Maruti Ritz vs Chevrolet Beat

By for Maruti Ritz from New Delhi 2010-01-30 09:02:26.0
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Pros : Maruti Ritz is better looking

Cons : Ritz VXI is badly overpriced

My first car was Wagon-R LXI, I bought it in Feb-2005, my next car was Honda City-Zxi Automatic, I bought it in Jan-2007, and I drive both the cars myself My observations about Maruti Ritz (LXI and VXI)was  On road Price offered to me on 27.01.2010 (Delhi) Rs.4,16,000/- (approx.) for LXI Rs.4,62,000/- (approx.) for VXI Rs.5,22,000/- (approx.) for ZXI (Out of my budget) with a discount of 7500/- on each model. Price difference between LXI and VXI, 46,000/- VXI model is fitted with Power Windows (front and rear), Central Locking without remote, Tachometer, Wheel Caps, and 4-5 sensors like Door, Key, Seat Belt reminder, etc. Door handles and Rear View Mirrors are without body paint (cheap doings) Central Locking without remote No Music System Drive Good Dash Board Looks Good but quality of the plastic on doors is poor, the guy told me not to compare it with the interiors of Honda city. Looks Good.. In general 46,000/- for power windows, central locking and a tachometer in VXI as compared to LXI), ZXI was beyond my budget. So with a nice Music System without which my wife cannot drive, VXI model will cost 4,62,00/- + 12,000/- (Music System) - 7,500/- (Discount) = 4,66,500/- My observation about Chevrolet Beat On road Price offered to me on 27.01.2010 (Delhi) Rs.4,23,000/- (approx.) for Top Model with no discount and waiting Front and Rear Power Windows Music System (Integrated Blupunk Music System) Central Locking without Remote Climate Control Air Conditioner (Even Not present in my Honda City, available in Honda Civic) State of the Art dash board, with Electronically displayed Air-Flow Direction Blue lights emerging out of the Dash Board in the night remind me of Honda Civic Rear Defogger and Washer Excellent Interiors with good quality material Looks like a heavy gauge metal sheet for the outer body as compared to Ritz Manual Internally adjustable Rear View Mirrors Battery Saver Electronic Tachometer Tilt Steering Steering is more smooth as compared to Ritz-VXI Sunglass Holder Very beautiful Shiny Black Finish on the Dashboard and Doors Body Colored Door Handles and Rear View Mirrors They told me bumpers are impact proof (I've not tested it.) Light in the boot area Power Windows are more smooth as compared to Ritz-VXI Very nicely packed Tools (Stepney Sized Tools Holder) Smooth Drive Dash Board is good but the Meter Panel is not so impressive. Silver and Dark Grey Car Colors are not available (What a foolish thing!) Looks like little compact from inside Ritz's tail light looks good as compared to Beats (In my personal view) RESULT: In my personal opinion Maruti Ritz is better looking as compared to Chevrolet Beat. Martuti Ritz VXI is badly overpriced if you compare it with Ritz LXI So if you are looking at Swift, A-Star, Ritz you must visit and see Chevrolet Beat once. I have selected and booked Chevrolet Beat Top Model (LT without Options Pack) as my next 3rd Car on 29.01.2010

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  • amit |30 Jan,2010 09:14:54 AM

    excellent review ! thanks so much for the information Ashish.

    Sony |23 Feb,2011 10:01:50 PM

    Beat a Poor vehicle less space and milage and less power that is why Chvy is selling it as sub standared and sales figure also coming down month on month...

    Benny |01 Mar,2011 05:53:57 PM

    I disagree with you Sony. I am a proud owner of Beat and I assure you that it is one of the best in its class if not the best. In drive quality, looks, average (most imp) and value for money... I hv bought one after a research for around 6 months in hatch back segment...

    Pravinz |26 Sep,2012 05:43:12 PM

    hehehe r u kidding.................... guyz beat iz really very nice height is 6ft nd I njoy driving the chevy beat LT petrol very is also specious car... n many times I got confused tht whether engine is off or wht as the sound is totally negligible.... n most imp thing is m getting mileage of 16kmpl widout ac n 13,14kmpl wid ac on n still ma car does not completed 1st servicing den also m getting tht much mileage... n car hvng killer looks....really looks like sporty car....n I bought it at jst price of 4,90,000rs only.... it iz really a powerfull car........

