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Reasons for not buying Tata's Nano

By for Tata Nano from India 2011-02-26 22:27:10.0
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Needs to improve, Overall Experience I was tempted to buy the Nano but resisted myself as society people will look down upon on me as a poor fellow not having enough money to buy any other car. Last year my brother (doing a moderate business in village area) got an offer from his dealer that if he gives him the bussiness of certain amount he will gift him a Nano. He achieved it but instead of Nano he has taken money from his dealer to purchase some other car to avoid the same stigma even in the village society. Tata's advertisement as Nano the cheapest car for poor and lower middle class people has created the negative mindset. City people of service class (like me) who will purchase a car, after spending around Rs. 10000 to 15000/- p.m. (for fuel and maintenance, for hiring the garage space, EMI for car loan repayment, salary for driver etc.) does not like the tag of poor/lower middle class. They purchase the car to lift their status in the society. But Nano's negative advertisement actually has gone totally against it. Even if Tata now stops this advertisement as poor man's car or cheapest car, the irreparable damage has already been made. Few days back I read a market survey in Times of India. Which says... in the cheapest car segment, Maruti's 'Alto' scores high amongst all cars. It is because Maruti has never projected in the advertisement of 'Alto' as the cheap car. So it went off coolly. If you pay initially 40,000/- more (than Nano) you will get a car like Alto and people will not think Alto as poor-man's car like Nano. Recently one of my office colleague (initially decided to purchase a Nano and) took a loan from office and purchased another car as his wife and her friends felt the Nano won't lift their prestige and status in the society. His 12 year old son told him to purchase any other car other than Nano, as Nano is an 'Ek Lakhy car' and can easily be purchased by anybody at anytime. I don't understand what the hell Tata's market research wing was doing and unable to understand the simple logic of not calling the spade a spade, it hurts the ego who posses or belongs to it.

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  • sriram |28 Feb,2011 01:32:47 PM

    Hi.. You have made good points but i can not say it is a good review... Becasue not every people in india have money to buy a car atleast even a bike or even a bicycle.... Yes. It is cheapest car and basically it is not comparable with any cars. It is just an replacement for bike or Auto. Even TATA quoted the same when they released Nano. It is a good replacement for bike or Auto. So those who have money to buy Atleast Maruti 800 or Alto, they can buy it. Those people who dont have money to but 800 or alto, they can go for Nano if they wish. Personally i dont like any Tata cars bcos TATA proves that they are best steel company via their cars :-).. All tata cars are just steel machines.... I own VW Polo... But i must appreciate TATA's move for Nano... Also the hot news in TATA Nano Diesel is in testing phase and it is giving 40KMPL mileage. Would you believe this?????......... It is a hot piece of Blackforest cake i say :-)................

    Gopal Jindgar |01 Mar,2012 10:42:11 PM


    aaryan |07 Apr,2014 03:42:57 PM

    1 day you all will buy a nano because of petrol/diesel prices hike.then no body will think about status and anything else..thats the Ratan tata's Door ki Soch.Till then enjoy your Ferraries

    hari |11 Aug,2014 07:30:06 PM

    good reply aaryan..nano is for cunning people too..not only for the so called poor..infact no body is really projected as poor unless he is idle and not using the gifted human brain..

    SATISH CHANDRA |06 Jul,2017 07:53:25 PM

    Nano is considered as poor mans car. Now a days 80% of indians purchase for status. Hence If U go on Nano car U will treated as poor or kanjoos and will not be respected if U goto a function. Sometimes U will be insulted. I have faced this nasty situation with my friends. Immediately they sold Nano and purchased Maruthi Alto which is just Rs40,000 extra down payment or Rs3,000 EMI more. Now the decision is left to You.

    Muralidharan |11 Mar,2012 11:56:53 PM

    really good comment to share all

    Annsh |30 Aug,2012 04:31:34 PM

    This is all Bullshit, Nano for those person who can't buy a costly Cars, Nano is made for those who have less income than rich person, and if u have enough money than why you looking for nano..go and buy any costly cars which doesn't hurt your ego..shame on u really. Nano is for every man who have a dream to buy a car. Have a good day :)

    Mahek Mehta |23 Nov,2015 12:17:18 AM

    Strongly agree.

    Sirisha Yarlagadda |06 Jul,2017 07:55:37 PM

    Nano is considered as poor mans car. Now a days 80% of indians purchase for status. Hence If U go on Nano car U will treated as poor or kanjoos and will not be respected if U goto a function. Sometimes U will be insulted. I have faced this nasty situation with my friends. Immediately they sold Nano and purchased Maruthi Alto which is just Rs40,000 extra down payment or Rs3,000 EMI more. Now the decision is left to You.

