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  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-12-11 11:25:53.0     The fresh video on Nissan Micra exhibits that there are a lot of qualities with this hatchback equipped. The expert describes it one after another in a way that it seems that we ourselves are having the experience of driving this amazing car.     Nisaan, the Japanese car maker, promised the consumers 10 new products in the forthcoming three years. However, before that the maker is revamping its existing products. The latest Nissan Micra facelift is considered as the 'Bread & Butter' car for the Japanese maker.     As per the video, the exterior design of this car is awe-inspiring. It is curvilinear with a unique face as shown in the video. What makes the bigger interior space is the long curved roof, looks great.     In terms of engine it is packed with an HR12 1.2 Litre, 3 cylinder petrol engine generate maximum power of 75 Bhp at 104 Nm whereas it churns out the peak torque of 104 Nm to turn the ride a power-packed.     The video displays that on the grounds of comfort level, this hatch does not disappoint and maintains its grace as the expert assures the audience . To provide much safety, it has McPherson suspension system. The braking system is made stronger by equipping the face-lift version with dis brakes at the front and drum brake at the bottom.     On the whole, the video displays that the latest Nissan Micra is all about luxury and Nissan has played well with its name and brings another one in the market.   
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    Nissan Micra is a mid segment hatchback by the Japanese auto maker Nissan. The company has incorporated this car with a lot advanced features to make the driving more comfortable. The hatchback has the push start stop feature which allows us to start and stop the engine with just single touch. The other interior features that are available with the Nissan Micra areManual and Auto AC, Integrated audio system, Aux-in-port, Comfortable Seats, Electric Powered and tilt adjustable Steering, Front and Rear Power Windows, Interior Fuel Flap Control, Low Fuel Warning Lamp, Passenger Side Front and Rear Grab Handles, Takeaway Convenience Hook, Rear Sliding Seat with 60:40 Split, Electric Heated Door Mirrors, Driver and Passenger Vanity Mirror, Front Map Reading Light and Parcel Shelf. Along with the Push start stop feature the Micra is also assembled with the central door lock and remote keyless entry. Great attention has been paid to use of materials on the instrumental panel by using Micro-grain technology. This reduces the plasticky feeling and improves productivity by ensuring quality and finish for visual and tactile appeal. In the infotainment section the car has advanced integrated audio system with 4 speakers that offer best in class entertainment during journey. This audio system comes with Aux-in support so that you can connect any external device with it like iPod and mobile phones.

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    New Nissan Micra has been quite a competitive hatchback, but could not really climbed up the list of top hatchbacks in the Indian market. There have been several reasons behind its low response from the market. But now the facelift model has arrived which has really been a long wait for the hatch fans. All issues fixed, the new Nissan Micra 2013 has been played around with looks and incorporated better appeal to it. The car no longer looks cute or girlish, set to attract more from the male crowd. One of the highlighted setbacks for this car, was its feminine looks, which no longer stays to it.


    Well, the basic structure of the car remains the same, dimensions of the car are not really changed either. The new Micra has turned 44mm longer, and that is not because of structural change, while due to all-new redesigned bumper which has added to the length. Many parts of the car has been changed to get rid of soft and round character lines, and now sports more of masculine looks. At the front end, the two part grille, more sharper headlamps and flat bonnet with new side windows, all house this new Micra. The chrome strips surrounding the Nissan logo looks more rich and elegant. The rear end of the car has been worked extensively with tail lamps, now featuring with LED lamps in it. Even the bumpers have been redesigned, while the XV model features reversing camera, rear spoiler and four air-bags.





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    Nissan X-Trail is the metamorphic SUV by Nissan in the Indian Auto Market. The SUV was initially launched in 2001, but due to its high price and standard features the car was not up to the expectations of the people. So the Japanese car maker in November 2011 launched the special edition of this compact crossover SUV. Nissan X-Trail in total has 10 new features to attract the Indian public. A touch screen navigation system is one among the 10 new additions. This will not just enhance the usability for driver but also give extra marks to the interiors of the SUV. Rear spoiler, Rear scuff plate, Rear bumper protector, Cargo drawer, Side molding and Floor mats are added in the new limited X-Trail. There many other changes in the interior and the exterior of the car but still the SUV is powered by the same old engine, it has in it a 2.0 L 4 cylinder diesel engine that is capable of generating a maximum power of 149.6bhp at the rate of 4000rpm and a maximum torque of 320Nm at the rate of 2000rpm. The car is also equipped with many advanced safety features such as ABS with EBD, Airbags etc.

