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    Mahindra and Mahindra have been offering world class SUVs to the consumers and Mahindra Bolero is one of the best ones that it has been offering. Recently, the SUV got a full make over, which made it much more appealing and alluring than before. The company did numerous improvements in the car and made it best in class. The CRDe diesel engine is very powerful and produces 97 HP of peak power with 255 Nm of maximum torque. The five speed manual transmission coupled with engine is quite impressive and it allows the car to glide along any kind of roads without any trouble. The ride and handling of the car has been enhanced to a great extent as well. Look wise, the new Mahindra Bolero possesses a very bold and macho personality and the sophisticated interiors compliment it very well.  The interiors have been done quite tastefully keeping in mind the high comfort level one requires while riding in the car.

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    Mahindra XUV 500 is a complete car. The bold cheetah looks is one of the main enduring features of the SUV, but the GPS Navigation System is the major show stealer here. The GPS navigation system in XUV 500 is perfect and include comprehensive city maps and covers up around 1.5 million km of roads across 1200 cities with house number search for 18 cities, which is utterly impressive. This navigation system also features turn by turn voice direction that will help the driver in finding the exact location with utmost ease. The voice direction is available in English, Hindi and 8 more regional languages. Above 5 million points of interest are featured in this GPS navigation system, which comprise of restaurants, ATMs, banks, petrol pumps, hotels and Mahindra service stations. So one can be rest assured that he/she will not get lost in a new area when driving with Mahindra XUV 500’s GPS navigation system.

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    Mahindra XUV 500 is one vehicle in India that has garnered praises from all directions. None of its feature is criticized and the SUV has emerged to be the dream vehicle of every family. In quite an affordable price, M&M has for the first time offered uncountable features in XUV 500. Not just, technology or exteriors, even safety of passengers is taken well care of. A total of six airbags guard the inmates of XUV 500 when there is an unavoidable crash. Driver and passenger airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags readily open up and reduce the impact of collision thus saving life in case of accident. The supplementary restraint system with airbags have become a common feature in luxury cars these days, however, 6 airbags are hardly seen in any car falling in the same price range as Mahindra XUV 500.

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    Going through this video one will come across few of the exciting feature of the new Mahindra Xylo E9. This time Mahindra has brought to the people the most cool, unique and hi-tech featured Mahindra Xylo E9. This video also includes a tutorial on how to use the new Voice Technology System-VCT installed in this car. It’s now really easy to operate the car through its Voice Command Technology-VCT. As the name suggests one can access most of the features available in the car through voice. If one needs to switch the head lamps on or off, rear window wiper turned on or off, just command the car and it will perform the function automatically and quickly. One can also make calls through Bluetooth via hands free telephony, for that one needs to connect the phone and call any name present in the mobile phone directory or directly a number can be called for eg. “dial 9899****** “, and it will make the call right away.

    One can also take command over the new attractive audio system just by turning it on through steering mounted audio controls and then by voice commanding he/she can change the track or volume and even toggle between different radio channels.


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  • XUV500

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    Mahindra XUV500 is an exclusively designed SUV model keeping in mind the requirements of young auto enthusiasts. At the same time, the car maker has put in a lot of efforts on its exterior design to make it a global product. Not just in terms of outsides, but the insides too are designed in such a manner, wherein the occupants will tend to feel the power of this vehicle. The company claims that it took four years for them to come up with its final design, which involves 5 percent of inspiration and 95 percent of designers hard work. Soon after its launch, it received a lot of applause from both the domestic and international media. At the same time, it also received several awards, which explains everything about this utility vehicle. It is also the most awarded car for the fiscal year 2011-12. it went on to become the fastest selling SUV among Indian vehicles by reaching 50,000 sales within a very short span of time. By looking at the tremendous response, the company has provided a warranty period for 100,000 kilometers or 3 years, whichever is earlier. This vehicle is now available across the Asian car markets and it is now stretching its legs to other global markets as well.
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    This video brings up the presentation and the launch of the new and exciting Mahindra Xylo E9. The stylish new exteriors of the Xylo E9 with the contrasting color and the shade of black make this car look more attractive and eye catching. The new sporty grille in the front with an exciting new chrome plated Mahindra logo in the center looks stunning and the center of attraction. Sharp edges and borders make it look sportier and add a dynamic look to it.

    Tubeless tyres with company fitted alloy wheels help this car to be more stable even at fast speed. The stylish new genuine Italian leather interiors, wooden finished looks and powerful music system are some of the exciting features which one will surely notice in the video. Power steering with the tilt feature can be adjusted automatically according to ones convenience and comfort. Steering mounted audio and other controls are given to customize ones music list accordingly. Leather wrapped gear knob is provided for a smooth and easy shifting of gears. Glossy finished exterior is not only stylish but also makes this car look impressive on the first view. One will surely fall in love with it after looking at all the uber cool features of this car.


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    If you are looking for space, comfort and performance then your quest ends with the Mahindra Xylo. Just like the tall gorgeous models in the Xylo ad – you too are going to love the third row. Sold between Rs 6,47,118 – Rs 8,16,262 the Mahindra Xylo is a benchmark for spacious vehicles. Have as look!

