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    After showcasing Avventura at a plush Mumbai shopping mall, Fiat India went to another metropolitan city Bangalore and displayed it for the auto enthusiasts. In this short film, we can see the excitement of several individuals, who had a first look at this CUV. Most of the people have expressed great satisfaction towards its sporty exteriors and funky interiors. One of the lady onlooker also stated that she is going to purchase this vehicle as soon as it is available in the market. Another person seemed quite satisfied with the ample head and leg space, especially in its rear cabin. Even the people above 40 years of age have been thrilled with the design of Fiat Avventura and expressed their desire to drive thousands of miles. It is the CUV design for those people who looks to experience the pleasure of off-roading. The automaker is offering this model series in three variants like Active, Dynamic and Emotion. All these trims have been bestowed with features like a set of stylish alloy wheels, engine immobilizer with floating code and fire prevention system. In addition to these, its top end variant is also equipped with innovative features like a smart driver airbag, double folding rear bench seat, speed sensing audio controls and an infotainment system with voice recognition as well.
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    After officially unveiling this Avventura utility vehicle at 2014 Indian Auto Expo, the automaker has displayed this vehicle at several shopping malls across India. It also showcased this CUV at a popular mall in Mumbai, where it gathered tremendous response for varied individuals. Many of them have liked the 'bicycle on roof' concept, as it gives a modernistic look to this vehicle. Some of them stated that the front facade is quite attractive, while others are mesmerized with the interior design. Almost all the people who saw this vehicle have expressed that this CUV has a youth oriented look, which is its main advantage. It has a sporty body kit featuring dual tone bumpers, reindeer headlight cluster, stylish radiator grille and LED tail lamps. While its interiors are done up with a dual tone color scheme, which is amplified by ambient lighting system on dashboard. It also has trendy features like a leather wrapped steering wheel, fabric inserts on door panels and an attractive central console. All the variants in this series have been equipped with high terrain gauges like a compass and inclinometer, which provides excellent assistance while off-roading. At present, the automaker is offering this vehicle with a 1.3-litre Multijet diesel as well as a naturally aspirated 1.4-litre FIRE petrol engine, which offers better fuel efficiency.
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    Fiat India has released several short videos of its newly launched CUV, Avventura in order to promote it more aggressively in the market. In this film, we can see a UV aficionado expressing his satisfaction about its external appearance. He stated that the vehicle has a sporty look and a bit of a funky appeal as well. He added that this company is always associated with power and style. Its interiors are the main factor where he really felt satisfied, as this CUV has a contemporary interior design. The cabin has a rich design, which provides a premium feel. He also quoted “Since, it has a lot of sporty appeal, it matches to the adventurous attitude of our present youth”. The automaker is offering it in three variants called as Active, Dynamic and Emotion for the buyers to choose from. It has minimum ground clearance of 205mm, which is more than some of the SUVs in the automobile market. Furthermore, all the variants in this series are being offered with a sporty body kit along with a set of 'Signature' 16-inch alloy wheels, which makes it more competitive. At present, it will compete with the likes of Toyota Etios Cross and Volkswagen Cross Polo in this upcoming crossover segment.
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    Admiration guaranteed, says the video. And we say, SO TRUE! No one crafts cars like the Italians do and the Fiant Linea is a fine example of the same. The car’s smooth lines and perfect body takes your breath away. But wait till you see her vroom past you and disappear. At a starting price of about Rs 6.5 lakh Linea appeals to both your senses and your wallet!

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    The brad new Fiat Linea T Jet casts a spell with her Italian charm and engages your senses instantly. With extra torque and power under the hood she rushes into a sprint at the slightest touch of the pedal. The class and performance comes at a cost of about Rs 8.55 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi) upwards. But for a piece of exquisite Italian finesse it’s totally worth it!

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    Fiat Avventura was first unveiled at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo, which was held in Delhi. Ever since then, the automaker is trying to gain attention for this so called 'Contemporary Urban Vehicle'. In this process, it has released a short video, which explains everything about it. In this animated video, we can see that this Avventura can deal with the smallest streets in urban region, while providing great fun on highways. This CUV is devoted to those who look for a trendy looking vehicle with sporty cosmetics and trendy features. The automaker has launched this vehicle in two petrol and three diesel variants. The petrol trims are equipped with a 1.4-litre FIRE engine, which is capable of producing 88.8bhp along with a peak torque output of 115Nm. While the 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine can churn out 91.7bhp in combination with a commanding torque output of 209Nm, which is rather impressive. Both these engines are paired with a five speed manual transmission gear box. This model series is equipped with first in segment features like high terrain gauges with a compass and inclinometer, a set of sturdy 16-inch alloy wheels, fire prevention system and follow-me-home headlamps. On the other hand, its top end variants also have features like smart driver airbag, ABS with EBD and an integrated music system with steering mounted audio controls.

