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Delhi Transport App For Android And iOS Launched

Modified On Jun 12, 2018 03:10 PM By CarDekho

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The Delhi Transport app, which is in its beta phase at the moment, will allow you to book buses, get driving license and purchase fancy registration numbers

The Delhi Transport department has launched its mobile application for Android and iOS devices. It aims to provide services such as applying for driving licenses, searching timings of and booking interstate government buses, purchasing of fancy numbers and reporting any inconvenience caused by auto or taxi drivers. At the time of taking this story live, the latest version of the app, which has a basic user interface, on iOS is 1.5 and 1.3 on Android. The app mentions that it is in beta phase and users can give their feedback and suggestions to improve it for the next 15 days.

We used this application on both Android and iOS and found that it doesn’t pack many features on its own but rather acts as a window to multiple websites and dedicated applications. For example, clicking on the online DL(driving license) service, Khatara and Auto/ Taxi safety app will take you to their respective Android applications or urls. Tapping options such as Online Vehicle Related Services and e-Auction of fancy numbers will take you to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway’s Parivahan website. Those looking to book government-run interstate buses can find the desired bus on the app but trying to book a seat will direct you to a URL out of the app. Also Read: Uniform Road Tax On Cars Could Soon Be A Reality

It looks like a good initiative from the transport department but we think the app can be made more usable by having more in-app features or by combining features of different apps into one. Transferring from one app to another might put off several users who might not be willing to fill up their mobile storage with multiple applications. However, this is only a beta version of the application and we expect there will be improvements in the future. Related: India Gets First 14-lane Expressway

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