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November 27, 2015: The Mark-7 Volkswagen Golf has been spotted in India, near the German Automaker’s manufacturing headquarters in Chakan, Pune. The test-mule spied, features a left-hand drive configuration and its sighting has invoked curiosity pertaining to a possible India launch slated for this hot-hatch in the coming future. In England, VW Golf prices start at around Rs. 17 lacs, which might be too steep for Indian buyers but Volkswagen can still tap the market’s sweet-spot by exercising effective cost cutting measures like localized production and implementing equipment limitations.

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Volkswagen Golf
Manual, Diesel, 15.0 kmpl
Rs 6.0 Lakh*
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  • M
    Manda on 02 Dec, 2011
    1.2 Polo TDI costing 4 to 7 Lacs !.6 Jetta TDI costing 12 to 15 Lacs and you guys are made to believe a 2 Ltr Golf TDI to cost 6 lacs !!!!!!! Wih all our duties and taxes a 2 Ltr Golf cannot be priced below 12 lacs so wake up people Manda... 6
  • D
    DrShrishail Kulloli on 23 Aug, 2011
    Look and Style It s stylish and athletic  Comfort Boyond think Pickup again its germany engeneering dont worry  Mileage its cons,  Best Features the interious wpw mouth wtarering  Needs to improve quality of material should be sures and leather seat cover please VW Overall Experience yet to get it... 1

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Volkswagen Golf Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Diesel Manual  15.0 kmpl 12.0 kmpl

Volkswagen Golf review

Volkswagen Golf is a vehicle designed internationally with various engines and design aesthetics all over the world through the years. However, it was India that witnessed a prominent interest for the Volkswagen Golf GTD. The reason might be the 2.0 litre engine capacity and a TDI powertrain. The Volkswagen Golf is designed as a hatchback to offer a better commuting comfort in the urban atmosphere. The Volkswagen Golf is offered with a manual transmission system, as well as the option to include automatic six speed manual transmission system. The vehicle has an amazing design statement which creates a lasting impression on the automobile customers. Volkswagen Golf is capable of producing a maximum output of 170 bhp at 4200 rpm while the torque of 350Nm ranges from 1750 rpm to 2500 rpm. The front fascia of the Volkswagen Golf has an adjustable halogen headlamp and it incorporates turn indicators and the lamps for the daytime so that even the fog atmosphere would be easy for the driver to pass through. The Volkswagen Golf however has an exceptional performance for a hatchback design because it offers an amazing pick up of 100 km from standstill in a mere 8.1 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle peaks to 220 kmph. The vehicle really offers the best of Volkswagen in a very family car segment. The Volkswagen logo in the front grill really amplifies the ‘Das Auto’ caption of the vehicle. Volkswagen Golf reflects the bold built, aerodynamic design rendering an impressive performance which Volkswagen has been known for over the years. The honeycomb design of the grill is coloured in black offering the vehicle an authoritative and sophisticated approach. The fog lamp cluster is aligned along with the fog lamp cluster which are vertically arranged with one near the other, offering a great visual appeal. The Volkswagen Golf is also equipped with ORVMs which are in the same body color and have turn indicators so that the vehicle movement would be visible to the other vehicles on the road and safety can be ensured. The vehicle has exceptionally comfortable interiors along with spacious and splendid exteriors. The exteriors of the vehicle not only depict a serious design statement devoid of any additional clutter unnecessary for a vehicle but also offers most of the features which can make the Volkswagen Golf a class apart from its own class and features like wide tail lamps, high stop brake lights fitted at the rear spoiler and the technically advanced internal computer system for monitoring run time driving parameters and temperature details of the vehicle. The whiplash optimised front headrests, anti lock braking system with EBD, fog lamps in the front and day time running lights, along with parking sensors, all in all, provide a desirable beauty from the German auto giant. The Volkswagen Golf is sure to raise the bar for excellence among the Indian hatchback market.


