Hyundai i10 : Very Good In Mileage

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Pros : Charming looks, good interiors

Cons : AC quality

The i10 is a car for the people who like comfort for all passengers and the driver. The mileage is very satisfactory. The car comes with electric power steering. It makes the drive memorable. However, at the beginning, the car may have some problem as some noise is heard when it passes over a bump or a pothole. But after one or two services, it disappears. It's very comfortable, good mileage, fine pickup and reliable. Among negatives, the car behaves differently when 4-5 people are sitting. A little power lag with AC on can be felt. Hyundai i10 model is perfect in providing mileage as well as performance. Especially the performance of the vehicle in a contested city conditions is very good. It is easy to park and well designed to provide. It has a silent engine which is also capable of providing good mileage.

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  • Srinivas |17 Dec,2009 03:41:19 PM

    I am palnning to sale my two months old NANO. If any one is interested please contact me. Color: Lunar Silver Model: LX Srinivas 9642733369

    Chandra |17 Apr,2011 11:12:51 AM

    please givem me all details Chandra

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    navratn |01 Nov,2012 09:41:12 AM

    were are you located?

    jagadish rajbingshi |19 Dec,2015 09:19:11 PM

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  • jtj |07 May,2010 09:31:44 PM

    very funny111

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  • rohit |23 Sep,2010 12:22:16 AM

    its a poor mileage car, not a perfect value of money. japanese people r relly mad as they r manufacturing such a poor mileage and high maintanance car. i have i10 magna, i am getting mileage of 10 to 11 km/ltr. and company is claiming 19 km/ ltr. they think Indian people r fool.i will suggest either improve your technology or stop fooling people. really dissappointed with this car. i have maruti swift which is far better than this car.

    berlin |08 Dec,2010 12:22:53 PM

    your valuable advice for thinking to purchase Maruthi swift. I wish u him all sucess for coming years .................... Berlin 9894233500

    T V V N S C RAJU |24 May,2011 09:39:17 AM

    same with my i10 magna too. it is giving 12-13 km in high way. initially i use to get very good mileage 18-20 Km/ltr after 1st servcing my mileage has dropped. In city 7-8 km/ltr

    test |20 May,2015 10:48:15 AM


    test |20 May,2015 10:48:40 AM


    bhuvan |26 Jul,2011 01:12:56 PM

    evn i own a i10 kappa2, i get similar milage..

    Mmohammed |05 Aug,2011 02:24:32 PM

    Hondai is korean company and swift is japanese is from suzuki japan ,,, you like swift na.. why you are blamming japanese , think

    dinesh |24 Apr,2012 10:51:44 PM

    company claims for 20kmpl but my i10 1.2 KAPPA but giving 10 kmpl without A/C in delhi & 13.5 on highway without A/C,i complained to service center & says ur driving sense is not good while my other car is zen ESTILO which giving milege on highway 20 kmpl with the same driving sense

    AK |27 Apr,2012 03:53:25 PM

    I totally agree with you. Investing moeny in Hyundai i10 is a waste. Company makes false claims of 14-15 km/l. It just gives 9-11

    Hari |08 Jun,2012 11:55:49 AM

    Hi Guys, I have gone through all reviews on Hyundai i10 in this site and there can't be a bigger divide and contradictory opinion that what i have seen here. I don't know how a same model can give different mileage to different people. I was planning to buy i10 sportz AT kappa 1.2 and this forum did not help me a bit has left me confused colleague claims his Sportz AT gives a mileage of 13-14km in city with a/c.. i am sure one of you would reply that it gives only 8-9 km :-) :-(