    Pratip |08 Feb,2013 05:54:50 PM

    I am dissagree with the commnet so here a writing my Story .Hi all, It's my story about my khushiyo ki chabi (Tata Nano). I purchased the Tata nano Lx model on 25 sep 2011, after Registarion and Numbaring i take a chalenge to take my khushiyo ki chabi at my native place Sindhudurg. in the morinig on 6 octomber 2011 around 8 am i started the journey from my residence place Virar with my family ( Father,Mother, my Wife and my 3 year old kid ) there was no problem during in the whole journey. i reached my native around 6:45pm . During the journey i took only 3 halt. one for morning nasta at panvel then lunch break and petrol at chiplun and third one at Tarala to full the petrol tank again. due to speed limit i drive my khushiyo ki chabi at mention speed around 40 to 60 km per hour. On the NH 17 there are two critical Ghat one is Kashedi and another one is Parshuram, but with nano no problem at all. Today allmost 9,500 Km i drive the Khushiyo ki chabi and an avarge of around 24 km per litter.Thanks to Tata once again to bring this khushiyo ki chabi in my Life.

    sachin |15 Feb,2015 04:51:45 AM

    I agree with you

    SATISH CHANDRA |06 Jul,2017 07:57:10 PM

    Nano is considered as poor mans car. Now a days 80% of indians purchase for status. Hence If U go on Nano car U will treated as poor or kanjoos and will not be respected if U goto a function. Sometimes U will be insulted. I have faced this nasty situation with my friends. Immediately they sold Nano and purchased Maruthi Alto which is just Rs40,000 extra down payment or Rs3,000 EMI more. Now the decision is left to You.

    Amit Kumar |12 Nov,2017 09:17:35 PM

    Dear Pratip, Could you please tell me that how long was the distance from your home to native village??

    manish |08 Jun,2013 12:41:12 AM

    this is not a good reason for not buying this car...yeah if u would have given good reason regarding the defalts in the car it would realy been more helpful. but only the reason that it is cheap doesnt make sense...it was made by tata for pors who realy cant afford car can have oppertunity to have a car and feel it..if u realy thinking about status u should go for inova ..a real status car..

    soumojit |02 Jul,2013 12:28:34 AM

    oh my god.. is it true,,? cant believe this// nano will hav a diesel engine... when it is releasing i want this car only.. but inow i hav alredy booked one nano petrol version .. what can be done .. plz suggest? @ 9836341057

    Sanjay Khardikar |30 Sep,2013 06:29:02 PM

    Yes, I agree with you.Nano is the best alternative for M.bike and Auto in city area.We could not expect Nano running on Highway as Ford Figo or Maruti Alto or WagonR. It is specially made for cities in viev of parking and economical budget. I think Nano is good Fuel efficient choice in city and for short distance travel.

    Rann Aditya |15 Nov,2013 01:07:43 AM

    What a Jerk, this guys is....Subhendu Datta ...He is not buying a car for himself....but for the society.....A complete JERK.....!!! He might not have the right reason to LIVE as well.....may be just living for the society... Ass.(Subhendu Datta)....do what you do....not coz...the society wants you to you.....Your LIFE is your LIFE ...live the way you want LIVE...!!!

    Gurcharan mehra |13 Jul,2015 02:29:20 AM

    Fulllu Agree with you

    santoo |19 Oct,2015 11:37:02 PM

    I agreeed With Gurucharanअपनी सà¥à¤µà¤¿à¤§à¥‰ नà¥à¤¸à¤¾à¤° खरिदो dont think about society

  • manoj |11 Mar,2011 02:36:42 PM

    I dont agree with ur review. Its ur choice to buy a car for ur facility. u care about what people Say !!!!!!!!!! its foolishness. u can never stop people from uttering shits about everything !

    RPB |26 Mar,2011 09:06:07 PM

    thats nice.....i like and appreaciate your views

    anoop |09 Mar,2012 10:18:37 AM

    dear friend i m agree with ur views,i m poor man and my monthly income is not more than 6,000 per month and purchase a car my dream and my personal view , pls dnt care to others if u hv small bugget pls go for nano atleast its a good option to replace the bike ,,

    anjay talwar |15 Feb,2015 01:46:07 PM

    It true that car is cheeper but what about mantinace cost? I am not happy with this car workshop visit is must twice a month

    Sirisha Yarlagadda |06 Jul,2017 08:04:12 PM

    Dear Anoop, Ur idea to replace a bike and travel comfortably in this rainy season 2017 is a good idea. In your area/ society U will be respected as your salary is a middle class person salary. As many as 15 crore people in india salary is just below 10,000. They dream of travelling a car will come true if U buy Nano and Travel on it. By 2017 Dec Nano car diesel will bereleased with milage of 67 kmph. So plan to purchase that version of car.

