Ford Classic Titanium Reliability Report

Published On Oct 19, 2012 By Rahul for Ford Fiesta Classic

As we bid goodbye to the Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet, we welcome the Ford Classic Titanium to our long termer fleet. 

The Vista’s Quadrajet engine wasn’t just a good performer, but even the oil burner was fairly frugal as it returned about 14kmpl in the city. The Classic Titanium, previous known as the Fiesta Classic is another gem of a sedan. We always loved the 1.6S and drooled over its handling capabilities, and the same legacy is carried further in the Classic Titanium, as no changes are made to the underpinnings or the chassis. Read further, as we share our reports on the Classic Titanium.

Report 1:

Odometer: 7150km

Kilometres driven: 850km

Mileage: 15.5kmpl

Fuel cost incurred: Rs 2750

Other expenses: None

Total cost:  Rs 2750

In our first report, we speak about the interiors of the Classic Titanium. This were the majority of the changes have occurred. The Classic Titanium gets a new steering wheel, new gear knob and ofcourse the new integrated music system with USB, aux and Bluetooth connectivity.

All these bits have been picked up from the younger sibling— the Figo. Even, the seats now have beige interior trim to make it feel more plush and upmarket. There are also downsides to the beige, as it can be easily soiled and these stains do not go away easily unless it is leather than fabric. But for some reason, we Indians are possessed with the beige trim interiors. Like before, the interiors are simple and built to last.

The new music system does take some time to get used to and it is difficult to understand how to pair up Bluetooth. Also, Bluetooth isn’t automatically detected by the system even after pairing. You need to connect the Bluetooth every time manually.

The tracks the system played through our USB also got stuck several times, although we were too lazy to change the USB, we will change it and speak about it in our next coming reports. But, the Bluetooth audio streaming is excellent and we love the quality and clarity of music.

The same, supportive and comfortable seats are retained by Ford on the Classic. There is sufficient space for head and knee is both the rows and even the boot is large enough to swallow luggage for four for a weekend journey. So four people can sit abreast in the Classic, while five is a bit of squeeze. Till then, wait for our next report.

Report 2:

Odometer: 7300km

Kilometres driven: 150km

Mileage: 15.5kmpl

Fuel cost incurred: Rs 3100

Other expenses: None

Total cost:  Rs 3100

The recent few days with the Classic with quiet, as a lot of travel was on the cards. However, we did miss the direct and precise steering wheel of the Classic. Nothing comes close to that feel. Also, the engine was also peppy despite being 67bhp. The diesel engine is also frugal as it returns a good fuel economy of more than 15 kmpl. The noise, vibration and harshness levels on the Fiesta are moderate, and on cold starts there is a typical diesel clatter. It does settle down once the engine warms up. 

The diesel engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. This box is a joy to use and make driving a truly pleasurable experience. The shifts are positives and the throws are short. It is very easy to do some quick shifts as well as the box doesn't feel rubbery at all. The suspension is tuned such that the Fiesta aces in the handling department displaying minimal pitch or body roll as you drive at some pace around bends. The handling prowess of the Classic is good as it presses the tyres for maximum grip even on bad roads. Even the steering wheel is heavy is easy to drive around bends. It actually wants you to drive and enjoy your stint at the steering. 

Report 3: by Sundeep Krishna

Odometer: 8990km

Kilometres driven: 1831km

Mileage: 15.6kmpl

Fuel cost incurred: Rs.7201

Other expenses: None

Total cost:  Rs.7201



Finally, the Ford Classic had an opportunity to show its true colours as an efficient and reasonably fast highway cruiser endowed with exceptional road manners when it went on 1200km Classic drive to Ahmedabad.


The efficiency part comes from the very tractable engine mated perfectly to the rest of the drive train and blessed with excellent mapping of the fuelling system. Result is almost linear power delivery without any flat spot and no spikes – excellent driveability in all conditions.


There should be no hesitation in accepting this diesel engine car as a reasonably fast machine; despite the relatively low power output (67bhp from a 1.4-litre engine) it easily cruises all day at 120kmph-140kmph and comfortably hits indicated speed in the range of 155kmph-160kmph.

But the best part of the package is the road manners that Ford Classic displays while carving its path through a highway clogged with vehicles moving at slower speeds. More often than not, it manages to embarrass bigger and faster cars with the sheer impunity that it displays while effecting audacious lane changes to cut through a crowded highway. This is definitely helped by its compact size but the predictable and confident handling of the car operating in tandem with a competent drivetrain plays the major role. 

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