    R K Rana |22 Sep,2013 11:45:14 AM

    the review given by Mr. Ashish is utterly biased, by just 1 drive.. to get an assumption of having the knowledge about the car/product is absolutely absurd. And i request the admin to filterate such post/reviews as they create a wrong propaganda.

  • Rakesh |31 Jan,2010 07:21:19 AM

    Hi, Love to read ur comment. I've used Honda City

  • dhinesh |05 Feb,2010 06:31:19 AM

    test drove RITZ petrol version. The control around corners is really good. Driving comfort is good. The best part is it is not sluggish when run with AC. Many times the feels like the engine is not running. Good car to buying..

  • Sandip |07 Feb,2010 03:11:39 PM

    Chervolet Beat is noisy car, I have booked it and test drived 3 times und it noisy cancelled my booking...any one booking the car. first take test drive,if not U might regret in future

    Ranabir Ghosh |05 Jan,2011 10:37:59 AM

    I have both Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Chevrolet Beat, the second car was bought 6 months after the first. I don't know about your city but in Calcutta General Motors have excellent service though less in number than Maruti but quality is definitely better. As for spare parts price and cost of ownership Chevrolet Beat is better. I am driving cars for last 48 years also participated in many rallies when I was younger. One thing surprises me about your comment that Chevrolet Beat is Noisy !!!. It is as quiet as my Ritz. In fact when driving at a constant speed the engine seems to be absolutely quiet. While idling, you know it is running onlt from the tachometer. Must be something very wrong with the particular car you test drove. Was the dealer sole agent for General Motors or did he also sell Maruti? Sometimes there is a question of the quantum of dealer's commission by the manufacturer - I am not privy to it though.

    ln ghosh |03 Feb,2011 05:36:38 PM


    vivek |09 Mar,2012 12:41:30 AM

    hii i need help from u guys. i m planing to purchase a car soon.i am looking for ritz but my father says chevorolet beat is better.which one is good. i m in gulf so i dont have chance for test drive my height is over six feet, which car is more spacious and money worth

    Anwar |24 May,2012 11:47:30 AM

    Iam the owner of Ritz vdi abs ritz is very high price and low quality very poor services engine sound is compare with transport bus very poor comfort side door plastic is very low cost item running time interior vibration cause headache totally ritz is very bad i purchased ritz in 6month iam totally confused what can I plz help me........

    manas mukherjee |05 Aug,2013 07:27:49 PM

    Go for Ritz.

    arun |12 May,2012 01:23:04 PM

    my god beat is noisy ..... I think u have some problem with uuuuuu ... Its realy nice tough car .... I love beat

  • Viru mahi |16 Feb,2010 10:04:57 AM

    Chevrolet Beat is the most specious car in India !!!!!!!!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhay |17 Feb,2010 11:57:16 AM

    hi guys! i have booked the ritz vxi model on 17 feb. i have taken the test drive of both the vehicles . the price difference betwween ritz and beat is very very large. but the looks goes to ritz. ritz is more spacious than beat. maruti service ? yyou know how it is there are service center in the villages . if your broke down in the middle of a highway than what are you going to do? chevrolet after sales service suck.

  • manoj |18 Feb,2010 05:42:02 AM

    i want to purchase RITZ.. can any body send me the true review about it?

    puneet |23 Nov,2010 03:20:17 PM

    piche se thuki hui lagti hain, yeh ek ha karana is model ka patan ka karan hain

    rahul |07 Jun,2011 11:34:44 PM

    punit bhai...............koi patan nahi ho raha hai ritz ka ek mahine me 12000 se jyada pieces bik rahe hai...............

    bhavesh |12 Dec,2011 09:50:24 PM

    oye dumbo tere passs kaunsi hai yeh toh btaaa?? :P

    puneet |13 Dec,2011 10:55:09 AM

    i have audi a4

    Manish |14 May,2012 10:00:33 PM

    Audi A4? What are you doing in ritz and beat section? thinking to replace your car :-P ... Audi A4....get a life

    hashik |06 Jun,2012 04:22:36 PM

    did someone ask u ?

