excellent grip that is embossed with Audi rings on it. The driver information panel is very clear and specific with the RS design logo on it. The seats are huge with a sporty honeycomb design on them. The safety and security department is specifically focused on with the introduction of high performing braking mechanism, that also comes with an option of ceramics brakes for the front and rear wheels.

  • Audi RS 7

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    A few days earlier Audi celebrated the world debut of Audi RS7, yet another addition to its athletic RS line. The powerful coupe inherits its body design from the prevalent Audi A7 model. It is touted with a twin turbocharged, 4.0-liter, V8 powermill, the same engine that is housed in RS6 Avant. The V8 engine churns 552bhp with 700Nm of peak torque. The mill has been mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers the torque to all the four wheels following Audi's Quattro mechanism. Loaded with this powerful engine, this sporty elegance can accelerate a from standstill to 100 kmph in just 3.9-seconds.

    The coupe at the front facia is adorned with RS specific honeycomb grille that proudly holds up Audi's signature rings, making it all the more luxurious outside. It has been complemented with stylish LED headlamps. The front air dams are big enough that provides handsome air transition for the mill. The coupe has loads of carbon fibre at its various parts, the air intakes on front are made up of carbon fibre, the ORVM's get carbon fibre diffusers and even at the rear part that gives a real sporty look to RS7.

    The exciting coupe seems quite luxurious inside. It has a driver oriented design for the cabin with the interiors incorporating RS7 specific gadgets. The steering wheel is padded for an excellent grip and is embossed with Audi rings on it. Moreover the driver information panel is very clear and specific and comes with the RS design logo on it. The seats are huge with sporty honeycomb design on them.

    With incredible speed, the urge for a powerful controlling system originates, and that is the reason that this coupe is developed with a high performance braking system. It comprises of RS specific blade brakes with black callipers. The wheels meanwhile, are controlled by optional ceramic brakes on the front and rear end of the car.

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  • Audi A8

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    If there is a name synonymous with constant innovation, it is Audi without a doubt. And as if the classy Audi A8 wasn't genius enough, the German luxury car maker launched its premium version, i.e. Audi A8L. It is the long wheelbase version of the standard car, with the extra 5.12” that takes the car to newer heights in terms of technology and innovation. Its not just the extra inches that add to the comfort of the rear seat passenger, but also an array of powerful comfort-enhancing features like front seat with pneumatic massage function, individual electric rear seats, and a relaxation seat with an electronically-controllable footrest. To take care of the passenger's entertainment, this gem also packs a powerful multimedia system with a 7” LCD screen. But the innovation and technology doesn't stop there. The radical 4.2L V8 FSI engine ensures that the car is always at its efficient best. And then there is also the Audi space frame body which, not only reduces weight, but also provides ample boot space. With a never ending list of such extensive features, this car is undoubtedly an amalgamation of sheer luxury and performance.

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    Over a period of time, Audi has come to master the art of perfection. And the Audi A8 is a fine example of how this German auto major puts finesse on road. And they now have a video that documents how this masterpiece was crafted, with several experts working on different aspects of Audi A8. Every cut, bend and inch of the sleek frame gets as much attention as the gorgeous interiors. That's obviously, not the only details that are attended to. The seemingly minor details like the headlights and the wheels, are carefully designed and placed in a way to ensure that it adds to the beauty of this baby. A lot of thought goes into fitting the car with features for the comfort of the owner, electrically adjustable comfort seats, the Bang & Olufsen entertainment system, and the ambient lighting, to name of few. Every feature is placed after considering both, safety and comfort. But can an Audi product ever lack in technology? Of course not, hence their experts spruce up this gorgeous car with not only a 4.2L V8 FSI engine, but also mind blowing technology like the MMI touch, and adaptive air suspension among others. Perfection, indeed!

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    Audi is a company that always keeps its promise of 'Vorsprung durch Technik' i.e. advancement through technology. And the latest example of this German auto giant living up to it is the Audi A8L. This car is the most powerful coming together of luxury, cutting-edge technology, and efficiency. Every inch of the car exudes finesse, be it the suave looks, the brisk engine, or the comfort-enhancing features. This luxury sedan comes packed with features like the MMI Touch, electrically adjustable front seats with lumbar support, and an ambient LED lighting package among an assortment of other features which promise utmost comfort for the passengers. The integrated Audi navigation system is the first regular car to use Google Earth. This ensures that you never lose the way. Moving on to the entertainment, Audi A8 comes with a Bang & Olufsen advanced sound system to keep the passengers engaged. The upholstery, available in the options of Valcona leather, natural leather, and Valonea leather, add that touch of exclusivity with such élan that you can't help but fall in love with it. All in all, Audi A8L is a luxurious declaration of Audi's genius.

