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  • The All-New BMW M4

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    BMW is considered as one of the most luxurious car makers in the world today. Of late, the company rolled out the latest member of its family called BMW M5. This is a luxury sedan that could take your breath away in a single glance and the performance delivered by it is top-class. What is more interesting here is that the new BMW M5 is absolutely bullet proof and the BMW M5 video above displays it quite nicely. The above video showcases the luxurious and powerful BMW M5 at a very high speed on huge and mammoth objects, including the apple, water drops and a target. The superb acceleration is certainly one of the high points of the car. On the other hand, the fine ride and handling of the car maker BMW M5 one of the best one offered. The sedan comes with 4.4 litre of V8 engine with the impressive M Twin Power Turbo Technology that makes the car churn out peak power of 560 HP.

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    This D-Plus segment aggressively looking car does the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4.7 seconds. She looks aggressive and mean and performs to the driver’s delight. Take her on the toughest of roads it has the macho factor to not buckle in front of anything. The X6 comes with a price tag of Rs 66,90,000 - Rs 1,30,00,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

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    BMW, the ace luxury car maker for third consecutive year has rolled out the facelift version of BMW X6, the Sports Activity Vehicle from its stable today. BMW X6 facelift has come out in two guises one diesel and one petrol- the BMW X6 xDrive40d and BMW X6 xDrive50i with a price tag of Rs.78.9 lakh and Rs.93.4 lakh( both prices ex-showroom). The facelift is more on the cosmetic side, starting from the bumper area which is slightly redesigned, the fog lights surrounds are newfangled, revised front grille design, the tail-lights have gone LED with all new 19” light alloy wheels Double-spoke style and 20” optional. As far as the mechanicals are concerned changes are seen in the form of a new eight-speed gearbox which is offered with both the variants 50i and the 40d. In the 40d, the 3.0-litre turbo-diesel’s 235bhp and 520Nm has been bumped up to 306bhp and 630Nm respectively, with the help of a new 3.0-litre twin-turbo motor.

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    Here is the German technology for those who love power without compromising the supreme taste. If you have those taste buds, BMW X5 is what you will get addicted for. The raw beauty is designed to give you 5 star feel even on roads maintaining mileage of 11 kmpl. BMW X5 bidding at Rs 52,99,000 (Ex showroom price- Delhi) is for those who can handle power.

  • New BMW X5

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    Want to melt in beauty of technology, take a drive in BMW 5 Series. She is made for connoisseurs of beauty. The luxury sedan will take you for a drive in dreams as it moulds itself with Steptronic automation. A mileage of 10.8kmpl is offered on highway with the feel of relaxing on a couch at home. This chance at luxury will cost you Rs 38,90,000. BMW 5 series promises the experience of your life.

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    BMW 5 Series is for the niche buyers that know a lot about BMW and identifies with the class that it carries. A perfectly customized vehicle and aesthetic exteriors that looks tailor made a close look reveals how BMW engineers crafted this perfect amalgamation of elegance and sportiness. To make the sedan economical , the new generation BMW 5-series is spawned on the same basic platform that sits is used to create the 7-series,  7-series, 5-series GT and 6-series. BMW has christened this as the backbone strategy.The most obvious result of this is the sedan has gone bigger than its predecessor with a length of 2968mm, interestingly the wheelbase has gone smaller by 100mm if you compare it with the 7-series and 5GT. What's the other advantage of the sharing foundations is that the vehicle is adorned with bells and whistles that comes with a small fortune. The Four-wheel steering, adjustable dampers and active anti-roll bars are available with extra payment.

    The front suspension uses double wishbones and the rear a multi-link arrangement; both use steel springs and lots of aluminium components.conventional monocoque construction. The New BMW 5 series used the conventional monocoque construction in place of the hybrid construction that was used to build up the precursor.The body is an amalgamation of steel and aluminium with dual tone shades that gives the silhouette a sporty athletic look.  The new 5-series is bigger than its previous version too with overall length grown by 64mm and now resides at 4907mm.

