Ford Figo Reliability Report

Published On Jul 23, 2013 By Rahul for Ford Figo 2015-2019

After returning the Honda Brio, we wanted another hatchback in our fleet. A car that can be taken for city commute. Something that is compact, and yet spacious. The Brio did the job well, but the rising cost of petrol increased our expenses. With a daily driving of 50-60kms, petrol was a bit heavy on our pocket. Hence, in came the Figo diesel. A hatchback that we loved from the day we drove it. This is the refresh Figo, that gets more bells and whistles added to it. We see our good the Ford Figo is in the long run. We were happy with the Ford Classic and Ford Fiesta’s final reports.

Ford Figo

Report I – Features

Ford Figo

The upgraded Figo got new blue-coloured dashboard and even the seat fabric is a meld of blue and black. The new Figo got additional features like steering column mounted audio controls and even USB connectivity. Even the materials used on the dashboard feel more premium and softer than before.

Ford Figo

For technology lovers like us, the first thing we tried was to pair our mobile phone to the integrated music system. Well, this has never been a task. But one could learn rocket science faster than he could understand how to pair a Bluetooth in a Figo. For this reason, we went to the mother of all solution— Google. We learnt how to pair a device on the Ford Figo through a tutorial on YouTube. Not that our device was something uncommon, the iPhone. Finally, after pairing the device things went smoothly, as it is just a one time task. After that, the system detects the mobile phone and pairs it.

Ford Figo

The USB cable is located in the glove box, which a good means to hide your pen drive. This has it’s own pros and cons. The new steering column mounted audio controls are a bit inconvenient to use. And it doesn’t even get a jock dial like the Duster, to skip tracks. Well, if there are any cons of this hatchback, all end here.

Ford Figo

Other than this, we haven’t had any issues with the hatchback. Four large adults can sit without any issues and we have used it for trip as a back-up vehicle for photography. Our photographer is in access of six-feet and he could comfortable sit in the boot and shoot on the way. The Figo has a good 284 litres of boot space, which is most importantly easily accessible.

Ford Figo

There are some vehicles in the market that have a poor access to the boot with high loading lip or small mouth to the boot. This is one first report on the Ford Figo, atleast on the features the vehicle offers. In our second report, we will tell you how good is the 1.4-litre engine not just in the city but even on the highway. Our second report, will come in this same space within the next 15 days.

Report 3:

Fuel Cost: Rs.2630/-

Litres of Diesel: 38 litres

Kilometers driven: 520

Average Fuel Consumption: 13.6km/l 

Our Long-termer garage has seen another blue hatchback, the Honda Brio. After we waved goodbye to the petrol hatch we got this wonderful product from Ford, the Figo.

In Italian the word “Figo” is slang for “great” and this little hatch is nothing short of its name. As a daily driver and city car the Figo performs well. We got to test the Figo out thoroughly in peak traffic as well as on the empty highways in the mornings.

The clutch on the car is a very light one. It is not deal and has a very simple biting point. This makes the drivability of the vehicle very relaxed in heavy, nose-to-nose traffic. In what they call clutch-brake traffic one’s leg doesn’t get tired due to the constant pressure on the clutch. Power is available whenever needed. The 1.4 litre turbo-charged diesel engine pulls cleanly as you work through the transmission. There is a tiny bit of turbo lag but not something you notice or that makes a difference in city traffic. Put your foot down in second gear and the tachometer moves all the way to 5000rpm with sufficient power to hit speeds of 150km/h, if required, by the time you reach fifth gear. The high torque (for the engine) produced allows for smooth take offs and cruising. Release the clutch n first gear and the car rolls off the line smoothly till you are ready to gain speed by giving it some gas.

The gearshifts are easy and the throws are short. At low rpms in third gear there car does feel slightly underpowered and sluggish but apart from that there are no issues at all with the drivability. Ford seems to have got the engine and the ease of driving right with their little hatch back.

Though the mileage we received is nowhere close to what the Figo can give, we did get to experience the Figo in peak traffic more than anything else. One feature we did experience well, being in stuck in traffic jams was the air conditioning. The air conditioning is top notch. With the fan speed on the minimal setting the cooling is still noticeable. For someone that loves driving in a cold car, I had the temp turned all the way down and the blower turned up to the second or third setting. It was fantastic, as if driving with the top down in a convertible on a sunny winter’s day.

Parking the Figo in the chaos of our city is not a goliath task in any manner. With a tight turning radius and good visibility, the Figo is a delight to back into the tight spots for parking. The light clutch and torque produced by the engine allows for great clutch control and effortless parking. All in all the Figo does not seem to disappoint yet. Keep an eye out on this space for our next detailed report on the handling of the Figo.

Report 4:

Kilometers Driven: 540km

Litres of Diesel: 36 litres

Avg Fuel Consumption: 15km/l

Fuel Cost: Rs 2000/-

Considering we have been driving the Figo around during the monsoons, one thing that is inevitable in the city of Mumbai is the pothole. These craters are what are known to tear tires, destroy rims and even cause back pain and discomfort. Well, the Figo being a hatchback, meaning a short wheelbase does have a stiff suspension.

What does that mean when it comes to rough roads and potholes? Fortunately, Ford has tweaked the suspension of the Figo and now it does ride well. You do feel the bumps and the holes in the road but without the sudden jolt. To add to the suspension, the seats are very comfortable as well, be it in the rear or the front. The cushioning is a neither too soft nor too hard.

Taking corners at quicker speeds does not allow for body roll. Nor is it excessive considering it is a locally manufactured car. Smooth acceleration in the corners sees for a great follow through without fighting with the steering wheel trying to balance out the body roll. In the back seat the bumps are not as bad as we had expected to be though they are not jolts they do make you move around quite a bit.

The space in the car is great. The best part is the easily accessible trunk. Most other cars do not have a boot as easily accessible as the Figo’s.

The build is great and the doors shut with a thud. The interiors feel great and the materials feel premium. The center console is distinct and the buttons are easy to use except for the Bluetooth connectivity. Getting your phone connected to the system is a colossal and complicated task, but once connected the system recognizes the device immediately and delivers good sound for a hatchback.

The Figo is a car that we really enjoyed having part of your long-term garage. A car that is wonderful to drive and very practical amidst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. We have to bid adieu to this small car and as we do so give it a thumbs-up for being a delight to drive. Ford has managed to provide a small city car with more than enough brownie points so compete in the B segment in the Indian Market.

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