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Top 4 slowest cars in the world

Modified On Jul 27, 2016 01:11 PM By Firdaus

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It’s always easy to remember things that come first or rather fast, but remembering things that come last, or rather ones which are the slowest is something most people don’t bother themselves with; point in case - cars. Ask anyone which is the fastest car in the world and they’ll be quick to reply with names like Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron etc, but ask them which is the slowest car in the world, and they’ll pause before they even come up with an answer. So enough of the fastest cars in the world, this is the list of the slowest cars on the planet. We’re not judging these machines for their inability to touch three digit speeds, after all not everything is meant to be fast.

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1. The Peel 50

If you’ve been a Top Gear fan, then you’ll recognize the Peel 50 as the car that Jeremy Clarkson drove through the BBC office, including transporting it in the elevator. Yes, the Peel when launched in the 50’s had a tagline “1 adult & 1 shopping bag” that’s how small the car is. It is only 53 inches long and 39 inches wide with just one door. Only one adult can fit in it and the best part is that the car does not come with a reverse gear! The car is so light that the manufacturers didn’t feel the need to install a reverse gear, as the driver can just pick the car and turn it around. 

The Peel 50 was a three wheeled micro car manufactured between 1963-1964 and only 45 of them were produced. It is officially recognized by Guinness as the slowest car in the world with a top speed of just 45km/hr extracted from its 50cc engine. 

2. Renault Twizzy

The Renault Twizzy is a very futuristic looking car and had audiences going gaga when it debuted as a concept car at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show – the scissor doors we a crowd puller. People loved it because of its tiny design that gave an idea of what one could expect from the French marquee in the future. Though by the looks of it one may think the Twizzy can zip around at quick speeds, the fact is that is one of the slowest cars on the planet, but at the same time it is a non polluting vehicle as it is powered by a battery. 

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The Twizzy comfortable seats only two and is available on sale in the UK and European markets only. It comes in three different models each with its own price tag. The Twizzy’s top out at 45km/hr

3. Tata Nano

When launched the Tata Nano grabbed a lot of attention for being the world’s cheapest car. It looked cute and its purpose of existence was to draw the average Indian middle class away from two wheelers to a four wheeler. While there was a lot of hype around the Nano initially, it faded gradually until recently when Tata decided to revamp its smallest car making it an attractive package for younger audiences. The Nano can comfortably seat four, is rear wheel driven and runs on petrol. Its recent update comes with an automatic transmission. 

The Nano comes with a humble 624 cc engine which can easily touch 60kmph. Personally we’ve clocked a decent 90km/hr on the cheapest car in the world!

4. Smart ForTwo CDI

The Smart is one the most popular small cars on the planet. It is also one of the slowest cars available. The Smart ForTwo CDI was introduced in 1998 by Smart, a division of Daimler AG. It is currently available in 46 countries and comfortably seats two. The Smart ForTwo CDI is a rear wheel driven, two door, rear engine, diesel powered car. The best part of the car is its low CO2 emission which makes it a popular eco friendly car. It is powered by a 799cc diesel engine and hits a top speed of 135km/hr. Now that’s fast for one of the slowest cars on earth!

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