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    Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover SUV by Nissan in the Indian market. The SUV was first launched in 2001 but due to its high price and standard features the car was not able to stand up to the expectations of the people. In November 2011, the special edition of this car was launched to attract the Indian buyers. This special edition model has 10 new advanced features if compared to the previous model; there are also some changes in the interior and the exterior of the car to make it look more attractive. The car under its hood carries the same old 2.0 L diesel engine with 4 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder in DOHC configuration and CRDI fuel supply system. This 1992cc engine churns out a maximum of 149.6bhp at the rate of 4000rpm and 320Nm of maximum torque at the rate of 2000rpm. The handling includes the power steering wheel with 6 speed manual transmission and is available in 4WD. The suspension system in the car is the independent strut suspension in the front and Multi-link independent suspension in the rear. Nissan X-Trail comes with Tubeless radial tyres with a tyre size of 215/65 R16 while the alloy wheel has a size of 16 x 6 1/2J.

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    Nissan Micra, a product of Japanese innovation and advanced technology urges its users to drive hassle free. Available in sassy colors, Micra offers 'never seen before' features such as push start, intelligent key system, unbelievably small turning radius and much more. With this and a load of other features, this bubble car will win you over in a second ! Check out the Nissan Micra Video and see how you can drive simpler !

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    Watch the good looking Ranbir Kapoor flaunt the amazing practicality of the small car Nissan Micra. Easy to drive, simple to handle and fun to manoeuvre – the video displays all these amazing characteristics in detail and makes you fall in love with the small car. To top this the Micra is a very fuel efficient car.

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    Do you find fumbling for your keys exasperating? If yes, then you are going to love the keyless entry option that comes with Nissan’s new small car Micra. Check out the peppy commercial featuring Ranbir Kapoor and his amusing antics to display the keyless entry feature to his thrilled companions.

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    Nissan Micra is the premium hatchback launched by the Japanese Auto maker in the Indian market in July 2010. The hatchback at present is available in the market in 4 petrol engine variants, with 5 speed manual transmission and 2 diesel engine variants. The petrol version of Nissan Micra is introduced with a 1.2L, 1198cc, DOHC, 12 valve, 3 cylinder engine that produces 76PS of top power at 6000 rpm and 104 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm via five speed manual gearbox. The Nissan Micra petrol variants are: Nissan Micra XE, Nissan Micra XL and Nissan Micra XV and Nissan Micra XE Plus. The diesel engine is powered by a  1.5 liter, SOHC, 8 valve, 4 cylinder common rail diesel engine that is capable of producing top power of 64 PS at 4000 rpm and generating maximum torque of 160 Nm at 2000 rpm via five speed manual gearbox. The diesel engine is more powerful than its petrol version. The Nissan Micra Diesel is offered with two variants i.e. XV and XV Premium. The exterior of the car has a sporty and stylish look with dashing front and stylish headlamps and fog lamps which are placed next to its front grille. The Nissan Micra is available with elegant interior which is packed with attractive dashboard that carries advanced instrument cluster including tachometer.

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    Nissan’s offering for the toughest market segment in the automotive market in India is the Micra. This small car with rounded shape and bug eyed look offers a lot in terms of kit and technology and is also great in the fit and finish front. To handle this hatch comfortably the car is equipped with the electric power assisted rack and pinion steering wheel; front ventilated brakes and rear drum brakes mated with ABS with EBD and BA. 4.65m of turning radius and latest suspension system allow you to control the vehicle quite easily. The gear shift knob is in compact size that allows quick gear shifting with ease. The rigid suspension system of the Micra increases the drive quality and ensures comfort; the suspension system in the car is coupled with rigid chassis to provide stability to the hatch. It also allows the vehicle to go past 130kmph with zero vibration. The car allows you to take sharp turns with the help of butter smooth steering wheel. Nissan Micra is also equipped with the number of active and passive safety features to provide a safe ride to the passengers. The incorporation of the V platform in the car is a major factor to the cars improved safety.