  • Ashish Pal |18 Feb,2010 06:47:18 AM

    Hi Manoj, I think asking for a ??True Review?' is something that no body can give especially for Indian Car Market. Here in ??Indian Car Market?', most of the time Emotions overtakes Technical aspects of a Car. Although I??ve booked Chevrolet-Beat Top Model for Rs.4,23,000/- Delhi as my 3rd car, My true advice is if it is your first car go for Ritz and if you have some prior experience of owing a car, you must see the Chevrolet-Beat once before making any decision, I m sure you will make a right decision. Ashish Pal

  • Premshaj |23 Feb,2010 08:19:34 AM

    Hi all, Can anybody give a better evaluation on "RITZ Ldi" ?

  • amit |10 Mar,2010 11:43:55 AM

    plz tell me which one is more better( Ritz vxi or Beat Lt). This would be my first car.

    sam |20 Nov,2010 03:29:35 PM

    Ritz vxi

    bhanu |27 Aug,2011 07:55:49 PM

    hi amit! i hope i wud give a valuable information to after my 3months investigation on all hatch back models from diff. comp.,the fact here's no body cud believe tht beat lt has given more in its segment than ritz i coat the genuine prices of both the hatches,top end beat lt costs at 5.5odd may vary little on accessories but ritz vxi with less options will meet the figure.As far as my knwldge is concern beat has powered with all the features wheres it comes to interior space LITTLE less than ritz,my suggestion beat wud be the right choice......

  • AJ |11 Mar,2010 06:46:25 AM

    How about after sale service for Beat ? Spares ? Maintenance for Beat ?

  • rahul |20 Mar,2010 07:08:49 AM

    Go for Ritz,without a second thought! I am owning it for the last 2 month back,and believe me its gem of a car and one of the best offerings from Maruti Suzuki! Superb engine refinement,with excellent drivability both in city traffic and on highway,its an experience to drive this car.Interior quality and space is also quite good.

    sam |20 Nov,2010 03:22:47 PM

    yeah I completely agree with you even the after sales service by Maruti is superb.They have authorised dealers all over india and even in remote villages!Its worth buy a ritz zxi as its havin everything expected.Spares are also cheap and long lasting..

  • Tarun |24 Mar,2010 06:20:37 AM

    I am going to buy my first car....pls tell me which one is better (Ritz VXi or Figo EXi)

    Raghu |24 Nov,2010 04:17:16 PM

    You better dont by car.

    mayank |18 Dec,2010 09:46:31 PM

    ha ritz any day ..i own it and its a superb car ....

    Suresh |18 Feb,2011 10:41:34 AM

    Better buy would be better chocie

    bhavesh |12 Dec,2011 09:54:00 PM

    btween ritzz n figoo u shudd definatelyy go 4 beat !! :P

    avi |08 Mar,2013 05:02:17 PM

    bhai beat ke chakkar me mat pad ritz ka test drive lo........its fab...

  • Arjun |25 Mar,2010 07:43:31 AM

    I have taken Maruti Ritz two month back the performance of the the vehicle is very nice. Space inside is very good and vehicle is very comfortable for the small family. I am getting milage of 14 to 15 and have done only first servicing. Nice and power full vehicle...

  • Vivek |29 Mar,2010 11:20:54 AM

    Hi !! For Ritz can anybody guide me how is the CNG version of Ritz? Thanks Vivek

  • vijay |12 Apr,2010 12:40:15 PM

    A-star is Really awesome. wonderfull pickup,K-Series engine is really a powerful engine.Gear shifting is very very smooth and easy. i have gone upto 100 kmph and felt the car is steady. AC is too good.

  • rajiv |05 May,2010 08:09:14 AM

    More over the performance of A Star is quite good. It will be very easy to maneuver the city traffic at ease.the top speed of A Star is 138 kmph i guess it doesnt lack performance. This is a fresh new design. The look of A Star is too good.

  • prakash |21 May,2010 02:51:44 PM

    A-star is a wonderful car with all latest features incorporated. .A star wins when it comes to performance, style, mileage and engine refinement compared with other car in its segment..