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    Just like the exteriors give you a nice, tailor made feel and a definite premium car feeling, the interiors gives you the same just with an enhancement. The BMW 5 Series is all about class and except for the joystick-style gearlever there is little thing that displeases you in this luxurious car. Merc E Class might come with an easy operable central console understand it like Windows and Mac, once you start operating a Mac you would not like to work with windows, same goes for BMW once you’re familiar with it the 5-series presents no problems to navigate.  The technological advancements make it all worth it and in our opinion it is the BMW that has the more attractive appearance and upmarket feel. The seating position offers decent space and adjustment for most body styles with the major controls well sited and operable by the driver.The rear area of the cabin is what earns the brownie points in this vehicle as luxury cars are driver run vehicles and the rear end is where the owner sits so the  5-series’ extended wheelbase pays most dividends, with more shoulder and legroom than the previous model. The rear seat area is enough to accommodate two full-size adults in comfort and decent enough to envy the E-class.

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    Dust is flown by this sedan as its wheels run on an urban area road. It gets accelerated and reaches to its destiny quickly. Yes, we are talking about the all new BMW 530 D M Sport. The BMW 530 D has been an ultimate driving machine and now it is not available in the market. However, its upgraded model is there and our expert takes a look in his lately aired video.


    BMW 530 D M Sport features the same 3.0-liter, 6 cylinder engine that offers 258bhp of power and 540Nm of torque. No bigger changes have been made to the engine of this car as per our expert, however, it now has stiffer suspensions, big wheels and it gets end bags as well.


    The interior as well as the exterior of this luxury sedan have been carved out very well offering a number of luxury features. This 5 seater car is spacious and has good head, shoulder and leg room. This five door car comes with a good storage capacity as well.


    This car would be a choice of those who like to drive a car themselves as it is fast and fun to drive. In the European market the 3 and the 5 series have been very successful for its being a great driving machine and now it is making its way to India.


  • BMW X3

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    BMW India launched its all new BMW X3 SUV on 25th of August 2011. The new BMW X3 is surely the SUV to die for. BMW India has launched the new BMW X3 in 2 diesel versions, one is BMW X3 xDrive30d and the other one is BMW X3 xDrive20d. The revamped BMW X3 is much more stylish, comfortable and powerful.

    The new BMW X3 has better dynamics accompanied with better fuel economy and definitely more space. The technology used to develop the new BMW X3 is pretty advanced and latest. The four cylinder diesel motor keeps the capacity to produce 130 kW of power accompanied with 350 Nm of torque. The six cylinder diesel motor version can churn out 150 kW of power. It provides a decent mileage of 14 km per litre. If you wish to own the new X3, then you need to shed plenty of green bucks as new BMW X3 price in India is Rs. 47.9 lakh.

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    BMW, the leading luxury auto manufacturer in the Indian market launched the new 3 Series in the Indian auto market. BMW has renewed the entire line-up of this sedan of this sedan and these were unveiled by our very-own cricket Icon Sachin Tendulkar. The sixth generation model of 2012 BMW 3 series was sparkling the Indian auto industry with its five jewels (variants) along with the sixth jewel the Indian master blaster. BMW seeing the Indian bend towards the rolled four different trim levels, namely BMW 320d, BMW 320d Sports Line, BMW 320d Luxury Line and BMW 320d Luxury Plus in diesel and one variant in petrol BMW 328i Sports Line.BMW carves its vehicles always close to perfection, which is seen in the 3 Series line-up too. No matter what the grounds are; the exterior designing is appealing with charismatic, charming comfortable interiors and a strong engine amalgamation makes these German manufacturer line-up stand apart from its arch rivals. This perfect blend of luxury and performance is offered at an aggressive price range of Rs. 28.9 lakh to Rs. 36.9 lakh, which can also be termed as the USP of the new BMW 3 Series.

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    BMW 3 Series depicts a perfect amalgamation of luxury and utility that translates into an ultimate driving experience. It features sturdy exteriors and sporty chassis that exhibit power and control over the road. The German automaker increased the bar with its 3-series bench mark sedan which was first launched in India in March 2007 and has introduced the sixth generation in 2012 of Ultimat 3 series at a price range of Rs. 28.9 to Rs. 37.9 lakh (ex-showroom price Mumbai).   The 3 series sedan is one of the most respected sports-sedans on Indian roads today with a combination of engineering, technological advancements and effective performance. Also to enhance and enrich the performance of BMW is offering M performance kit in four categories which are aerodynamics, cockpit, Drivetrain and chassis. The retreat components of it fulfill the high standards set by BMW and offer optimum quality and longevity.

