Watch: Why You Need To Have The Right Tyre Pressures On Your Car In Summers

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It is ideal to have the tyre pressures at the amount specified by the carmaker to reduce the risk a tyre bursting, especially in hot seasons

Why you need to have the right tyre pressure in summers

India is known for its varied climatic conditions, but dominated by its intense summers for the majority of the region. Temperatures often soar well beyond 40 degrees Celsius during certain months. In such extreme conditions, maintaining the correct tyre pressure on your car becomes paramount to avoid any unfortunate events or mishaps. In the latest reel on our Instagram profile, our host has explained why it’s important to have the right tyre pressures during peak summer conditions.

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Need Of Correct Tyre Pressures

High temperatures in summers can cause the air inside the tyres to expand, resulting in increased pressure. Usually, the specified tyre pressure for each model from the carmaker has taken this seasonal change into account, so even if it rises, the tyres should be fine. However, if you fill them to a pressure exceeding the carmaker’s recommended level, it significantly increases the chances of the tyre bursting, which is a major safety risk. The carmaker’s recommended tyre pressure for each tyre is usually provided on the driver-side door frame of cars.

Other potential risks of an overinflated tyre include punctures and flats as well. So, despite the practice of maintaining higher tyre pressure increasing your fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance, it is advised to prioritise safety over mileage.

Check tyre pressure

On the other hand, underinflated tyres can lead to worse fuel economy, affect the car’s handling, and also increase the risk of a tyre blowout. Hence, maintaining proper tyre pressure guarantees your car operates better and more efficiently, especially during the summer. Ideally, you should check the tyre pressures every week and definitely check them before heading out for a long highway drive.

Other Ways To Take Care Of Cars In Summers

Routine check-up of the cabin air filter

Tyre pressures aren’t the only thing that you need to check in the summer. Taking care of your car in summers also includes checking and maintaining the right levels of car fluids, routine check-ups of the cabin air filter, checking and replacing windshield wipers, and getting the air conditioning system serviced.

These are a few reasons why you need to have the right tyre pressure during summers along with a few handy summer car-care tips. Have any other recommendations in mind? Drop them in the comments below.

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