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  • tata-zest-xma-diesel-amt-long-term-review
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    Tata Zest XMA Diesel AMT Long Term Review

    By CarDekho Team   |  2016-11-29 12:43:43.0

    As I swapped keys with my colleague for the long term Tata Zest AMT about a month ago, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. Our new office in Pune is a good 20km from my house and the drive is mostly through narrow, congested city roads.

  • tata-hexa-first-drive-review
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    Tata Hexa First Drive Review

    By Arun Shenoy P   |  2016-10-21 22:40:15.0

    We take Tata's latest brute out for a spin!

  • tata-zest-amt-vs-maruti-swift-dzire-amt-comparison-review
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    Tata Zest AMT vs Maruti Swift Dzire AMT: Comparison review

    By Arun Shenoy Photography: Vikrant Date   |  2016-10-12 18:05:06.0

    Same engine, same gearbox. Is one better than the other?

  • tata-tiago-vs-renault-kwid-petrol-comparison-review
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    Tata Tiago vs Renault Kwid | Petrol Comparison Review

    By Arun Shenoy Photos by: Vikrant Date   |  2016-06-11 19:02:51.0

    First car battle: Should you buy the petrol powered Renault Kwid or the Tata Tiago? We find out

  • tata-safari-storme-long-term-report
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    Tata Safari Storme: Long Term Report

    By Akshit Juneja   |  2016-05-04 15:21:14.0

    When Tata offered the Safari Storme for a long-term review, I was a little sceptical. The reasons were obvious – too big for a crowded city like Delhi, low fuel efficiency and some reliability doubts with the nameplate (thanks to my past experience). But after living with it for almost 800 kilometreread more

  • tata-bolt-xt-diesel-long-term-review
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    Tata Bolt XT (Diesel) - Long Term Review

    By Arun Shenoy   |  2016-03-30 11:03:34.0

    Amongst the first entries to the CarDekho garage this year, was the Tata Bolt. We've been living with it for a while now. After clocking around 2000kms in around a month, here's a quick round-up of how the hatchback has performed.

  • tata-safari-storme-varicor400-review
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    Tata Safari Storme Varicor400 Review

    By Arun Shenoy   |  2015-12-31 18:06:00.0

    The Safari moniker, is a bit of a legend, isn't it, India's first indigenously developed SUV has come a long way since it first debuted in 1998. The Safari Storme received a refresh earlier this year, lending it refreshed interiors and some extra power. However, Tata Motors decided that wasn't enougread more

  • tata-tiago-aka-zica-first-drive-expert-review
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    Tata Tiago aka Zica: First Drive Expert Review

    By Abhishek Nigam   |  2015-12-05 21:19:20.0

    It was supposed to be called the Kite, but then Tata finally unveiled it as the all new Zica. While the name might have changed, Tata still expects this baby to soar sky-high when it comes to sales. We take the new Zica out for a spin on the streets of Goa to tell you whats it's all about!

  • 2015-tata-safari-storme-expert-review
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    2015 Tata Safari Storme: Expert Review

    By Akshit Juneja   |  2015-07-15 12:34:57.0

    After enjoying a successful stint of more than a decade, Tata Safari got its first major update in 2012. This gave birth to the most advanced Safari till date, the Safari Storme, with new chassis, refreshed interiors and significant styling updates. Here, what you see in the images is the 2015 Safarread more

  • tata-genx-nano-first-drive
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    Tata GenX Nano: First Drive

    By Abhishek Nigam Photography by: Sagar Bahadkar   |  2015-05-01 10:26:12.0

    When Tata announced the Nano or the One Lakh Rupee car as it was called, its objective was simple, put India on wheels. For the millions of motorcyclists who travel with 3 or 4 people on it, or the common man who aspires to own a set of four wheels or the upper class people who would just use it as read more

  • tata-bolt-review
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    Tata Bolt Review

    By Bala Subramaniam N   |  2014-12-10 12:25:35.0

    When Tata Motors launched the Tata Zest a few months back, it was start of many new things to come from the company. It's no secret that Tata has been left behind in the sales race by its competition with more modern products. To redeem itself, Tata launched Zest, the first new product under the Horread more

  • tata-zest-diesel-xma-expert-review
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    Tata Zest diesel XMA Expert review

