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  • audi-a5-sportback-first-drive-review
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    Audi A5 Sportback: First Drive Review

    By Nabeel Khan Vikrant Date   |  2017-10-02 15:01:40.0

    The new Audi A5 promises to be something different than your usual bunch of luxury sedans. Is it? We find out.

  • audi-q3-detailed-review
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    Audi Q3: Detailed Review

    By Arun Shenoy Eshan Shetty   |  2017-06-28 17:32:23.0

    Have the mechanical updates plugged all the gaps in the Q3's formula? We sampled the petrol as well as the diesel avatar of Audi's entry-level SUV to find out just that!

  • audi-a4-diesel-detailed-review
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    Audi A4 Diesel: Detailed Review

    By Tushar Kamath Vikrant Date   |  2017-04-11 19:25:25.0

    The new generation A4 diesel may not look all that different, but promises a new world of luxury, frugality and thrills. Does it?

  • 2017-audi-a3-first-drive-review
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    2017 Audi A3: First Drive Review

    By Tushar Kamath Photography: Eshan Shetty   |  2017-02-18 08:00:16.0

    Audi’s baby-sedan gets some substantial updates for what is supposed to be just a mid-life refresh  

  • audi-a4-first-drive-review
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    Audi A4 : First Drive Review

    By CarDekho Team Eshan Shetty   |  2016-08-24 12:32:32.0

    The new generation A4 has finally arrived on our shores and we were one of the lucky few who headed to Bhubaneshwar to drive it!

  • 2016-audi-a4-first-drive-review
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    2016 Audi A4: First Drive Review

    By Cyrus Behram Dhabhar   |  2016-05-24 16:19:19.0

    A short blast around the German countryside with the new India bound A4 shows us just how much the new generation has improved. 

  • quick-spin-audi-r8-v10-plus
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    Quick Spin : Audi R8 V10 plus

    By Arun Shenoy Photos by: Vikrant Date   |  2016-05-20 18:30:21.0

    We sample the R8 V10 plus on an air-strip and come back grinning! 

  • audi-s5-review-practicality-meets-performance
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    Audi S5 Review | Practicality Meets Performance

    By Arun Shenoy Photos by: Rommel Albuquerque   |  2016-04-03 17:27:33.0

    'What's the point of it'? I thought to myself, as I set the alarm for 4:30 am. 'Alarm set for 3 hours and 22 minutes from now' flashed a little black bar at the bottom of my cellphone screen. Fast forward to 5:00 pm, on the drive back home. 'It makes sense. Not perfect sense, but it does.'

  • audi-q7-45tdi-expert-review
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    Audi Q7 45TDI: Expert Review

    By Abhishek Nigam Photography by: Rommel Albuquerque   |  2016-03-02 15:53:12.0

    When I heard of the new Audi Q7, more than welcoming the new car, I was actually a little bemused. I?ve driven the previous generation that harbored the mammoth 4.2 TDI diesel mill and it pretty much had everything that one could ask for and more. My point was, ?What more could Audi offer in the newread more

  • audi-rs6-avant-review
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    Audi RS6 Avant Review

    By Arun Shenoy   |  2015-09-28 14:25:21.0

    I won't lie. I'm slightly numb as I whack away at the keyboard. My neck hurts a bit, and I'm hyperventilating as I recall the experience. She had power. A whole lot of it. She had presence too. By the bucketloads. She yelled and snarled at me like a wild animal. She wouldn?t maim me, I was sure. Theread more

  • audi-a6-matrix-20-tdi-first-drive
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    Audi A6 Matrix 2.0 TDI: First Drive

    By Abhishek Nigam Abhishek Nigam   |  2015-08-31 14:27:18.0

    Audi's A6 has just gone under the knife for a midlife make over, but according to Audi it's a lot more than that. We take the popular German sedan for a spin around the beautiful roads of Udaipur to see what they are talking about.

  • audi-tt-20-tfsi-expert-review
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    Audi TT 2.0 TFSI : Expert Review

    By Abhishek Nigam Pictureas By: Abhishek Nigam   |  2015-08-07 16:43:11.0

    Audi's original TT spawned quite a bit of following thanks to its very distinctive design and very capable road manners. Since 1998 the car has evolved considerably but yet managed to keep its original character intact. We drive the TT in its latest avatar to see what has changed.