  • Ponraj |28 Jun,2010 08:07:25 PM

    If you are really looking for a car comfortable for 4 and a good engine with a good package... close your eyes and go for Beat... if you are really looking for Ritz i would really say better go for the SWIFT with the same version hopefully 12k will be more which is great car. look wise Ritz is never been a head turner it is the most ugliest car Maruti has ever produced.

  • nagesh |19 Jul,2010 11:37:40 PM

    hey, have you ever tried beat? So poor mileage. If you sit on the drivers seat, you look like sitting on the floor. Ritz is a tall boy. When you travel in beat for just 10 kms your feet get paining. Rear seats also does not offer any comfort. Ritz offers real comfort and good aftersales service.Beat offers only beauty. If you want a beautiful car then go for beat

    madan |16 Jan,2011 04:53:52 PM

    Looks do matter..but comfort is most important...since we sit in the same place for hours...we tend to forget this very important point while buying a car. RITZ is very comfortable in sitting and space. The headroom and legroom and soft sitting gives a pleasant feel...and keep u fresh and tension free even in jam....For now RITZ is best in comfort. May be there r many good looking cars....BUT.

  • Vijendra |04 Aug,2010 10:20:35 AM

    I purchased a Ritz Vxi in Aug'2009

  • Rana |09 Aug,2010 10:43:38 PM

    I own a Ritz ZXi and have very good ownership experience. The engine, 4 Cyl 1.2 liters with 85 BHP is the most powerful of all the hatchback. Engine is silky smooth. Interior space and design is really good. Good headroom and legroom, airy inside.AC is excellent. Price is justified considering the peace of mind you get from a maruti product.

  • K Pramod Hejib |26 Aug,2010 04:25:05 PM

    Hi! I am owning Ritz Vxi since 10 months. My experience with Ritz is simply awsome. I have total satisifaction with driving comfort, pickup, fuel consumption etc. It's great car to own. Thank you Maruti K Pramod Hejib Hyderabad

  • Kumar |29 Aug,2010 07:53:26 PM

    I took test drive of Ritz, felt that Steering is very heavy. On slow speeds it requires good amount of effort for a full turn. Is my observation true, has anyone else felt the same way.

  • vipul |12 Sep,2010 11:48:23 AM

    I baught Ritz VXI in Sep 10. excellent purchase ..and value for money good maneuvering,mileage and comfortable, good boot space too..

  • HImadri Roy |13 Sep,2010 05:09:20 PM

    I'm a Maruti Loyalist. I want to buy a new car in budget around Rs. 5.00 lacs. It has to be spacious and should be able to accomodate 5 persons. Which car should I go?

    parthi |21 Dec,2010 12:03:39 AM

    Maruti RITZ VDI ABS is a mini SUV

  • RITESH |24 Sep,2010 09:57:01 PM


    suresh |18 Feb,2011 10:44:40 AM

    i think u r a TOMATO POTATO.

  • S S Patil |17 Oct,2010 11:58:17 PM

    True I agree Ritesh there is no comparison with BEAT & Ritz coz a complete package is BEAT with proper costing where as people just go buy name Maruti people here need to open there eyes to explore the globe & not to compare Ritz with Swift as the Maruti Dealers do that's really sad about Maruti

    kranthi kumar |13 Oct,2011 05:08:44 PM

    Hi all can any body tell which car is better to buy for me, either ritz or beat or i10 or nissan micra. Please advice me.

  • Achal |21 Oct,2010 05:20:56 PM

    If u talk about Ritz, I find it a great Deal in comparison with Beat..Coz the comfort level u find with Ritz is nt there with beat. another point is wen I sat in beat I found it very uncomfortable on driving seat. Front as well as rear space is not at all impressive..Ritz comes up with a good amount of loyality and smoothness into it.

  • sushil |09 Nov,2010 12:42:16 PM

    although a comfortable,good FE but not vfm

  • Andy |24 Nov,2010 09:56:42 AM

    Hi, I am planning to bye BEAT LT model. After reading all comments, I am confused now. Can anyone guide me whether I should go for it or not. It will be my first CAR. I know human expectations are endless, but I am worried about service and performance.