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    One has to applaud Audi's efforts to bring comfort and technology together in the most luxurious manner possible. And Audi A8L is one of the most brilliant products to ever roll out of the Audi factory. It brings together a scinitillating combination of cutting-edge technology and comfort, packed in the most fashionable car there could ever be. So much so, that even when after you step into it, you never feel like you have stepped out of the comfort of your home. Its executive style seating arrangement for the rear seat passenger will win you over in no time. The rear seats are powered by a massage function, and the charm is further enhanced with a central console and an entertainment system that includes dual 10” screens. But that's not all. Their dedication takes your comfort a step further with the rear-seat ventilation and a small refrigerator. Also the Bang & Olufsen entertainment system has been thoughtfully positioned to ensure that it works in accordance with the ambient noise in the car. The detailed design, complemented by the wood inlays, clinquant and yet, peaceful lighting ensure that your ride is not merely a ride, but a fulfilling experience in itself.

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    Audi is known for its assiduous dedication to offer the best of not only technology and luxury, but also comfort. And their efforts pay off rather brilliantly well with Audi e-tron. This gem is the first diesel-electric hybrid car to win the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. It comes loaded with features to ensure your comfort, that often tend to leave people speechless. This suave sports car is supported by four motors, two each at the front and rear axles, making it an out and out quattro baby. This concept of torque vectoring gives the car amazing dynamics, adroitness and accuracy. Capable of producing 313bhp of power, and 4,500Nm of torque, this two seater mean machine goes from 0 to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds. This concept hybrid runs on the environment friendly lithium-ion battery that provides 42.4 kilowatt hours worth of energy that allows one to cover about 248kms in one trip. Being an Audi product, all that technology will never come without comfort. It is equipped with a fold-out central display with MMI functions integrated into it. There is no denying that this hybrid concept car is packed is a brilliant peek into the genius of this German automotive giant.

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    This commercial is a low down of what the luxurious A8L has to offer to the luxury sedan segment of the Indian market. This multiplatform ad campaign was created using both, 2D and 3D technologies to get the message across. The long wheelbase version of the standard Audi A8 is all about bringing the best of the best together in a suave package. The experience of living the advanced life comes alive in this offering by the German automobile giant. The extended length of this car allows for the enhanced comfort of the rear seat occupants, in addition to an extensive list of other features. The panaromic sun roof's two sections complements the interiors with sunlight, and can also be shaded through the means of blinds. Wider rear doors, electrically adjustable individual seats that can also be heated or cooled make for utterly luxurious comfort, a trait that never fails to accompany an Audi product. The lavish interiors become all the more charming with ambient lighting, finely aligned pushbuttons, and the epicurean relaxation seat behind the front passenger seat which comes with an integrated pneumatic massage function and lumbar support. All that comfort with cutting-edge technology, could you ask for more?

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    The Audi RS5 is a sporty coupe that has elegance and sophistication. The car is is filled with so many features that would blow your mind away. Starting from its engine, the car is powered by 4.2 litre of V8 engine that is capable of producing peak power of 450HP and 430Nm of maximum torque. This is an all-wheel drive and the engine has been coupled with automatic transmission that in turn gives it an excellent acceleration and pickup. The car consumers merely 4.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100kmph speed mark. The looks of the Audi Rs5 as show in the video above are spectacular. The traditional single frame grille is present in the front with its typical four rings. The Xenon plus lamps are accompanied by LED daytime running lights. The front bumper has been carved out with utmost care, while the large air dam is present on the front as well. The interiors of the car are impressive as well and are loaded with almost every feature you would wish for to be present in your car.

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    Audi is known for offering some extremely high class cars . The new Audi RS 5 is one of the most prominent one amongst its luxurious lot. The car has superior design that takes away the cake. The front profile of the car is smooth and muscular at the same time. The traditional Audi rings are carefully positioned on the matt grille of the car and the headlamp cluster has been done with utmost care and concern. The side profile of the new Audi RS 5 is superb, while the rear end has chic tail lamps and high mounted stop lamp. The interiors of the car are lavish and each angle of the interiors oozes out utter luxury and sophistication. This high performance and elegant coupe has a powerful and dynamic V8 petrol motor with direct fuel injection technology. The engine churns out great power and torque and the automatic transmission coupled with the engine makes sure that the car delivers an excellent performance on road. Being an all-wheel drive, one can be rest assured about the pickup and acceleration of the coupe.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 11:04:31.0
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    The latest video features the all new Audi A6, another D+ segment sedan from the German car manufacturer. In the video our car expert goes on a drive of this car by comparing it with A6. This car is the souped up version of the A6.