    The roots of BMW M performance parts include all the components in it inspired by Motorsport and uncompromisingly oriented towards sportiveness. These products were developed in conjunction with BMW M GmbH and bear the exclusive endorsement powered by M. The performance parts are also already available for many BMW M models such as new generation BMW 1, 5, 6 series. BMW performance accessories for the BMW 3 series sedan is an aerodynamic package and double spoke 269 light alloy wheels emphasize the sporty character of your BMW 3 series sedan and give you a new way of defining dynamics. Performance sport seats allow optimal control even at high speeds with great braking system enabling maximum power delivery in diesel and as well as petrol engines combined with silences system. Hence BMW M performance parts increases performance and driving pleasure of the Ultimat 3 series sedan.

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    BMW 3 Series has been the back bone of the BMW brand and with the introduction of the sixth generation BMW 3 Series sedan, it has officially proved it once again that is it one of the best looking sedans in the world. In the above video, the exterior designer of the sedan, Mr. Christopher Weil and the interior designer of this posh sedan, Mr. Christian Bauer take you through the modern and stylish exteriors of the BMW 3 Series sedan 2012. The car has a long stretched out wheelbase along with a proud stance of the car that has been given by the sporty looking alloy wheels. The sporty and dynamic appearance is constant even when not in motion; the typical kidney bar style grille has been connected to the headlamp cluster. The side profile has visible black window bordering and body colored ORVMs with door handles. The rear end design of BMW 3-Series Sportline make it appear to be powerful and wide. The slim looking tail lights complete the look of the car. On the inside, you would see contrasting black and read in the leather upholstery, whereas the aluminum trim sets the interiors stand out.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 12:59:24.0

    The cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar was the first one to drive the all new BMW 3-Series. The above BMW 3-Series video showcases, Sachin talking about the car. He was quite amazed with the performance and in his words; the car has certainly got the elegance, sportiness, class, safety and comfort. Just in a glance, this lavish looking sedan could floor you. The awesome combination of the sophistication and sportiness takes the car to a next level and proves that BMW knows how to design a lavish monster. The front of the car is elegant and very chic, while the rear is a bit high and comes with neatly done tail lights. The alloy wheels, ORVMs incorporated with the turn indicators; smart headlight cluster and the chrome finished grille make the car appear to be more stylish. The interiors of the car are no less, which have been well-equipped with all kinds of comfort features. the performance of the car on road is spectacular and if Sachin Tendulkar  loves it, then all new BMW 3-Series will probably going to blow your mind away.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-23 12:59:21.0

    The Ultimate Driving Machine-the tag line of BMW could be actually realized after driving this fuel efficient and smooth auto vehicle. All    the model takes up the legacy forward as the engineers are so specific about the design and the features of its esteemed brand. BMW extended its 3 series design with all new 328i showcasing body on frame design, this car is manufactured on new Down the Road Graphics(DRG) design. The smooth & swift shifts of gear makes it a desirable sporty sedan car. The car represents a robust design with prominent shoulder line and similar daylight opening(DLO) styling in front fascia which was taken forward from its earlier models, except from the fact that this newer version is much broader and longer then its predecessors. The prominent dual grille with the extended headlamps up to the center adds a more exciting look to it. This new generation car from 3 series BMW comes into two versions-sports and luxury sedans. They are quite differential as per the interior themes, the sports car has black and vibrant red colored interiors while the luxury has a beige trim on its interiors. Equipped with all latest technologies such as satellite navigation system, heads-up display and intact computer sensor. With the increase in the length of sedan makes it much spacious and comfortable and looking to the booty part, its adequate enough to adjust for a weekend baggage. The powertrain is intact with by 2-liter twin power turbocharged petrol engine which generates a power of 245bhp at 5000-6500rpm, and produces a torque of 350Nm. The amazingly efficient car with Eco Pro concept is equipped with new 8-speed self shifting gearbox, which is basically a standard across all BMW's.  

  • BMW X1

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    Car enthusiasts who fantasize owing their private BMW, will soon be able to accomplish their dreams. With the launch of BMW X1, its got more easier to achieve the dream of getting your hands on the BMW brand. This launch happens to be the competition to Merc's B-class, both launched in the most affordable segment luxury cars. Considered to be most profitable car for the German manufacturers, more of business fetching car has finally been launched. Lets take a closer look to this rock-bottom BMW. The extended bonnet connected to the trade mark kidney grilles, and deep character lines on the bonnet as well as near door handles, certainly adds aggressive character to the car.