    Rajeev |24 Nov,2010 11:25:55 PM

    Just Test Drive Ritz

    ajay |15 Dec,2010 04:52:29 PM

    test drove almost all the cars from 4 lakh to 5 lakh. justgo for ritz dude. myself got ritz vxi. truley adorable car.

  • latumoni barman |27 Nov,2010 01:55:57 AM

    hi, i am also planning for a chevy beat...but am confused...i drove many cars (including Ritz)...but my budget is within 4 lakhs this please some one help me to find out a proper choice...

    CarDekho Team |27 Nov,2010 02:16:37 PM

    The Chevrolet Beat is a good option while we advise you to also check out the Hyundai i10 Kapp2 which is also a very good small car in this segment. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    latumoni barman |27 Nov,2010 11:00:49 PM

    thanks for your suggestion...if i go for an alto k10, then will it be a good choice for me??? because i want to have the car within 4 lakhs on road...please help...

    Vinu |05 Jul,2011 11:30:00 PM

    Alto K10 Vs Beat vs i10 kappa vs wagonR vs Estilo. Beat is the King here. But Ritz vs Beat. I am also confused

  • Vipin Chawla |24 Dec,2010 07:56:11 PM

    I own a Ritz Lxi...I can share my experience ..So far I have been driving for around 2 months ..Its a wonderful car..Its mileage is little less around 11.5-12 in city and around 14.5-15 on road..But overall you feel its like a Sedan, very being a Maruti car we can always rely on it..Its make is almost like Swift and has a sporty look...

  • ganesh thakur |09 Jan,2011 10:14:16 AM

    HI, want to purchase a small car. confused between ford figo zxi, i10 megna, beat LT

    CarDekho Team |10 Jan,2011 12:49:43 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that you can opt for Hyundai i10 or Chevrolet Beat. The major advantage of purchasing Hyundai i10 can be its better resale value, good mileage and low maintenance cost. Chevrolet Beat is also a good option the car is efficient in terms of power and acceleration, the company offers 3 years warranty on Chevrolet Beat.Looks of Chevrolet Beat are quite impressive. For Figo no doubt a good car but the maintenance cost and mileage can be the major concern. For further assistance you can send us your contact number on our id and one of our auto experts will assist you as soon as possible. Thanks

    LT COL ND KARMARKAR |28 Jan,2011 02:36:22 PM

    hi am a serving army officer and get posted to places in the country fonnd of driving it down in own car have owned a lancer, xylo, maruti planning to shift to a new hatchback now priority is - 1. resale value after 3-4 yrs 2. fuel effeciency reqd more than 20 kpl 3. petrol engine preferred 4. service outlets and good coverage 5. to seat max 4 pers pleas advice max budget all inclusive 4- 4.5 lacs thnx and regardds

    CarDekho Team |28 Jan,2011 04:54:26 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Alto K10 is a good car in terms of excellent mileage. The car gives mileage of 15.0 kmpl in city conditions and 20.2 kmpl on highways. The car is powered by 1.0 liter K series engine. It has got suffcient space and excellent power. Thanks

    gourab |09 Sep,2011 11:43:17 PM

    hey!!!!old alto(bs 4) and alto k10 both have interior space...and although the legroom in rear seats of both the altos are less but its good in the frnt....but true value fr money car is alto...and if u want performance in a small car go for k10...but dont think alto is mere it can easily touch 150 without vibrations....its engine is magical... and its truely reliable....with a alto u cn go on and on....

  • Kalpesh |13 Jan,2011 09:43:01 AM

    Hi guys , I want to buy a small car which car I should go for ? Beat / new wagon r CNG /i10 ? Its my 1St car . Pls advice me.

  • jayasde |22 Jan,2011 12:22:36 AM

    Only a dump can compare ritz and Beat Beat is a dump car .. go for Ritz ..