    The Audi S6 is blessed with a 4 litre, turbocharged V8 petrol engine, which generates a maximum power of 420bhp at 6400rpm and 550Nm at 5300rpm. The expert asks us to imagine that this kind of power in an A6 chassis that has been tuned even further for better handling and we have the result in front of us, and that is S6. Its power falls somewhere between RS6 and A6.

    This car has 5 modes; first is efficiency mode, which helps it to focus on more fuel-efficiency. This sedan runs only on 4 cylinders rather than 8 reducing the carbon footprint of the driver. Second is the comfort mode where it focuses on more of a relaxed drive. The third is the Auto Mode where the computer decides the road conditions, steering position and comfort levels. Forth is the dynamic mode , which can also be called the sport mode where the steering is heavy, the suspension system feels a little hard and the shifts are a bit to later than what a driver can expect under normal conditions. The 5th is the individual mode and this mode is all about adjusting the steering and gearbox. It allows you to customize things as per your requirement. There is a facility to raise and lower the suspensions.

    In the end of the video, the expert suggests Audi S6 to those who consider performance as a key factor. He declares this car comfortable too. However, there are a certain things he points out that this car misses out, but that are missing in other sedans as well in the same segment.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 10:56:07.0

    Audi A7 is a premium sedan designed by the German Car giant Audi. As we look at the A8 which is Audi’s flagship is very majestic and bold statement and later on the A6, the A7 is embedded in between. The A7 for sure is characterized with very precise lines, a very low front and this car for sure is characterized by the rear end. The tail finish and sloping C pillar design is the theme on which the company is defining the A7 saloon and this for sure is a strong and remarkable feature in the car. In the interior design Audi tried to continue the slim and athletic language of the exterior in the interior of the car which provides a very appealing look to it. The dash board of the car is extremely slim and it creates a certain feeling of lightness. It has aluminum finish at certain places that makes it a marking point of the whole interior. A horizon line that encompasses the driver end and passenger, workmanship on the palm with handcrafted quality; it has optional ambient lightning to further enhance the rich interiors. It has an unwavering sense of aesthetic and elegance in every variation of colors and features.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 10:56:07.0

    The Audi A7 sport back is a dynamically proportioned saloon and is a symbol of elegance and functionality. With the A7 sport back Audi is entering in the new market segment. With this saloon the German car maker has drawn new lines in design, its long bonnet, athletic flow of the C pillar and the sloping pitch at the rear side create a dynamic overall image. The standard equipment LED taillights emphasizes the elegant character of the Audi Sport back rear side. It is a light, stable and solid for which we can thank the Audi light weight construction technology. The steel- aluminum mixed body design weighs approximately 15% less that any comparable full steel construction. The long luggage compartment hatching incorporates a discrete spoiler which automatically extends at 130kmph and retracts at 80kmph. The car is available with four highly powerful V6 engines- two petrol and two diesel engines. Both the petrol and the diesel engine deliver a decent amount of power and torque. The mileage delivered by the car is also good as we can travel a distance 18.86kms in one liter, it is also very eco-friendly as it emits only 139g of CO2 per km. The interior of the car is a space in motion flowing with a generous ease. It has optional ambient lightning to further accentuate the richness of interior. Every detail of the interior is executed with utmost care.  The car has a sporty elegance of a coupe and comfort of a saloon.

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    Audi is a well known German based car manufacturing company. The company has launched many attractive and luxury cars around the globe including India. Audi India recently launched the Audi A7 sport back in the growing Indian car market. Audi A7 is a luxurious car with very attractive features. The car is available in the market with both petrol and diesel models. However, unlike its conventional luxury sedans all over the world, the new Sports back breaks the shackles of conventional design seen in most Audi passenger cars as it incorporates the combined strengths of a coupe, a sedan and an avant in a highly attractive concept, which truly symbolizes the car maker’s progressiveness. Powering the aesthetically sculpted body of the new A7 Sports back is a 3.0 TDI V6 engine, which produces 500 Nm of torque at 1400 - 3250 rpm and 245 hp at 4000 - 4500 rpm. S-tronic and Quattro drive are standard with this engine, and 0 to 100 km/h can be achieved in just 6.3 seconds, which is impressive for a car that primarily represents a premium sedan class. A top speed limited to 250 km/h is compensated with the A7’s fuel efficiency, which on average consumes just 6.0 liters of fuel per 100 km.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 10:56:05.0