    Lawrence |15 Dec,2011 08:12:10 AM

    I completely agree with you.

    Rajeev |15 Dec,2011 10:33:05 AM

    Ya man! Agree 100%. Disagree with the review!! Nano is just not a cheap poor mans car. Its an idea, its an vision and its innovation! And i totally apprecuate TATA's effort!

    Akshay More |01 Jan,2012 04:11:00 PM

    100% right its a great vision by the TATAs

    Sidd |31 Dec,2012 07:58:28 PM

    Xactly.. I completely agree wat u said

  • ranjeet kumar |13 Mar,2011 12:56:04 PM

    i completely agree with Mr shubhendhu!!!!!! I ve been thinking of buying a nano.. since last 3 months. and I asked many of my friends for feedback but they bluntly say no-no to nano... and amusingly the reason is not any technical or related to design... but related to prestige or somwhat status symbol. one thing in india is - posessing a car is still associated with staus.. and you know-- the most dissatisfied with nano is our lower middle class, not because NANO is not able to give them comfort and fuel efficiency 4 which nano has been designed in lesser cost.. but because it is not able to justify with their social status.

    ravi |14 May,2013 03:24:50 PM


    Supriyo Sen |28 Aug,2013 08:40:14 PM

    @Ravi (dated 14 May,2013) Excellent commentary old chap! I'm a retired NRI recently relocated to Kolkata with a steady pension over Rs 2 lakhs per month. I have researched feature analysis on the Tata Nano LX and Maruti Alto800 VXi. Nano excels over the Alto in back seat comfort and offers a 12v power outlet (needed for plugging in a Garmin Nuvi GPS), has remote controlled central locking, consumes lesser fuel by 5KMPL in city, AND costs Rs 1 lakh lower than Alto800 VXi. While living in the US, I have driven many expensive cars. The front seat creature comforts were important back then. But here in Kolkata I plan to engage a chauffeur for Rs6000/-, spend Rs3,000+ in petrol, have zero EMI payments on a brand new car with a 4-year warranty, and enjoy the spacious comfort of Nano's back seat while watching a DVD (on a Sony player plugged to the car's audio system) or listen to selected Rabindra sangeet even while being stuck in Kolkata's traffic. Now this is what I call a classy life! So, who gives a damn if the Nano LX is one of the cheapest cars in India? Folks this car gives you a taste of champagne on a beer budget! Kudos Tata!

    Madan Prasad |16 Jul,2016 01:49:08 PM

    Well said 👍👏

    Gurcharan mehra |13 Jul,2015 02:38:00 AM

    Thanks for your good review I do have plan to buy Nano XTA / Diesel version. Yes I am poormen and I am proud of buying Indian make product.

    Gurcharan mehra |11 Oct,2015 11:34:48 AM

    Dear Ravi thanks for ur honest and true review. I am fully agree with u

    SATISH CHANDRA |06 Jul,2017 08:18:15 PM

    Ravi, Very few people in india think Like U. We are living in a society and behave with respect to others. In Agatti Island, Lakshadweep,india men and women be seen nude. There it is accepted. But if U roam around in nude in City U will be treated as Mental or crack person. Else be honest like just quoted above but not like Ravi.Now it is left to readers.

  • vivek |18 Mar,2011 06:35:33 PM

    Nano diesal is a good deal!. what is the need of super bike or a car while you can't even test its speed inside the city???. There is no matter of prestige since we are not living for anybody!. we are not going to dye when we buy nano!.. Must appreciate Tata for its social service!. Great TATA's love em'

    Venkatesh |10 May,2011 02:38:03 PM

    You are right. Man is not judged by the car he drives. My father was driving an excellent herald for 18 years. He had no inferiority complex. In fact we as kids have travelled from Chennai to Ooty twice and to Tirupati many times. Except the occasional star joint problems there was no problem at all. Hats of to Tata for giving us the Nano and showing the way. Let us hope Bajaj and others follow suit and give healthy competetion which is an incentive to further improve.