    Santhosh |12 Jun,2012 08:07:45 PM

    Hi Folks, I bought i10 1.2 Kappa2 - Sportz 6 months back,,,finished two free services,,,it gives 13 to 14kmpl with full A/C in City and around 15-16kmpl with full A/c (with 5 members ) on Long drive,,,,,,hope it would give more better mileage(around 18 to 20kmpl) if i use A/c whenver required,,,,,,I suggest you to gor for i10 which is a very good car in looks, performance, comfort, mileage, style,

    sri |05 Sep,2013 11:28:20 AM

    what is the ideal speed you drive your car in extracting 18 kmpl i have taken my car for 700 Km drive and just completed 3450 kms its 1 year old car going for 2nd service still i have obtained 10 in city and 16 in highway as the max !! help me how to achieve more mileage

    abhijit chetia |14 Aug,2012 02:32:59 PM

    rohit first of all hyundai is a korean company secondly m gettin a mileage of 16 in highway,city dosnt mattr coz depends on traffic. thirdly if u hav a swift y keep d hyundai... now frm above it can only b derived eithr u dnt hav d vechile (atleast u sud knw d make of car u r drivin) or ur drivin is screwed up.. excuse my lingo.....jst dnt comment only for d sake of commentin.. hav a good day

    Suresh |06 Jun,2013 06:39:51 PM

    Our I 10 is giving 11.9023 kmpl in city without A/C and 15.234 kmpl outside city limits without A/C. If you turn on A/c then mileage will drop by 20%.

  • ap vedagiri |26 Sep,2010 10:41:59 AM

    car i10 good ap vedagiri veda vyasa school nellore 524003 9704887422

  • SKMATHUR |27 Sep,2010 11:44:51 AM


  • Yogesh Patel |27 Sep,2010 11:41:48 PM

    In respect of mailage, maintanence and economic, which car is better between New Maruti Wagon R or Hyundai i10. I have both option, kindly give us your advise. I am planning to purchase new one very shortly.

  • Kumar |05 Oct,2010 12:51:34 PM

    This is nice

  • DR.RAJBIR S.GARCHA |11 Oct,2010 10:03:02 AM

    yes i1o is the fuel efficient cars at this moment . but to have good average you have to focus your attention on so many factors . out of this your habbit of driving & traffic rush is the most important . i have driven 8000 km in an year . in city this car gives me an average of 14- 15 km/L. BUT I WAS AMAZED TO FIND AN AVERAGE OF 17.5 KM/L N THE WAY TO KASAULI FROM MANDI GOBIND GARH WITH MOST OF THE TIME AC ON . IN CITY DUE TO POLLUTION I NEVER OPEN THE WINDOWS , KEEPING AC ON ALL THE. AND REMEBER DON,T DRIVE ABOVE 80 KM/H. THAT IS MY EXPERIENCE WITH THIS CAR USING IT FOR AN YEAR. ALL THE BEST FOR I1O USERS , DR. RAJBIR SINGH GARCHA 11.10.2010

  • DR.RAJBIR S.GARCHA |11 Oct,2010 10:21:04 AM


    sreeram |28 Feb,2011 02:13:25 PM

    after first service milage jumped from 14km/l to 18.5/l (high way).i am satisfied with my car(i10 magna 1.2l)

  • Rajesh |22 Oct,2010 05:13:15 PM

    never buy i10. It will give you mileage arround 3km/lt.Beleive it or not, but it's true for my car. Go for maruti only for better mileage.

    rahul |27 Dec,2010 01:31:12 AM

    please dont do negative publicity....

    Akash |12 Jun,2012 01:07:56 PM

    He is telling the wright thing

    ash |21 Mar,2011 11:06:22 PM

    Rajesh: i think you don't know the driving or you don't know how to calculate mileage...pls learn first these thinks before posting such fool comments...

    abhishek |02 May,2011 10:47:53 PM

    i guess u are talkin abt rolls royce or bugatti veyron.............

    altaf |23 May,2011 01:23:15 PM

    ...or Formula 1 !!!

    rajendra pawar |12 Mar,2012 03:53:16 PM

    dont trust these people they are making bad publicity

    D Krishnamurthy |14 Apr,2012 11:52:19 AM

    Do go my Mr. Rajesh's comments. As commented by some people on his remarks, either He is not thru with his driving skills or don't know how to calculate fuel average on 4 wheeler. I too have i10 kappa2 sportz and i have driven almost 6000 kms of which around 5000 kms almost in AC and i have driven exclusively in the city of Ahmedabad. I am getting an average of 12-12.50 in city driving conditions. I had been to Ambaji Twice. With 75% trip with Ac on, I got an average of around 18.75 kmpl which is encouraging. According to my experience on i10, in highway we should get around 20 kmpl if we drive around 80-100 kmph speed. So, buddys please do not go by the foolish comments of Mr. Rajesh. i10 kappa2 is superb and value for money particularly in handling, engine performance in city conditions where maruti is a DABBA against the i10.