    The Audi A7 sport back is the ultimate combination of style and practicality. The A7 uses Audi latest petrol and diesel technology to deliver powerful yet frugal performance. A range of TDi, FSI and TFSI engines are available to suit your requirements. All of which features Audi’s small race running fuel injection technology. Power is transmitted through either a manual S-tronic or the continuously variable Multi-tronic gearboxes and with the option of Audi’s legendary Quattro all wheel drive. To maximize efficiency all A7 models comes with fuel saving technology such as re cooperation which is the breaking energy to decrease the fuel consumption. All A7 comes with a standard array of specifications including leather upholstery, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, and satellite navigation, Audi parking system and a power operates boot lid. In the spirit of Vorsprung Durch technik, an array of advanced options is also available including a heads up display, a massage function for the front seats and a night vision assistant with pedestrian detection. The company also claims to have added diamonds to this new vehicle which is the LED lights in the front which adds to the exterior beauty of this sport back.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 10:56:04.0

    Audi A7 come loaded with the many advanced features for comfortable and safe driving. One such feature is the Audi active lane assist which helps the driver to stay in lane and therefore boost comfort particularly on motor ways and well constructed main roads. If the driver has activated Audi Active lane assist, the camera on the interior mirror attempts to detect the lane markings on the road. If the car is moving at a speed above 60kmph the system if switched on becomes active and calculated where the vehicle will be in its lane in next few seconds. If it detects that vehicle is threatening to drift out of lane, the lane assist aids the driver by making gentle corrections at the steering wheel, if the driver obeys this corrections, the vehicle is steered back into the center of its lane. The system therefore prevents the vehicle from leaving its lane in potentially critical situations, for example - owing to inattentiveness. However the driver is not prevented from driving in his custom style, if the system detects that the driver wishes to move into a different lane like by activating the turn signal or by deliberately turning the steering wheel it does not intervene. Therefore only provides assistance when this seems necessary. The responsibility in keeping in lane still remains with the driver.

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    Audi had everyone drooling with the launch of its latest offering to the Indian car lovers, the Audi A7 Sportback. Launched in June, in Delhi, this automobile gem has been spruced up with a 3L TDI V6 engine, which will indulge your sporty senses with its 245bhp power, and a torque of 500Nm. And staying true to its motto of Vorsprung durch Technik (Advancement through technology), this German car-manufacturer ensures that this luxurious indulgence comes with its own share of technology, including sensors, driving assistance and intelligent electronic systems, other than the usual S-tronic transmission and Quattro drive. As if all that technology was not enough to tempt the car-loving junta, the A7's perfect score in the looks department makes it even more alluring. The design, that is brimming with elegance and style, lives up to Audi's belief in the power of a blank paper. And we say so because this vehicle is like no other; and is a masterpiece in its own way as it brings together a combination of a coupé and an Avant. They really do go beyond the conventional, to present a car that feels more like a work of art.

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    Audi is known for its high class design and premiumness that oozes out from every angle of its cars. The Audi Q7 is no different; rather one look at it takes away the entire show. The muscular body of the car emphasizes on the robust quality. The seamless running of the design from front to side and to rear ensures that classic exteriors and makes it stand distinctly amongst the crowd. The Audi Q7 video above clearly shows that the car has a longer wheelbase, which means it allows 6-7 passengers to be comfortably seats inside the SUV.  The reclined windscreen towards the tapered rear adds on more charm to its style. On the inside, the comfort goes higher and higher on the graph. The front heated and electric seats come with separate climate control and the seats here have been upholstered with high quality leather. With large headlamps, sportier details and day time running lights, the Audi Q7 is a complete stunner altogether.


