Maruti Ritz better than swift model

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Pros : attractive , good mileage, stylish

Cons : inner space

Maruti Ritz the long awaited model in India from Maruti was recently launched in India. As expected the Maruti Ritz model is some what similar to the previous Maruti Swift model. Though Maruti Swift is my only hatchback from last two years but after driving the Maruti Ritz i can tell you some differences between these model. First of all the inner space of Maruti Ritz model looks slightly lesser than the Maruti Swift model. Second thing is that the Maruti Ritz model has a more attractive road presence than the Swift model. In performance both of the models are almost same though driving the Ritz model is easier than the swift model in heavy traffic condition because the visibility from Ritz model is better compare to the Swift model.

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  • Puru Fotedar |07 Nov,2009 06:08:09 AM

    Although there has been many cars in the hatchback lot but maruti swift remains unbeaten in performance,looks and mileage.Its been 3 yrs i ve been driving my swift and no doubt its the best in its class compared to fabia,punto,getz,ritz in more or less every field as per my expierence

    Rajnish |02 Apr,2011 09:38:50 AM

    Etios is better than Ritzz ......:)

    rahul |04 May,2011 06:07:33 PM

    etios and ritz are different class apart.............use ur mind before writing anything............

    MP..SAXENA |08 Mar,2013 04:40:39 PM


    Freak Shaji |01 Apr,2015 06:15:51 PM

    Ath polichu

    jkhdfklj |27 Jul,2011 10:05:19 PM


    Raj |04 Oct,2011 01:06:22 PM

    dont compare etios and ritz. ritz is always better than etios

    avi |08 Mar,2013 04:41:24 PM

    ya correct

    Rup |13 Oct,2011 06:55:06 PM

    Etios haha u made me laugh......Interior so bakwaas....engine can't be compared with the K-series it is a classssss apart and the bst 1.2lt engine u can buy in india 2day.....seats in the etios are lyk the same on the nano so plz think b4 u write anythng

    mahesh |26 Nov,2011 10:53:32 PM

    in performance side ritz is big zero compared with swift, ritz has an uneven look from the back as if it has met with an accident

    gggh |30 Apr,2016 01:35:38 AM

    What performance? They both run on the same engine.

    Jeet Singh |25 Jan,2012 09:44:10 PM

    hiii guys, in my view yes swift is the best in its class i am talking bout diesels. beat is good offering good featurs . but about ritz yes that is the strongest competitor among all and even goin better now days from swift . ritz is using almost the same diesel engine as swift. and the mileage no comments same and the main point is that maruti is mileage hitter. and why i am saying that it is goin better from swift cause 1. cheaper then swift 2. almost same specifications 3. almost same mileage. 4. drive swift and rits one by one at same day a lot difference in comfort in driving seat ritz gives you a wider space at driving seat. 5. ritz having better pickup than swift but yes swift is a long running horse. 6. and the bang on on swift is the waiting period after booking.............. in my view yes swift is the one in most department but ritz having its own power to capture swifts place after swift. ... Maruti after all

  • autounni |23 Dec,2009 07:13:52 AM

    I have taken Maruti Ritz two month back the performance of the the vehicle is very nice. Space inside is very good and vehicle is very comfortable for the small family. I am getting milage of 14 to 15 and have done only first servicing. Nice and power full vehicle

    mahesh |26 Nov,2011 10:57:38 PM

    i think this is ur first car that is why you feel ritz the king no baby you go for a test drive swift u will definetely throw ritz into dustbin

    Santhakumar |07 Jul,2012 03:58:28 PM

    Hallo dou drive a RITZ car. Its not a dustbin its useful comfort car.Many time i go to long travel up and down 1100 km its very nice and smooth, and the front and back suspension is excellent.Simply say RITZ is comfort,no leg pain,big space and easy Road view. Many car visibile at good but perfomence is poor.

    Santhakumar |07 Jul,2012 03:59:51 PM

    Hallo dou drive a RITZ car. Its not a dustbin its useful comfort car.Many time i go to long travel up and down 1100 km its very nice and smooth, and the front and back suspension is excellent.Simply say RITZ is comfort,no leg pain,big space and easy Road view. Many car visibile at good but perfomence is poor.

