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    This car is packed with the same 1.2 DOHC engine with a displacement of 1197cc. This engine dishes out a maximum power of 78.9bhp at 5600rpm with a peak torque return of 104Nm at 3100rpm. This engine is served to a 5 speed manual transmission. The exterior of the hatch is not only attractive but well-balanced as well. Its maker has not tried to give it a completely changed look, however, they only sticked to the basics and this is the reason it has an appeal to attract without being exotic. There is enough space inside the car. The head, leg and shoulder room is enough. There is nothing different as compared with Etios sadan despite the shorter wheelbase. There are hatchbacks like Ford Figo, Hyundai i20 and Maruti Swift to compete with this car.
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    Check out the amazing new Toyota Fortuner from every angle in the video. The aggressive grill, stylish headlamps, elegant interiors, sophisticated gadgets et al. Give your senses a treat with the beautiful features of the Toyota Fortuner displayed finely in the video.

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    If you really think that you need a road to travel, then you are missing something. Take a look at real videos of the awesome Toyota Fortuner going through muck, slush and even water as if she was traveling on a well leveled city road. The video will tell you why the SUV is in such great demand.

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    Toyota India rolled out the new Toyota Fortuner SUV at the 11th Auto Expo, which was held in New Delhi in the beginning of this year. The fresh version of Fortuner got an immense response. The company some good and notable changes to the interiors and the exteriors of the car. However, the under the hood scenario hasn’t been tweaked so much. This impressive power machine has got the good looks and the comfortable interiors that are a must for a SUV. You would fine the terrific 17 inches of alloy wheels coupled with superb suspension system that makes the ride in new Toyota Fortuner better and smooth. In the above video, you can clearly see the style possessed by the car and the lavish interiors. The new Toyota Fortuner is blessed with some premium interior features such as 6 inches of touch screen display, the reverse camera, DVD player, Bluetooth telephony system and new audio system.

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    The Japanese auto major forayed into the hatchback segment in India with its first small car Toyota Etios Liva on June 27. Toyota Etios Liva has managed to clock decent number of bookings ever since its launch and the company envisages to spur sales with this new addition in its fleet. The hatchback looks good and has been priced competitively, Toyota Etios Liva  price starts at around Rs3.99 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The other small cars like Skoda Fabia, Hyudnai i20, Volkswagen Polo, Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Swift can feel the heat underneath as this car has been able to lure the Indian customers.

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    Toyota rolled out the smallest and the most inexpensive car under its portfolio in India in wake of spilling its magic in the interminably growing small car segment in the domestic market. This zippy hatchback is yet another flawless piece of work from the world's finest automaker, Toyota which is known for making class apart products for its customers. Toyota's hatchback is spacious and is equipped with some refreshing features. The new Toyota Etios Liva has been made exquisitely for the Indian market, based on its sibling Etios's platform which has been a huge success in the sedan segment.

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    Toyota Auris Hybrid is the first electric car to be mass produced in Europe, it was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2010. However the manufacturing of the car started in the year 2010 at Toyota's Burnaston plant in UK. Auris Hybrid adorns the same powertrain as that of Toyota Prius. The car also won the prestigious title of 'What Green Car of the Year 2010'.

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    Toyota India rolled out Toyota Etios Liva a couple of months back and it surely targeted the young generation of the country. The hatchback from Toyota is a very chic and stylish car as it is shown in the video. The car is blessed with chic exteriors with flowing contours and bold lines. On the other hand, the exclusive interiors are the highpoint of the car. Toyota Etios Liva is offered in both diesel and petrol variants. The power, pickup and acceleration and mileage of both the variants are good. There are also numerous comfort features, which make Toyota Etios Liva a perfect ride for you. There is ample of luggage storage space, the tilt power steering, power windows, efficient air conditioning with heater, comfy seats upholstered with high quality fabrics all make the furthermore interesting and a good buy. The easy on pocket price tag is another main highlight of the hatchback.