  • s.k.kataria |31 Mar,2011 10:04:42 AM

    Before buying a car, one has to decide what is his need. To have social status first or family need with economical shot. When we can't stop rising price of petrol, gas, lpg, cng and other things, definitely we can curtail the milleage rate and save the money for meeting other needs. Buying a car is definitely a matter of working out, what is the need and how much u need to drive in a month. If we look at an averge use of car by a lower/middle class salary paid person, there is 25-35 kms. up-and-down. Means 1 to 1½ ltr. petrol can serve the purpose, whereas buying a costly car will fetch 2-3 ltr. petrol. We should riverse the saying, 'Pound follish and penny wise'.

    sreenath |09 Jun,2011 09:07:28 PM

    Very practicable and logica comment sir...

    srinath |15 Jan,2013 01:41:54 PM

    Dear sir, you have given good review about before buying a car

    sreekuttan |12 Feb,2013 01:24:51 AM

    Your comment is right.I will narrate my story. My father had a leg injury,he needs dressing over his leg once in 3 days. I am taking my father to the hospital, it is 12 km far from house. I need to take 2 bus[mostly] to reach there, it will cost 60/- [30/-per person]. while in nano it wil takes only 69/- for 24 [12+12] km pls tell which car will give more other than this.?

  • CarDekho Team |31 Mar,2011 10:26:08 AM

    Rightly said Mr. Kataria, a proper research should be done before finalizing a car model.

  • hitanshu |11 Apr,2011 02:56:55 AM

    what about power steering ? it also doesn't have power steering. Isn't it difficult to ride it ? plz i need answers..

    Bhaskar Srivastava |02 Mar,2012 08:20:21 PM

    Hi Hitanshu.. as Tata Nano has rear wheel drive so there is not much load on the front wheels that's why it never needs a power steering. You can drive it very easily and very comfortably..!

    sachin |15 Feb,2015 05:04:15 AM

    Tata nano have a powerful power steering.

  • Manzil Thakkar |15 Apr,2011 05:15:07 PM

    TATA NANO, the much hyped car of this century, certainly stands upto its expectations. let me first say that a Maruti 800 or a Maruti Alto DO NOT at all add to the status symbol as they are still the cheap cars. To add a status symbol, you need to at least purchase a car costing upwards of Rs.5-6lakhs. Any car below that is considered cheap. Believe me you do not purchase a 2-3 lakh rupees car for show off, do you guys? The NANO offers mileage of 22-23, which is THE BEST on Indian roads (only after the new Indica eV2). It maneuvers very very easily in city traffic and is sturdy enough to go 90 on highways. I have been driving NANO LX for the past 6 months or so and i have never found anything lacking. Alto costs around 1.25-1.35 lakhs more than NANO Lx. NANO has front and rear fog lamps, Power windows, Overdive(very comfortable) stylish looks, Body colored bumpers, Body colored door handles, Body colored ORVM, heighted seating. Alto dosent have any the above things. Driving the NANO without without a power steering was almost as smooth as WagonR as it is very light Weight. The TATA NANO offers the Best Value For Money. The standard model comes for around 1.5lakhs (on road Mumbai) and the fully loaded Lx version for 2.15lakhs (on road Mumbai). This car makes every dream come true and is definitely better than what you get after spending 1.2-1.5 lakhs more. Hats off to Mr. Tata for this 'lil wonder... it is the car of the future... -Manzil Thakkar -manzil.rocks@yahoo.com -Tata loyalist -Nano user

    Sanil gharat |13 Jun,2012 01:31:15 PM

    Thanks Mr. Manzil your review really useful to me, Tata Nano is a best Car of Middle Class and for City also

  • Manzil Thakkar |15 Apr,2011 05:17:49 PM

    Let me also add that it is wider and much taller than Alto and even Beat making it much much much more spacious than the Alto...icing on the cake..another reason to go for NANO

  • srinivas p |17 Apr,2011 03:05:29 PM

    I am also lover of NANO since the time of its introduction. Two weeks back I bought the LX version. But yesterday the self start was not working. On a highway we had to push it to start the engine. It was embarrassing. I bought the car against the wish of my colleagues and some family members. Those who are watching ,while we are pushing the car on highway ,will get any positive opinion?. It was very hurting .Still I like the car because of it space, A/C ,engine power. But TATA motors should concentrate on the other things like this electrical/electronic components(starter motor) which may give bad impression even after good research and design. (Now the car is in showroom ; they told that they are already ordered by TM that the starter motors should be retrofitted for sold cars. But why these guys are selling with those faulty components...?)

    basavaraj yadwad |11 Aug,2013 02:03:34 PM

    avoid using fans lights & systam wen ur car engin is off

  • Rajiv Anand Singh |27 Apr,2011 04:19:49 PM

    Can Any Body Suggest ,Wich Version of Nano Woul'd be Paisa Wasool

  • neelabh |30 May,2011 10:45:15 PM

    I m totally agree with this that Tata Nano is poor man's car, this never lift the status of a person in the society even it tagged a lower middle class. In the society people purchase a car for upgrade their status and not to tagged like this. But, if you purchase Nano to travel one place to another with more comfort than two wheeler then Nano is unbeaten in any segment. The problem is this people purchase car to upgrade their status in the society not for him or his family comfort. though other car's EMI's are double than Nano's but only for show off they enjoy this.