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    As promised, Fiat has introduced the facelifted version of its flagship hatchback in the country with major cosmetic updates. It also started the advertisement campaign with a TV commercial, which explains about the new aspects in the latest version. The car maker has compared the improved aspects of this vehicle to the day-to-day lifestyle in order to explain, why the car is so interesting. In this commercial, it has highlighted the improved headlight cluster including its follow-me-home function, its voice control function and improved handling as well. At the same time, it also focused on its funky interiors and comfort features. At present, this vehicle is available with one diesel and two petrol engine options for the buyers to choose from. Its diesel variants have been fitted with 1.3-litre multjet engine that can produce 75bhp of maximum power along with a commanding torque of 197Nm. While the top end Sport trim is equipped with a slightly powerful engine that can belt out 91.7bhp in combination with 209Nm of peak torque. This latest model is all about cosmetic updates in terms of both exteriors and interiors. Its insides have been bestowed with improved seating arrangement, new color scheme and redesigned dashboard. While the exteriors received a brand new radiator grille, headlight cluster and LED taillights, which certainly gives it a complete new look. This vehicle will now take on the likes of Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai Elite i20 and Maruti Swift in the lucrative car market.

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    Fiat Motors is a prominent car manufacturer in the country. It has offered the Indian consumers with numerous kinds of cars. With Fiat Punto hatchback, it went on offering India’s most powerful diesel hatchback. The car I powered by 1.3 litre of MultiJet Diesel engine that produces 93 PS of maximum power with 197 Nm of maximum torque. The engine has been coupled with five speed manual transmission, which further takes the hatchback a notch higher in the Indian car market. Besides the strappy and bold MultiJet engine, Fiat Punto has many other things that keep the ability to lure consumers towards it. The mileage figures delivered by the car are impressive as well. The looks of the car are sporty and aggressive, while the interiors have been kept premium, lavish and comfortable. The safety of the passengers and the car is also well taken care of.

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    Fiat Motors has certainly worked hard on its hatchback car, Fiat Punto. The company has made the car, stylish, powerful performance and totally chic. The Fiat Punto Video here shows its chic side. The car has been well-equipped with numerous impressive technologically advanced features. The digital service reminder is just amusing, while the automatic climate control with the air conditioning system gives a very premium appeal to the car. The hatchback also features programmable speed alarm. Besides such well-advanced features, the bold looks of the car takes away the cake. The attractive and alluring exteriors of Fiat Punto comprise of stretched out headlamps, wide and broad grille and stylized front bumper. The bold wheel arches fit in alloy wheels thereby providing the much need look to Fiat Punto. The superior engine options (petrol and diesel) make Fiat Punto a viable and practical car.

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  • Fiat Bravo

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    The interesting commercial for the Fiat Palio Stile shows all other cars on the street paying respect to the Palio Stile as it takes moves around in style. The video very interestingly communicates Palio’s superiority over other cars by showing how the other cars – parked or moving – freeze to lift up their bonnets to salute the Palio. An interesting commercial for an interesting car.

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    “Fiat Avventura is really a fabulous vehicle” are the words expressed by one of the auto enthusiasts at the Auto Expo 2014. He was really thrilled to see the design of this vehicle, as it is fitted with a sporty body kit. He described that the bicycle at the top of this utility vehicle is the most attractive part. At the same time, he also expressed that the rear bumper with two exhaust pipes and the back spare wheel cover are really fabulous and gives a sporty feeling. According to him, this CUV is going to be a game changer for the company in the Indian automobile market. It is currently available with a 1.3-litre Multijet diesel and a 1.4-litre FIRE petrol engine option, both of which are coupled with a five speed manual gearbox. This model series is bestowed with a few off-road assistance features including a compass and an inclinometer. Apart from these, there are several other features incorporated in this contemporary urban vehicle including automatic climate control unit, Blue and Me system for audio streaming and calls, a leather wrapped multifunctional steering wheel and several other such aspects. It is also equipped with safety features that include an engine immobilizer with floating code, three point seatbelts and dual front airbags for enhanced protection as well.

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