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    This video will take a person on a ride to Mahindra’s new Xylo E9, which is so special and unique that one will surely can’t get it out of his/her mind. The new stylish headlights which add a dynamic look and integrated black colored footsteps which makes this car ultra special are few of the unique features of this car. Sporty roof nails at the top gives it a classy and swish look. Bold black out tape and the contrasting front chrome grille added with Mahindra logo is the centre of attraction. 2-DIN music system installed can get any one mesmerized into his/her favorite songs on the go. Gears can be changed easily and smoothly as the new gear knob has leather wrapping. Interiors of this car include drink holders; glossy wood finished control panel which gives it a luxurious feel.
    Genuine Italian leather wrapped on the seats provides comfortable sitting and a luxurious feel. The stylish new door trims and dual toned dashboard are few other added features of this car. Seats can be adjusted automatically according to ones convenience. Stylish clear lens two toned tail lamp and rear spoiler with lights makes it an epitome of cars and also fog lamps gives a better and clear vision through foggy and bad weather.

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    This video shows the in depth features and gadgets of Mahindra Xylo celebration edition. It comes especially in walnut brown color with designer body graphics on it to give it an extra special touch.  Celebration edition crest emblem is embossed on C pillar which helps in differentiating from other models of the same car. Blue vision head lamps not only help in enhancing the night vision but also give it a dynamic look. Blackout tape at B & C pillar helps in protecting the window panes. Ski rack at the roof top besides helping the large luggage to tuck also adds a sporty look to it. Genuine leather Italian seats give full comfort and convenience to the driver and passengers. It is very easy to make a grip on the steering as they come leather wrapped too.

    One can change the gear very smoothly and easily with the new stylish leather wrapped gear knob. Dark chocolate glossy finish on the inside gives a luxurious feel. Now it’s easier to drive on roads safe and sound with the new Anti Lock Braking System-ABS. Powerful and big tyres with alloy wheels are fitted by to make the way much easier on the rough roads.  Front and rear window wash and wipers always keep the glass clean. Parking sensors make sure the safe parking of the car every time.


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    New class Verito is the latest addition to the Mahindra's much appreciated sedan class. Mahindra created advertisements targeting daily urban commuters. The advertisement titled 'Discover New Look Mahindra Verito Features' is a continuation to the earlier installment on Style titled 'New look Mahindra Verito – Style' featuring two men discussing the exteriors and interiors in detail. This second installment follows three women comparing their vehicles on the basis of comfort, safety, interiors while driving through the city roads. The advertisement concentrates on the high pick up diesel engine offers over traditional models. The 1.5 MPI petrol engine variant is also suggested for customers with specific requirements in terms of pick up. The diesel variant offers an amazing 21kmpl mileage.


    The women discuss issues such as comfortable driving in urban roads as well as rough terrains as a personal experience to a religious pilgrimage is referred. The ground clearance of the new look Verito is also developed enough to avoid any chassis contacts over speed breakers thereby offering a smooth drive. One of the main issues discussed in terms of interiors is the large leg space offered for the rear seats. Mahindra claims the best rear seats in its class. Reflecting the customer perspective of car which not only needs to stylish but it should also be comfortable. Three head rests are provided at the rear row literally enabling three people to be comfortably seated. Though leg space is increased, the seat length is not decreased so the comfort is not compromised. Mahindra which already made a decent mark for itself in terms of safety measures once again provided ABS with EBD which not only helps avoid injuries during impact but also helps the vehicle be stable irrespective of luggage weight included in boot. The 510-litre boot space is also discussed which is helpful especially for long drives. The tachometer also features a Driver Information System (DIS) which helps driver keep track of information such as miles to go before peptrol runs out, fuel tank status, etc., The advertisement concludes with the other women being convinced regarding their sedan purchase. The advertisement was part of the innovative efforts by Mahindra to help people “Grow to the New Verito”

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    The latest addition to the Mahindra's sedan class is the new class Verito. The advertisement titled 'New Look Mahindra Verito - Style' follows the awe the sedan claims from people on streets. The exterior upgrades such as bumpers, name plate alignment, inbuilt reflector lamps and tail lamps are discussed in detail by the two car enthusiasts. Interiors are more refreshing compared to earlier version with dual tone dash boards and controllable rear view mirrors. The Mahindra Verito sticks to the caption "Grow to the new Verito" by comparing the latest version with the earlier models clearly discussing the upgrades. Air conditioning is electronic and the sedan boasts a breath-taking sound quality by music system that has facilities to connect with iPod and other media gadgets. The advertisement also shows the way the Indian market has always welcomed refreshing designs in automobiles as long as it does not affect the performance. The exterior is given a special focus with the duo repeatedly praising the vehicle over its specs and feeling content to be associated with Mahindra. Since the new look is a major change in terms of design and minor upgrades, the sedan has a fresh look that fits contemporary design expectations . The New Verito comes in three variants G2/D2, G4/D4 and D6. The base variant does not have internally controllable ORVMs while the G4/D4 comes with a cable operated control and the top end model comes with electric control. The ABS with EBD and driver airbags are also provided only for the top end model. Vertio provided a choice between diesel and petrol engine. The diesel engine has a 1461cc displacement and 510 litres of boot space. The petrol engine has a 1390cc displacement. The sedan uses McPherson mechanism for the front suspension and the H-Section torsion beam, with programmed deflection-coil spring, mechanism for rear suspension. The dash board and associated space has honeycomb structure which reduces the damage caused to passengers during any collision impact. The mileage, petrol gauge controls are displayed on the LCD at the instrument cluster. The tachometer has dual meters enabling driver to get a real time analysis of his driving .