  • Krishna |02 Jun,2011 05:07:26 PM

    The review is entirely useless. The review should be about the car.

  • Anindya |04 Jun,2011 08:35:55 AM

    Thank you for your review. From now on when I would see someone behind the steering wheel of Nano, I would know that there is a good chance to find a person who has more important things to do in life than thinking about 'what people will think'. This is a lot which is very rare in our society today. They don't follow people. But people eventually follow them. Because they put 'purpose of life' above everything else. If not today, tomorrow is going to be theirs, for sure. Thank you, once again.

  • B Franklin |08 Jun,2011 08:25:43 AM

    I have purchased a tata nana LX from Concorde motors, during Feb 2011 with a belief that it is 100% subsidary of Tata Motors. But to my dismay I have been cheated by giving me a USED DEMO car. (I HAVE THE THE PROOF TO SHOW THAT IT IS A DEMO CAR)In this regard I made many correspondence with Concorde motors but of no use till now. Please tell what is the course of action against the dealer. reply is this regard can be send to franklinb14@yahoo.com

    bhaskar |06 Oct,2011 11:55:19 PM

    contact with a lawyer n go 4 consumer forum.

    Amit |23 Jul,2012 12:43:22 PM

    I m also planning to buy a NENO. How did you identify as the demo car?

  • drshetti |01 Jul,2011 01:26:29 PM

    you buy car for its utility or to SHOW OFF to nabours and office people appriciate the CHEAPEST CAR IN WORLD those of us who couldnot DREAM forget owning a car can now think of a car !!! LIVE LIFE FOR YOUR SELF dont show cheat indian middla class mentality

  • Zaved |19 Jul,2011 04:47:51 PM

    If someone wants to lift his social status then better go for at least something which will cost you Min 6-7lakh in today's Indian society.If you are purchasing something below that be it Alto or Spark or Santro it will make no difference.I came across many people who refused Nano not because of social status but they need more power in their vehicle and feared that Nano isn't safe for long trips. In my point of view it will boost your status if you are always seen riding an old scooter or bike with 2 pillion riders for family visits or shopping.A Brand new Nano will be far more acceptable then a used Maruti 800 or Alto in your area. Many upper middle class or rich people are also buying Nano as a second car.I already have an I 20.But I am planning to buy a Nano just because I think it will serve the purpose of being a second Car very well.Its cheaper and efficient for short trips in city traffic.

  • chokk |22 Nov,2011 09:20:48 PM

    I bought nano on 20/may/2011 from Concorde motors chennai , for driving in city its a excellent car and i have crossed 5000kms. only one negative point is poor mileage im getting 13 kmpl to 15 kmpl like big cars and fuel tank capacity is 15Ltr, they can increase fuel tank capacity so that no need to search for petrol bunk frequently in highways

  • KALLOL |29 Nov,2011 07:29:05 PM

    TATA now to think to recover the and uplift the image to attract more potential customers who only for the cheap tag switching to Alto or other cars.

  • Nandini |09 Dec,2011 10:41:07 PM

    Boss it is not like that what you think, although the car is cheap but it shows our good engineering in this.It gives the same pleasure as that of 5 lakh Rs car. My suggestion if you don't want to buy don't comment. Let other people have their own choice. Don't divert their minds.

  • ajeesh |13 Dec,2011 05:35:31 PM

    I am 100% satisfied with the comfortability of nano car. the only drewback i feels that the sound of engine that feels inside the car is so irittable for long drive especially in hill drives, when using second and third gear.

  • venkateswaran |21 Dec,2011 01:44:52 PM

    Thanks for all the comments. I made up my mind. I am going ahead with a Tata Nano, even though I can spend some thing more

  • hemant |21 Dec,2011 08:19:02 PM

    Dear, In mumbai no body want to see Nano, alto,weganar,zen,i10,120.they can see or attract by only ferrari.so go and buy it.People will not pay the money or give you the money.