    Tom Jose |31 May,2012 08:06:49 PM

    3km per liter. Rajesh...Are you only driving in first gear..always..???? I10 returns an average of 15 to 16 in medium traffic city, with 60percent AC and returns up to 19 on highways. If full AC dont expect more than 14 in city. But highways it will return..aproximate 17 to 18.

    RANA |04 Jun,2012 10:18:48 PM

    Hi, I have I10 ERA IRDE2 bought 2 months back in bangalore and learnt driving 3 months before. I got a mileage of 12-13 (without a/c) in city but after 1st servicing i observed it reduced to 10. I am hardly driving in highway so not much experience in highway mileage. I ready travel 400km. Don't you think it should give better mileage after 1st servicing ?? thanks

    Sas |29 Aug,2012 05:50:18 PM

    There must be a leakage in your fuel tank.... Otherwise it won't make sence to any people who actually drive cars...

    ajaz |09 Jan,2014 08:37:41 PM

    do u really own a i10 or jst a fanatic fan of maruti my frnd 4 yr old i10 cars give 21+ on highway and my is brand new jst completed 2000km and avg on highway iz 16kmpl

    Maheswaran |06 Jun,2014 05:00:34 PM

    Do check whether Jagur engine fitted to you€™re by mistake€¦

  • kunal satija |03 Nov,2010 02:08:44 AM

    3km/lt...if you want to do negative publicity...atleast talk some sense...

  • Tarun Kumar Divakar |12 Nov,2010 07:35:02 PM

    I am thinking to buy a car (i10 Sportz or Beat LT); suggest which will the best car.

    Chandan |02 May,2011 03:37:05 PM

    Both the cars are good in this segment. Feature wise, you will get more in Beat LT,then in i10 sportz and also i10 is little bit over priced. Beat LT is cheaper than i10. If you are short, below 5'5 don't opt for Beat...visibility is very less in Beat because of sporty look.

  • By Team CarDekho |13 Nov,2010 02:28:21 PM

    The i10 Sportz has just received a refreshing and has a very refined engine with the added VTVT tech and also has loads of goodies on it now, on the other hand the Beat has a very different looks, space age exteriors and futuristic dash. The i10 has more power while the Beat has more efficiency. Try both the cars and zero in on one. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • adi |21 Nov,2010 06:09:32 PM

    hey u all have confuzed me so im going to buy tata indigo ecs yaar now gud na

  • paras |27 Nov,2010 05:13:30 PM

    hiii all pls help that i m confuse that which car best for me between i10 nd wagnor. i like i10 but some people said that i10 has plastic body in front bumper nd back not pure metelic. its a true or not. pls help me nd this is my first car so pls help me.

  • ovais ahmad |30 Nov,2010 08:16:55 AM

    i am planing to buy i10 era or chevrolet spark ps 1.0,which is better,help me

  • robby |03 Dec,2010 01:35:59 AM

    i want to buy i1o magna1.1 & swift vxi which is best in avg.& low mantainance i run only 300k.m. per month suggs. me

    rahul |27 Dec,2010 01:33:06 AM

    mr. robby dont go for swift vxi....mileage of swift is very poor...

    chandan |02 May,2011 03:40:56 PM

    You cannot compare i10 1.1 magna with Swift VXI, Swift Vxi comes with all the features and magna 1.1 falls in lower version. If you run only 300K/month go for magna

  • paras |09 Dec,2010 01:42:14 PM

    hiii all pls help me that between i10 and 120 which car is the best nd also i want to know that how much difference in maintenance. its a very big diference or just a little bit ? pls help i want 2 buy in next 10 day's

  • om narayan |17 Dec,2010 07:25:51 PM

    hello sir ! i have purchased i10 1.1(next gen). this is good very good in comfort .