    Shrey |17 Dec,2012 10:46:18 AM

    hey guys... i have both d cars and i can surely say that Ritz is better car than Swift... I mostly drive the cars on NH-1 and i usually drive my both cars with a speed of 140-150 km/h... Ritz is best in control and comfortable too.... its more powerful than Swift and road view is far better than swift....

    anoop |02 Oct,2015 01:25:45 PM

    Bro.. I ve ritz and my bro using swift and we can tell a clear picture about both swift and ritz.. Swift is the most popular among us bcoz of its design and when we look at the engine performance ritz a bit higher bcoz of its engine tune up and taller boy design too.. Swift power is a little mild compare to ritz if u want s long drive and u r a swift lover take a chance in ritz u feel the reality. This is exactly my bro is doing now... Thanks

    Abhinandan |21 Mar,2016 01:58:57 PM

    U ll throw ur swift if u test drive ritz

  • Pravesh Pardeshi |27 Dec,2009 05:50:01 AM

    Maruti Swifts is a fucking and ugly car........ but ritz is an awesom car........ it's exteriors and interiors are very good so everyone should forget swift and get on ritz for being a smart...

    mahesh |07 Jul,2012 09:58:51 PM

    hello dont get irritated use ritz for 4yrs and then come to a conclusion if this cab is that much superb then why the co is going for offers and schemes that means ..................................nil always think about safety for ur near ones and not the milage offered note pls dont abusive language hereafter iam not interested and pls dont reply too

    avi |08 Mar,2013 04:46:11 PM

    gooood i agreeeee

  • Pravesh Pardeshi |14 Feb,2010 04:15:41 PM

    Reply to Puru Fotedar --------- You said that the swift is better than ritz also.......... Ritz and the swift are having same engine........ so they are as same as each other.......... and swift is an old car..... bad interiors, exteriors, fucking roof style....... but a good car......... but ritz is the whole new launched by maruti suzuki....... its going to the level of top ....... it has good interiors and exteriors ....... it's being known as splash in europe........ it is an awesom car......... just test drive it......... u will get amazed with it's diesel DDiS engine that it does not sound so much......... and runs as well that it's speed can go upto 170kmh without red zone in tachometer......... and the rates of ritz and swift are same....... so it would be the best idea to buy a hatchback car.... but maruti ritz....................

    saranch |30 Jan,2012 11:36:44 PM

    hey u who told u that swift is an old car... better get ur knowledge updated ..... or get out of ur bed and go see the New Swift its far better than Ritz .....

    avi |08 Mar,2013 04:48:40 PM

    our thoughts are same ...goood...

  • siva |01 Mar,2010 08:25:46 AM

    Ritz is a good car. We bought Ritz VDi about 5 months back and till now drove a little closer to 8000 KM. It gives an average of about 21 KM/L in a 1/3 city and 2/3 high way drive. We did a lot of reasearch and finally went for RITZ. We are very happy with the car for our family of 4 persons.

    bksood |05 May,2013 09:03:21 PM

    is it true?

    saju |19 Oct,2013 12:55:15 PM

    hai guys .. I am looking for a car.. I already seen all the comments . can you pls advice me if I taken Ritz VDI how may months I need to wait for getting good milege . And also pls advice is this Ritz having good luggage space for a family having 5 members

  • BH SURYAPRAKASH |08 Mar,2010 03:05:15 PM

    I Have purchased maruthi Ritz VDI .I am thrilled to drive the fantastic car. excellent interiors

  • BH SURYAPRAKASH |08 Mar,2010 03:07:25 PM


  • Raman Gopal |01 Apr,2010 12:42:13 PM

    NICE FEELING INSIDE RITZ I just bought a Silky Silver Ritz.This is my first car.Most amazing thing is that Car looks smaller from out side but once you enter inside,you will feel that you are sitting inside a big car. Big dash board, good interiors and gear shifting is better.

  • manu |02 May,2010 05:02:53 AM

    hey we are planning 2 buy our first car .. all our famuly members r quite tall .. around 6ft.. so just wanted to kno wjich has more inner space????? swift or ritz??????

    pravin |19 Aug,2011 03:29:03 PM

    Go for RITZ. Good space n interior.

    mahesh |26 Nov,2011 10:58:40 PM

    swift waiting for 6/8 months is worth

  • Raman Gopal |08 May,2010 09:34:50 AM

    Dear Mr.Manu, I am 5'11" toll and never felt cramp inside my Ritz while driving or sitting on co-driver side or in rear seat, There is enough head and leg room to get a feeling of a big car. Only I had doubt about the mileage what company is claiming but it all depends upon how and where you are driving mostly.

