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Rating of Nissan Terrano 2013-2017

Car is fine but the agency's service is not good.

for XV Premium 110 PS

Hey guys! I bought a new Nissan Terrano on 11 December 2013. Till I bought the car the company helped me in each way or the other but when I came for the first service they started behaving like I'm their servant not they are mine. They are is no good system to complain and they their self say that it's a type of governmental work. I'll suggest you not to buy the car. I had bought it for something around 14 lacs but now if I try to sell it, they bid it around 6-7 lakhs, which is less than. even half the price I bought. The car becomes a shit after around 60k kms and 3 years. Today I was driving the car and I was supposed to stop at traffic light, the car was still on but at rest. As I tried to accelerate it, I came to know that engine turned off itself and when I tried to start the engine again it couldn't.I felt the problem was with battery because last time when I took it to agency they said that the problem was with battery. So, I got it replaced with a new original battery but the problem still persisted . There was a huge jam because of that. When I took it to agency, they said the problem is with self. But when I told them that what's the use of self after the car is on. But they didn't listened to me and still believed that they were examining the car rightly. Then I asked them how much time will it take the car to be repaired and they said around 7 days at least because the part is not available easily. Remember I'm not a liar, I'm serious. I will like to tell you that don't waste lacs of your rupees for buying this car. Till buying the car, the company told me that it's maintains cost is negligible but it has costed me more 1.5 lakh. Are we mad and just earn to waste our money? I'm very disappointed with the car. I will suggest you to buy a car of Toyota company. It really feels great. They serve you the best. Take least time to repair the car. Give value to our money and the maintainence cost is reasonable. I have a 7-year old Innova and still it's engine and other parts are in great shape.Also never buy a car with lots of sensors. It increases the maintenance cost to a huge extent. Buy a car with reasonable or least sensors. Be sure it simple but comfortable. Terrano is good looking and a handsome car, no doubt but it will never make you feel that you have invested your money at right thing. I'm not any company official but just like you, who wants a car that can fit into my needs. So, to make you convenient I also have given you a alternative to buy a car belonging to Toyota company as it's worth buying.

Dinkar Jain
On: Jan 20, 2017 | 438 Views
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