  • RAKIB AHEMAD |14 Jan,2012 05:18:32 PM

    No Doubt it is better then Bike because its protect from Dust,rain,Winter,Sun light etc Warm Regards Rakib Ahemad

  • raja |16 Jan,2012 03:26:19 PM

    Gentleman, You are a man of ego. In my view, i never think about what the society say. In fact, i thought not to buy Nano, My wife liked that cute car. My son also say, if i don't like Nano, i can buy another car for me, but for my wife and kid, i have to buy a Nano. How taste of the people differs?

  • Sandip Tribhuwan |18 Jan,2012 02:29:33 PM

    Purchasing of four wheeler will comes true due to nano. It is my favouriate car. With minimum price best featured car.. Thanks for TATA for innovation of such a BEST Car...

  • A Misra |01 Feb,2012 09:01:38 AM

    Dear Mr Subhendu Datta , i read your above comment recently and TOTALLY stand by it. what u have written is actually the psychology of people . even i was planning to buy this vehicle , but still waiting and thinking , i wud be looked down upon. Tata has not reached all segments of society properly. They themself have demeened their product, which is no doubt good. The tag that they have given it, is stopping customers to buy it. Even children understand this and look down upon their own parents decision to own a NANO. Looking at the traffic snarls i was planning , though i can go for a much better one. I really appreciate your true words. Regards.

  • Deepak Mehta |14 Feb,2012 12:56:09 PM

    Dil ki Bat Suno.....Duniya tau kuch bhi Kahegi....

  • anoop |09 Mar,2012 10:42:43 AM

    hahahahah u r right friend ,,full enjoy in a small money

  • Krishna Didige Hyderabad |18 Mar,2012 02:51:40 PM

    Nano Lx is coming with almost all features that too around 2 Lakh rupees. And its milage 22 Km in city driving. Now look in to the economies. It is going to save your capital expenditure of atleast 1.2 lacs. By less spending this amount and investing with bank or in any saving scheme it will give you a return of atleast 7% per annum amounting to Rs. 700/- per month and Rs. 8400/- perannum. Secondly if you are going for Maruti Alto K10 at least you are going to do more capital expenditure by Rs. 120000/- it means monthly interest of Rs. 1400/-. Which you no need to pay if you are going for Nano resulting in to saving. Total of savings in capital expenditure itself coming to Rs. 2100/- (1400 700). Now we calculate for petrol. Nano milage is 22 in city and Alto K10 milage is 15 with difference of 7 Km per liter. If we take minimum 1000 KM run per month, you are going to save 21 liters of petrol amounting to savings of Rs. 1500/- per month. Total of savings on capital expenditure and maintenance expenditure is Rs. 3600/- per month. Now tell me Rs. 3600/- per month expenditure is not a matter of concern?? After all it comes to 12% of salary who is getting Rs. 30000/- per month in hand..!!! Ok.. We talk about status..!! You are living in a rented house and buying an Alto K10 is going to increase your status?? I believe your answer is no. And buying Nano also does not make addition to your status. Its Ok after all you are going to save Rs. 3600/- per month. This could be half of the house rent you pay. If you are living in your own house it self a status for you and buying a Nano is not going effect your status in negative way. Ok... If your intention of buying a car is to increase your status, any car below 4 or 5 lakhs cant help you. Guys please note Nano is coming with warraty of 60000 KM or 4 years. If you consider all other matters which i have not considered here also, Nano is going to be the Best. Disclaimer: This analysis applies to middle class or lower class of people. After all Bade logonki bath hi kuch aur hai..!! Hahaha

    sunil |06 May,2012 10:48:26 PM

    Good review. Nice points. Detailed financial analysis people should consider for comparison shopping. Also, Nano is good 2nd car for some people. Nice mileage and ease of parking. Only option i don't like is that there is no power steering.

    k.satheesh |05 Jul,2012 10:25:27 PM

    i like it.......

    k.satheesh |05 Jul,2012 10:27:31 PM

    i like it.......

    k.satheesh |05 Jul,2012 10:29:08 PM

    this car makes you to feel happy.

  • amit |27 Apr,2012 10:21:27 PM


  • Selva |30 Apr,2012 06:42:17 PM

    If you want to show off your status why dont you buy FERRARI/BMW/MERC/AUDI/JAG etc? you need to think what you NEED than WANT in your life.. People will say below based on the situation. if you are richer that them: - this guy making a scene as if he is the only one who got money if you are equal to them: - they dont pay much attention and try to overcome your status if you are less than them in financial: - they treat you cheap so people always throw shit on you at any status you are... get what suits your need.