  • yukul |06 Jan,2011 01:36:40 PM

    i dnt like i10 ....because of mileage and space...i prefer maruti wagonr..the new maruti wagonr is better than new i10

  • Sudip Majumder |07 Jan,2011 01:17:56 PM

    Hi , I want to buy a hatchback model either i10- 1.2 Magna or Ford Figo- LXI. Pls suggest me which one is best from performance & comfort point of view.

    CarDekho Team |07 Jan,2011 06:34:14 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Hyundai i10 magna is a fantastic car, the performance of the car has been excellent, the car gives mileage of 15.4 kmpl in city conditions and 19.2 kmpl on highways. The dealership and service network of Hyundai is more as compared to Ford. The resale value of Hyundai i10 is good and also its maintenance cost is low as compared to Ford. Thanks

    MV Kumar |15 Jan,2011 08:21:43 AM

    Dear CarDekhoTeam, I had been driving i10 Magna for the past 10 months and it hardly gave 11-12 KMPL in city and 13.5-14.5 KMPL on highway Long drive. Advertisement giving as 19.2 KMPL is only fooling around. I would not suggest this car to those looking for a better mileage. Further one needs to compromise with the cabin space constraint.

    Prasad |14 Apr,2011 03:33:46 PM

    I bought i10-magna 1.2 10months back. My car mileage is 10kmpl within city and ~15kmpl on highway with AC... I never think it touches 19/20kmpl. its just a foolish number to me. Interiors wise, its a nice car.

  • prakash |07 Jan,2011 08:24:18 PM

    Please guide me which is the best car (mileage& look)within the range of 4.75 lakhs?

  • priyakant |26 Jan,2011 03:55:37 PM

    how much to milege this car i10 sports petrol

    CarDekho Team |27 Jan,2011 12:26:53 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Hyundai i10 sportz gives mileage of 15.4 kmpl in city conditions and 19.2 kmpl on highways. For more details you can send us your contact number on our id and one of our auto experts will assist you. Thanks

    Ajay |12 Jun,2012 04:34:07 AM

    I bought i10 sportz 1.2 version in sep'2011. driven around 3500 kms so far. In city traffic of visakhapatnam, i am getting around 10 km/ltr or sometimes even less. & around 14 km/ltr on highway. I have been driving card since 13 years. I am really disappointed with I10's performance in terms of mileage and pickup in 2nd gear which is terrible. Done with 2 services so far, but I was promised that mileage will improve, which hasn't so far. Please advise me what to do, bcoz I dont feel something wrong with my driving habits.

    Tarun Singh |19 Oct,2012 08:31:32 PM

    I am in confusion to bye the car. I have two option I-10 sportz or Ritz. Ur Kind suggestion is required to help. I like i10 but some says that average is very poor. Can u guide what average exactly it gives in city with AC

  • laleet |06 Feb,2011 11:41:00 PM

    im confused between i10 magna and sportz.please guide me.thank you

    CarDekho Team |07 Feb,2011 05:34:23 PM

    Dear User, You can opt for Hyundai i10 sportz as it comes equipped with many additional features like company fitted music system with four speakers antenna & USB Aux, rear seat head rest, electronic side mirror, rear spoiler,defogger and wiper & washer. Thanks

  • abhay |07 Feb,2011 09:01:31 PM


    pankaj |10 Mar,2011 12:03:37 AM

    how much does it cost onroad any discounts i m also planning to buy i10 era

  • sonali patil |05 Mar,2011 09:53:21 PM

    I want to buy i1o era & Beat lt & wagan R lxi which is best in avg.& low mantainance suggest me.