    The rear end, one of the best part of this newbie, the hatch like tailgate and smartly designed bulging lights adds more character to the car. The boot, spacious enough to fit two suitcases, is quite an SUV size space. The origin of X1 is clear, shares the platform of 3 series, while it's size is cut down few millimeters from all dimensions. The increased height attributes to better ground clearance, simple makes this wagon look more sportier. The highlights of the car comprise of redesigned front bumper, all new ORVMs and new alloys. This wagon will flaunt in trendy colors, aiming to draw in more young people. BMW X1 launches with a caliber to create a complete new segment of premium crossover, the audience view it as baby X3. Talking about its interiors, very similar to 3 Series, not at all compromised with price cutting down. The spruced up cabin, assembles standard features like Bluetooth, USB port and HD Radio, while amenities like heated front seats and power adjustable , navigation paired with iDrive infotainment system and satellite radio is optional.

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    More adventure, more fun, more sporty. With its first look you can make out that this is one of the best designs, performance, emissions and power are assembled at one place. As the video takes you to the racing track, where it begins with the entrance of FIA GT1 World championship racer Armaan Ebrahim on empty racing track, he looks back and a blue BMW 1 Series gradually makes its appearance with its sparkling eyes, throwing an open challenge for a race. The driver runs and grabs his white BMW 1 Series, and there begins a race between the two.

    When it comes to lavish driving experience, no one can replace the name of BMW. We can clearly see that the video completely justifies how a car can provide you with the comfort of sporty and lavish driving at the same time. The drivers of both the cars switch between sport and eco pro mode to give each other a tough challenge. As the race ends, the blue car turns to be the winner and Mr. Tendulkar comes out of it, asking for another race. And there they go, with the best speed. All over the video diasplays a very beautiful scenario and it ends up on a very nice note of the master blaster.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2013-07-15 15:00:21.0


       The performance video is again a master representation of the amazing BMW 4 Series Coupe. The leopard eye like headlamps shine with the ignition on, and definitely the ride resembles to this fastest animal. The aggressive grilles at the fore front of the car makes it look roaring and muscular. As the brand suggests, manufacturers does not need to put in efforts to promote their cars, name serves the job. The sharp character lines of the car, makes the light reflect at the edges, looks beautiful and prominent. The low height just few distance above ground and perfectly proportionate car , walks down the market to woo the public.

    The symbolic representation of power and style is what BMW 4 Series all about. The Germans have tried concentrating more into this lined up Series, making it overall above than other luxury cars. The well defined connection of the kidneys with headlamps, at the front end, adds to the aesthetics of the car. This car is a beauty to look for, and combined with high performance just an additional aspect to it. Elegance is the word for 4 Series Coupe. A step further, BMW has come up with high luxurious car in its class. Talking about the interiors of the car, the high quality material used, the shining leather seats with double stitch looks exquisite and luxurious. The appearance of the car is talk of the town, as it comes packed in with more sporty elements- low height, width widened and front fascia with prominent character lines are few highlights of the car. The breathtaking view of the car is a sure thing as it adorns the BMW badge at the front.

    To define the exteriors more clearly, the stand images are enough to express the high performance expected out of this car.  


  • Via:YouTube  |  2013-07-15 12:45:29.0


         BMW 4 Series Coupe, brand new car, synonymous to power, performance and amazingly sporty looks, designed to woo the viewers. The latest promotional short by BMW, is enough to define the car's sportiness and aesthetics instilled by the German auto maker. The stand still images of the car are itself so strong and prominent, sufficient to elaborate the high performance of the car.

    All new interpretation of luxury walks down the local market, and the ultimate driving machine is all set to add more presence on the Indian roads. Manufacturers have tried more to add to the BMW experience and making more through 4 Series Coupe. A perfect showcase of amalgamation of power and style through this car is definitely looked forward for the response. Glancing through the exteriors, the car is simply classic in its class, more importantly very proportionate, the elongated sides and low at grounds make it look more elegant. Apart from being high at aesthetics, this car is also muscular and adorns the breathtaking design. One of those cars has been developed which carries the luxury tag so well, and just takes your eyes towards it.

    At the fore front, the stylish headlamps meeting the kidneys have been worked upon considering its earlier 3 Series, but now its more about elegance, and a step further. The character lines flowing from headlamps to the side, are very sharp and clear, overall making the Coupe appear low and very sporty. Moving to the interiors of the car, made more of driver oriented architecture, 4 Series Coupe features in superb high end insides. The usage of high value material and double stitched seats, simply adds to the royal look of the car. The driving pleasure is sure shot out of this 4 Series Coupe.

    The mind blowing structure and amazing performance are truly expected out of this pure BMW.  


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