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    With the stunning looks and comfortable interiors, Mahindra has blessed its Verito sedan with its prominent safety features. Mahindra cars are known for being utterly safe and secure and the same DNA has been infused into Verito sedan as well. Mahindra Verito comes with anti lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution system averts the wheels from locking up in case of emergency brakes are applied and help the car to go through slope and hilly areas without any trouble. Furthermore, to ensure the safety of the passengers, the car features driver airbags. The honeycomb style dashboard along with technically developed crumple zones cut down the impact coming to the passengers during an accident or collision. The sides of Verito come with side impact beams as well. In its entirety, Mahindra Verito is completely safe cars, which not only does the security of the passengers but also take care of itself.

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    Mahindra’s very own sedan was trimmed tweaked and refreshed to emerge as the 2012 Mahindra Verito. As product these days have an extremely low shelf life and with technology changing every day, car manufacturer needs to introduce refreshed versions of t heir existing products to stay to stay competitive in the market. Mahindra not only rebranded Verito which was formerly known as Logan, but also increased the goodies as well as technology to lure buyers. The 2012 Mahindra Verito comes with dual-tone dash, two-Din unit music system, Aux-in , USB ports and AC control makes the sedan extremely modish. The front fascia adorns tweaked bumpers, redesigned multi-element headlamps and chrome grille which gives Verito, Mahindra’s family touch. The front bumpers with its large front air dam make the car look aggressive plus the new tail-lamps and the rear bumper tones down the bulky look. The engine remains unchanged translating into same power and torque figures.

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    Mahindra and Mahindra is a prominent SUV manufacturer in India, but it has literally amazed the Indian car market with its posh and practical sedan, Mahindra Verito . The sedan is a perfect amalgamation of stylish design, smart interiors and powerful engine. The car is available in both petrol and diesel engine options, which make the sedan quite strappy and powerful. The looks of the sedan are outstanding and the interiors of the car are loaded with ample of useful and lavish features. The car features advanced traits like power steering, power windows, audio system, and comfortable seating arrangement with high quality fabric used for the upholstery, honeycomb style dashboard, and remote fuel lid and boot opener. Another major highlight in Verito sedan is it’s ample of luggage storage space, which make it completely easy for the owner to plan a long road trip with family. 

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    Mahindra Verito is a very sleek and smart sedan, which has distinct exterior design accompanied by comfortable and sophisticated interiors. Currently, one can say that Mahindra Verito is one of the most reliable and affordable sedan available in the market, which has a low maintenance cost. Some of the high class features of this sedan comprise of easy entry and easy exit, fuel economic engine and high sitting seats. The boot space of 510 litres further enhances the viability of the sedan. The looks of the car are very stylish, chic and dynamic. The shiny roof rails with flawless front façade intensify the overall look of the sedan. The interiors of Verito are comfortable and ample of the luggage storage space makes the car ideal for families. The car is offered in both diesel as well as petrol engine options. The diesel motor churns out a great fuel economy of 21 km per litre, making it easy on pocket in day to day life.

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    Verito sedan is a very stunning offering from Mahindra and Mahindra, which is loaded with numerous high class features. Under the hood, the car comes with 1.5 litre DCi or 1.4 litre MPFi engine, which helps the car to churn out great and torque. The diesel variant of Verito is quite exciting and the mileage delivered by the car is superb as well. 21.03 km per litre of fuel economy delivered by the diesel variant is the major USP of the sedan. The ride and handling of the car is superb and the power steering helps the driver to glide smoothly through the heavy traffic areas. On the inside, the interiors of Verito are technologically advanced and sports driving information system. This info system has distance to empty indicator, average speed, average mileage, and many more. The power windows with air conditioning system further enhances the interiors of Verito sedan.

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    The new Mahindra Verito is the sedan offered by Mahindra and Mahindra, which is a perfect example of lavishness and practicality. The USP of this sedan is its looks. Mahindra has smartly design Verito and gave it a very stylish, dynamic and robust looks. The looks of the sedan are very alluring and elegant and these features are further amplified via front grille with chrome finishes. The wheels come with full wheel covers, while the body colored bumpers blends with the entire theme of the car. The front end of Verito sport sleek and attractive headlamps. On the other hand, the rear profile of the car features edgy and sharp taillights and high mounted stop light. Fog lamps are present at the front and rear both end. The masculine and sporty feel of the exteriors further make the car much stunning and appealing as compared to the other sedans in the market today.