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    Like details? Take a look at the stunning black Audi Q5 in the video and explore every inch of the gorgeous car. The Q5 is a popular Audi model and has stunning exterior and interior features. Stylish headlamps, funky tail lamps, leather interiors etc are some of the upmarket things that make the Audi Q5 a distinct car in its class.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 10:27:58.0

    According to the definition of 3D projection mapping, it is a technique of mapping the three dimensional points on to a two dimensional plane. The projected object is made to look with 3D effects creating an illusion to the human eyes. In this video, we are able to see the car standing on a platform, where the visual effects are created, such that it looks hollow at a point of time, then just with the outline of the car. Later an illusion of the car wheels moving is created, followed by the feeling of the car moving on its wheels traveling down the road with a change of scenery. This is all an illusion as the car had been standing there on the same platform motionless. This technology is now in India with the Green Hippo Tool marketed by M Audio Visual and Transhuman collective.

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    Audi Q5 is a perfect example of Audi's craftsmanship, the compact crossover is best suited as a urban SUV. The video shows that its compact size makes it a ideal vehicle for busy city roads. The compact SUV is not only performs well on city roads but it is also a very good off-roader. The car comes with a massive 3.0 TDI engine with Quattro all wheel drive and S-tronic Automatic transmission churns out ample power, which helps it to perform well in both off-road and on-road conditions. The video shows that how the car perform superb in both the city and off-road terrains. The boot space is enough and you can fold the rear seats to avail more space so you can carry extra luggage for off-roading purpose or a weekend. In this video, the person carries its bicycle in it which shows there is a big boot space has been provided. The Five seater car is a perfect family car too, the cabin is so spacious and comfortable and it can accommodate five adults easily. The car comes with a 7-inch infotainment display with activated satellite navigation, which helps you to find the way on busy city roads. The Audi drive selection allow you to control engine, transmission and suspension according to driving conditions on a single touch which has been given in the central console. On the whole, Audi Q5 is a perfect blend of stylish new edge design and Audi's world class German engineering.

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    The Audi Q5 goes far beyond being just a luxury SUV car. The German auto major embodies its philosophy of superior technology and class in this car, which is basically a SUV, but also takes styling hints from a coupe. Every inch of the car brims with finesse that is par excellence. But the stunning design is not the only thing that Audi promises. Along with the bold exteriors comes the exceptional technology that makes the car stand out from the crowd. While the Q5 is spruced up with a wide tailgate, the trademark DRLs and quattro permanent 4WD, and two gearbox options, the S-Line packs features which make it all the more sporty, powerful and efficient. All the sporty features apart, he unique Audi drive select option indulges you as it lets you drive the Q5 to suit your comfort. In addition to this, the ESP system detects the driving conditions and automatically adapts to help make your journey safe. Other than these rather specific features, the Q5 comes also along with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, the MMI navigation plus system, and also the driver assistance system to make sure that your ride is not only safe and comfortable, but also convenient.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 10:27:56.0

    English actor Tom Hardy discovered the sheer joy that the crossover SUV, Audi Q5 is as he took the gem for a drive around the Spanish town of Marbella, and he managed to turn quite a few heads around. The interiors of the car are much more than just comfortable, so much so, that you find yourself lost in its enigma. But the seating is not its only charm! Audi does not believe in holding back when it comes to technology, and so it fills up the car with powerful features like no other. For example, the Audi Drive Select System. This option allows you to drive the way you want and adjusts the suspension settings and steering ratio in accordance with the option you select out of Comfort, Auto and Dynamic. The drive also allows him to discover how good the car is at adapting to the varying needs of various driving environments. And though it doesn't feel like an SUV to drive, it still provides 540l of luggage space along with a capacity of 5 adult passengers. And the nifty tailgate button only makes things easier after you are done loading.

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    There is no doubt about the fact that the Audi Q5 is like no other. But this German automobile maker believes in saying it out loud. This commercial sees a handful of Lexus RXs in the same colour, lined up outside a school, implicitly pointing how certain cars are literally found around every nook and corner. Audi does not mince words when it is at telling the world that they are like no other, and they know how to do it right and that too, with style!And with a car that boasts of a silky-smooth body, the most chic wrapped-around tailgate and headlights, and a roof top with an arch like that, why should they? And not to forget is the amazing technology that comes wrapped in this Audi classic, i.e. its powerful petrol (2.0 TFSI, 1.9L, 178hp, 320 Nm) and diesel (3.0 TDI, 2.9L, 168hp, 350 Nm) variant that comes with the trademark quattro permanent 4WD.

