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Scam Century: Test Drive Tesla Model 3 in the US

Launching the Tesla Model S on the market, Ilon Mask challenged the manufacturers and the very market of electric vehicles. Now, with the release of Model 3, he challenged the car market in general: this car has a price tag, much more familiar to the eye of the average motorist, but entirely new opportunities for him. And in it, everything is not at all the way it should be ... Is it good or bad?
The revolutionary nature of Model 3 is that it does not just pull the blanket from traditional cars with ICE towards electric vehicles and vice versa, it drives electric vehicles from the category of exotic and specific vehicles, turning them into a viable and accessible element of everyday life: Model 3 rebuilds the concept of the car itself. So dramatically that someone can cause dizziness. Traditional values are forgotten - and to understand this, it is enough to sit in this express in the future.
It is the interior that makes it clear what the future car is, in the opinion of Mask and his team. Outside, it is artfully disguised as a streamlined and attractive hatchback, which in fact turns out to be a fastback: the trunk lid opens without touching the mocking steep waterfall of a single glass roof flowing into the rear window.
External deceptions do not end there: take, for example, disks covered with aerodynamic hoods, which can easily be taken for the disc itself, or door handles, which, as we were taught, should be favorably put forward at the presentation of the hand ... But, let us repeat, the biggest and most cruel deception awaits you inside.
Remember your children's, the first, even primitive experience with the car? You sit inside - and get into the fascinating world of keys, levers, toggle switches, switches, buttons, rotary knobs and different dials, none of which can be ignored ... All of them beckon, they immediately call to understand what everyone is responsible for and each them, promise a new experience that has not yet been ... And you, yielding to this call, you press, rotate and click each of them, enjoying the tactile response and watching the movement of the arrows. The center of gravity of views is, of course, the dashboard, the command center of your personal technical base.
Perhaps, be the hands of the mask untied completely - he would have a stone on the stone, that is, the steering wheel with the pedals there did not leave. But then the consciousness of any motorist with more than two hours of experience would simply refuse to understand what is happening, and why the things that are shoved on him are trying to pass for the car. Therefore, the creators of Model 3 chose a compromise option: they left in the salon is not something that could be useful, but only something without which a motorist of the twentieth century could not do without. That is, the steering wheel and pedals. And when you find out about this, you start hating them. And then, perhaps, adore. But the second will not be ready for everyone.
Once in the salon, you feel deprived. You are deposed-you were deprived of all power, all control, all power. And then you, perhaps, begin to understand that the world, in which there is not all that was before, is not so bad. If you are fifteen, then for the realization of this "maybe" you will have fifteen minutes. If you are twenty-five to fifteen days old. If you are thirty-five, you may not be enough for fifteen years. And this is at the same time the main problem and the main revolution of Model 3.
How and Why
The reasons why Model 3 was created exactly as it is, are completely clear. You do not need a dashboard, levers, keys and a bunch of other primitive trash, for which you must pull and pull if the car will go by itself. And she is capable of this. And the only thing a modern user will need - namely, in a new way, not a driver, is to call the one who sits in front of the wheel - this is a source of content that can more effectively replace what is happening around Tesla. And above this, the creators of the machine have worked to the glory.
The real focus of attention in this car is not the windshield, but a 15-inch touchscreen monitor, which no longer hesitates at its superiority, swinging in landscape orientation beyond the central tunnel. Here everything is concentrated - and the remains of automotive functions, and access to the Network, for which everything was started. Just imagine. I calmly lounging on my car massager I sit in social networks, and the car goes by itself. Just unbelievable. And having such a fount of information, perhaps, it is possible to distract from the traffic jams around, is not it?
What is inside?
In Tesla, it is well understood that the user who is not interested in what is happening around the moving machine, the more uninteresting is how the machine in which it is traveling works. Therefore, speaking of the characteristics, we are talking only about the basic indicators: you can get a car with a normal or larger battery, capable of covering 350 or 500 kilometers on one charge, and also pay for a panoramic roof and autopilot, which - contrary to the basic concept - is not is included in the base cost. In addition, you can choose the type of drive: the base remains the rear, and for a surcharge is available a full one, in which the front axle will have its own electric motor. That's the whole list of basic options - like buying a smartphone, not a car, do not you think?
How to live with this?
How to realize that your car is not really a car, how to get used to driving, and what kind of sensations does Model 3 give you in motion? It is better to try once than hear a hundred times.

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