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The word "Supercar" has a very special place in the heart of hardcore auto enthusiasts and more so for manufacturers who produce to exhibit their might both on and off a racing track. From an Indian perspective over the past couple of years, these dream machines have become a common phenomenon on our city roads arousing a sense on interest by each on looker which is why today CarDekho brings to you and update of these performance machine that are an integral part of the Indian auto industry.

Mercedes SLS AMG :

Mercedes SLS AMG

Its wild, muscular and performance oriented, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is one such master piece that defines Merc's design philosophy in all-together a unique way. Specifically the styling, with the extended bonnet and edgier character lines over it makes this coupe stand out from the rest. To compliment front design there are shorter hangs at the rear, which certainly makes the design look distinctive. As far as engine specifications go, the SLS AMG coupe is powered by a 6.3-liter V8 engine, which is efficient to churn a maximum power output of 571bhp at 6800rpm and a peak torque which measures at 650Nm at 4750rpm. There is an AMG Speedshift dual-clutch transmission on board that powers its rear wheels. When it comes to the performance of the car, the SLS AMG takes a quick time of 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0-100kmph stating its sheer brilliance provided by Mercedes' AMG division, thereby stamping its authority in the Supercar World.

Audi R8 V10 Plus:

Audi R8 V10 Plus

Power house on four wheels, Audi R8 V10 Plus is one of the finest sports cars made by the German auto maker. It has got every detail bound to it that is expected out of any sports car. More sportier, more powerful and developed with the most captivating looks, is exactly what the Audi R8 V10 Plus is all about. The coupe is powered with two optional engines- 4.2-liter V8 FSI engine that generates a power output of 423.76bhp, while the 5.2-liter V10 FSI engine is capable of churning out 517.63bhp. It features a S tronic 7 gear dual-clutch transmission, that provide aggressive shifts. In regards to performance, this sports car doesn't lag behind and has a got shortest time of 3.8 seconds to cover 0-100kmph mark. Its speed stands at 314kmpl making is one of the most dynamic and competitive machine from the four ring manufacturer.

Porsche Carrera S:

Porsche Carrera S

One of the most iconic sports car of all times, 911 is one of the most sort after machine in India as well as abroad. Its racing legacy, sporty design and road performance is something that makes 911 Carrera S one of the most potent sports car around. The foremost element that comes striking is its design out of which the most prominent ones are the long wheelbase and short overhangs at both rear and front. These design details have contributed a lot to provide better handling and driving stability, as they also makes the vehicle look more compact and agile. Porsche is currently offering this model in two body styles- convertible and coupe. When spoken about the engine dynamics, the car has got a SPORT drive mode, which when pushed tunes the engine to deliver sharper response, and thus adds to the agility of the vehicle. There are two engine options available - a 3.4-liter and a 3.8-liter engine, the former one is capable to belt out a power output of 350bhp at 7400rpm and peak torque of 390Nm, while the latter one is efficient enough to generate 400bhp with 440Nm of torque. There is a 7 speed PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplung) transmission that offers both manual and automatic mode in Carrera S. The top speed for this German performer stands at 285 for the convertible while 297 can be attributed to the Coupe. Its sheer technology and capabilities make the Carrera S one of the most desiredmachines amongst the elite in India.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage:

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Most commonly known as the 'Bond Car' from the famous James Bond action movie series, Aston Martin are known for producing exclusively hand built machines that boost of design, performance and style statement. V12 Vantage is one such model that brings out the sheer brilliance of this British marque that aims at providing pure driving pleasure. Under the hood, the V12 Vantage features a 6.0-liter V12 engine that belts out 510bhp of power and 570Nm of torque. It provides a 6 speed manual transmission to get the desired performance. Its top speed is said to be 305kmph as it takes time of 4.2 seconds to sprint from 0-100kmph. Designed to impress, this V12 power horse can compete with anyone and will still have you wanting for more.

Ferrari 458 Italia:

Ferrari 458 Italia

What makes Ferrari a unique brand is the fact that owning a Ferrari is not a layman's job, the company actually follows a process that comprises of interviewing the customer, and then based on that confirms the deal. And with this unique mode of selling, Ferrari has been seen in limited numbers in India. Ferrari 458 Italia introduced in 2011 is another piece of architecture bound with top-class performance that has bowled both fans and customers world over with its appearance. Taken to be as the 'dream car' for us Indians, Ferrari 458 Italia features V8 engine that produces pounding power output of 561.9bhp and top torque of 540Nm. 458 Italia caters to 7-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission that powers the rear wheel of this machine. The top speed figures measures at 300kmph and it can accelerate from 0-100kmph in just 3 seconds. The 'Prancing Horse' moniker plus the availability of vibrant paint jobs such as red and Yellow truly bring out the sportiness of this Italian sports car.

