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Good News Roundup: Fight Against COVID-19 Vol.9

Published On Jun 06, 2020 12:00 PM By Dhruv

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In our fight against the coronavirus, we bring to you these small but powerful doses of positive news to keep the morale flying high

The fight against COVID-19 has waged on for months now. Things have often looked grim but there are glimpses of positive news around the world. These are, however, often shrouded in the plethora of bad news that surrounds the subject. So as part of our ongoing endeavour, we have picked up a few pieces of good news from around the world and curated them in one place.

Nearly 29 Lakh People Have Recovered

COVID-19 has been one the most highly infectious viruses of our time, having infected over 66 lakh people globally. The initial struggles that healthcare systems all over the globe faced have now subsided to quite an extent, with almost 29 lakh having been cured of the virus.

New Zealand Gets Rid Of COVID-19

This is something that we all wondered at one point of time or the other, whether it will happen or not. The good folks in New Zealand however have managed to give us hope. With proper measures being followed by all citizens and good governance, the country has not seen a new case of COVID-19 in more than 14 days now. New Zealand is moving ahead at full steam to get rid of the virus.


COVID-19 Vaccines Showing Promising Results

Countries like ours where even the most stringent of measures can only work to a certain extent are heavily reliant on a vaccine for the virus. And in recent times, there has been progress in that area as well. Scientists at Bharat Biotech and various pharmas and researchers have revealed that vaccine development for the virus has moved in a positive direction, although the next month is quite crucial.


Affordable, Self-Cleaning Face Mask That Kills The Coronavirus

Israeli researchers have come with a new kind of face mask that has the power to kill even the COVID-19 virus. What’s more, it features a self-cleaning mechanism and to do that, it only needs to draw power from your smartphone charger. The best bit here is that the mask will be made available in the USA for just 1 US dollar (75.58 Indian Rupee). The mask is also expected to curb the huge amounts of medical waste that is currently being generated because of disposable PPE kits.


Antibodies Against COVID-19 Found

Our body has the power to make antibodies that can fend off viruses. The hundreds of vaccines that are being developed around the world are based on this very premise. A team of scientists working on one such vaccine have revealed that they have identified antibodies that can neutralize the COVID-19 virus. These antibodies were taken from a patient who was infected with the SARS virus back in 2003.


What It’s Like To Have COVID-19: A Patient’s Story

Good news is just good to read if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. For most of us, the COVID-19 virus is an invisible enemy that has the power to destroy our lives. One way to turn this situation around is to understand what somebody dealing with COVID-19 goes through, not in just terms of fighting the illness but in their everyday lives. A photojournalist from Mumbai contracted the virus while doing his job. Here’s a recount of what he faced.


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