  • Saurabh |03 Sep,2010 05:41:25 AM

    Hi When i was planning to buy a car i wanted to go for the best one as it is going to be my first car from my own hard earned money not financed. I did full market search and researched and finally went for Swift Vdi. When i drove that car. Its performance is speechless. That car is like stick to road when on high speed awesome pick up and handling is like piece of cake. I have driven this car till 140Kmph and even at that point it gives u sexy response when u press ur accelerator but i did not have further courage to take it beyond 140kmph speed. Trust me this beauty is sexy and amazing. My car is six months old and have driven some closer to 25000 kms and all that have been a wonderfull drive its out of the world. If given another chance i will buy the same car again but with a different color......... :)

    saju |19 Oct,2013 01:02:34 PM

    through it to dust bin

  • Sachin |11 Sep,2010 12:30:06 PM

    i knw all this things........

  • Sachin |11 Sep,2010 12:31:33 PM

    both cars r gud n better guys...... So Chill

    ragu |31 Dec,2011 11:54:53 AM


    saranch |30 Jan,2012 11:39:21 PM

    ya u r correct....!!!

  • asheesh |20 Oct,2010 11:01:50 PM

    after going through these comments i m very much confused to select between swift and ritz

  • aniket |09 Nov,2010 05:58:07 PM

    ritz is an better option. because maruti is giving my ritz (which is in waiting period) in january and i almost taken a test drive of both swift and ritz..ritz is more comfortable and nice interior , go for ritz..........

  • sandeep kumar |10 Nov,2010 04:23:11 PM

    hi, i have finally owned RITZ, truly class, my hight is 6 . but it is really very comfortable both front seat n rear seat. one word i can say it is awesome.

  • pratik sarvankar |16 Nov,2010 10:56:49 PM

    ritz is a very trendy car i loved it a lot

  • harshal |21 Nov,2010 12:03:36 PM

    BEST SUB 5 LAKH HATCH in INDIA... PETROL or DIESEL... Its NEW AGE. Close your eyes n Buy one... Snap on Alloys n she will look cool.

  • anil |25 Nov,2010 12:32:55 PM

    Hey i m going to buy first car we are four member in my family...which is best RitzLXi or SwiftLxi.

    saju |19 Oct,2013 01:05:35 PM

    don't look petrol take desel always .. now petrol price are going up ... you will get good benefit from desel RITZ and go for VDI version

  • CarDekho Team |26 Nov,2010 09:43:06 AM

    Both are technically the same car, its just that their shapes are different. Check both the cars and decide which one you like the better. We like the Ritz as its much newer and fresh looking. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Mukesh |29 Nov,2010 01:34:48 PM

    I am using Ritz Diesel since 1 year , it porformance is good even mileage is also good

  • babu |24 Jan,2011 10:30:01 PM

    Test drive all hatches ther u will feel that ...Ritz is supereb

  • arun |30 Jan,2011 11:47:51 PM

    Dear All,would like to ask that if RITZ Ldi is not used for contineous 15 days,what will happened on engine performance ? |01 Feb,2011 11:20:39 AM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that the diesel vehicle creates problem if it is not used for more than 1 month. Not using Maruti Ritz diesel for 15 days would not effect the its performance. Thanks

  • SHAIL |01 Feb,2011 10:45:36 AM

    obviously RITZ is better car... swift is also good but now swift is old car almost 5 years...swift has a bed inteior but ritz has awesom.... ritz also has superb performenc in both power and milage... and ultimate spacious car.. u cant imagine its space from outside.. superb spacious.... guys dont be get confuse.. all 'experts' are already told Ritz is better than all other cars even than swift... see reviews on youtube...

    asheesh khare |18 Dec,2011 04:29:02 PM

    sorry dear but thr is no diff in engine performance as swift and ritz both hv same engine

  • SHAIL |01 Feb,2011 10:49:07 AM

    dont be get confuse.....just go and type on youtube : maruti ritz review.. and see urself almost all abt ritz..