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    Mahindra and Mahindra is known for manufacturing SUVs, but with Mahindra Verito sedan, it has proved that it has the ability to the charm the consumers with sedans as well. Verito sedan is a very good looking car, which is loaded with numerous features. The sedan comes with very dynamic and stylish looks that are capable of luring the Indian consumers. The charming looks have certainly created a pretty good impression on the consumers. The front end of the car comes with beautiful headlamps, which sharp turn indicator and handsome bonnet design. Also the broad and  on the other hand,  rear end of the car features smartly crafted bumper with edgy and sleek tail lights. The side profile has smooth contours with body colored door handles and body colored ORVMs electrically handled. Overall the car looks quite a stunner and keeps the ability to fascinate the car fanatics to a great extent and what makes it more exciting is its affordable price tag.

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    Mahindra add on to its brawny and robust line of SUVs with the introduction of its sub 4 meter Mahindra Quanto. Specially designed sporty look to make it more appealing with the tough design to go compatible with the rough India terrains. It aligns with the robust Xylo with its aggressive fascia tooth style and new generation high power head lights.The alloy wheels and roof rails are surely categorizes it amongst SUV'sMoving on to the sides one could hardly stop themselves from appraising the appealing black out tape infusing best with red color, even the gates are pomp-ed up with body protection rails infused well with stainless steel.

    Black foot steps and sporty rear spare wheel definitely are a definite add on. The sporty style is more enhanced with the black appellate along with the rear tail lamps.Mahindra Quanto is powered with the 1.5-liter diesel engine, which is basically a 1493cc motor – the mCR100. Interestingly, this is not an innovative powertrain but actually a downsized three-cylinder version of Mahindra’s existing 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine. Speaking for specifications of  mCR100 uses a two-stage turbo and an inter-cooler to generate fairly impressive power and torque figures of 98.6bhp and  240Nm respectively.


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    Mahindra launches India's first body on frame sub 4-m compact SUV exclusively designed for rough roads pioneering the sub 4m segment with twin stage 1.5L turbo mCR100 engine. Eye popping with its vibrant colors, brawny and robust look at the front fascia while the black footsteps, alloy wheels, roof rails, rear tail lamp and the smartly placed rear spare wheels presents a sporty picture of Quanto. Outside rear view mirror could be automatically adjusted proving ease to the driver, whereas the body design ensures reduced NVH level inside the car. Stepping into this SUV will be pleasurable experience as it will delight you with classy, high tech interiors and decent furnishing.

    Quanto is well versed with all the features which are technologically advanced such as new generation state of art derived MGP-320 gear box, Digital drive assist system, Inteli power reverse assist, SRS airbags, combination of drum & disk brakes and engine immobilizer to give a smooth and pleasurable driving experience. Add on features such as sun glass holder, wider space and digital display adds to the comfort .

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    Getting into the technological details of advanced Quanto, distinctly attributed to offering high performance with fuel efficiency as it is powered by new generation 1.5L mCR100 engine, first of its kind derived from mHawk offering 100bhp power and capable for 240nm torque.

    Lashed with newly defined state of art NGP-320 gearbox, which ensure smooth and fatigue free gear changes. The advanced modified features do not end up here, it takes Quanto a notch higher from Xylo, with the presence of Digital Drive Assist System(DDAS) which gives vital warnings for number of issues such as presence of water into the fuel tank, for over speeding, in fact detailed specifications about date and time, inside and outside temperature, gear type, and average fuel efficiency are beautifully displayed through this. The car aligns to be Eco-friendly with the presence of micro hybrid technology which enables you to save fuel at traffic lights or during congestions by automatically shifting to battery mode which ignites the engine as soon as you step on to clutch providing green edge, with these all highly efficient features Quanto offers a best mileage of 17.12Kmpl.


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    Quanto is completely developed on indigenous equipments as well as in-house by Mahindra & Mahindra. Its an outcome of consistent research of engineers so as to come up with a compact and yet affordable SUV which would aid in providing a sporty, & macho look. Quanto comes up with dual SRS airbags to safeguard driver and the passenger on front seat, presence of Engine immobilizer reduces the risk of theft which turns on ignition only with the original Quanto keys.

    Perfect combination of disk & drum brakes offer you the ability to exercise extreme control for stabilizing without any skid even at very high speed. The car comes up with Inteli Power Reverse Assist system which provides a rear view visibility in the mirror with the help of rear camera' sound alarm starts bulge-ring which indicates stop sound if the car is very close to any object at the back. Adjustable seat belts are given at every seat to provide comfort while driving and thus ensures safety measures. The Body is completely developed on framework design and runs on tubeless tyres, new generation head lamps and fog lamps aids to sporty look of Quanto.


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    M & M came up with its first TV commercial advertisement of Quanto, showcasing the perfect lively example. The energetic and agile commercial cuddle with strings urbanized target customers and family with it's 5+2 seating feature.Quanto evolved to be a new generation car, essentially India's first body on frame sub 4m mini SUV and infused with first ever twin stage 1.5 liter turbo mCR100 engine and micro hybrid technology.

    It would be surely classified under multi purpose vehicles withs its exclusive value prepositions lashed with unique high tech Japanese design and classy interiors, adding on with its robust front fascia look and arose rear view flawlessly intact with trendy features which makes it stand among new generation sporty cars.


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    How often have you seen a hatchback that ca seat 5 people comfortably and even gulp all the luggage for a weekend trip? This is the question is being asked by the expert in a recently out video of Mahindra Verito Vibe, which features this amazing car running on roads of Maharastra.