    By Firdaus Shaikh Photography By: Firdaus Shaikh   |  2014-10-29 14:40:56.0

    A few months ago there was a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the Tata Zest. This car was supposed to reiterate Tata's position in the growing and utterly competitive sedan segment and it promised to amaze one and all; the fact that that the diesel version was being launched with an automatic vread more

  • 2014-tata-aria-vs-2014-toyota-innova-comparison-test
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    2014 Tata Aria vs 2014 Toyota Innova: Comparison test

    By Prithvi Radhakrishna Pictures By: Prithvi RadhaKrishna   |  2014-08-04 18:51:07.0

    Recently given their respective upgrades, Tata's Aria and Toyota's Innova have a lot to gain or lose in this ever so competitive MUV segment. We therefore take a dig at the Toyota Innova which has been in fact the best seller in its segment with Tata Aria to predict which one works the best for you read more

  • 2014-tata-aria-expert-review
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    2014 Tata Aria: Expert Review

    By Abhijeet Singh Pictured By : Abhijeet Singh   |  2014-07-31 13:49:21.0

    Tata’s big boy SUV cum Crossover cum MPV, the Aria, managed to capture the imagination but failed to rack up sales numbers. It was a spacious MPV with a powerful engine, but people could just not digest the pricing of the Aria. For the year 2014, Tata Motors has had a rethink. They have given the Arread more

  • tata-bolt-preview
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    Tata Bolt Preview

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures By : Rachit Hirani   |  2014-07-14 13:36:40.0

    Tata Motors had showcased the new Bolt and Zest at the Auto Expo. These are the two new products that the company has been banking on. With a goal becoming the second largest passenger car player, the Pimpri-based manufacturer will be introducing several new products in the coming years. It has alreread more

  • tata-zest-expert-review
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    Tata Zest Expert Review

    By Prithvi Radhakrishna Pictures By : Prithvi Radhakrishna   |  2014-07-14 12:52:21.0

    A stepping stone to conquer best in automotive technology and design, home grown manufacturer seems to have moved in the right direction with the Zest sedan. Would it be able to shake the competition and finally leave an impression on the mind of a consumer, is what we intend on finding out.

  • tata-indica-ev2-reliability-report
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    Tata Indica eV2 Reliability Report

    By kunal kelkar kunal kelkar Pictures By : Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-06-26 14:28:27.0

    The Tata Indica eV2 is the newest addition to our long-term fleet. Since we love hatchbacks we thought we'd give the cheapest diesel car in India a shot at the city life.

  • tata-safari-storme-reliability-report
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    Tata Safari Storme Reliability Report

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures By : Rachit Hirani   |  2014-04-22 12:28:31.0

    Tata Safari is the first premium SUV that India got. It has been a made for Indians by the Indians, as it was manufactured by the home-grown brand Tata Motors, back in 1998. Since, then the chassis has remained the same and now Tata has introduced the Safari Storme that is based on the X2 platform. read more

  • tata-zest-preview
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    Tata Zest Preview

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures By: Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-03-18 14:42:30.0

    At the HorizoNext, Tata Motors announced it would introduce new products in the coming years to increase its market share and become the second largest in the Indian car market. We saw the entire line-up being refreshed and then the Zest and Bolt were announced. These are the two passenger vehicles read more

  • tata-indica-vista-d90-reliability-report
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    Tata Indica Vista D90 Reliability Report

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures By : Rachit Hirani   |  2014-01-24 18:47:38.0

    Tata had introduced the D90 variant of the Vista as the new flagship model. This is one of the most advanced Vista, as it didn?t just get a better engine but several upgrades on the inside as well. We get our hands on this Vista for a long term as it became a part of our garage to see how good is thread more

  • tata-indica-ev2-expert-review
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    Tata Indica eV2 Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures By: Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-01-15 10:25:49.0

    New products and upgrades, all are a part of Tata Motors HorizoNext plan. On the day this was announced, the company refreshed eight of its products. One of them is the coutry?s first diesel hatchback, the Indica. This hatchback has been improved continued and it has received several facelifts too. read more

  • tata-nano-twist-expert-review
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    Tata Nano Twist Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures By: Rachit Hirani   |  2014-01-13 13:16:26.0

    Tata Motors has been put in the global limelight when it took over Jaguar Land Rover in 2008, however before that the company had its fair share of global coverage when it unveiled the Tata Nano. The global media was curious to see and understand how did Tata manage to pull out a product at this priread more