  • Vijay |03 Feb,2011 01:44:41 PM

    I am looking for car to drive mainly in Bangalore city around 500KM monthly. Originally I was looking for WagonR. But my son suggested that Ritz has a better look and to go for Ritz. Please send your comments - whether I can go for WagonR or Ritz.

    mahesh |26 Nov,2011 11:00:41 PM

    u mean a hit from the back as u were taking reverse

    Shyamkant |03 Dec,2011 08:43:37 AM

    I have bought RITZ VDI 2 months back. I have compared all technical features of RITZ & SWIFT, there is no difference at all both are having same engine. But RITZ is upgraded version than swift when it comes to space, height, head & leg room. I felt more comfortable sitting arrangement than swift especially on long drive. In city I felt ease while driving in heavy traffic. So my honest opinion is go for RITZ DDIS, it 's not worth to wait for 8 months for this car.

    manas |06 Aug,2013 06:01:09 PM

    Go for Ritz.more bettar then WagonR.

  • sunil vasaikar |06 Feb,2011 07:55:02 PM

    Whether maruti thinking over changing the rear view of ritz?

  • tom |10 Feb,2011 10:39:59 PM

    ritz is more spacy than swift and the side views are good in the case of rits but some people did'nt like rear view.with in 3yrs ritz overcomes the prayority of swift

  • mathew |11 Feb,2011 08:20:42 PM

    i have to choose between swift and ritz or figo. suggest.

    manas |06 Aug,2013 06:05:46 PM

    Figo is more bettar,

  • r. sankaranarayanan |20 Feb,2011 04:09:21 PM

    I have been looking for a new car in Maruthi I started with Wagon R and the A star[auto gear] I have not looked into swift since the price is on the highside If i decide about autogear i will buy A star For Swift I have to wait but I want to buy a car in 10 days Tell me wagon R or Ritz is good [Only negative about Ritz is it s rear look Tell me what do i do

    Dr. Tony Thomas |14 Apr,2011 07:31:06 PM

    when you sit inside the car it give premium feel, i am sure you will forget about the exterior of the car

  • pradeep mistry |20 Feb,2011 07:41:30 PM

    go for ritz its good value for money.

  • Kapil |21 Feb,2011 07:34:21 PM

    I am planning to buy a new car in the budget of 5-5.5 Lacs.. I am keen ti buy Maruti Ritz.. can anybody suggest 1. if my choice is good ? 2. Which model is good LDI or VDI ?

    CarDekho Team |22 Feb,2011 02:27:19 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Ritz VDi is a better option over Maruti Ritz LDi as it comes with many additional features like : AntiLock Braking System(Optional), Power Steering, Central Locking, Power Windows, Remote Trunk Opener, Remote Fuel Lid Opener, Vanity Mirror, Tachometer, Front and Rear Fog lights, Wheel Covers etc. Company fitted additional features with warranty are available in Maruti Ritz VDi at a nominal cost. Maruti Ritz has got only Air-Conditioner and Power Steering. Thanks

    sumanth |22 Nov,2012 11:40:06 AM

    hi ...i m planning to buy my frns r telling me to go for swift due to my height is 5'.5'',so does ritz suits me or the swift?

  • Nithin |28 Feb,2011 04:12:47 PM

    I am looking out to buy a new car. My average usage is around 650 kms in a month. Also I will be using it only on 3-4 days a week.I am a little confused whether to go for a petrol or diesel variant. Also what is the expected date of market entry of the new Swift dzire 2011. Read dat it will be brand new with a smaler price tag...Car dekho team, pls guide...

  • mithun |07 Mar,2011 01:14:18 PM

    Hi,Please suggest- Iam close to buying Ritz, our first car, but not sure weather to go for zxi or vdi, since driving within the city could be a little less than 1000km but are planning to go for monthly long drives. So I am very much confused between the diesel and petrol versions.

    Venkat |14 Mar,2011 03:57:31 PM

    Hi Mithun Go for VDI ABS its giving Good Milage Operation cost of a diesel car will be lesser.For more than 1000Km usage the fuel cost will be around 2500 Rupees

  • Mohmed |13 Mar,2011 08:08:48 PM

    Hi,I m planning to buy a new car.My usage is about 1000 Km per month.My choice is ritz.Pl. suggest me whether to select petrol or diesel version.Another thing is that somebody told the rear visibility of ritz through the mirror is poor because the back glass size is small.Kindly guide me.

    haroon |19 Mar,2011 10:21:57 PM


  • haroon |19 Mar,2011 10:19:59 PM

    i m driving maruti ritz VDI frm last 3 months.. AWSME CAR.. superb mileage of 23kmpl on highway... im jst loving it.. better than swift VDI...