  • afsar husain |10 Mar,2011 11:01:07 PM

    i bought new i10 era before 08months. i have driven 2200 kms but this car milleage is very poor in city 10kms and highway 15 km per ltr

  • afsar husain |10 Mar,2011 11:04:08 PM

    pls somebody tell me. what can i do for milleage? i have i10 era.

    VJ |07 Aug,2011 10:41:49 PM

    13kmpl on average in city

  • om narayan |13 Mar,2011 11:52:53 PM

    hi friends ! I have purchased i 10 ERA in nov 2010 ,since begining i m getting mileage of 10 kmpl in city and 12 kmpl on highway . After 1st servicing i m also getting the same mileage. Service centre 's people of ashiyana motors patna are telling that u will get the original mileage of 18kmpl after third servicing that after one year.kindly help me abput the fact. Thanks........

    jaaz |09 Jan,2014 08:48:32 PM

    its like a old wine the older the better its milage

  • paras |17 Mar,2011 02:48:58 PM

    hiii all pls help me that which car is best between i10 magna 1.1 and i10 magna 1.2. and tell me the major differences pls i want to buy on next week.

  • sandeep |20 Mar,2011 04:11:04 PM

    hey all, I am planning to buy a new car, but very confused. I have a budget of Rs 450,000. I am considering Hyundai i10 era,Maruti Estillo & Chevrolet Beat LS. Please help me, which car is best in terms of milage & after sale service.

  • sushant |20 Mar,2011 05:39:04 PM

    am planning to buy a new car, really confused between micra xv petrol or hyundai i10 sportz1.2 petrol, friends pls suggest me which one shall i go for??? all of ur experiences can help me lot to clear my confusion..

  • sailesh kotak |23 Mar,2011 10:21:28 PM

    i plan to buy a car for personnel use daily running is 20-30 km which is better hyundai i10 sportz or maruti ritz lxi or ritz ldi plese tell me

  • pals |27 Mar,2011 06:44:44 PM

    what is the real milage of i10? 10/l or 12/l?

  • Anoop |29 Mar,2011 09:02:04 PM

    I have i10 sportz. I am getting mileage around 13 to 14 after the first service. I wondered whether this low mileage is due to my mileage calculation. Is there any finest way to calculate mileage?

    lucy |17 Apr,2011 01:37:20 PM

    i hav been driving my i10 for 10 mths,the initial mileage was somwhere between 9-10,but after 2000 kms it gives upto14 max in suburban traffic and between 11-12 in city traffic,all these figures with ac on and sensible driving to my knowledge

  • Deben |22 Apr,2011 12:20:58 PM

    I'm planning to buy i10 sportz 1.2 petrol next week. after reading all d comments from cardekho i am confused. my top concern is mileage. kindly suggest.

    Veeresh |10 Sep,2011 12:48:46 AM

    If your concern in mileage, this is not the car you should think....very less mileage. I own Sportz from past one year & very disappointed with this car. 800CC Alto overtaken me on highway imagine how embrassed it will be? Overall package is ok, but mileage, pickup, AC performance & high speed handling is worst

  • Lokesh |23 Apr,2011 05:04:40 PM

    wat is th price of i10 Magna in Lucknow.intend to purchase one within 7 guide me, sir.

  • pradeep |25 Apr,2011 10:30:43 PM

    santro xing is far far better than i10

  • shekhar |01 May,2011 11:31:08 PM

    I'm planning to buy i10 era 1.1 would you tell me how much mileage i get in city & highway plz tell me.

  • ankit singhal |02 May,2011 11:00:10 PM

    can anyone tell me what is the average of new next gen i10 i m planning to purchase it

  • dr.prashant |06 May,2011 12:17:06 PM

    hey..everybody telling milelage of i1o is 10 km/l.i already book this car .now i m confused.