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    The list of Audi Q5's fan-list keeps growing, and the newest addition to the list is Jamiroquai frontman Jason Kay. This car-loving musician drove around Germany on a freezing morning, and by the end of it, the rather skeptic Jason returned as a happy fan of the Q5. He found the powerful and sporty Q5 looked much like a lion, especially with its aggressive headlights, bulky looks, the attractive wheel rims, and the much stylish tailgate. The cuts and suave looks of this luxury crossover SUV which had the audience gripped. Other than the looks, it was the fact that how careful and particular Audi is about the comfort and convenience of the owners of its cars that impressed Jason. The ground-clearance is a good 7.87 inches, the storage capacity of 540litres capacity can be stretched up to an impressive 1560litres by folding the rear seats. And if that isn't enough, there is an additional storage option underneath the luggage compartment floor. And the full panoramic sunroof lends that sense of space to the car, making it look twice as big as it seems to be.


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    Audi has no qualms about going out of its way to declare what they believe in. And what could have been better than a quirky commercial to say it? Known for its ingenious technology and superior quality, this advertisement is not only reflective of the creativity that is utilised in the making of their much beloved cars but also a kind of Audi's version of the rebirth of streamlining. A combination of traditional and 3D animation, the catchy advertisement clearly does establish the Q5 as an efficient alternative to a typical SUV, but we all know that streamlining isn't really a new concept. So to counter that, Audi came out with this advertisement, that not only catches the audience's fancy, but also gets the message across as the animated character moves around, making a Q5 out of the box. But that's not the only message that the viewers get! They also get to observe how this German auto major endeavours to revive technology and ideas with utmost sincerity, only to serve its clients better with exclusive technology.


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    Audi is India’s one of the most premium car makers in the country today. It has not only grabbed the attention of Audi fanatics, but has also managed to please the Bollywood. The Bollywood Hottie, Gul Panag is a car fanatic herself and loves the Q5 sedan by Audi India. According to her, Audi Q5 is a perfect sedan for anyone. It’s strong, sporty, powerful and sophisticated. The video of Audi Q5 above showcases Gul Panag and her opinion about the car. She is living the Q life, which certainly seems to be impressive. The company has worked very hard to make this sedan top class and finest in every department. The engine fitted inside is powerful and is capable of delivering high performance on road. On the other hand, the exteriors aren’t bad at all; rather they ooze out sophistication and sportiness from every angle. The interiors are posh and utterly lavish, which makes the ride for the occupants immensely comfortable and elegant.

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    Come the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, and Audi is always set to engage the delegates as they hone their ice driving skills in the Audi A8 and Audi Q5 hybrids. And the WEF 2012 was no different. This time around too, the auto major indulged the attendees for some sporty fun and adventure in its cars. And the freezing temperature and snowfall in Davos only helped set the mood right to get people to test their driving skills on ice. But it wasn't only a test of the driver's skills, but also of the car since the physics of the car also plays an important role, especially on an icy surface. Though only A8 and Q5 were made available for the ice driving experience, other models, including the R8 Spyder, S6, S7, A3 e-tron were available for individual test drives. But out of the two hybrid models used for the event, i.e. Audi A8 and Audi Q5, the latter clearly stood out as the winner. The Q5 hybrid comes with the much powerful 2L TFSi petrol engine and a 33kW electric motor which is powered by a li-ion battery. Though there are many powerful and eco-friendly options available, hybrids are yet to find their way in the Indian market.

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    Audi India has again made it to the headlines by rolling out the A3 Cabriolet in the Indian automobile market. Unlike the sedan version, this Audi A3 Cabriolet is introduced as a CBU unit. While launching this majestic vehicle, the manufacturer has also started airing its official TV commercial. It is a 46-second video, which describes about its style and overall performance. As we can see in this film, a couple reaches the top of a mountain in this vehicle. From there on, the lady uses the parachute to reach the foot of this mountain, while her partner drives this Audi A3 Cabriolet to receive her on time. This is such a pretty ad-film, which will certainly connect with the auto enthusiasts. Powering this vehicle is the 1.8-litre TFSI petrol engine that is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission gearbox. It can pump out a maximum power of 180bhp along with a torque of 250Nm. This two-door version is incorporated with several advanced comfort features like Audi Parking Aid Plus, a dual zone fully automatic AC unit and an Audi Music interface including Sound System. The most important aspect of this cabriolet is its fully automatic fabric hood, which opens or closes in a time span of just 18 secondsflat. Another attraction of this vehicle is its signature LED lighting pattern all-round, which gives it an astonishing look.