Lamborghini Aventador:

Lamborghini Aventador

The "Raging Bull" sports car manufacturer - Lamborghini is widely appreciated for their futuristic design and revolutionary concepts. When it comes to the design and styling of these cars, the illustrious scissor doors, the fearless appeal and the crisply designed contours are just enough to describe any Lamborghini. The exterior appeal is certainly what is called as 'irresistible'. Talking about the most celebrated Lamborghini Aventador, the luxury sports car which bounds relentless force and such highly rated performance that is difficult for any other brand to beat. Aventador's powerhouse comprises of V12 engine that produces 700bhp at 8250rpm and peak torque of 690Nm at 5500rpm. The 7-speed ISR transmission further helps in bringing out best in it. While this sports car sprints from 0-100kmph in just 2.9 seconds, and has the potential to achieve a top speed of 350kmph. Born Italian, the Aventador has the ability to take competition right up to the top if not beat them hollow.

Maserati Gran Turismo Sport:

Maserati Gran Turismo Sport

The attractive looking beast endowed with massive power is what Maserati Gran Turismo Sport so special. The parent car model, Gran Turismo coupe has been well acclaimed and based on that the new Gran Turismo Sport was developed. The sports car is powered using a 4691cc V8 engine that belts out 460bhp of power and 520Nm of peak torque. The ZF 6-speed automatic gearbox on board further complements its performance. In auto mode the machine reaches a top speed of 298kmph, while in electric mode it touches 300kmph. It accelerates from 0-100kmph in just 4.8 seconds. In terms of design, the Gran Turismo Sport is elegant and has been crafted to defy all odds standing tall on its performance and drivibility factor.

Buggati Veyron:

Buggati Veyron

"Godfather" of all performance/sports cars, the Buggati Veyron, is designed on a platform that makes it look imposing yet classy with its extended wheelbase. The luxury sports car, Veyron's immense power and promising thrilling experience is quite visible even in its standstill position. Looking at its model range, the heritage of Buggati is clearly observed and the tradition continues even with the new- age models like, the two-tone color scheme and prominent ellipses over the structure. It has got 16-cylinders, is a four-wheel drive and delivers a power output of 1001bhp with 1250Nm of top torque . Its 7 gear DSG is exceptional in powering all four wheels. While in regards to performance, the Veyron is definitely unmatched with a top speed of 250kmph, and it takes exceptionally less time of 2.5 seconds to go from 0-100kmph, while even lesser time of 2.3 seconds to decelerate and reach back to standstill. These figures just go to show its actual potential both on and off the track.

Bentley Continental Super Sport:

Bentley Continental Super Sport

Bentley is offering one of its most powerful and extreme performance delivering super sports car in India. The Bentley Continental Super Sports is a two-seater model which is made focusing on offering the driving pleasure that is simply invincible. This hand built machine is powered with all-wheel drive 12-cylinder engine which is capable of generating a maximum power output of 567bhp with 700Nm of peak torque. The 8 speed Quickshift transmission is an enhancer to its performance as it takes 4.3 seconds to accelerate from 0-100kmph, while it can hit a top speed of 318kmph.

Rolls Royce Wraith:

Rolls Royce Wraith

A withstanding history with India, British luxury car maker - Roll Royce has its presence felt through the recently launched Wraith in the country. Regarded as one of the most powerful Rolls Royce of all times, the Wraith brings forward contemporary styling combined with ultimateperformance. Most eye-catchy aspect is the front end of this model that simply looks royal in each and every way tracing its roots back to the company's heritage and supreme exclusivity which precisely make the brand so popular. On board is a 6.6-liter twin turbo-charged V12 engine that churns out 624bhp with 800Nm of peak torque. An 8- speed manual transmission does it duty to propel this machine. Performance wise the Wraith is no less, has got the ability to reach the 100kmph mark in just 4.6 seconds, thereby cementing its credentials as performance machine with ultra luxurious interiors that too exclusively hand stitched.

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