  • Stanley Sequeira |11 May,2011 05:15:01 PM

    Very very bad on mileage. I just get 8.5kmpl. Something seems to be very wrong with the car. I have just driven this car for about 4K kms in about 1.5 years

  • Tarun Kumar Mishra |04 Jun,2011 08:25:37 AM

    Hi, I purchased i10 sportz Next gen on 10/10/10. The mileage of this car is very poor. I am geting 11 to 12 KM in town whearas 13 to 14 in heighway. I have also asked to some people during servicing they also gating same mileage with this car. realy Hyundai is making people fool. when I told to service engineer about mileage, they replyed Hum log kuch nahi kar sakte, yahi max milage hai is gadi ka and Apka driving style sahi nahi hoga etc. My sugestion is that when you are going to pay Rs. 5 Lakh then also see Maruti Swift.

  • R J Pillai |07 Jun,2011 06:00:06 PM

    I booked for one I10 1.2 Magna. After reading certain comments about the milage I am getting confused. Please advise.

  • R J Pillai |07 Jun,2011 06:09:40 PM

    Very recently I booked one I10 Magna very recently. I am now little confused by reading the milage issue. Please advice

  • CarDekho Team |07 Jun,2011 06:13:27 PM

    Expect 14.5 to 14.5 kmpl in city driving condition on the i10 KAPPA2

  • sranja |13 Jun,2011 04:43:32 PM

    Hi, I purchesed i10 Magna in April 2011, The Car performance is superb but looking at mileage then its not value for money , I am geetting mileage of 10-11 in city , I think Maruti small cars are better in mileage compare to Hyundai..

    bhuvan |26 Jul,2011 01:12:22 PM

    evn i own a i10 kappa2, i get similar milage..

  • P.N.RAO |12 Jul,2011 11:48:56 AM

    I havebeen driving i 10 ERA since last three years.I am getting 10-11 kmpl in city and 14.0-14.5 on smooth high way.I understand that most of the vehicles are giving poor mileage.Also the silencer pipe brokedown within 2 1/2 yrs (22000km).In general howmuch time any silencer last- pl.advice me.

  • bhuvan |26 Jul,2011 01:11:03 PM

    i own a i10 kappa2 sports model, bought in december 2010.. the milage of the car is not exctly what they promice. i check my milage regularly.. in cities i get around 11kmpl, at the most 13kmpl... at highways it give me frm 15-16kmpl dats it frnz.. its true dat A little power lag with AC on can be felt. othrwise ride quality is perfect.. NICE CAR BUT NOT THE MOST FUEL EFFICIENT...

  • afsar husain |11 Aug,2011 12:02:11 PM

    i am telling to my friends i10 is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy poorrrrrrrrrrr in milleage.i bought i10 era in 14 august 2010.agencies people told to my family milleage in city 12-13 and highway 17-18 but now i am getting 10 in city and highwy 15 max not using ac.can somebody advice me i can complaint to hyundai h.o if they will not listen then i will give add to any news paper.i want to create problem for this agencies in lucknow.this will be my last service.

    SRIDHAR |11 Feb,2012 01:59:18 PM

    ya its true

  • afsar husain |11 Aug,2011 12:29:50 PM

    i bought this car from sas hyundai lucknow.if they will not solve milleage prpblem then i shall think.what can i do for hyundai and sas hyundai.coz they are cheating with customers.

  • Ranjit Kr Shah |15 Aug,2011 10:50:26 AM

    I wanted to buy i10 car but one friend told me that millage is not sufficient so please advice what car i can buy please.

  • ajimon |23 Aug,2011 03:42:55 PM

    I feel I am the proud owner of Hyundai i10 and having 10 ltr of mileage after the first service and probably expects more mileage proir up to what u promise.otherwise, I feel regretted.

  • manikandan |24 Aug,2011 09:19:55 PM

    hi pa i am planning to purchase hyundai i10 but i saw the all the letter most of them told it is very very poor milage given in city up to 8 to 10 km its ture or falls and finally can i purchase hyundai i10 best car or tell me the other pur. best car please

  • anish parikh |31 Aug,2011 02:38:58 PM

    I purchased the New gen i10 Magna on 12/12/10, Even after 2 service & 3000 km running till date, it gives 10km/lt in city which is pathetic compare to the Hyundai's assurance of 20.36 ltr. Atleast we should get 15-16 km/lt in city 18-19 km/lt on Highway. Is Hyundai Management is listening. Don't fool people, one day you will be fooled when your sales will reduce drasticaly. Its our harden money which is wasted by buying Hyundai car.