Very few automobile manufacturers actually succeed in breaking the norms between art and automobiles. Companies like Volkswagen try to incorporate art as much as possible in the automobiles so that the vehicle no longer remains a medium of transportation but becomes a symbol of beauty and possession. The impressive thing about companies like Volkswagen lies in the fact that the beauty is not just limited to the interior mechanisms or the interiors comfort but the exterior visual beauty is also achieved. Arguably Volkswagen Golf is one of the most advanced hatchback in the Indian automobile market. Volkswagen Golf itself has a tradition and stature to live up to, other than its Volkswagen branding. Introduced in 1974, the vehicle went through six generations and was renowned throughout the world with various names, all of which explained the glory of the Volkswagen Golf repeatedly in a ripple effect. Though the vehicle is offered in six generations, it has been offered in various names. The good thing about Volkswagen Golf is that the company offered a unique development in every new generation. The overall appearance of the vehicle is repeatedly revamped in creating a perfect vehicle which offers the same strength. Volkswagen Golf is an exceptionally beautiful vehicle which can cruise away in style on the streets. The front fascia of the vehicle has a simple front grill expanding from the side fender beginnings. The headlamp cluster is very beautiful with a subtle design statement. The headlamps are almost in the same size as that of the front grill which gives away a decent design statement. The Volkswagen logo magnificently decorates the front grill in the middle. The front grill does not offer anything overdone and it depicts a basic design statement which is really classic. The air intake vents are in the lower part of the front grill. The car has two black horizontal slats with chrome inserts so that the vehicle elegance is reflected and the design looks aggressive as well as wider compared to the upper air vents. The middle section of air intakes however, are offered with honeycomb grill. The wheels are another important feature in the Volkswagen Golf design; they offer a uniform design statement and perfectly seem to be in sync with the entire vehicle’s design which has black finish skirts across the sides. The sides also house the body coloured ORVMs which are further modernized with turn indicators. The ORVMs definitely make it easy for the driver to enjoy the ride due to a safe travel and controlled design which undoubtedly is a perfect example of the reworked aerodynamics. The body coloured design is carried on to the door handles too which give a synchronized profile. The tail lamp cluster remains to impress viewers despite several glances with its stunning red colour elegantly across the boot door and the side body shape profile. When the rear is discussed, certainly the Volkswagen badge would not go unnoticed as it is decorated over the tail gate. The rear also houses an integrated third brake light over the rear spoiler while the twin reflector is situated at the lower side. Reminiscent of high end sports vehicles, the Volkswagen Golf comes with a twin exhaust system which is further embellished with a chrome finishing.


Exterior Measurement


Volkswagen has very impressive exterior dimensions. The features of the vehicle are not just limited to the exterior aesthetics and interior comforts but also the way the dimensions are arranged for it. The overall length of the Volkswagen Golf is 4199 mm. The width of the vehicle is really compact with 1786 mm though the interiors are exceptionally comfortable. The height of the vehicle follows the regular hatchback design with a simple 1489 mm height. The wheelbase of the vehicle is 2578 mm which reflects the way the internal spacing can be allotted in a spacious manner for the passengers.


Volkswagen Golf presents interiors which are definitely a class apart and certainly class defining. The Golf features interiors which are as trendy and sophisticated as the exteriors themselves. The impressive set of interiors are a clear reflection regarding how serious Volkswagen is regarding its craftsmanship. Volkswagen Golf is an absolute competition to its contemporaries in the segment because the vehicle has not just stylish interiors but also a durable and strong one. The luxury, apparently is a prime agenda maintained by the Volkswagen as the elegance of the vehicle is evident as soon as a passenger steps into the vehicle. The fighter airplane reminiscent front dash and a highly sophisticated instrument control cluster offers a magnificent appeal to the vehicle. The audio system is aligned to the center of the dash along with the air conditioning controls, glove boxes and the AC vents. Though there is not much to be developed in a base design of AC vent, Volkswagen succeeded in providing design oriented air condition vents which focus on not just visual beauty but also scores high on the cooling comfort. The air conditioning of the vehicle is also probably the best in class in the hatchback segment which makes it quite comfortable. The audio system comes with an option to use CD player or auxiliary inputs for mp3 player or ilk. The four speakers fitted along with the audio system, makes the interior stereo ideal for family entertainment. The interiors also come with reading lights in the front, front footwell illumination, vanity mirror with illumination, tinted glass with heat insulation and other cluster of features such as storage pocked behind the seats, luggage storage box and other standard features in a regular vehicle.

Interior Comfort

When Volkswagen makes a car, certain parameters can get off the table. Issues like interior comforts are something inherent in every Volkswagen vehicle and they need not be specified in general. Only the German manufacturer can think beyond perfection and relentlessly succeed in improving them. Volkswagen certainly went a step ahead in its hatchback segment with the Volkswagen Golf. The Golf is offered with adjustable steering wheel which has a leather finishing and the power assisted system also helps in a smooth ride. The cruise controls and audio controls positioned on the steering wheel offer a convenient design statement for the driver. The multi function computer in the Volkswagen Golf also provides an intelligent interior control system by offering run time statistics regarding external temperature, fuel consumption and speed of the vehicle along with a highly useful estimate of the distance the vehicle can run with the available fuel.

Interior Measurement

Volkswagen Golf comes with a spacious interior profile. The overall width of 1786 mm is accurately depicted in the interiors too. Since Volkswagen evidently put a lot of efforts in the engineering section, the vehicle has a lesser external framework which translates into spacious width and length measures, making the vehicle a worthy choice for comfortable ride. The height of the vehicle is 1489 mm and an average passenger can comfortably be seated in the hatchback.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Volkswagen Golf is not designed to be just a car. It is designed to be an explosion of excellence at small level. Volkswagen employed its years of experience and put to work some of the best automobile technologies in creating what would be a performance oriented vehicle focussed at the urban commuter market. Armoured with a TDI engine which has a 2.0 litre capacity, it is capable enough to churn an impressive output maximum of 170 bhp at 4200 rpm. Since the vehicle runs on diesel, the performance might not be the same as a petrol counterpart but the performance is impressive nonetheless. The efficiency of the performance can be observed in the 350 Nm torque offered at 1750 rpm to 2500 rpm with the innovative six speed transmission system. The Volkswagen Golf is doubtlessly a wonderful vehicle with arguably the best in class pick up, offering 100 kmph from standstill in a mere 8.1 seconds. The highest speed the Volkswagen Golf is capable of offering is an impressive 220 kmph which, considering Indian traffic and the target area (urban) this vehicle was designed for, seems more than adequate.

