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8 most common lies prevalent in used car market

Modified On Aug 26, 2014 06:26 PM By Rajpal

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It’s true that used cars are good affordable options. But as the market is largely unstructured, the trusted deals are hard to find. Probably this could be one of the reasons why people tend to buy used cars from their relatives, friends and other acquaintances. When we tried to find the reasons behind it, we got to know some most frequent tricks that a used car seller uses. Based on that, we have prepared a list of those tricks and tried our best to provide a suitable solution for that-

8 most common lies prevalent in used car market

1. ‘Brand new hai ji’ - It’s like a brand new car

The seller tries to prove that the car he is selling is as good as a new car, but usually that is not the case. Don’t buy a car on word of mouth; everything which is being said must come with proper documents.

Solution: No matter, how good the car is looking, please do proper inspection and test drive the car. You can visit the link to know more about  used car inspection-

2. ‘Bahut kam chali hui hai’ – It hasn’t been driven much

Another most common phrase is ‘bahut kam chali hui hai’ and car might also have low km reading, but odometer readings can be doctored and rolled back. If the speedometer needle is flickering and scratches around the instrument cluster and dashboard screws are visible, there are chances that the odometer has been rolled back. If this has been done professionally, there is still a way to find out.

Solution: Ask the seller to provide the complete service history, if he fails to provide the same, don’t buy the car.

3. ‘Ek hath chali hai’ or ‘Doctor ki hai’ – First owner car, it is a car well maintained by a doctor

In India, there used to be a huge obsession about Doctor’s used car. But remember, a sticker on windshield is not enough to trust the guy. Dealers also known to claim that it is a first owner car, but usually these cars have already been used by 2-3 people, they just don’t transfer the vehicle on their name as it can reduce the resale value. The seller or dealer also refuses to provide the maintenance records or other written documentation that may have been provided by the previous owner. Instead of that, the seller will try to tell you something about the vehicle’s history and in fact, there's no way to prove it.

Solution: Ask the dealer for the name and phone number of the previous owner and the service history of the vehicle. Call the owner and confirm what dealer was telling you, if you find that dealer was lying, it's better to look for another car.

4. ‘Humne check karwayi hai’ - It’s a certified car

The seller claims that he got this car repaired and nothing obvious needs to be repaired and says it is a certified vehicle. This can be a plain lie. Just pull out the dipstick and you will get to know that the engine oil hasn’t been changed from ages. A good dealer would never want to sell a car without servicing it.

Solution: Get the car checked from a trusted mechanic, who will give you better idea about the vehicle and value. You can also use the services of trusted used car franchise like Mahindra First Choice and Maruti True Value.

5. ‘Thodi si tuning karwani padegi’ - It just needs little tuning, otherwise it is in great condition

This is the most common excuse; when a car doesn’t starts in one go. There's no such thing as a tune-up anymore, the latest engines are quite advanced and the only maintenance the engine need is changing the oil, filters and spark plugs. So, if the car is hard to start, idles rough, stumbled or bogs when you try to accelerate, or lacks power, it has some serious issues that can dig your pocket.

Solution: Inspect the ‘check engine light’, if it is illuminating, say no for that car. Sometimes, seller disconnect the check engine light, the best way to check is when you start the car. All the dashboard lights illuminate and for a faulty bulb check, if the check engine light is not illuminating means the seller has disconnected it. A competent technician whom you trust should be allowed to inspect the car.

6. ‘Thodi jyada chali hai but achi hai’- It is a bit old but performs well

Seller says the car might have run more kms but it still performs well. But if you are buying a more than 5 year older car and a car which has crossed 1 lakh or more kms, then there are chances that the large repair bills may come to you

Solution: For anybody who wants a good, reliable and trouble-free used car, we will advise him to buy a car which is at least 4-5 year old and has crossed relatively lower km. Buying a used car always involves risk, and older the car is, the greater is the risk.

7. ‘Is wali car me ye awaz to aati hi hai’ - That clunking noise is normal for this kind of car.

You start the car and hear a voice and your dealer tell you that this is a normal thing for these cars.

Solution: Straightaway, don’t buy it. Any unusual noises, vibrations or smells are not normal and usually mean something is wrong with the vehicle. If you still think, that it can make a great deal, please get it checked properly and evaluate the cost of repairs, which you can use while negotiating the final cost of the car.

8. ‘Tyre or battery dono naye hai’- The car is installed with new tyres and battery

The seller claims that the battery and tyres are new, don’t go with his words. The tyres and battery might look new, but a lot of used car dealers tend to use re-tread tyres instead of new ones and uses a old battery after a touch up.

Solution: Ask the seller for original warranty cards for both tyres and battery.

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