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    Nissan Micra is the five seater small hatchback car model by the Japanese Auto maker Nissan. This hatchback comes with many advanced comfort features to provide the passengers and the driver with comfortable ride. One such feature is the intelligent key system; smart key is an electronic access and authorization system. The smart key allows the driver to keep the key fob in their pocket when unlocking, locking and starting the car. The key is identified by one of the several antennas in the car’s bodywork and the radio pulse generator in the key housing. Depending on the system, the car is automatically unlocked when the door handle, trunk release, or an exterior button is pressed. Car models with smart key is system fitted are required to have a mechanical backup, usually in the form of spare key blade supplied with the vehicle. When leaving the car equipped with a smart key system, it is locked by either pressing a button on one of the door handles, touching a capacitive area on a door handle, or by simply walking away from the hatch. The Nissan Micra also has many other comfort features like Manualand Auto AC, Integrated audio system, Aux-in-port, Comfortable Seats, Electric Powered and tilt adjustable Steering, Front and Rear Power Windows, Interior Fuel Flap Control, Low Fuel Warning Lamp, Passenger Side Front and Rear Grab Handles, Takeaway Convenience Hook, Rear Sliding Seat with 60:40 Split, Electric Heated Door Mirrors, Driver and Passenger Vanity Mirror, Front Map Reading Light, Parcel Shelf, etc.

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    It’s the Japanse car giant, Nissan that is all geared up for its one of its kind gift for the Indian roads. While most MUVs share a bunch of similar features, this one begs to differ from the very start. Case in point is its sliding doors for the rear passenger seats, something that hasn't been seen in any other car of this class. Being a Nissan product, it is definitely full of technology that will not disappoint. Pop the hood and you will see a 1.5L K9K dCi engine that comes with the edgy promise of 85bhp power and 200Nm torque. BS 4 compliant, the car also comes with multiple safety features like ABS, EBD, brake assist and engine immobilizer. Add to that, ounces of good looks and very chic interiors but that's not the end of it. The car really does live up to its tag of being a multi utility vehicle with the comfortable (and also, foldable) seating arrangement, ample boot space and its neat dashboard in addition to several other utilities. Expected to be out by the end of September, 2012, this one indeed, seems to be true to its claim of being a complete and powerful package.

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    The Nissan Sunny Sedan has been codenamed as L02B. The vehicle is based on the same 'V' platform as that of its hatch car Nissan Micra. The car is spacious besides the exterior which makes the car look like a compact sedan. The car comes with a good leg room space and an ample amount of boot space which makes you to drive at any place without excluding a single bit of your requirement. The shiny exterior and the spacious interior of the new sedan car of Nissan give a luxury feeling. Nissan Sunny has a sports car like body with plush interiors. The exterior looks of the car are aggressive with large headlamps, chrome grille, and a lower air intake. A number of safety features have been embedded in the vehicle keeping in mind the space of the cabin and the compact sedan size. The car is safe with dual front air bags and ABS with EBD and brake assist.

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    In the range of new launches of fully loaded automatics, many of the brands had planned to come up with flurry of automatics in Indian market. The automatics are much efficient then the existing model and far better then the other automatics in the market. The new Nissan Sunny CVT will inherit the same engine that houses in its manual version. The makers claim this CVT version to be 10% more efficient, and the gearbox is 30% lighter then the other CVT's in India. Loaded with this transmission type and efficient mill, Nissan Sunny CVT promises to return an ARAI rated 18Kmpl of fuel efficiency, which is much better then its existing model that provides a fair mileage of 17Kmpl.


    The appearance of this driving machine remains same as the current version, though the makers had tried to do some makeover inside, but that remains subtle. The car gets a keyless entry feature and 'push to ignite' button for a hassle free operation of this driving device. Overall quality of fit and finish remains smooth and fair. The noticeable tweaks in the cabin include an integrated climate control unit along with a simple audio system embedded in the center console. The seats are pretty much comfy and supports the long journeys. The cabin exhibits a handsome space for the front and rear seat passengers, moreover the cabin appears fresh, airy and spacious all thanks to a longer wheelbase. Not only this Sunny CVT- “caaar”, will happily accommodate luggage of 4 people for a week. So all together it denotes a same car with all that alpha features but improved efficiency is a yes yes for Indian buyers.

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    Driving is passé. Get behind the wheels of a Nissan Teana and experience surfing not driving on roads. The elegant new sedan lets you float to your destination effortlessly. So, just get on and start surfing the streets! The Teana can be yours for Rs 21- 25.5 lakh(ex-showroom, New Delhi).