  • Rohit |05 Apr,2011 07:17:21 PM

    very nice car

  • Dr. Tony Thomas |14 Apr,2011 07:27:43 PM

    i think ritz is a better car than swift. i own a ritz and my brother have a swift. visibility is more for ritz than swift.. in heavy traffic the left edge could be better assessed with ritz. but interior space is more for swift. except for width, ritz is bigger than swift (length & height). hope ritz gives a better smooth drive than swift.

  • Vipul |17 Apr,2011 06:03:09 PM

    I was planning to by WagonR VXi, but during test drive i found that the Ritz LXi Dazzle is a very good option and include most of the features like stereo, seat cover, central locking system, side mouldings and accessories in the same prize of RITZ LXi. Only Power window is not available. The prize difference in Ritz Dazzle LXi and WagonR is about 18000/- in my opinion it is a good decision.

  • Savi |21 Apr,2011 11:38:54 AM

    Hello, i am planning to buy a used car - ritz petrol lxi, january 2010 model. It is in excellent condition driven 18000 kms, but the issue is that it belongs to an NRI & he used it from jan 2010 to april 2010, then it was not used by anyone for 7 months, but now he is using that car since dec 2010 till now & its drive is awesome, so whether i should buy it or not, plz reply soon, he is going abroad after some days. Thnx.

    CarDekho Team |21 Apr,2011 11:40:54 AM

    You can go for the Ritz after you have got it checked and certified at a Maruti service station, also cross check all the car documents and tax papers.Best of luck with the purchase.

    Savi |21 Apr,2011 04:04:13 PM

    Thanx. So u mean that it has no concern with the period of 7 months, for which it has not been started just once ?

  • Sandeep Rawal |03 May,2011 09:27:56 PM

    Hi, Thanks for your views. I have a 2007 petrol Estilo. I am planning for a diesel car. Can you please help me decide between Swift Vdi, Ritz Vdi, Hyundai i20 & Vista Quadrajet? My budget is appx 5.5 lakh Thanks , Sandeep Rawal

  • Praful |05 May,2011 10:49:58 PM

    Hi, i am planning to buy a car maruti Ritz, My usage is about three or four times in a month,please suggest what can i buy a petrol or deisal,lots of revies about the deisal cars have a very heavy maintenance if you are not used daily/twist in a week,please guide me soon,Thanks

  • Navdeep Lande |15 May,2011 09:24:52 AM

    monthly running near about 700 km.petrol or diesel which is best.also suggest figo or swift ldi or alto lx or alto k 10 lxi or ritz ldi.Navdeep 9872202008

  • Ramesh SN |05 Jun,2011 10:02:01 AM

    Swift Rockz.!!!! \m/

  • harshit gupta |05 Jun,2011 03:04:58 PM

    it is a very bad car. I have buied the top model and it is bloody;s milage is only 78 -90 kmpl.

  • Prakash Uniyal |11 Jun,2011 04:32:33 PM

    with more space, brighter interiors, better console and a car with feel of SUV, Ritz is a far better option than Swift. Only culprit is inside cabin rear view mirror which obstructs your frontal left side view if your height is more than 5'7, believe me it is a blot on safety and thinktank of Maruti.

  • kamlesh kumar |04 Jul,2011 06:38:46 PM

    Maruti Ritz VDI (ABS) its powerful and economical and sexy driven car i love it

  • rahil |09 Jul,2011 05:45:51 PM

    which car is better for city & highway driving 2000km per month ritz or swift my priorty is pleasure & fun to drive which give better confidence on high speed driving

  • Chandrajit Nag |14 Jul,2011 01:21:27 PM

    monthly running near about 700 km.petrol or diesel which is best.also suggest model. swift Vdi or ritz Vdi

  • venkanna |21 Jul,2011 11:13:40 PM

    ritz vdi ,a excellent car,looks small from outside,but once u step in ,u will be surprised at the space provided.swift is no match for ritz when compared to comfort and driving.

  • Arun Kumar |25 Jul,2011 03:14:40 PM

    Hi, I am looking for maruthi cars like swift or Ritz, please advice which is more comforatable in manitenca and Handling, What about diseal Perfomanace becasue my monthly running is more than 1500km. please advice. regards arun

    raghunath |16 Aug,2011 02:54:23 PM

    If ur usage is more than 1500kms then go for Diesel. Ritz VDI is the best compare to Swift.u may need to pay 50K more just for Look for swift. i am using ritz vdi from 1 year and driven 26K. performance is still good.