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    Toyota India had brought in Toyota Etios Sedan in the Indian car market a couple of months back. The compact sedan has a very sporty and athletic feel. After mesmerizing the Indian consumers, the car was the main part of ‘Etios Motor Racing’, which is organized by Toyota TRD India Automobiles under ‘Toyota Racing Development’. The car is perfect for the racing as the sporty exteriors is well complemented by its brawny and muscular engine. The engine churns out good amount of power and torque, while the acceleration and pick up is no less. The car zooms away with a good speed thereby giving a thrilling experience to the driver and passengers. The icing on the cake here is its comfort features, which take the Toyota Etios Sedan a couple of notches higher. The efficient air conditioning system with heater, adjustable driver’s seat, tilt-column, power steering, power windows, all make this compact sedan a perfect racing car as well.

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    Toyota India hopped in the Oscar Winning music director, Mr. A.R. Rehman for composing the theme music of Toyota Etios. The theme fits the car perfectly. Toyota Etios sedan is one of the best models that Toyota India has introduced to the Indian consumers. There are many high points of Etios Sedan, which could leave you wanting for more. The looks of the car are very appealing. The bold and eye-catching headlight with broad grille steals the show. On the other hand, the rear end of the car has been provided with a chic and stylized bumper and tail lights. The interiors of the new Toyota Etios are no less. They are well-equipped with numerous technologically advanced features. Driving this car is utterly delightful. Toyota has made Etios sedan completely for India. The professionals and experts have worked hard on it and made it a perfect mixture of harmony, luxury and performance.

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    After seeing the market push, Toyota India made a wise decision and rolled out the diesel variants of Etios twins. Now, both, Toyota Etios Liva and Toyota Etios sedan are available with a diesel engine option. Toyota Etios Liva hatchback comes with a 1364cc of diesel engine that produces 68PS of peak power with 170Nm of maximum torque. The five speed manual transmission coupled with the engine allows the hatchback diesel to deliver a good mileage of 20 to 23.59 km per litre. On the other hand, the Toyota Etios compact sedan sports the same 1364cc of powerful and brawny diesel engine that has been mated with five speed manual transmission. The car delivers a good fuel economy of about 20 km per litre. Selling Etios twins in diesel versions have certainly helped the company in amplifying the sales of the car models. Also, the affordable price tags accompanied with the models have taken the cars a bit higher in the graph.

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    Toyota India launched the Etios Motor Racing event at the 11th Auto Expo that took place in New Delhi early this year. The Etios Motor Racing comprises of ample of activities, which comprise in driver’s training program, mega road shows including TRD Powered Toyota Etios compact sedan and Toyota Etios Liva racing cars. The exhibition races are also a part of this Toyota Etios Motor Racing. Racers from all over the country will be given the opportunity to compete for the Etios Motor Racing Trophy. Toyota Etios is a perfect racing car, which is very well complemented by its good and athletic exteriors and sporty appeal. Under the hood, the powerful engine gives good power to the car and the acceleration and pickup of the car is superb on road. The interiors have also been done nicely and provided with all kinds of comfort features.

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    Finally, the much awaited sedan Toyota Etios has been launched in the Indian market. Take a look at the video of the car shot during the New Delhi Auto Expo. Marvel at the design of the gorgeous white sedan in the footage as it goes round. Be it the front or the rear – Toyota Etios radiates class from any angle you take.

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    This one is not for the faint hearted! She is big, She is bulky and a bully on the road. Toyota's Sports Utility Vehicle Fortuner’s immense popularity compelled the company to suspend its bookings twice to clear backlogs. With a 2982 cc Common Rail Diesel Engine, churning 163 PS (160 BHP) power and 35 kgm of torque, under its hood the car captures any terrain with a loud growl! Check her out in all her might and glory…

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    Toyota Corolla Altis is one of the most premium sedans that are available in the Indian car market today. It has numerous comfort features, but the main one that takes away the entire cake is the Easy Seat technology. As shown in the video above, the Toyota Corolla Altis’s easy seat technology make use of swivel and slide mechanism that facilitates an easy entry and exit of people who are suffering from conditions such as arthritis. Corolla Altis with Easy Seat could be purchased at any authorized Toyota dealership across India. However, one will have to a bit extra for the feature, but the comfort level for your loved ones is worth the price spent. Moreover, Toyota India is also proffering a year’s warranty with the easy seat. The only drawback for this seat is that it is available for only front co-passenger and could be get installed by Toyota dealership only.