    So, the answer to the question is, no. We really do not see such cars in the in the Indian four-wheeler arena. Nevertheless, Mahindra has lately brought out the ravishing and heart-throbbing hatchback for Indian roads. The all new Verito Vibe, which is a hatchback version of the already existing sedan, Verito.


    This latest hatch is packed with the same diesel engine which was used in sedan Verito. Its a four-cylinder, 1461 cc engine, which generates a maximum power out put of 65 bhp at 4000 rpm whereas a peak torque out of this engine is 160 Nm at 2000 rpm. It is allied with a 5 speed manual transmission.


    The fresh video which displays the shining Mahindra Verito Vibe which has been designed the way you want your car to be look like. It has been built in-house and features the front end, which has directly taken from its elder sibling. As far as the interiors of this car is concerned, the back of this hatch is being designed awe-inspiring and a large tail-light and raked back windscreen add more to its beauty. This car has oodles of space along with immense head room and leg room to get the occupants a very luxurious drive even on long touring.

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    The Mahindra e2o features a future inspired design that has been loaded with unique styling features, to make it all the more charming. The trendy colour options make it all the more unique and modern. The e2o has wider mechanics that encapsulate handsome space inside. The front fascia appears aggressive with muscular wings, a huge radiator grille and stylish headlamps that are incorporated with turn indicators. The grille gets glossy black lining.

    The wheel arches are deeply crafted and show the strength of this compact electric car. Mahindra cars have been known for their robust and durable nature. The car appears chunky from the side profile, with distinct character lines and an extended B-pillar. The ORVM's and the door handles get black colour finish. The windscreen and the window glasses are big and provide good amounts of sunlight and air transition, all of which keeps the cabin clean, airy and fresh. The roofline falls abruptly and merges with the boot area, while the rear end is defined by a set of chunky tail lamps and chrome linings.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:54.0

    The exciting Mahindra e2o has wider mechanics that encapsulate handsome space inside. The front fascia appears aggressive with muscular wings, huge radiator grille and stylish headlamps that are incorporated with turn indicators. It has been developed with vital attributes that are especially developed for security of occupants.

    The seats are supplemented with pre-tensioner seat belts, that hold up the passengers from rolling forward in the event of sudden braking or collision. All the seats get their respective headrests that focus on reducing tension to the neck area and deliver a comfortable ride all throughout.Moreover the hatchback has been developed with scratch and dent resistant panels that prevent it from obtaining any scratches even in the brush and congested traffic. The electrical ORVM's and power windows can be operated from inside. The wipers and washers are built in a scissor construction that allows cleaning of maximum area, while travelling in rain or foggy weather, thus enhancing the visibility. The multi-core traction immobiliser ensures safety, as with this feature the hatchback can only be unlocked with its original keys. All in all, the makers have tried to incorporate maximum safety features in the e2o.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:54.0

    With the increase in shoulder length, the scope of a bigger cabin in the Mahindra e2o is increased. The seats appears to get good upholstery. The passengers are immediately invited by the dual tone seats. They are large and comfortable and get a dual colour tone for the fabric. The application of good quality plastic inside enhances the cabin feel. Some features are highlighted with silver accents. The steering wheel is big, with wider dials for the multi-information panel. Convenient positioning of air conditioner vents helps to chill the cabin in a span of mere minutes. The central console gets dual cup holders for both, the driver and front passenger. The incredible space management for the cabin provides fair space for all passengers.

    The big windshield and large glasses keep the cabin airy, clean and simple. The 6.2-inch LCD screen is first-in-class with a nice interface, which assists in one touch operations for various features. It has an acoustic sound system that provides complete MP3 solutions inside the cabin. The gadgets inside offers a premium feel to the passengers.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:53.0

    Recently Mahindra Reva Pvt. Ltd. introduced its very smart, fully electronic passenger hatchback-e2o, with exciting features. The hatchback has been developed with a lot of research and experiments and as a result it boasts one of the best designs as a mini compact, best in class features and safety. Mahindra rates the attributes of comfort high in its priority list. In this new edition, the makers did their best to anticipate advanced technologies even on mere details, so as to enhance the travelling experience in this hatchback. The suspension system is an incorporation of gas charged shock absorbers, that enables this compact electrical car to move across the worst of roads with minimal discomfort to the passengers.

    Ingress for the rear passengers is easy with just an operation of knobs on the front seats, it even imbibes oodles of space inside for a comfortable ride to all the passengers. It is flooded with smart features that would make one fall for the cleverness of the car. It has electronically controlled AHV air conditioner, which gives efficient cooling throughout the cabin with those big vents. Moreover, one can start the AC without even entering the car, with the help of their smartphone application. One can operate the AC, set the timer in regards to initiation of cooling or heating with this application.

    The seats are large and comfortable and moreover the headrests on all the seats make the journey all the more pleasurable. With a wide shoulder length, Mahindra e2o can happily accommodate 4 adult passengers in it.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:53.0

    Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicle Pvt. Ltd. launched its all new Mahindra e2o in India. This pretty little hatchback is embedded with an array of convenient features. The makers focused on making the e2o more simple and convenient that has hassle free operation.

