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Google's Self-Driving Car Stopped By Cop For Being Too Slow!

Modified On Nov 16, 2015 05:24 PM By Nabeel

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Google self driving car

Being on the road since 2012, Google autonomous car has finally had an encounter with the cops. Company's self-driving vehicle was recently pulled over by a cop in California for being too slow! The incident took place in Mountain View when a motorcycle cop pulled over a Google car as it was doing 39 km/h in a zone where minimum speed limit is 56 km/h. The reports say “The officer stopped the car and made contact with the operators to learn more about how the car was choosing speeds along certain roadways and to educate the operators about impeding traffic.”

Google self driving car

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Soon after the incident, Google came out with an official statement that said, “Driving too slowly? Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often. We’ve capped the speed of our prototype vehicles at 25mph for safety reasons. We want them to feel friendly and approachable, rather than zooming scarily through neighborhood streets.

Like this officer, people sometimes flag us down when they want to know more about our project. After 1.2 million miles of autonomous driving (that’s the human equivalent of 90 years of driving experience), we’re proud to say we’ve never been ticketed!”

Since July 2015, Google's self-driving cars have met with 14 minor traffic accidents. The company claims that in all the cases, Google technology was not responsible as the car was either being driven by a human or the other party was at fault.

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Source: Mountain View PD & BBC

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