Environment Day Special: Yes You Too Can Help

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Mother Earth is almost 4.54 billion years and it was never upto this time that we, the children have to act fast to preserve our environment. It’s only that once we humans began eroding the environment, the world started getting into this bad shape. The ozone layer is depleting, ground water level is decreasing, icebergs are melting and almost every year, thousands of lives are lost due to drought or floods.

But what one can do? Well for starters, spreading the word can help along with adopting very small lifestyle changes. Do you know, about 27,000 trees are cut down each day so we can have toilet paper and napkins. So what we can do is to use one less paper napkin next time when we are in fancy restaurant. Now as the World Environment Day is on June 5, we have listed some basic practices which can be adopted to help save our dying environment. Automobiles are one of the main culprits in degrading the condition of our environment. So being car fanatics, its our moral obligation to list some of the alternatives in this respect. Lets roll down some.

Hybrid or All Electric vehicle

Opting for a hybrid or all electric vehicle is a viable option in controlling the air pollution and at the same time, we should cut short our monthly fuel expenses. In India, we have only one option in Electric Vehicle segment which is Mahindra e2o which offers modern design with lithium ion battery pack, App connectivity and a range of approximately 100kms. While outside the country, there are many options such as Nissan Leaf, Toyota Mirai, Tesla Roadster and BMW i3.

In hybrid category, we have Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry in the price range of 30 to 40 lac and BMW i8 with price tag of Rs 2.29 crore. India is still lagging behind in accepting electric cars as their everyday mobility and the main reason behind is the lack of government initiative, policies, strong infrastructure and subsidy on electric and hybrid cars.

Taking Public Transport, At Least Once in a Week

One can take public bus or shared cab once a week, especially when on a longer journey. This will also help your wallet and you never know, you can earn a friend on the ride back.

Alternate Fuel Options

While there are still few to choose from, alternate fuel can really help in saving the air pollution. For now, CNG and LPG is a viable option while research is going on for biodiesel (B3), gasohol (E25), neat ethanol (E100). These fuel are already on sale in different parts of the world while in India, it still need government’s push to subsidies the rates and provide easy accessibility to masses.

Give Your Car a Rest. Walking Is No Shame

Walking as they say, is good for health and can be done not only in green parks but also while going for grocery shopping in your neighbourhood. Also you should avoid using polythene carry bags to carry your belongings. You can use, paper or cloth bag which are more eco-freindly.

Car Wash

Professional car washes are often more efficient with water consumption. But if they are far from your home or office, you too can wash your car with not more than half or one bucket of water. In almost all the areas of car, using wet cloth, you can clean the dirt same way as you spray from pipe.


We can recycle everything from broken plastic panels from car’s dashboard to aluminum cans and old car tyres. Rather them burning on protests and marches, we can recycle them to reuse. Recycling 1 aluminum can save enough energy to run our TVs for at least 3 hours and an estimate of 80 trillion aluminum cans are used by humans every year.

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