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Firdaus Shaikh
Firdaus is a true blue nomad and the only lady in the content team. Having dabbled in journalism, PR and TV, she is back to pursuing her first love – automobiles. An avid motorcyclist and car lover, she doesn’t skip any opportunity to ride a motorcycle, nor will you ever find her skipping a MotoGP race. A self professed foodie; this lady has a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and is an avid traveler, photographer and blogger. She’s a well know name in the automobile circuit as one of the foremost woman stunter in the country and also as the co-founder of India’s first all women motorcycle club. In her free time you’ll see her populating her list of ‘restaurants to eat at’ (she has an exhaustive list of more than 130 restaurants in her hometown itself!) or gadgets to buy. Not just an auto buff, Firdaus has a love for make-up as well and is often seen sporting colours similar to the vehicles she rides; Red is her all time favourite. She is also proud of her scale model collection which includes some rare beauties. Mercurial by nature, this lady can handle motorcycles, cars and high heels with equal finesse and charm!
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