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    Think car, think luxury, think business, and the answer is the Audi A6. For this German auto major, satisfaction lies in presenting a car from every possible segment, and with Audi A6, it gives the Indian market a very fine executive sedan. Audi A6 is the most stylish amalgamation of business, luxury, technology and so much more! But mind you, its not only the killer looks of this gem that will win you over. This baby is loaded with an impressive list of features that will never fail to amaze. To begin with, the car comes in two variants with the options of 3.0 TDI biturbo quattro, or the 3.0 TFSI quattro engine. While the diesel variant can take you from 0kmph to 100 kmph in about 6.1 seconds, the petrol version is a bit faster and takes only 5.5 seconds to reach 100kmph. The low fuel consumption, and its lightweight hybrid construction only add power to this mean machine. And there is no denying that Audi A6 is a tad bit sporty for a business car. But the car evolves from its predecessors with features like the adaptive cruise control and the parking system plus. With the ACC's radar sensors and satellite navigation, the car literally watches out for you. This is evolution, indeed!

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    Have you ever dreamed of a business car that would meet your needs with luxury and style? Then you must look no further, because Audi has the answer i.e. Audi A6. This luxurious business sedan will make your heart flutter the moment you lay eyes on it, for not only does it look beautiful beyond words, but also packs technology so advanced and powerful that will leave you speechless. The suave exteriors with equally enticing interiors and technology, there is no denying that this German automobile maker knows and understands the needs of its customers from various walks of life. Audi A6 is a very charming mix of technology and beauty, so much so that you can never really get enough of all that it has to offer. Right from the moment you step inside, you are taken to a world of such exquisite comfort and class that you are bound to receive some envious looks. But this Audi baby does not only pitch luxury and comfort, it has so much more than just that. With all of its features put together, Audi A6 provides the space that allows you to work on the go!

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    There is no doubt that Audi delivers perfection in the form of its cars. And yet, this German auto major constantly strives to do better than before. Case in point, Audi A6. This machine is everything one could ever dream of seeing in a luxury business sedan, and so much more. Be it the chic upholstery, its dashing looks, or its evolutionary technology, Audi gives sheer perfection to the Indian roads in the form of Audi A6. The car is a statement, not only in the terms of style and design, but also technology with its larger dimensions, well thought interiors and powerful engine which not only reduces fuel consumption, but also carbon dioxide emissions. Its hybrid make further enhances the experience of driving this gem-of-a-car. And Audi further improves it by placing the steering in front of the front axel, which considerably improves the steering response. With all that technology and many more safety and comfort-enhancing features packed into this sedan, Audi unleashes another car on the Indian roads that live up to the needs and expectations of a business sedan, all that with style that will never fail to impress.

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    Everyone who drives a car on the Indian roads knows it is more of a task than joy, especially on our roads. From debris, and potholes, to a menacing traffic to welcome us on the road, the task of driving around the city becomes rather cumbersome. But Audi is here to everyone's rescue you from the nightmare with Audi A6. A car so intelligent, that the moment you step inside, you will barely have anything to worry about. Crafted with utmost care and consideration, this car is loaded with features to make your drive easy, safe and comfortable. To begin with, they have the MMI touch, which allows you to make a call or play music, all with the mere touch of your finger. Placed right next to the steering wheel, and in front of the gearbox, it lets the driver use the feature without having to take his eyes off the road. While the 7” color display information from all the assistance systems that allows the driver to adapt a better and more efficient style of driving. Audi has done its bit to spruce up this looker with features that ensure safety. Now, how is that for intelligence?

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    With a big car, comes the disadvantage of weight. And who wants to have a heavy car weigh them down? Not only does the weight contribute significantly to fuel consumption, but is also a tad bit difficult to maneuver, and more often than not, the maintenance costs go up too. And being the consumer conscious brand that Audi is, they constantly endeavour to give the world the best their can possibly be. This time around, they give the world the gift of Audi A6. The car is truly genius, in every aspect fathomable. The German auto major has now come up with an aluminium hybrid body, a feature that every car lover worth his mettle will acknowledge as extraordinary innovation. Aluminium makes up for the 20% body-in-white weight in the form of pressed aluminium bonnet, front fenders, doors and boot lid among others. This ultra light construction not only enhances the driving experience, but also cuts down the fuel consumption and the noise generated by the car. Plus, it also implies better energy balance and lower costs. With all that innovation and technology packed into one mean machine, Audi sets another example of how they are truly the leaders of innovation.