    This is the basic idea for making majority of features that could be operated at the touch of a button. The front seats bend and retract themselves with just a touch of the tab on the sides of the front seats. This hatchback can be unlocked with just a touch, moreover the operation of electrical outside rear view mirrors has been made easy with a touch that helps to adjust them as required. The power windows are operated with touch feature inside the hatchback as well. Ranging from ignition to opening the dual glove boxes, the operation of features has been simplified with the introduction of the touch and operate feature.

    The very smart, technologically assisted hatchback can be operated with the Mahindra Reva application in your smart phone, with just some touches on it, to select the required application. With the help of this app, one can upgrade the vehicle software from time to time with the introduction of new technology that would help e2o to stay new always. With the help of this application one can even start the air conditioner without ever entering into the car, the app helps to set the timing and desired temperature.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:52.0

    Mahindra Reva believes in delivering cost effective mobility solution to their buyers. The all new Mahindra e2o is touted with 48-volt lithium-ion batteries that will produce 25bhp accompanied with 52.9Nm of peak torque. The brand promise that these batteries at their core would be fully charged in 5-hours, and once fully charged, the e2o will run up to 100 kms with a top speed of 81kmph.
    This super smart compact hatchback can save up to Rs 85,000 in a year, as compared to a petrol car. The regenerated technology ensures reduced maintenance and will also conserve energy while on the drive. The new Mahindra e2o is developed out of almost immovable parts; it requires just one servicing in a year that would add to onces savings. Moreover, no oil changes or fuel recharge feature makes it all the more convenient and cleaner. The body panels are dent and scratch resistant and are easy to replace or repair which would also help in lowering down the costs.
    The smart new generation car could be recharged with solar light, and amazingly stores it within its batteries. As a result, one can supplement their house hold electricity needs with the help of Mahindra e2o. This e2o model would be replacing the existing Reva model from Mahindra Reva Pvt. Ltd.
    The car offers more to explore and astonish the customers with each of its feature. One can upgrade their e2o from time to time with Mahindra Reva Applications, resulting with upgraded technology and exciting features.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:52.0

    Mahindra Reva introduced yet another electric passenger hatchback, the e2o. The car is loaded with lithium-ion batteries that are extremely responsive and eco-friendly. With this new addition into the product line, Mahindra Reva focuses on conservation of energy and offering an alternative to fuel driven cars.
    Mahindra e2o encapsulates 48-volt lithium-ion batteries that will produces 25bhp along with 52.9Nm of peak torque. The brand promises that these batteries would be fully charged within a time frame of 5 hours, and once fully charged, the e2o will run up to 100 kms with a top speed of 81kmph
    . The new e2o has a state-of-the-art infotainment system. A 6.2-inch LCD screen is embedded in the dashboard, which is a first-in-class feature and assists in full touch interface. It can pair up with an array of devices varying from i-pods to i-phones. This is coupled with speakers that provide an acoustic sound experience inside the cabin, with amplified sound and perfect tones. The system comes with DVD, Bluetooth, ipod, radio and USB support.
     Moreover the fully loaded navigation system covers 1.5 million kilometers of roads across 1200 cities. While on the way, one would get access to 5 million points of interests, including ATM's, charging stations, restaurants, cafes, etc. It will even help to track the destination and plan the way.
    It is loaded with a full fledged driver information system (DIS), that diligently points out all the vital information. It provides information about the service timings of the car, its daily driving efficiency score, etc. It even helps to pair this clever hatchback with your smart phone, through which one can access numerous features of the car.  

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:51.0

    Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. launched its new Mahindra e2o- electric motor car in India. This compact electric car will be replacing the existing model of Reva. Touted with lithium ion batteries that are charged by electricity, it is the most convenient and eco-friendly car in India to date.
     This compact mini hatchback is powered by 48-volt lithium -ion batteries, that would generates 25bhp accompanied with 52.9Nm of peak torque. The brand promises that this electric engine can be fully charged in 5-hours, and once fully charged, the e2o will run up to 100 kms with a top speed of 81kmph.
    The mini hatchback holds a future inspired design with technically advanced DNA, that would be a most convenient intercity car. The car has been made of high impact dent and scratch resistant panels. Driving this mini hatchback would a much easier affair with the advanced fully automatic transmission, where no gear and clutch shifts are required. Mahindra e2o would a very convenient, clean and easy going car. All thanks to the batteries that favour 0 emissions and a cleaner environment.
    The front fascia appears aggressive with muscular wings, a huge radiator grille and stylish headlamps that are incorporated with turn indicators. The wheel arches are deeply crafted and show the strength of this compact electric car. The car appears chunky from the side view and has distinct character lines which extended till the B-pillar.
     The mini hatchback is a smart one too, with an array of accessible smart features. Mahindra e2o can be accessed with your smart phone. The Mahindra brand brings the coolest way to handle a car, one can charge the battery, lock the car or play music without even entering into it, with just their smart phones.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:24.0

