Delhi Government Mandates Vehicles 15-Years Or Older To Be Scrapped

Published On Dec 03, 2021 08:36 PM By Tarun

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The harsh rule is applicable to petrol and diesel vehicles of all sizes, whether parked in public areas or plying on the road

  • No vehicle older than 15-year old car allowed to ply or be parked on the Delhi roads. 

  • Such vehicles found parked or plying will be immediately impounded and sent for scrapping and the owner will be fined. 

  • The scrapper will make the car’s fair market value and pay it up front to the owner directly. 

To curb the alarming pollution levels in Delhi NCR, the government has ordered mandatory scrapping of ELV (end-of-life vehicles). It applies to any vehicle that is found to be more than 15 years old, irrespective of them being petrol and diesel. 

If such cars are found plying on the road, they will be stopped and impounded immediately. The owner will be fined and their car will further be handed over to the licensed scrapper of the transport department. The scrapper is to make arrangements to tow the car from the impound pit to the scrappage facility. In case the scrapper is not available, the local police have the right to tow the vehicle to the pits, from where the scrapper will take it to the yard.

Cars older than 15 years are not even permitted to be parked on public roads. In such instances, the car shall be towed and the owner will be fined. The state-authorised scrappers will calculate the scrapped car’s fair market value and pay it up front to the owner directly. 

If there’s any dispute between the owner and the scrapper, it shall be taken up with the local police. This comes in after the Delhi Government recently banned the entry of diesel/petrol commercial vehicles in the union territory until December 03. 

Till now, petrol cars older than 15 years and diesel cars older than 10 years were allowed to ply on the roads if they passed their fitness tests. If not, they had to be scrapped. To encourage this, the government rolled out several initiatives to benefit the owners of the scrapped vehicles. However, the government has now taken a stricter stance on the issue and is enforcing the scrappage of older vehicles with this new order. ​​​​​​​

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