  • 2015-audi-q3-first-drive
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    2015 Audi Q3: First Drive

    By Akshit Juneja   |  2015-06-12 11:23:11.0

    The Audi Q3, since its arrival, has been ruling the premium compact SUV space in India. Good looks, frugal diesel engine and aggressive pricing, made it a runaway hit and now in the newest avatar, it promises to continue the dominance. We just had a go in one on the beautiful streets of Goa to find read more

  • audi-a3-cabriolet-expert-review
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    Audi A3 Cabriolet: Expert Review

    By Abhishek Nigam Pictures By: Abhishek Nigam   |  2015-05-08 17:26:31.0

    While many might think that a convertible is not apt for India, manufacturers still provide the option of buying one. We take the latest drop-top from Audi for some fun in the sun.

  • audi-q3-dynamic-expert-review
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    Audi Q3 Dynamic: Expert Review

    By Abhishek Nigam Pictured By : Abhishek Nigam   |  2014-10-04 10:49:47.0

    Competition does amazing things. Not only do the manufacturers try to get one up on each other by making a better product, but the us consumers get a load of options to choose as well before we put our hard earned money down. Now the Q3 was Audi's entry level SUV offering which proved to be an extreread more

  • audi-rs-7-expert-review
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    Audi RS 7 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictures By: Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-08-18 14:28:24.0

    The craze for the fastback saloons is on the rise and there is no doubt that celebrities are eyeing this segment, more than the conventional flagship models. These look chic and at the same time reflect the personality of many of these movie stars, sportsmen and those involved with the glam world. Tread more

  • audi-a3-expert-review
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    Audi A3 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictured By : Audi India   |  2014-07-16 14:23:42.0

    Audi India is the largest luxury car maker at the moment, as it became the first automaker to cross the 10,000 units mark in this range of manufacturers. While competition is introducing higher-end cars, Audi becomes the first automaker to introduce a compact sedan for our market. The Ingolstadt-basread more

  • audi-rs-5-expert-review
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    Audi RS 5 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictured By: Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-06-23 12:18:07.0

    Audi has been the largest selling luxury car player in India and the company has been introducing several new products and even their performance edition to carry further its existing lead. Audi as a brand has been aggressive with its sales strategy and dealer expansion. The Ingolstadt-based automakread more

  • audi-s6-expert-review
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    Audi S6 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictures By : Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-02-26 13:17:52.0

    Audi has been one of the fastest growing luxury car brand in India and the company has been very aggressive with its expansion and product planning. It took no time to introduce its entire fleet of four-door sedans and SUVs, after which began the introduction of the S range. We had reviewed the S4 aread more

  • audi-q3s-expert-review
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    Audi Q3S Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictures By: Kunal Kelkar   |  2014-02-10 14:41:55.0

    Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volvo have chosen the hatchback route for the entry-level car for their brands, while Audi has chosen the other route. The Ingolstadt-based German manufacturer believes that the luxury car segment isn?t about hatchback atleast for the Indian market and it has introduced a striread more

  • audi-a6-expert-review
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    Audi A6 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictures By: Kunal Kelkar   |  2013-12-19 16:26:27.0

    Contemporary and classy If you recall our story of the Audi A6 Special Edition (, this was a limited edition A6 with several new features on it. Several of the features from this tickled down to the A6 as well. We lay our hands on theread more

  • audi-r8-expert-review
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    Audi R8 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani   |  2013-04-08 18:55:45.0

      Volkswagen owns Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Bentley. This adds several luxury and sports car brands under the VW Group umbrella. In an attempt to diversify its portfolio Audi introduced the R8, its new flagship in supercar territory. The R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platformread more

  • audi-tt-expert-review
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    Audi TT Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictures by: Kunal Kelkar   |  2013-04-05 13:18:48.0

    TT has been an iconic design for Audi and there is no denying that it has a distinctive styling on the road. Now, in its second-generation, the Indian market gets the 2.0-litre version of this coupe and we take one of a quick spin. There is also a sports version, which gets more power and ofcourse iread more

  • audi-q5-expert-review
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    Audi Q5 Expert Review