    Thar is a rugged, bold and masculine jeep from Mahindra, which performed impressively during its crusade from Recce to Shahapur. Under the hood, the strong and powerful CRDe diesel engine helps the car to perform well by sending out a power of 105 HP with 247 Nm of torque. The five speed manual transmission coupled with engine pushes the car to deliver the mileage of 12 to 16 per litre. The ride and handling of the car is excellent even on the worst road conditions, be it potholes on the road or the uneven terrains, it can easily cross these landscapes. Apart from being a strong performer on the road, the looks of the car are superb as well. The interiors have also been worked upon and have been provided with air conditioning system, digital immobilizer and comfortable seating arrangement. Therefore, if you are an adventurer, then take your Mahindra Thar with you and explore the beautiful India.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:23.0

    The Mahindra Thar 4X4 id a SUV used in all terrains and is durable at the same time. The jeep had its own history and is famous mostly because of its makers. The SUV is a well acclaimed car and the company has always showed it as an adventure car. The SUV is an all terrain drive car. It has bold designs and sporty exterior to attract the adventurous people. The SUV is treated as the camel of the dessert which is the only and perfect wagon used for riding in the sand dunes. The four into four drive assistance makes this SUV perform in all terrain and to be used as the adventure sports car. The SUV can also be used in jungle safari rides. The jeep has signature designing and devilish looks. Though the car is similar in looks to its ancestral but the performance has evolved since time.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:23.0

    At the Mahindra’s Great Escape, Mahindra Thar proved to be quite a performer. This is a seven seater open jeep, which is actually a four wheel driver. The strappy and dynamic CRDe diesel engine produces power of 105 HP along with 247 Nm of torque. The five speed manual gearbox with low reduction gear is just perfect. The 16 inches of wheels with tubeless types make the ride very safe and bump free ride on the bad road conditions as well. To make the ride more comfortable and better for the driver and passengers, Mahindra has blessed Mahindra Thar with an air conditioning and digital immobilizer to make the jeep safer and better. The mileage delivered by the Thar’s engine ranges from 12 to 16 km per litre, which makes the car further more viable and enhanced. Apart from the performance, the looks of Mahindra Thar are rough, rugged and very bold, which enhances the car in its entirety.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:22.0

    The all new Mahindra Thar is “As Rugged as You Can Imagine”. It is the four wheel drive variant is officially launched with air conditioner and heater. The  AC feature  has increased the cost of the Thar 4X4 to Rs. 6.75 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai). The SUV is the best off roaders of  Mahindra India. The exterior of the Thar 4X4 is similar to that of the good old Mahindra 540 Jeep which is the iconic SUV. The jeep has a very muscular looking typical style of the SUV and the big chrome bull bar in front with 2 Hella fog lamps placed on them. The headlamps have black grill for the protection of glasses from stones or splinters. Like MM540, a bonnet with a flat front grill has been used in the SUV. The jeep has extensions of plastics to safe guard the vehicle from rocks, water or slush.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:22.0

    The Mahindra Thar is an automobile which is more than 60 years old and have evolved a lot since then. After the company started manufacturing MM540 in India which was the traditional automobile in India, it started manufacturing civilian jeep under license from Willy’s overland corporation and later went on to exporting Mahindra 4x4’s overseas in 1981. With the power full XDP4.90 engine and a bold, sporty design, the Indian Army incorporated these all-terrain vehicles into their services in 1995. By 1997 the company brought in a 1800 cc Japanese engine petrol powered version of the MM540 which has was sold mostly overseas and also in the Para-military forces. The MM550 was upgraded to 8-seater from 6-seater in the year 2000. The evolution of the “NGCS” (New Generation Chassis and Suspension) took place in the year 2003. In the year 2005 Mahindra and Mahindra completed 60 years from there commencement.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:21.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:27:21.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:39.0

    Certainly not for those who cant handle power. The edges of Mahindra Bolero will make you go crazy for it and want more, take a drive with the synonym of power and style. It comes with a powerful 2498 cc diesel engine and 12.4 km/l mileage all at a decent range of 4 to 7 lakh. A wheelbase of 200mm and 2680mm can make your drive fit even on the most bumpy roads. People, beware of its power as it may really stun you with it...

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:35.0

    The brand new and fresh Mahindra Bolero was launched with great pomp and show. The new SUV has been refurbished in terms of looks, interiors and engine department.  Mahindra executives launched the fresh Mahindra Bolero and showcased its highlighting changes. The exteriors of the car have been refurbished substantially. The utility vehicles by Mahindra sports the smart and elegant honeycomb style mesh grille, wider front bumpers with some chrome inserts here and there give the posh look to the car. On the inside, one would see brand new digital instrument cluster along with new leather wrapping for the power steering. The gear knob as well has been provided with a facelift. on the other hand, the under the hood scenario of the new Mahindra Bolero features 2523cc of turbo diesel engine producing peal power of 63 HP along with 180 Nm of maximum torque.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:29.0

    Mahindra Bolero has been dominating the SUV segment of the Indian car bazaar since a long time and with the new look, the rein of Bolero will continue. The new Bolero comes with brand new looks and enhanced drivability. The car is total stunner. The exteriors of the SUV are excellent, the chrome inserts on the broad and wide grille makes the front facade of the car come alive, while the rear end features sporty tail lights with high mounted headlights. The power to deliver high performance comes from its CRDe diesel engine, while the exceptional mileage of 15.96 km per litre makes this SUV quite perfect. On the other hand, the interiors of the SUV are also impressive and provide the passengers great comfort during the ride. All basic features like power steering, power windows, air conditioning system with heater, rear AC vents etc are present in this car.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:26.0