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    Toyota India is known for offering smart, power-packed and stylish cars to the consumers. One of the most lavish offering from Toyota India is its new and fresh Toyota Corolla Altis. The car is not only premium look wise, but the engine and interiors are top-notch as well. under the hood, the new Toyota Corolla Altis comes with a bold and brawny engine, which gives out good power and torque, while the exteriors of the car has been done with utmost care and concern. Toyota India has not left a single stone unturned while designing this sedan. It has got the lavish looks, which leaves ones asking for more. The front profile of the car is just mesmerizing with hawking headlamps and wide grille with a Toyota logo positioned in the centre. And the rear end has been kept stylish and edgy. The interiors are bestowed with every single comfort feature that should be present in a premium sedan.

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    The leading Japanese auto manufacturer, Camry has introduced the new Toyota Camry Hybrid Car in India. It is the first hybrid car to be locally manufactured in India. Our country ranks 9th all over the world in the manufacture of these vehicles.


    This Camry Hybrids 2.5 petrol engine comes equipped with an electric motor and operates on 'Hybrid Synergy Drive'. This technology enables the car to change from the petrol engine to electric motor or vice versa. On attaining a speed above 50, the engine shifts to power mode. This happens very smoothly, and you will not realise the change when the switch takes places. This ensures maximum utilisation of energy. It promises a mileage of 19.16 kmpl.


    The vehicle provides the same power as a Camry car would, though the benefit here is, that it is more fuel efficient. Another interesting feature is the quiet ride that you can enjoy in this Eco due to the silencer material on the dashboard, and acoustic glass on the windshield. These make sure that all the outside sounds are blocked, so much so that you d don’t even realise if the engine is running or not.


    The Toyota comes with the logo on a blue background which specifies it as a hybrid car. The video displays the front grille which is a little different. There are a few changes on the instrumental panel, the front seat can be adjusted, and the head rest can be folded. The armrest on the rear passenger seat has the controls for reclining. You get a three zone climate control which is for the rear passenger, front passenger and the driver. A powered Rear blind for the windscreen at the back is also another feature here. This hybrid is very technologically advanced These Eco friendly cars aim at creating a greener future for the world.

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    A scintillating and vivacious Toyota Camry Hybrid which exhilarates opulence, comfort and pioneers in hybrid technology delivering astute indulgence with eye- soothing exteriors and breath-taking agility. That is what the recently aired video of this awe-inspiring model shows. The aesthetics of an advanced engine and technology come together in one form effortlessly giving it the power to cruise with absolute refinement and legerity. The Hybrid synergy drive allows to recharge the battery automatically, the engine switches seamlessly to electric motor on downhill drive. Its Hybrid technology makes the car a notch higher than the conventional cars as it provides more power through its intelligent sensors.


    The video displays the radiator front grille and the diagonal rectangular LED head lamps of the Toyota Camry Hybrid give it a new, advanced and stylish look. The 10 spoke alloy wheels has a strong grip on the roads and enhances the handling characteristics of the car. This eco friendly machine does all for a safe and secure future by less fuel consumption and low emission. The whisper quiet drive with less sound emission makes it cruise like a beast as seen in the video display.


    The video features the Toyota Camry Hybrid with appealing interiors designed with sophistication and elegance delivering sheer comfort and luxury. The three zones AC keeps the environment cool and controlled, the foldable headrest and comfortable back seats keeps the passengers at utmost ease. The effortless drive of this upscale cruiser can be seen in the video. Features like four air-bags, vehicle stability control, hill start assistance, rear monitor with corner sensors to prevent collision and the impact absorbing body of the vehicle delivers advanced safety measures to its travellers. The car definitely has a class apart aura with its advanced and thoughtful features.


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    Toyota India is a well known car maker in the Indian car market. It has always been one of the best brands in the country today. But it has been dominating the market since the time it brought in its superb MPV, Toyota Innova. At the 11th Auto Expo, the car maker introduced the upgraded Innova. The above video is the commercial of the new Toyota Innova released by Toyota. The video here showcases the changes that Toyota has done to the MPV. Toyota hasn’t done any major changes under the hood, but exteriors have been refurbished substantially and the interiors are made more comfortable. The interiors are blessed with numerous advanced gadgetries like navigation system, more efficient air cooling system, better and more comfy seats, huge luggage storage space and so on. Overall, the above video is successful in showing the new features present in the car.