  • Payumandal |14 May,2012 11:24:24 PM

    Bakwass bandh kar.

  • naresh |31 May,2012 11:53:42 AM

    i am buying nano cx is it better to buy tell me

  • Patil |07 Jun,2012 04:55:58 PM

    When i was buying my Hero honda splendour plus 4 yeras back, people discouraged me.. saying 10000 more and you will get a better bike.. Somehow i persisted with Splendour plus, and I am happy... and in those days, 10000 mattered me very much... and even now... Be clear for what you are buying a car? Prestige or utility... and today, I am planning to buy a nano...

  • vinod |11 Jun,2012 10:36:46 PM

    Please tell me if there is any difference in terms of safety, security and comfort between CX and LX variants.

  • hari |04 Jul,2012 04:21:54 PM

    you are rightly said as it is a poor man car which damages the image of individuals in case of purchasing nano car.

  • Hitesh |14 Jul,2012 07:24:56 PM

    Hey man, grow up. it seems that you lives for others but not for you. Compare about technical data not about mind set. Dont be so hypo.

  • maniraj |05 Aug,2012 01:04:10 PM

    i love my babies so we wil lbuy a nano car for my little family.

    ab |15 Aug,2012 01:17:16 PM

    What is your benchmark for a so called status? And Leave aside the society - you say how will YOU react if your colleague / a friend / your brother / a fellow resident bought a small car ??? Will you judge that person's financial status as per that ? will you look down upon that person ??? If yes, then please do not take the pain to answer these question ... Have a great day...

  • omkar |16 Apr,2013 02:43:35 PM

    For them who think tata nano is big no because of their term prestige . You know nothing about 1) buyers point of view. 2) actual prestige. 3) automobiles. Hence keep your dirty mouth shut. To buyers, whom you are listening to?? The society!! Remember a thing whatever right things you do, people will always have something negative to say. turn deaf years to them and think what is good for you. Money, milage or so called prestige? I am very much into about automobiles. I made a choice tata NANO, against alto and wagonr. College going guy, always have to be very keen about himself, it takes no time for folks to tease. I got a nano. I drove it to college, suprisingly the car attracted crowd and was the centre of attraction. :-) even today after a year friends keep on asking for test drive. I now really hold KHUSHIYO KI CHAABI.

    RB |08 May,2013 12:13:16 PM

    Can any NANO car user comment on its AC performance? Can a NANO be driven for 20-30 Km continuously with AC on? I have heard, this Car makes a lot of noise. Is it correct?

  • Rohini |29 May,2013 02:54:47 PM

    This was about 2 to 3 years ago. My friend came by car to show it to us... and i was like 'Oh Nano. nice..' I thought why did he have to buy NANO.. yeeks :(.. SORRY BUT THIS IS TRUE We have now purchased Hyundai Eon.. Not that Nano is bad.. It is just the IMAGE

    Rohini |29 May,2013 03:28:25 PM

    I would not want my husband to have a NANO image :)

    Shaila |30 May,2013 10:32:59 AM

    Yes its true.. Nano suits women and students better :)

  • Rohini |29 May,2013 03:32:38 PM

    Sorry if i sound bad.. I dint mean to

  • Umesh |30 May,2013 10:31:11 AM

    Maybe if they removed the Blue, Yellow, Orange colored cars it would be better for the marketing.. Silver, White, Gold, Red .. these are more sophisticated

  • Sudeep |30 May,2013 10:38:19 AM

    Many people here say .. why do you think about others.. think what you want.... I think everybody cares what others say :) Even the same guys who have posted

  • Niru |15 Nov,2013 05:57:56 PM

    Hi I read all positive and negative comments here. I am totally agree with all positive comments as I am also prestigious owner of nano car. I want all of your suggestion on can I drive my nano car from Bangalore to Bhubneshwar? its around 1500kms distance. My car is three years old and it is in very good condition. What you say guys? Can I take risk. Awaiting for your review.

  • him chapagain |25 Jan,2014 10:21:36 PM

    I think nano is not bad choice for lower income family. It is definitely far better than motorbike. And if someone can afford for better car he/she should go for other one. Friends I am from Nepal. In my country Nano costs 9 lakhs, which is $ 9000 or in Indian currency almost 5.5 lakh. so it is not cheap for us. So I have a motorbike yamaha fzs the price of 2.2 lakh almost the price of nano in india. Cheer up Indian guys you people are so lucky riding a car in my bike price.

  • Gyanendra |20 Jun,2014 01:40:02 PM

    Yes..This is the actual reason for not buying Tata Nano..Although the car has good mileage and look. People dont want to buy it becoz of bad advertisement (poor man's car or cheapest car). Its better to buy Alto 800.