  • R.A.PRAJAPATI |06 Aug,2011 06:03:48 PM

    Hi,I am planning to buy a car please suggest me featured with spacious ,milage,low maintenance&look From Maruti Wagon-R CNG or Ritz VXI

  • N.Narayanan |23 Aug,2011 02:34:57 PM

    I have been using a Ritz VXI for more than a Year now and the car has clocked more than 30000 Kms. It is a very good car for both city roads and on the highway. Please watch out only on braking if you are at a very high speed on the highway. Please shift 5 to 3rd gear for a perfect braking on the highway at high speed or else the car is cool and good. Both the petrol and Disel engines are graet. off late I heard that Maruthi is using its own diesel engine from the Manaser disel engine plant I am not sure of the perfomance of that engine but the earler diesel engine from fiat is really great.

  • Rishi |08 Sep,2011 09:38:04 AM

    I m planning to buy a used car preferably Ritz petrol or diesel.If any of u hav any kinda information pls guide me.

  • ashish |10 Sep,2011 11:24:31 AM

    new swift 2011 vxi is good or not as compare to ritz?

    asheesh khare |18 Dec,2011 04:27:30 PM

    i think go for old one if you get in good condition or you can go for fiat punto diesel. i also own this italian beauty with rock solid body, ultimate ride quality, excellent mileage( 20-24 km/ltr ac on) on highway and 12-14 in city ac on asheesh-9792698532

    asdfg |01 Sep,2012 03:59:15 PM

    try new ritz 2012 and u will fill the diffrence. swift is juggling on highspeed

  • Rajju |23 Sep,2011 03:43:47 PM

    I am 5 ft tall.I want to buy RitzLDi will it be comfortable drive ?

  • vishad shukla |08 Oct,2011 04:39:22 PM

    i am planning to buy ritz but very much confused weather to buy zxi or vdi, whichever between these two models the performance is better? Is the diesel variant is soundless like the petrol one?

    Anp |24 Oct,2011 09:55:07 AM

    Unless you plan to drive about 100,000 kms in the useful life, say 3-4 years, dont buy diesel. It doesnt make any commercial sense to do so.

  • Jignesh desai |11 Oct,2011 11:10:28 AM

    I have purchase RITZ 1 year back. Must tell you its an awsome car. very good interior. yiu fell like sitting in a SUV. good car. 'LIVE THE MOMENT'

  • Praful |15 Nov,2011 05:39:27 PM

    I have purchase RITZ on Aug 2011,its a very good milage (18 kmpl) also look and its iteriar so good I love my car

  • Mohit bharti |03 Dec,2011 08:28:01 PM

    I think that ritz should be the car of this year because it is the most appreciable car not only through its fuel efficiency but also regarding its aerodynamic look,heighty,smart int. and ext.and the most appreciable thong is that now no one will say swift,swift.... any more because now only the magic of ritz will prevail in our Indians.

  • asheesh khare |18 Dec,2011 04:24:31 PM

    old swift was better in look. its a car anyone can go without thinking. i have fiat punto active diesel and feel all cars hv different USP to get sell. i am totally satisfied with my punto, italiabn beauty with its super driving comfort, mileage of 20 on highway with ac and approx. 12-14 in city in diesel. its rock solid car

  • ajay |05 Feb,2012 05:56:38 PM

    i am going to buy a new car plz suggest me ritz or figo or swift (diesel). which one is better and which model

  • Pradip Banerjee |08 Feb,2012 08:57:42 PM

    Absolutely Correct. For the last two and half years of driving experience I found that practicality of Ritz is more than the Swift. I have both, Ritz vdi and Swift vdi. Swift is the driver's dream. Ritz can be enjoyable with family. The visibility from inside is great. A little jumpy ride at lower speed due to its tight cornering shock absorber but overall I found that the Ritz is no less better than Swift. And last of all, the choice is personal. The Ritz is value for money car.

  • Manas Mukherjee |17 Feb,2012 01:33:36 PM

    Ritz is a good powerful car and can be enjoyable family car.It is value for money car.New swift is also good looking car.

  • Vikram |20 Feb,2012 08:03:43 PM

    what is the maintenance cost or ritz diesel means service charges on each service how much does it cost

  • Prasad |08 Mar,2012 03:07:46 PM

    Hi On my observation through various web and experts opinion and public opinion found RITZ and SWIFT are good cars but Ritz have a slight edge over swift.But very soon Ritz shape will be accepted alike swift when it was called as Toy car during the launch.....