  • Asn |28 Jan,2011 10:04:51 AM

    not all of this is correct... u havnt mentioned anythin abt engines... K12M and S-TECII ... S-TEC-II is totally crap... gud for city drivin... also drivin above 100 kmph is a forgettable experience.n in case of K12M party actually starts after 100kmph.. so free revving.. its the best 1.2 litre engine ever made in india... n its the best in class..(Overdrive Engine of the year 2011) .. it might be stylish n easy on the pocket... but in the longer run... maruti definitely has the advantage... no doubt... you shudnt have compared both cars in first place... compare the beat only with i10.. n cars like that....

  • manoraj |28 Jan,2011 11:26:33 PM

    what diffrace of LPG and CNG PLZ TELL ME

  • SHAIL |01 Feb,2011 11:00:02 AM

    ritz is more and more better in performance than beat... beat has lots of features but it doesn't hv so much space... looks of both cars is awesome... beat doesn't has diesel variant we can see petrol prices are increasing day by day... guys if u want buy a car for now.. dont be get confuse go and buy ritz...otherwise wait for beat diesel... beat diesel would be better in price and performance...

  • DipakSen |08 Feb,2011 06:03:12 AM

    Comfort--excellent/Milage--quite good/After asle service--excellent//Pricing--compatible considering quality.Most spacious in its category and price.I am quite satisfied and I have no complain.

  • DipakSen |08 Feb,2011 06:04:25 AM

    Happy using it for about a year.

  • anuragverma |10 Feb,2011 11:14:12 PM

    beat roars at speed of 100km/hr means sluggish engine

  • Anurag |20 Mar,2011 11:22:24 PM

    In terms of maintenance costs,safety features(ABS etc.),better performance which is better among Chevrolet Beat LT,Hyuindai i10 (Magna kappa2),Maruti A-Star Zxi?

  • kt |22 Mar,2011 08:42:51 PM


  • shriyani |26 Mar,2011 08:07:36 PM

    hi i am really confused between the Chevy Beat LS and Ritz vxi...this is my second car and I am really confused about what to buy. I also heard from a couple of friends thar beat gives a really bad mileage of around 10kmpl in the city. Also suggest if i10 woulg be a good idea. which is the best one for me?

    kt |28 Mar,2011 07:56:05 PM

    go for ritz vxi as it has 14' tyre size...bigger than i10 and beat..even a 6 feet tall person can comfortably drive it..85 ps power more than i10 and beat..ritz has engine immoblizer while beat doesn't have...seats of ritz are more comfortable ....ritz ground clearance is 170mm while others is 165mm..ritz havE both rear and front fog lamps for better road prsesnce..

  • Rahul |27 May,2011 04:45:12 PM

    I want to purchase a car between 4-4.5 lacs. I m confused which one to buy C. Beat, M. Ritz, F. Figo or H. I 10. Please advice.

  • deepak |04 Jul,2011 02:24:33 PM

    go for ritz its awesome car. I have bought ritz zxi and got its mileage of 18 with decent drive with 50% ac on

  • Vineesh |06 Jul,2011 12:10:01 AM

    Pls suggest me a car. Beat LS Diesel vs Vista vs Ritz VDI. I have seen the interiors of beat the front seat is comfortable. Interiors are very impressive. Rear seat is not at all spacious. There was not enough leg room. boot space is also less but still manageable. Rear seat is also small in width. But after pushing front seat completely forward, rear seat became spacious(But driving seat lost its comfort & space) Personally i would like to go for a beat because of its great looks, diesel mileage(on paper) and it fit my pocket perfectly. I can also stretch my budget a bit and buy a RITZ VDI. But i never been in RITZ. I have to check it in showroom. Another option is vista which i have traveled around few times. It offers great comfort & space for every one and i feel it is a complete package. But I am not a fan of TATA. So please suggest me a car. My max budget in bangalore is 6.15 Lakhs. I am not considering ford figo bcos of its ordinary looks both - interior & exterior, poor mileage, power and generally ford's high maintenance cost. Also only considering diesel engines. I am 174 cm in height. But only 2 member family. I will use the car for 10 years or more. This will be my first car. More importantly i will be booking my car in next 20 days.

    deepak |30 Jul,2011 10:35:36 AM

    Go for ritz diesel.Don't ever go for newly launched vehicles as companies used to launch the vehicles with known defects due to launching pressure.only smart customers can identify those. i am an automobile engineer really understand the launching pressure

  • balakrishnan nair |19 Jul,2011 05:03:30 PM

    I have bought a Ritz in November 2010. About 4000 KMs convered. Performancewise I am happy. I am getting 15 KMs average per litre. Look of the car - it is individual choice.

