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Low Attendance Rate at 2nd Indian Grand Prix; Organisers Unfazed

Published On Oct 29, 2012 05:06 PM By Ritesh

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The 2012 Indian Grand Prix was a triumph for the country in many ways. Moving up from last year’s race, the organisers did an excellent job of putting up the show with no major problems or glitches including avoiding any incidents with stray dogs. Despite this, the race was poorly attended as the Buddh International Circuit saw an attendance of only 65,000 people, down from last year’s 95,000 people; a rather low number considering India’s fan following for the F1 motorsport.

Race officials however remain unfazed and have declared that this is simply Formula One tradition. Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone stated, "First races are always high and the second year goes down. If the third year isn't going up, then it's something to worry about.” The Briton who celebrated his 82nd birthday at the circuit also added, "We have a competitor here. What's the name of that game? Cricket. That's it,"

Force One Team Principal and Managing Director, Vijay Mallya had a different theory in the same regard stating that the reason for the low attendance was mostly the difficulty of affordability. In addition that this, he said the reason for last year’s higher turnout was simply because it was a novelty then as the first ever Indian Grand Prix. "It is quite a drive from Delhi and people's apprehensions are also about parking. If you don't have a car pass, you could be a long way from the entrance gates. "The traffic also is a consideration. The third is hotels. If you look around here, there are many new hotels of a very high standard but more for middle class and upper middle class people. For an average person, it's pretty expensive," he said.

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