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    Nissan GTR is a superfast sports car by the Japanese auto maker. This car is already available in the international market and is soon expected to be launched in India. Nissan brought up this car for the first time in India in 2008 but it was only for display purpose. This sports car will be powered by a 3.8L, DOHC V6, two parallel turbochargers, all wheel drive with a displacement of 3799cc. The engine is said to be capable enough to generate 474bhp at the rate of 6400rpm and 588Nm for a range between 3200-5200rpm. This powerful engine is mated with a GR6 dual clutch six-speed transmission. With such a power and torque we can readily accelerate the car from 0 – 100kmph in just 3.5 seconds which is quite amazing. Top speed of this vehicle is more than 300kmph that speaks volume about the performance of the car. This car is also extremely fuel efficient as it delivers a mileage of 15kmpl on the city roads and 21kmpl on the highways which is quite unexpected from a car with such a power and torque. There are many advanced active and safety features to provide a comfortable and safe ride to the passengers.

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    Interior looks of this car are quite appealing and have many advanced features.The dashboard is designed on the basis of layer concept including information layer, operation layer and holding layer. It has an Air Conditioner with Heater and automatic climate control to control the control the temperature of the car, the adjustable steering column allows you to adjust steering according to your convenience, leather seats and fabric upholstery, leather steering wheel and Glove compartment. The Instrumentation panel on the dashboard has Tachometer, Electronic Multi- Tripmeter, Digital clock, outside temperatures display and digital odometer. There are many comfort and convenience features in this sports car like power steering, power windows, remote trunk and fuel lid opener, low fuel warning light, accessory power outlet, trunk light, vanity mirror, height adjustable front seat belts, cup holder, seat lumbar support, multi function steering wheel, cruise control and parking sensor. In the infotainment section the car has a CD player with a radio and front and rear speakers. It is also equipped with both active and passive safety features; the active ones are ABS with EBD, Brake assist, driver and passenger airbag and side airbag, halogen headlamps, keyless entry, and crash sensor while the passive ones are central locking, power door locks, child safety locks, anti theft alarm, door ajar warning, impact beams, tyre pressure monitor, engine check warning and centrally mounted fuel tank.

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    Nissan 370Z is stylish sport car with many advanced safety and comfort features. The car is available in the market in two different variants Nissan 370Z MT and Nissan 370Z AT, in which the MT is manual transmission while the AT is the one with Automatic transmission. This two door sport model is powered by a V6 DOHC engine which has 6 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder and ECCS fuel supply system. This 3696cc engine has a bore x stroke of 95.5mm x 86mm and a compression ratio of 11.0:1. The engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 332bhp at the rate of 7000rpm and a maximum torque of 363Nm at the rate of 5200rpm. With such a high level of power and torque Nissan 370Z offers great acceleration and can cross the barrier of 100kmph in just 6.8 seconds and can also achieve a top speed mark of 257kmph. To further enhance the efficiency the engine is mated with a 5 speed transmission which is manual in the MT variant and automatic in the AT variant. The car is available with 19 inch rays super light weighted forged alloy wheels with Bridgestone Potenza high performance W- rated summer tires, 245/40 R19 front wheels and 275/35 R19 at the rear.

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    Nissan 370Z was long awaited sports model by Nissan India. Nissan 370Z is a two door, two seater compact sport car which has gained a lot of popularity in the international market because of its advanced features, high performance engine, sporty and stylish looks.  With the launch of this stunning model, Nissan plans to make its position stronger in the luxury car segment which is currently dominated by BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. The company has launched two variants of Nissan 370Z – one with manual transmission gearbox while another one will be equipped with automatic transmission gearbox. The car is powered by a 3.7L, 3696cc, V6, CVVTCS (Continuous Variable Valve Timing Control System) with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) technology on intake valves that delivers excellent engine power and performance. This engine can produce 332Bhp of maximum power at 7000rpm with 365Nm of maximum torque at 5200rpm. This higher level of power and torque results in excellent acceleration and high engine performance so that Nissan 370Z can cross the 100kmph mark in just 6.8 seconds and can touch the top speed mark of 257kmph. Nissan 370Z will be packed with number of features that make it very appealing and eye catching. Its sleek front grille, sporty headlamps and body colored ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors) leave the viewer in awe. 

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