  • dona |16 Aug,2014 02:22:21 PM

    This is the exact mentality of 90% Indians whose life run on what the society thinks. Wear certain clothes, eat certain food, speak certain language All For Dikhawa.... Dear Shubhendu, you should have given a performance review of the car not present a slice of your mentality to the readers...

  • rr |20 Nov,2014 03:43:47 PM


  • varinder kumar |28 Feb,2015 09:44:45 PM

    I am very to say about the poor quality of nano car. I have purchased this car in year 2011. With the ride of just 30000 km. its clutch plates has gone failed and all its door hendels has gone broken. I asked from ur bathinda (pb)showroom many times but they not have the body parts.please tell me the solution

  • vijay |27 Apr,2015 12:50:12 PM

    U r talking exactly.

  • Saty Singh |14 May,2015 03:03:12 PM

    Hi Guys, It's a pretty old post but the story still continues. I'm planning to get Tata Nano, but I'm with the same dilemma If I should care about what others will think, if I'm upgrading will I get good re-sale value OR should I got for Alto 800 which is little expensive for me.

  • Dr. Subhendu Datta |20 May,2015 10:32:56 PM

    I had commented on 26 February, 2011 about Reasons for not buying Tata's Nano in this Website (See above). Many persons (may be Tata employees) negated my views but a large numbers of persons agreed on my views. As a customers we can provide our views openly and people from Tata company should learn to digest it. Now see after 4 years from 2011, what happened to Nano? It couldn't sell even 20000 numbers of car in 2013-14! It has lunched, relaunched and re-relaunched but the story remains the same. When people want to buy a car, they should be given a car not an upgraded auto-rickshaw. Some improvement has been made but I don't think GenX Nano will be able to turn the head of Gen X. The 1 billion investment of Tata will probably go to drain again. My reasons are: 1. The 628 cc 2 valve engine, the main component of the car, remains same, it sounds like an Auto. Performance is poor. At least 800 cc or 1000 cc Kappa engine could have been much better choice. 2. The old egg shaped look remains in GenX Nano which is obnoxious to eyes. 3. The old name Nano will create the same sense in the mind of potential customer. Tata should have come out of Nano concept. Until and unless Tata shreds the name Nano whatever word they add with it, either Twist or GenX, will not work.

  • Fakir |15 Jun,2015 08:13:58 PM

    You fellow should purchase mercedez Benz, but you cannot efford it. Because you are too poor than the richer people than you. Really nano is a value for money car. You try to understand, in India there are certain roads, where nano can only turn, not any

  • Gurcharan mehra |13 Jul,2015 02:13:41 AM

    Be proud to be Indian. How poor thought . Ashamed to read such review.

  • jfjfjrjrrkrr |03 Aug,2015 04:49:13 PM


  • narendra |12 Sep,2015 02:30:37 PM

    A person having prejudice about something will bound to write this kind of reviews. I was lucky enough to having some friends who owns nano so I could get correct review. Now I am a very very happy nano cng owner. In last 3 months I drove 3500 km.

  • sreenivas |24 Sep,2015 09:09:08 AM

    Useless review many of my friends are thinking best car to daily office is Nano...nobody just talk status quo, people very much practical.

  • Sebastian |09 Nov,2015 10:24:19 AM

    Good car for use within city limits. But I think tata could improve its mileage as these days most cars get 20 to 25 kmpl

  • Mohammed Akhil Shariff |10 Nov,2015 01:24:26 PM

    Oye Mr. Pheku, don't show your royal status being as middle class. Don't you understand this car is a replacement for bike for a small family. If you want to show your status don't look at Nano, go for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Jaguar, Audi, or Ferrari.

  • malay chaudhary |12 Nov,2015 09:27:48 PM

    Bullshit society

  • aditya |15 Nov,2015 01:41:13 PM

    The comment was actually a good one until u told that the advertisement was improper.but in this heavy traffic nano is one of the best which TATA has gifted us iv seen in the whole cars of these segment at this price range it gives me a premium look.

  • nadia |23 Nov,2015 03:00:18 PM

    I have been using tata Nano cx for almost 4 years now and let me tell you it's an excellent car. I have never ever faced any technical problems with the car and it gives me excellent mileage. I own it for my convenience not to show off.

  • ganesg |03 Feb,2016 11:13:07 PM

    It is any day safer than three or four in a family in a bike with the kid on a petrol tank.

  • nitin |24 Mar,2016 08:21:05 PM

    ??? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ????? ??

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