  • jasy |31 Mar,2012 11:09:51 PM

    just take a attention to Hyundai 1 20 diesel ,then u all caan understand which is gd

  • ramakrishna reddy |05 Jun,2012 11:45:10 AM

    i own ritz ldi and its one year old. i dont have any complaint about it if you look for comfort in seating position and driving comfort there is no other car in hatch backs other than ritz. yes vista is also good but you know that happens with a tata car after a year or so and annoying is that vista is being used as taxi by most of the people so finally to say ritz is a hatch back with sedan space

  • sagar |01 Jul,2013 12:45:34 PM

    hii I am planning for my first car, but little confused between ritz or swift. can you please help me to finalize thanks

  • Satish Kumar |26 Aug,2013 07:54:46 AM

    Hi friends...I m little bit confuse...I m planning to buy next month RITZ LDI but my parents and some friends says swift i m too confused...I have seen New RITZ back space bigger and comfortable than swift...please any one suggest...!!!

  • PANKAJ SINGH |20 Sep,2013 09:00:56 PM

    If MARUTI RITZ VXI(iv-abs) becomes 3 yrs. old & driven 60000 km. vehicle is in sound condition. so pls. kindly advise should I purchase it or not........

  • Sumit |27 Oct,2013 12:44:51 PM

    I have driven both cars...!!! lf u compare both cars with respective looks.. then both having its own originality...!!! as per space both r appx same... due to curves od swift back seat looks bigger than ritz.. but actually no difference in seat size...!! ritz is more comfort for driving in trafficdue to lower dash board as compare to swift u get more road view.. wide front road look which u cant get from swift..!! on highways at high speed swift get up from back side as more air passes from lower region.. but due to airodynamic shape ritz passes air from its top and side shape hence car suspenssions press downward which provides more grip as compared to swift....!!!! so some where u will find out sporty driving with ritz.. nice design bye suzuki...!!!!

  • Prakash Jose |30 Oct,2013 03:17:39 PM

    I have driven few other cars to type this small review here. we don't have many new petrol cars here in Kochi anymore especially Swifts and Ritzs. all because of fiat multijet engines! I own a Ritz VDI(July 2013 new model) and also drives Swift. Ritz is comfortable and for tall people also. it looks odd for some, but this is a spacious,practical car. the build quality of Swift and Ritz are comparable. however, there are some differences I believe. like new Swift(2011) has slight differences in DDIS(multijet) engine with a different turbo and ECU/ECM changes relating to engine tuning. now, turbo lag is lesser and the pulling is linear no excitement like the old swift. old swift is in great demand these days. the legroom,headroom,seating all are good for very short people with swift. old people finds hard to ingress,egress. poor visibility is another thing. however, this car handles better and good car for young bachelors. New 2011 model Swift is very good in crashworthiness. it pased NCAP with 5 star(Considered best) ofcourse with Airbags and ABS+EBD Ritz is a practical car. it has got multijet(DDIS) in a different state of tune. turbo lag is less and driving is fun as it is with swift. then, this car is spacious and getting in and out for old people are easier. it is a great car, but the problem is many people don't like the look of the car. 2013 VDI/VXI comes with a spoiler and a different looking radiator grill and some other changes. it has helped IMO. If you are a family man and has to generally carry 4 people and some luggage, RITZ is by far the better option. it is very good as Swift is but also has space and comfort more than Swift. as said, the rear look and small car feel makes many people prejudiced about this car. believe me, when you have Swift Dzire and Ritz with you, you often drive Ritz! that tells a lot. Suzuki Flyte - as Ritz is known in Europe passed 4Star in Euro NCAP crashworthiness test makes it as safe as Swift.

  • FAVAS |24 Feb,2014 06:54:59 PM

    I think swift is better than ritz....

  • anish |02 May,2015 03:46:55 PM

    Has there is any officially announce comung so of stopping Ritz am planning to buy a new ritz me

  • Arshid Mazid |22 Jun,2015 02:48:46 PM

    Aauuu... Kya gari hay...

  • arjun raj |28 Jun,2015 11:59:45 PM

    Plz suggest me for a car .... Jo middle class wale handle kar sake ..

  • Bhaskar |27 Sep,2015 09:35:56 AM

    My big dream to buy ritz car. But not money

  • Irfan |14 Nov,2015 11:11:41 PM

    Hiiii guys i wnt to buy new car within 5lakh pls suggest me bst car in milage and maintanence(handling services) thankew

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