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    Toyota Motors bought Toyota Pirus in this world in 1997 and now this car is being given the title of ‘Planet’s favorite hybrid’. At the 2012 Auto Expo, Toyota India bought in a new variant of the car, which was amazing. The high points of the 2012 Toyota Pirus comprised of superb performance on road, exclusive fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The superior and bold engine ensures a delightful driving experience to the driver. The looks of the car are exceptionally good and the stylish front grille couple with the front bumper gives a terrific style statement. Toyota Pirus also features alloy wheel caps with LED tail lamps that add on to the look of the car. The interiors perfectly define the luxury and lavishness one expects from Toyota Pirus. The dashboard has been positioned centrally that has the advanced audio system and AC vents. The 8 speakers with electronically powered tilt-telescopic adjustable steering wheel give perfect comfort to the driver. The steering wheel is mounted with audio controls, climate and multi-functional display controls.

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    The Japanese auto giant has introduced a new face lifted versions of its flagship hatchback Toyota Etios Liva. The Etios Liva price is Rs 4.46 lakh (ex- showroom Delhi). The sporty hatchback is now embellished with loads of punches to enhance the appeal and bring some excitement. Toyota Etios Liva will be marketed in both the fuel options petrol and diesel in 9 variants. And a TRD sportivo will also be in its petrol portfolio.

    The cosmetic apprehensions on the exteriors are done so beautifully that it even conserves the impression of Liva. As well as it imparts a more modish and sporty appeal to the car, with those prominent character lines. The car gets more metallic body finish and the frontage is adorned with a redesigned grille that has a decent chrome treatment. Toyota Etios Liva features a new 2-tone combination inside and a 2-Din music system that has its simple operation and comes integrated with blue tooth facility, USB connectivity, Aux-in and a remote control function. The quality of fit and finish is kept high with upgraded interiors and features.

    Toyota Etios Liva petrol version will derive its power from 1.2-liter 3NR-FE petrol mill that exhibits a 43-cyl. 16V DOHC type. The mill churns out a maximum of 79bhp accompanied with 104Nm of peak torque. This special mill comes mated with a 5-speed manual transmission that offers a fair mileage of 18.31Kmpl. On the other hand, Liva diesel will be powered by 1.4-liter diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 65bhp at 3800rpm. This car excels to deliver a city mileage of 20.32Kmpl while it promises to return an impressive 25.59Kmpl of mileage on highways.

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    Toyota Motors has been growing in the Indian car bazaar with a rapid rate. After bringing in Toyota Etios sedan, Toyota Etios Liva hatchback has been creating waves in the market. The hatchback is giving a tough competition to cars like Maruti Swift, Hyundai i20 and Ford Figo. There are many things that make Etios Liva a perfect hatchback especially for the youth of the country. The car comes with numerous comfort features such as power steering, power windows, audio system with Bluetooth and AUX-in interface, efficient air cooling system with heater and more. The ample of luggage storage space and sufficient legroom and headroom takes the comfort level in hatchback to a much higher graph. Coming to the looks, the rear end is quite attractive, while the front profile has eye catching appeal. Under the hood, the diesel and petrol engine options gives the car consumers a choice to pick between their convenient alternatives. The mileage delivered by the diesel engine variant of Etios Liva is spectacular, which help in keeping things under budget.

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    The recently aired video of  Toyota Innova features new styling, more agility and latest design. The MPV has been shown with immense pomp and is being driven on various roads. The video starts its journey with the interiors glimpses of the car and then takes us to the pictures of the driven Innova. 


    The video displays the new Toyota Innova Diesel Z in a ravishing role. However, if a close look of the car is taken, it is found that nothing much has been changed. In fact, this is the same Innova with some style and shade changes. However, the video shows that there are a plenty of alterations done to this MPV. For instance, new front grille, new fog lamps, redesigned front bumper, a changed rear, new Vinly, dual tone interiors, wooden trim, new gear knob and that is why it has been called 'A Refreshed Innova'.Later on, the video takes us to the dream drive where Toyota Innova's new variant is being driven on a huge pull where sea, earth and sky can be seen in one frame. All and all, the car looks captivating in the whole video and wins the heart.

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