  • ravi jois |13 Aug,2011 11:25:46 AM

    i went for test drive both beat and ritz VDI, but in beat the luggauge space is very less and for one day drive it is good, not for long trip. it is very light when compared to ritz, yes milage wise both are good, in my view ritz is good driving comfort is fantastic, and only the prize little higher

  • shruti |30 Sep,2011 07:00:18 PM

    confused between ritz vxi & beat Lt. this is my first car... kindly suggest

  • mithlesh gupta |10 Oct,2011 07:08:13 PM

    i think maruti is promoted by dealers they get huge commission and after sales service is good only when u give them money and Chevrolet beat is new in market people are afraid of taking risk and ritz is not at all good from inside old fashion car outdated after 2 year .

  • jayant nimje |27 Oct,2011 07:58:41 PM

    Hi, I am planning to buy disel car. I have shortlisted Figo ZXI, Ritz Genus VDi, Tata vista LX. I am little confused which should I buy.. Please help to take the decision. Thanks, Jayant

  • Rajeev RG |25 Nov,2011 01:27:06 AM

    Hi Am looking for a new car and confused with Ritz VXI and Santro GLS LPG. pls advice me.....this will be my first car...

  • sushil giri |04 Jun,2012 03:06:43 PM

    iwant purchege ritz vdi but iam not sore .please sugest the right disegans

    Amit |18 Jun,2012 11:16:56 PM

    Sushil go for it

  • Amit |18 Jun,2012 11:15:58 PM

    Guys this is a real confusion while taking a car .... i have both Ritz VDI and Chevvy, i would definately advise to go for Ritz ...... the price of diesel variant is a little higher but would say full paisa wasool ..... the vehicle is powerful as compared to chevy on roads, on road unlike his tall body it grips on the road at high speeds ..... only thing i dont like is Engine noise in cabin which is ok with this deal .... average is good in ritz as compared to chevy .... lot of things but would always recommend Ritz. The slice on highway in case of ritz is awesome :)

  • praveen Bansal |22 Oct,2012 09:29:01 PM

    I have Ritz Vdi and i purchase it in march 2011 now i almost complete 1and half year to drives it and i drive my Ritz upto 22000km and i only say about it that its performance mileage comfort and design all are uncomparable by any car in this segment. It is very cute and great car. I LOVE MY RITZ because its never makes me sad at driving time such a great and cheapest in mantenance car THANKS 2 U MARUTI SUZUKI TO MAKES THAT GREAT LUXURIOUS CAR IN CHEAP BUDGET

  • Babu |24 Jan,2013 11:29:06 AM

    Hi : For better car interior cleaning in Bangalore pls contact to 7829523299

  • p sankaranarayanan |18 Feb,2013 06:06:17 PM

    on seeing all the above comments,i am also totally confused.

  • pradheep |12 Jul,2013 07:19:19 PM

    i am planning to buy a car i got confused which one i can go for either Ritz VXI or Beat Dissel.. please suggest me.

  • L.K.Sukhlecha |27 Jul,2013 09:54:39 PM

    Dear all I am 53 yrs. I own Maruti 800 '89 model, still in satisfactory condition.105000 Kms run. I have gone through the comments. I plan to replacement. Increasing Petrol cost is my concern. Low maintenance cost is also a criteria. Price v/s comfort could have some trade off, although price is a major concern. would any one who is using that model for at-least two yrs suggest me 1.Whether to go for Diesel version in view of general perception that maintenance cost of Diesel vehicle is higher. 2. Brand and variant. Thanks.

  • R K Rana |22 Sep,2013 11:43:07 AM

    the review given by Mr. Ashish is utterly biased, by just 1 drive.. to get an assumption of having the knowledge about the car/product is absolutely absurd. And i request the admin to filterate such post/reviews as they create a wrong propaganda.

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