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Good News Roundup: The Fight Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vol. 13

Modified On Jul 04, 2020 12:32 PM By Dhruv

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It’s that time of the week again where we switch off our engines and look at the world through a positive lens

Multiple happenings around the world have given us a glimmer of hope that this coronavirus pandemic will eventually reach an end.  Let’s take a look at some of these positive developments and welcome some sunshine in our lives.

More than 58 lakh people worldwide have recovered from COVID-19

More than 58 lakh people have recovered from novel coronavirus out of a  total of 10.8 million people (approx) that have been infected. The number of recovered cases from the virus have crossed the halfway mark. With continued perseverance, the recovery numbers will soon catch up with the infected.


Containing coronavirus in a slum

Containing coronavirus in congested areas has proven to be a global nightmare.When the news of its containment in a slum reached us, you bet it was music to our ears. We are talking about Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum clustered in Mumbai that houses more than a million people. So far, 2,000 cases have been reported in the area, with just  274 in June.


Private companies donate resources to hospitals

Hospitals are facing a serious resource crunch at this time. The infrastructure has been pushed to the limit and the fine threads holding it together are starting to snap. It is imperative that private companies that can afford to pitch in do so at this critical juncture. One such company that has stepped forward is Emma Mattress, a European mattress company that has donated mattresses to hospitals across India.


India’s vaccine attempts move to human trials stage

While all the preventive measures are appreciated, the light at the end of the tunnel will only come closer if we can formulate a cure. And if we can’t make this cure in India and have to import it, it will only end up costing more. So it’s good news that a vaccine in India has now pushed its way forward to human trials. It has received clearance for phase 1 testing.


The man behind India’s COVID-19 vaccine

What is even more inspirational is that the man behind this vaccine is the son of a Tamil Nadu farmer. Make no mistake, people from all sections of society can make it big in this world but when you start from an economically challenged stage, in a field that requires a decent sum of money to pursue higher studies, the odds can’t be called in your favour. The fact that the man returned from the USA to provide cheap healthcare to Indians only makes us respect him more.


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