  • Srinivas |31 Aug,2011 04:38:14 PM

    I purchased New Next Gen i10 Sportz.. For first three months i gave me a good mileage up to 14-15km but after 2nd service it is just giving me 9-10 km in city... Its worst to say that Hyundai Management is fooling all the people... Plz be carefully if you really want to go for a mileage car.. I've complaint to the KUN Hyundai Service team, Hyd but no proper response for the service team...

  • PRADEEP KAUSHIK |10 Sep,2011 06:31:14 PM

    I purchase hyndai I10 Magna 1.2 kappa engine so i feel that regarding in mileage is very poor milege gives me in city 10kmpl & highway only 15-16kmpl. So That Hyndai i10 magna is very bad car in my advice.

    Manesh P.M. |16 Aug,2013 04:22:03 PM

    Hi friend, I have purchased this car on 2011 may. In the initial stage I have also the same problem with the mileage. But sometimes my brother in law also used my car for some drives. I have discussed with him about the mileage he told me he is getting good mileage while he is driving. So went with him for a drive. I realised that it is because of my driving I am not getting mileage. Now I am getting around 20kmpl average. I had the habit of changing the gear down before it come to 1500 rpm. now as per the engine sound varying i am trying to change the gear and I am getting a good mileage.

  • ditto devassy |08 Jan,2012 12:37:16 AM

    see,i totaly confused.bcoz the above reading is saying about the mileage problem.i need to know that any fact is there.y i asking means ibooked for i10 era.within 10days will get.please send the fact?

  • Sanju |20 Feb,2012 07:17:36 PM

    Recently I checked my I10 mileage.It was pathetic.Out of 400 km driven(100-city & 300 on Highway,I got only 11-12 km/l overall.

  • shrawan yadav |02 Mar,2012 10:12:36 PM

    i am planning to buy a car within Rs.5 lakh .my monthly running is about 600 km.I M intending to buy maruti swift,K10,wagon R,i10.kindly help me to take a best decision

    KingM |31 Mar,2012 08:05:01 PM

    If you people want good mileage then why do you buy cars like i10? Buy a car like alto or nano, it will give you more than 20 km/l or 25 km/l mileage. You people rip the powerful vehicle @ speed of 120-140 and you say you want 15-20 km/l mileage and also you keep stalling the vehicle for more than 10 mins with A/C in city traffic signals and then again you want mileage. Hhahah, 12 km/l is ideal to vehicles in this segment. I challenge no vehicle will give you more than 12-13 km/l in these conditions. Maybe women can get nearly 15 km/l it they are good drivers.

  • Manoj |31 Mar,2012 08:06:10 PM

    f you people want good mileage then why do you buy cars like i10? Buy a car like alto or nano, it will give you more than 20 km/l or 25 km/l mileage. You people rip the powerful vehicle @ speed of 120-140 and you say you want 15-20 km/l mileage and also you keep stalling the vehicle for more than 10 mins with A/C in city traffic signals and then again you want mileage. Hhahah, 12 km/l is ideal to vehicles in this segment. I challenge no vehicle will give you more than 12-13 km/l in these conditions. Maybe women can get nearly 15 km/l it they are good drivers.

  • Jayaprakash |14 Apr,2012 12:33:57 AM

    I use i10 era for the last 3 years. It is better than maruti alto, wagoonR and estilo in driving comfort. It give a mileage of 21 KM in long route.

  • ARGHYADEEP DAS |09 May,2012 01:20:00 PM

    I m planning to buy i10 magna 1.2. How much is itz maintainance cost.. plz someone suggest meeeee

  • Sibsagar |10 Jun,2012 09:40:13 AM

    I have purchased i10 astha auto but such a small car gives only 8 to 9 km/lt whereas Honda city, a sedan used to give me 12 km/ lt in same condition. The service dealer says that i10 auto gives only 7 to 9 km/lt in city condition. Whoever may say anything, this my experience. With rising petrol price one must be very careful and always look for alternatives before being fooled into buying this car.