Engine and Performance

As a popular manufacturer with a certain set of principles, offering vehicles that are subject to certain expectations, Volkswagen enjoys high market confidence. With a 2.0 litre 1968 cc engine, the vehicle accurately makes use of every technical excellence required. The common rail diesel engine performs exceptionally offering 170 bhp at 4200 rpm as the maximum output. The torque of the vehicle is also sufficiently handy at 350 Nm at 1700 rpm to 2500 rpm. To enhance the functioning capabilities, the Volkswagen Golf is fit with a six speed manual transmission system. The Volkswagen Golf is also equipped with innovative technological specifications for its engine which is a TDI engine offered with a 2.0 litre capacity. By far, Volkswagen Golf is arguably one of the most innovative and best road mate in the present Indian automobile industry. It seamlessly mates with the road almost in a symphony allowing the vehicle to perform exceptionally well. The sports car like performance is offered in a hatchback model. The interesting feature however remains the eco-friendly design which offers a promising mileage, low emission and splendid pick up. Despite only four cylinders, the Volkswagen Golf is arguably reminiscent of any six cylinder sports car.


Though the international version of Volkswagen Golf is offered in various configurations, the Indian version is supposedly blessed with a 2.0 litre diesel engine. Considering the mileage centric Indian automobile customers, offering a diesel version is undoubtedly a welcome gesture. Moreover, the fuel prices are also at a constant high in the Indian market and this calls for an immediate need to bring in fuel efficient vehicles. But Volkswagen does not just score with the fuel efficiency. It also offers a promising maximum output of 170 bhp at 4200 rpm. The highest amount of torque offered by the vehicle is an amazing 350 Nm at 1750 rpm to 2500 rpm. Since the TDI engine is offered along with a six speed manual transmission system, the power delivery of the vehicle remains efficient and apt. The optional six speed automatic transmission is provided to cater to the requirements of any customer who wishes to check the limits. As far as fuel efficiency and successive performance on the road is concerned, this vehicle has been unanimously declared a top scorer.

Power of Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen has always been a company which offered best-in-class technology for its vehicles and never compromised on the performance it delivers. Volkswagen Golf certainly is no exception to this remarkable trend. Volkswagen maintained simplicity in its design not just in terms of exteriors and detailings but the interiors too. The entire vehicle is designed to offer astounding performance in a small package. The Volkswagen Golf, powered by a 2.0 litre engine and the TDI powertrain, offers a maximum output of 170 bhp at 4200 rpm. The vehicle also churns out an impressive 350 Nm at 1750 rpm to 2500 rpm. It is really rare to see a hatchback work so efficiently and powerfully. Though international players tried to revolutionalise the hatchbacks in India, few of them actually succeeded in making it a reality. If some vehicles possessed the power, some had the perfect exteriors and some had the luxurious interiors. With an amazing power which is evident in the 100 kmph pick up from stand still in a mere 8.1 seconds, the Volkswagen Golf can also escalate to 220 kmph with ease.

Braking & Handling

Volkswagen Golf is a vehicle which is highly lauded internationally not just because of the way it was designed but also for the way it is created to function. With a well designed braking system and a highly efficient suspension system. The braking of the Volkswagen Golf is really impressive considering its hatchback class. The braking system probably comes with Anti lock braking system with electronic brake force suspension. Both the front and rear brake system come with disc brakes. The brake system of Volkswagen Golf is designed in a way where the handling of the vehicle and exceptional braking is achieved in a subtle yet amazing way. Volkswagen offers one of the most efficient braking systems reflecting years of experience and excellence that the vehicle achieved. Volkswagen as a brand and the German reputation in automobile engineering enjoys a distinct position in the international scene. The handling of the vehicle is also efficient with the McPherson strut type, with helical springs and telescopic dampers suspension in the front while the rear suspension is of the multi link type.

Safety & Security

Along with the traditional anti lock braking system and the electronic brake force drive, the vehicle comes with the electronic stabilization programme which completely construct a well sculpted mechanics. The amazing six speed manual gearbox and an option for automatic transmission is a promising feature that allows the vehicle controls to be handled comfortably. Volkswagen Golf is also equipped with other safety offerings such as whiplash optimised front headrests, fog lamps in the front and lights that glow in daylight. In order to improve the parking convenience, the car offers parking sensors that assist the driver during the ride.


Volkswagen Golf fits the part in every perspective. It has the perfect exteriors, the perfect interior arrangement and most importantly the best performance in the class. The innovative design features are extended to the more external features like wheels. Volkswagen Golf is offered with 17 inch alloy wheels presently in the vehicle’s international version although, 18 inch and 19 inch wheels can also be opted. However, Indian customers can avail the 17 inch wheels that remain the most chosen and suitable option.


Impressive design, technically advanced


Price, the exterior styling could be  improved a bit.

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