    The new Mahindra Bolero is certainly one of the best looking SUVs available in the India today. The SUV has got killer looks, which would certainly allure you towards it. Apart from the stunning exteriors, the performance delivered by Mahindra Bolero is no less. The car delivers great power and performance on road. The SUV can be as easy to drive as possible, even on the bumpy and craggy landscape of India. Being masculine and bold on the outside, the interiors of the car are also top class. Almost all comfort features have been provided in this SUV. The power steering, power windows, superb seating arrangement with high quality fabric upholstery, air conditioning system with heater and rear AC vents, beautifully structured centre console, five speed manual transmission etc are present to make the ride striking and comfortable. Therefore, if you love to exploring regions by road, then Mahindra Bolero is here to ‘take on any challenge’.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:21.0

    Mahindra Bolero comes with massive turbo power, which helps the SUV to give a power-packed performance on road. This is the main USP of the car. The engine under the hood comprise of 2498cc turbo diesel engine generating peak power of 72.5 BHP along with 155 Nm of maximum torque. The engine here has been mated with five speed manual gearbox and the rugged and bold exterior further add more charm to the car. The ride and handling of the SUV is quite superb and if you love to go for road trips or just love to explore the places, then Mahindra Bolero Turbo will not let you down and would be there with you every time. Passing the rough and bumpy topography of India with Bolero becomes easy and the mileage figures make the car pretty easy on pocket. All in all, Mahindra Bolero Turbo is a star.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:20.0

    Mahindra Bolero is one of the finest offering from Mahindra and Mahindra so far. The SUV is very impressive and grabs the top spot in the SUV segment of the Indian car bazaar. There are many features, which actually makes Bolero number one. Starting with engine, the car comes with CRDe diesel engine producing 97 HP of peak power with 255 Nm of maximum torque. The engine mated with five speed manual transmission pushes the car to deliver an awesome mileage of 15.96 km per litre. The great pickup and acceleration further enhances the overall drivability of the car. Look wise, Mahindra Bolero is a tough, macho and bold SUV, which is successful in luring everyone towards it. The beautifully hawked-eye headlamps with broad mesh grille and edgier tail lamps give Mahindra Bolero a totally stunning appearance. On the inside, the interiors have been done elegantly and provide the passengers with a very luxurious and lavish ambience.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:43:07.0

    Mahindra and Mahindra is well-known for manufacturing SUVs, which are high on quality and top-notch when it comes to power and performance. If you are an adventure freak and love to take long road trips, then Mahindra Bolero is absolutely for you. The car is fast, comfortable and most importantly a power-packed performer. It gives you a thrilling driving experience even on the rugged and rough terrains of India. the engine inside is a 2498cc of CRDe diesel motor that comfortably produces peak power of 97 HP along with 255 Nm of maximum torque. The five speed manual transmission united with the CRDe engine pushes the SUV to deliver an amazing performance on road. The pick and acceleration of the SUV is outstanding as it has a top speed of 125 km per hours and takes up 21 seconds to touch the 100 km per hour mark. Therefore, if you love the speed and adventure at the same time, then go for Bolero.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:41:08.0

    The well known and prominent Indian cricketer, Mr. Gautam Gambhir unwrapped the powerful and smart, Mahindra Bolero Stinger. He gets his very own Stinger, which would make him shine more and flaunt his charm with the new Mahindra Bolero Stinger. This charming and bold car is powered by a strappy and dynamic 2498cc of CRDe diesel engine, which is capable of churning out peak power of 97 BHP and 255 Nm of torque. The five speed manual transmission coupled with the engine help the car to perform well on road and deliver a good mileage figure of 14 km per litre on the highway and 10 kmpl in the city areas. The new Mahindra Bolero Stinger is an ideal car for India’s handsome opening batsman as the SUV boosts the similar Bolero Attitude of ‘taking on any challenge’. Lots of pomp and show was also seen at the event and Gautam Gambhir appeared to be in a mood of fun and frolic.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:40:39.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-12 13:39:22.0

    Mahindra Bolero is dominating the SUV segment of the Indian car market since a long time and with the new looks and makeover, the SUV will continue to do so. The car has been given a much macho and bold look as compared to the previous model and now it has been blessed with refined 2M2DiCR engine, which promises to deliver an excellent performance on road. The engine here delivers 63 BHP of peak power with an amazing mileage of 15.96 km per litre. The overall driving experience has been enhanced via less noise, vibration and harshness. The exteriors now feature a much broader honeycomb style mesh grille with stylized headlamps, while the rear part of the car has been made much edgier than before. The interiors of the car have also been refurbished to a large extent and have been made more comfortable and contemporary. The instrument cluster is advanced, while the air conditioning system with heater, power steering, voice messaging system, engine immobilizer adds more charm to the SUV.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-03-03 15:54:18.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-03-02 10:59:54.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-03-02 10:59:54.0

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