    Ashok Anand |13 Jul,2012 03:35:35 PM

    I lives in Delhi and I bought 1.2 Magna One month back, i made a trip of mussoorie the very next day, it gave me a mlieaage of 14.5 (with 60% AC ON) after running around 1200 KM in last 15 days, I got it first service I thought mileage will improve but surprisingly my cars mileage dropped to 8 KM, I complained to service centre as to what they have done, now they have retuned the engine ater scanning it, Lets see what mileage it gives ahead.

  • gargeswar kalita |13 Oct,2012 10:10:51 PM

    I purchase i10sportz car on 29-10-2011.After Ist and 2nd servicing it gives me only 11-12 km milage only . I feel it to be an deceitful commitment of Hyundai that the car gives 20km milage. It is completelyfailed car. Before buying a car everyone should be care for the future stoke of fuel of the world.If someone buy i10 sportz car mere depeding on advertisement of Hyundai the stoke of the petrol will be exhausted within a short period. For the greater interest of the future generation one should buy other fuel efficient car.

  • TM |14 Apr,2013 11:31:17 AM

    I am having an i10 for the last 3 years. Mileage is very poor .. It seems generally Hyundai mileage is very poor. I got the feedback from one of my friends as well.

  • vvnb |14 Jun,2013 11:37:22 AM

    i am planning to buy petrol version of i10 or i20..which car is better w.r.t mileage point of view.. from the mileage statistics i10 is showing good numbers cmprd to i20.. any genuine owner of i10....pls mention the actual mileage in traffic and highways... thank you

    naren |25 Jun,2013 02:55:06 PM

    i10-12 kim in city 16 in high way with full ac....(hyderabad)

  • Sonu...... |02 Jul,2013 05:46:08 PM

    Hi, i'm planning to buy a car by next month and confused between Huyndai i10 Sportz Kappa2 and Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI. Those who are already using any one of these cars can share your experience that would help me to narrow down my choice.

    JOSE DANIEL |16 Aug,2013 04:19:11 PM

    Hai Sonu, I'm having Huyndai i10 Magna ( Feb 2010). Its giving a mileage of 15 in city & 18 on highway with ac on. I recommend for i10 only. New models are cute looking too with turn indicators on ORVM. Solid body than maruti. Best wishes

  • Anand |26 Jul,2013 10:58:01 AM

    Please provide feedback on i10 magna 1.1, planning to buy

  • rohanjaiswal |08 Sep,2013 10:53:09 PM

    I have buy i10 era in nov'12 it is giving mileage of 11-12 km in city driving and 15-16 km on highway with ac,some time it gave me 18-19 kms without ac on highway.Very fun to drive but felt lac of power when ac is on.

  • prabakaran |24 Sep,2014 03:49:57 PM

    I bought the I10 Era, 3 months back, have driven around 600 kms, most of the time I m travelling in heavy traffic, I m getting a mileage of 7 to 8 km per litre only with AC, I have not done highway long distance travel. The interiors are very good, but the exterior is really bad, for a Rs.4.3L car they have provided cheap plastic front and back bumpers. I saw I10 magna and thought the Era will also look similar. Should have checked each and every point before buying, its my mistake. I am planning to replace the bumpers with metal ones, can any body suggest where to buy these at Chennai.

  • pankaj |06 Mar,2015 06:56:13 PM

    nice car hundyai i10

  • v vijaya kumar |22 Mar,2015 02:22:23 PM

    Yah this is very useful information for persons in confusing state like me while making selection to buy a new car at present days

  • test |20 May,2015 10:42:55 AM


  • test |20 May,2015 10:43:27 AM


  • Naresh Kumar |28 May,2015 10:58:10 PM

    I like i10 model of hyundai

  • raj |20 Jul,2015 08:23:44 AM

    u r correct

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