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    Today, the world has come to acknowledge German auto major, Audi, as the leader of innovation. As their motto says 'Vorsprung durch Technik' which translates to 'advancement through technology', they really do live up to it and not only in terms of its cars, but also their advertisements. Case in point, Audi A6's 'A step ahead' TVC. The advertisement sees the car being driven around as its shadow follows, a few steps behind. As simple as it may look, the message they deliver is far more powerful. They say it loud and clear, with this luxury business sedan, you can stay assured that you will always be a step ahead from the crowd. Well, with a muscular C7 3.0 BiTDI engine and killer looks, this mean machine will certainly earn you some envious glances. The envious glances apart, you can also trust Audi A6 with your safety. The car has been loaded with several features like the cruise control, MMI touch, Audi parking system plus to ensure the customer's comfort and safety. All in all, Audi A6 not embodies Audi's philosophy, but also delivers the promise of evolution through revolutionary technology.

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    Audi A3, the next big thing from the German auto major has officially arrived in the automobile market. It is perhaps the least expensive version in the company's portfolio and yet it is better in terms of both performance and looks. It comes with both petrol and diesel engine options for the buyers to choose from. Its petrol version is powered by a 1.8-litre TFSI engine, while its diesel version comes equipped with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. The company claims that this latest sedan is perkier in terms of acceleration and pickup better than any other sedan in its class. Its TFSI version is claimed to reach a 100 Kmph speed mark in 7.3 seconds, while its TDI version can do it in 8.6 seconds. On the other hand, it comes with smart features like a 7-inch MMI touchscreen, which is just 11mm in thickness. It provides interactive controls for audio, navigation, calls and several other functions related to this vehicle. The car maker also claims that this sedan comes with a class leading fuel efficiency with 20.38 Kmpl (for diesel) and 16.60 Kmpl (for petrol version). Even before it entered the country's car market, it has achieved the “World car of the year” award for 2014, which explains everything about this amazing sedan. The price range at which it is launched in the market will make it more competitive in the entry level luxury car segment.

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    The German car manufacturer Audi, launched all new sporty sedan Audi S4 in India, this summer. This fast and stylish sedan is readily available in seven vibrant colors with a scope of customization. Going for the specifications one would be completely mesmerized with the attractive exterior and interiors of it. Stunning wedge shaped xenon headlights clinched with powerful LED running lamps gives it a spunky look & perfect visibility to the driver, moreover the look is even more enhanced with middle face lift by redesigning the bonnet. The radiator grille of front fascia is broad and extremely prominent which proudly holds the signature rings of Audi. For imparting a perfect sporty look the height of the car is reduced by 20 mm from A4, electronically adjustable ORVM have a perfect body color finish with side indicators on it, moving on to rear portion which is sculptured with extended bootlid with raised bumpers and powerful tail lamps, runs on 18 inches double spoked S-design alloy wheels. The interiors are just amazing with leather multi functional sports adjustable steering wheel with all Matt brush aluminum and black finish with finally designed IP. The car is powered by V6 3L TFSI engine combined with 7 speed dual clutch S-tronic gearbox which generates a maximum power of 333bhp , torque of 440Nm and has an ability to accelerate upto 100kmph in just 5 seconds. This exciting sports is equipped with S model enhanced braking system which comes up with Anti-lock braking system(ABC), Electronic breakforce distribution(EBD), Electronic differential lock(EDL) along with Electronic stability program(ESP) all coupled together to give the best control on the this super speed high performing efficient ultimate auto machine.

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    Audi never fails to live up to its promise of a better tomorrow with groundbreaking technology packed into cars that are the epitome of finesse. Case in point, Audi S4 Saloon. With a muscular body, 18” alloy wheels, and definite S line styling, and the powerful 3.0L V6 TFSI engine, this one is meant to deliver beyond expectations. Add to that, the comfort of sports seats with electric adjustment and lumbar support and mattified aluminium inlays, and you are ready to drive a thunderstorm around, literally. But those aren't the only features that will take your breath away. Audi S4 Saloon also comes with the dashing Xenon headlights with LED daytime-running lights, 4 oval, twin tailpipes in chrome finish among an array of other features. The characteristic 'S' instrument cluster, fine upholstery only add to the charm of this Audi gem. Considering that, one must applaud this German auto giant's capability to deliver so much in just one car. And to add to that, we also have the 3-spoke multi-function steering wheel with paddle-shift, lighting package, a 3-zone climate control feature, DIS, electromechanical parking brake, automatic headlight operation et al ensure that every drive is an unforgettable experience.

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  • Audi S5

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  • Audi A5

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