  • tata-sumo-gold-expert-review
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    Tata Sumo Gold Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures by: Kunal Kelkar   |  2013-11-27 13:08:37.0

    Sumo has been one of the oldest SUVs in the country and it is still going strong. Born in the early 90s and still on sale, the Sumo has seen several avatars, and there was even the second-generation Grande, which didn?t do that well. But the original Sumo is doing some good numbers and recently it sread more

  • tata-nano-2013-expert-review
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    Tata Nano 2013 Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures by: Kunal Kelkar   |  2013-08-21 14:35:56.0

    With the vision to get every Indian on four wheels, the concept of Nano came into existence. Initially also called as the Mint, the Nano was offered on sale since 2009 and very soon I became one of the first journalists to drive this A segment hatch for about 7000kms in a period of 14 days across thread more

  • flashy-with-a-new-attitude-tata-indigo-ecs
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    Flashy with a new attitude Tata Indigo eCS

    By Prithvi Radhakrishna Pictures by: Prithvi Radhakrishna   |  2013-08-16 16:49:50.0

    Model upgrades have become a regular affair in the Indian auto space, which to specifically point out is undergoing a bit a lull. Therefore in order to keep customers involved and with the growing competition from Maruti and Honda, Tata motors recently launched an entire gamete of their existing linread more

  • tata-indica-vista-d90-expert-review
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    Tata Indica Vista D90 Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani   |  2013-01-28 16:36:33.0

    The second-generation of Indica? the Vista? has been around since August 2008 and last year it has seen an upgrade, which made it more premium with added new features and improved interior quality and plastics. With the rising cost of petrol, Tata has gone ahead to introduce a power hatch for those read more

  • tata-safari-storme-expert-review
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    Tata Safari Storme Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani   |  2012-12-19 15:44:52.0

    Previously, we got the initial driving impressions of the Safari Storme, a few days before its launch. This time around we get the opportunity to drive the Safari Storme under our regular driving conditions. We drove the 4x4 version of the Safari Storme, which has the Borg-Warner transfer case.

  • tata-manza-expert-review
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    Tata Manza Expert Review

    By Rachit Hirani   |  2012-11-26 18:30:33.0

    Tata Motors had introduced the Indigo Manza, as the second generation of the Indigo. This was a completely different and new shade of the Indigo. Not only was it more prevailing, but also more stylish and contemporary when compared to the outgoing version. Tata Motors did phase out the Indigo, but tread more

  • tata-safari-stormequality-enhanced
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    Tata Safari Storme-Quality Enhanced

    By Rachit Hirani Pictures by: Ravi Verma   |  2012-10-17 15:30:32.0

    The concept of SUV has been successful in India, as people like their cars big and bulky. The bigger, the better is what the thinking goes. Also, with no traffic discipline, might has been right. So, the love for buying SUVs in India has seen a hike, as this makes easy bullying apart from the space read more

  • tata-indica-vista-zx-reliability-report-hasta-la-vista
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    Tata Indica Vista ZX Reliability Report Hasta La Vista!

    By Rachit Hirani   |  2012-07-25 12:34:52.0

    With the petrol prices soaring, we decided to get a diesel powered car in our long termer fleet. Something that doesn’t just have a low running cost but is also affordable when it comes to maintenance and also has good quality plastics. Hence we finalized the Vista. The Vista was recently revamped aread more

  • 2012-tata-nano
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    2012 Tata Nano

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2011-12-29 18:24:27.0

    When Tata Motors launched the Nano in 2008 it was one of the most ambitious car projects for the car maker and most awaited car that India had ever seen. The Nano project started right from the year 2003. The low cost car was also the cheapest car that money could buy and hopes were floating very hiread more

  • 2011-new-tata-indica-vista
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    2011 New Tata Indica Vista

    By CarDekho Team   |  2011-08-27 11:44:56.0

    2011 New Tata Indica Vista The year 2011 has been a big year for the automobile sector in India. With the global biggies coming into the market, even the Indian car manufacturers have done their bit to keep up with the market requirements. TATA MOTORS has been on its toes this year with its launchesread more

  • tata-aria-pride
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    Tata Aria Pride

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2010-11-16 17:38:17.0

    We drive the new SUV/MPV from Tata to see if it really can kill the Toyota Innova. According to some rumors the new Tata Aria received some final touches and re-engineering at Jaguar, a rumor that Tata Motors cleanly refuses to accept. The reason for this rumor to start in the first place is the supread more


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