    By Rahul Hirani Pictures by: Kunal Kelkar   |  2013-01-23 18:21:06.0

    After a successful 2012, Audi began the New Year with the launch of the refreshed Q5. This mid-size luxury SUV has been around for a while and it needed some upgrades as the competitors have introduced new models or facelift. The Ingolstadt based automaker hasn?t just refreshed the styling, but alsoread more

  • audi-a8-l-42-tdi-v8-enchantingly-luxurious
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    Audi A8 L 4.2 TDI V8 Enchantingly Luxurious

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2012-10-08 12:53:47.0

    The Audi A8 remains the flagship model from the German car maker across the globe. The first of the lot was introduced in 1994 which replaced its predecessor, the Audi V8. Previous generations of the A8 employed the Volkswagen Group D platform while the current generation A8 is built using the latesread more

  • 2013-audi-s4-speed-gunner
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    2013 Audi S4 Speed Gunner

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2012-09-24 17:03:02.0

    It is a known fact that the A4 is one of the bestselling premium sedans from the German car maker, Audi for the past 39 years. This German car maker has sold more than 10 million A4s worldwide which will easily get you the real picture of its global popularity.  

  • 2012-audi-a4-sline-18-tfsi-feel-the-change
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    2012 Audi A4 S-Line 1.8 TFSi Feel the Change

    By CarDekho Team   |  2012-05-25 12:02:59.0

    Audi A4 is one of the bestselling sedans from the German car maker for the past 39 years. Initially sold as the ‘Audi 80’ and then as  A4 since 1994. The Audi 80 and the A4 have seen seven generations together and the company recently introduced the eight generation for the Indian market.  Audi has read more

  • audi-q3-20-tdi-quattro-starting-young-the-audi-way
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    Audi Q3 2.0 TDi Quattro Starting Young The Audi Way.

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2012-04-13 18:27:45.0

    When Audi had announced that it would be bringing the Q3 SUV to India, the news created a spur among Mini SUV buyers and Audi fans alike. The Audi Q3 is on the brink of its launch here in India. The Audi Q3 or Type 8U as it was internally known was launched internationally in 2011. The Audi Q3 when read more

  • audi-a6-truly-a-drivers-car
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    Audi A6: Truly a drivers car

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2011-12-26 13:09:34.0

    The A6 is the second best seller from the German car maker Audi. Cars from Audi have a great amount of grace and a lot of elegance to them. The Audi brand was better known as Cricketer Ravi Shastri’s car in the 80s, the Audi 100 that he won as the Champions of Champions Trophy in Australia also happread more

  • audi-a-drive
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    Audi A Drive

    By Ritesh Madhok Pictures by: Ritesh Madhok   |  2011-10-29 15:15:15.0

    Audi India recently had a special drive for a handful of journos on a special test track that was created for testing its entire A series of cars. It seemed that the drive was aptly called as the `A` Drive. Let’s start with the first things first, so the question is what Quattro is? The answer is Quread more

  • audi-a7-sportback-30-tdi-quattro
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    Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI quattro

    By CarDekho Team   |  2011-07-28 12:11:43.0

    Audi introduced the A7 Sportback in the Indian market in May. The A7 Sportback or the Typ 4G as it is internally known at Audi was first shown to the media at the 2010 Paris Motor Show after it was shown at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show as a Concept vehicle. Audi describes the A7 Sportback as a blend read more

  • audi-a8l
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    Audi A8L

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2011-03-14 11:46:23.0

    Audi A8L 4.2 FSI Elegance Personified   We got our hands on the 2011 Audi A8 that has been just recently launched here in India. First things first, the Audi A8 is the biggest and the most luxurious sedan made by Audi in its lineup. The first A8 was introduced in 1994 which replaced its predecessor read more

  • audi-a6-27-tdi
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    Audi A6 2.7 TDI

    By Ritesh Madhok   |  2011-01-24 12:05:15.0

    Cars from Audi have been liked a lot in India. In the 80s, it was cricketer Ravi Shastri who got an Audi 100 (which is also a predecessor of the A6) for making India win the Champions Of Champions Trophy in Australia. Audi cars are known for their elegance and grace. These cars have a mix of drivingread more

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