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It's sheer pleasure to drive this beauty ?.. I purchased a Ritz Vxi in Aug 2009 and got the original Music System & Remote Locking installed from Maruti dealer itself and since then, I have had several long trips. First, I drove from Jabalpur to Nagpur and back i.e. 620 km in a day without AC during last winter. I am 61 years old & drove this distance very very comfortably. My family was with me. I covered some stretches at 120 kmph. The handling of the car was excellent even at this high speed. The car gave an astonishing 22.8 kmpl. Next time, I drove with my family, from Jabalpur to Delhi and back. I drove Jabalpur to Gwalior (550 km) in 12 hours straight & no fatigue at all. After night stay there, I drove next day from Gwalior to Delhi (350 km) and again no fatigue at all. After a couple of days, I drove back to Jabalpur. We were 4 adults plus two kids in the car along with our baggage etc. The drive was comfortable & smooth. I touched 120 kmph in several stretches & the car behaved excellently ?. No outside noise or vibrations or shakes etc. This time, I used AC right from Jabalpur to Delhi. I got an average of 18 kmpl !! Do I have to say more on the performance of Ritz !! Its good value for money.. I would recommend this car without hesitation.

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  • ramesh |04 Aug,2010 12:24:54 PM

    Hi Ramesh, Please tell What is the maintenance cost of ritz ?

  • ramesh |04 Aug,2010 12:27:31 PM

    sorry i mean Vijendra :) please tell maintenance cost of Ritz

  • Vijendra |04 Aug,2010 12:47:26 PM

    I have been using it for last One Year. There has been no occasion to take the car to Maruti Workshop or spend anything on its maintenance.

  • ramesh |04 Aug,2010 01:02:44 PM

    Thanks Vijendra for answer. What is the average service bill that comes when car goes for service. Would be great if you can tell 1st service 2nd service and 3rd service costs.

  • Vijendra |04 Aug,2010 01:19:52 PM

    Initial three services are free - first at 1000 km or 1 month, 2nd at 5000 km or 6 months and 3rd at 10000 km or 12 months. In my case, 3rd free service is due this month.

  • beenita |19 Aug,2010 04:08:15 PM

    Hi, I owned a Maruti VXI model brought in APril, this month 2nd seervice is due but still i get the average of only 11kmpl average (ac is on) ... can u tell me what is the average it gives till 5000 KM as need to see whether to approach Maruti with complain or not Thanks Beenita

  • Vijendra Kumar |19 Aug,2010 09:29:13 PM

    You have not mentioned as to how much your car has run so far. Nonetheless, 11 kmpl seem to be too low an average even for a new car. Besides settings of the engine, Mileage depends upon a number of user controlled features too such as Tyre Pressure, Driving Style, Excessive Usage of Clutch, Driving in wrong gear/non-usage or improper usage of Tachometer etc. If you have been following all the user controlled feature perfectly, then you must show your car to the dealer

  • siva |20 Aug,2010 01:01:01 PM

    Mr.Vijendra i have VXI - ABS bought in april 10. if u explain us how to get optimum / better mileage it will be helpful

  • Vijendra Kumar |20 Aug,2010 01:55:19 PM

    dear Mr Siva, Getting optimum/better mileage from your car is a combination of features of the car as well as your driving habits

  • Dr. yashwant |20 Aug,2010 10:13:27 PM

    I am planning to purchase ritz vxi. Dear Vijendra, at high speed does the car vibrates. Please advice on the peoples response on the shape of the car.

  • Abhay mehra |29 Aug,2010 01:40:03 AM

    I m planning to buy ritzvxi . was it the right time or i shd wait for toyota etios.

  • Vijendra Kumar |29 Aug,2010 12:29:29 PM

    dear Dr. Yashwant, I have driven my Ritz VXi at over 120 kmph for quite a long period on NH recently constructed and there was absolutely no vibration. But you have to keep the window glasses closed else there is wind noise. Once you closed the window glasses, even the wind noise does not come in. The car behaved excellently at 120 kmph and I could have gone still further but did not exceed this speed as my family was with me

  • Alok Kumar Mishra |15 Sep,2010 10:11:24 PM

    Ritz petrol with 22.8 kmpl? Can you please confirm if you have VXI or VDI?

  • Vijendra |16 Sep,2010 09:06:58 AM

    dear Mr Mishra, My car is a VXi, Petrol driven. Yeah... the average given looks astonishing... I too couldn't believe it on that day. I started with a tankfull from Jabalpur in the morning and after reaching Nagpur (310 km), I again got the tank filled. It could take only 13.6 liters. This works out to 22.7941 kmpl. On my return trip same night, I got 20.0 kmpl. Perhaps it was due to night driving as I am not used to night driving & the road (NH-7) being busy during the night, there was lot of traffic coming from the opposite direction with full beam on (no one uses Dipper in this area) & I had to use clutch & brake quite frequently. Even this average was quite good.

  • Alok Kumar Mishra |29 Sep,2010 07:44:57 PM

    I purchased Ritz Genus on 19th Sep 2010. I filled 22ltr Petrol. After 85km, the fuel line came down from 4 lines to 2 lines. So, it seems 85 km on 11 ltr petrol. (7 kmpl). Is this the right way of calculating the fuel efficiency?

  • viji |30 Sep,2010 11:30:38 AM

    hi,i have a plane to buy a ritz.i would like to know about the millege,.can u guys please suggest me for the right way..

  • karthikeyan |04 Nov,2010 09:49:51 AM

    Dear all, Can you please tell me.. what is the correct tyre pressure in ritz vxi ???

  • Pradeep Subramanya |20 Dec,2010 07:52:23 PM

    Hi, I got this Ritz Vxi on September 21 2010. Till now I have driven 3000 kms approx. till now there is absolutely no problem. I finished first service and i incurred only 33 rupees. I also went from Bangalore to Mysore. on few stretches, I drove in 140 kmph. Absolutely astonishing and unbelievable. Even at this speed, it was very steady and gave 20 kmph with AC. I do not have words to say about this. I love this vehicle a lot and also would recommend if anyone wants to know. I was called from a customer who wanted to book this vehicle. the showroom where i bought this vehicle gave my reference. I told this customer that, he can take this vehicle just like that. I shall give 10/10 rating for all the aspects that may be valuated. Even Maruti sales and service is excellent, whichever car u buy from them.

    Vijendra Kumar |20 Dec,2010 08:35:59 PM

    Dear Pradeep, I am so happy to learn about your wonderful experience on Maruti Ritz. I wish to share a small talk which I had with my son, when he visited me from USA. He has a Audi TT Coupe there & after seeing my car, he was pleasantly surprised and commented that Ritz's driving pleasure is as good as that of his Audi !!

  • ravikumar |17 Feb,2011 10:47:17 PM

    dear all can a tachometer be fitted for an lxi ritz. reviews of mr.vijendra sir and pradeep extremely encouraging for petrol. Pradeep, can you plz. let me know the dealer detail where you bought the car in blr/ city mileage pl. seriously planning to buy one.

  • JOHN |30 Nov,2011 12:19:34 PM

    Enjoy the ride of RITZ I have one VXI just dont think of mileage, it will spoil the driving fun.... once you brought the car you have to spend for it n not think of spending. So all RITZ family ENJOY the drive to the FULLEST

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