3 Cars Whose Interiors Look Dated

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There’s a saying in India, “Jo Dikhta Hai Vo Biktaa Hai” (What Looks Good Sells Good) and this is quite true in its essence when it comes to cars. Each and every one of us (usually) looks for a car that not only drives well, but looks good too. This, most of the times translates to the exterior looks of the car. When we look around, we find a lot of good looking car. While, most of them have complementing interiors, there are a few whose insides look dated as compared to their exteriors. Here’s the trio.

Honda Mobilio

Now the Mobilio as an MPV could be easily be awarded the most stylish one among its competitors. The front is quite appealing with a sporty grille that looks even better in the RS variant.The sides are bestowed with a downward kink that starts with the middle row and continues to impress till the rear end. The alloy wheel options are great too. The diamond cut wheels of the RS variant are by far one of the best. But, all of this buildup is fairly washed away as soon as you step inside, because the interiors are lifted from Brio and Amaze. While, in Brio and Amaze those interiors look good as they go well with their quirky image, but in Mobilio, they look like a sign of some serious cost cutting.

Mahindra Bolero

India’s largest selling SUV, the Mahindra Bolero, impresses with its tough boxy looks and robust nature which makes it ideal for use in India’s remotest areas. The manufacturer has updated it drastically over the years and it has now emerged as a fairly good vehicle for its price. The inside too have evolved substantially, like the digitalised instrument console and the steering. Though, there are some ergonomic issues, like the strange placement of the steering wheel and the instrument console is tucked in quite a claustrophobic manner. Then again, the plastics used for paneling does not have a nice finish and the blades of the A/C vents feel quite flimsy.

Toyota Fortuner

India’s beloved Sports Utility Vehicle, the Fortuner, is a great looker with angular headlamps, the stylish taillamps and that muscular build. It all makes sense. Step inside and I won’t say the same thing. The dashboard doesn’t impress. Though there are some nice bits, like the music system or the faux wood part on the steering or the upholstery. But then again, the dashboard’s design now looks old (certainly because of the Trailblazer and the upcoming 2016 Endeavour) and the green backlight on the A/C.  3 cars whose interiors look dated console is very primitive. I mean, look at the Honda Jazz’s dash, it's gorgeous with uniform quality, and you don't need to pay 30 lacs for it. I am not comparing cars here, but if a 8 lac rupees car can give you that, then why can’t Fortuner. 

On the bright side, there’s a new Fortuner in the pipeline. Its interiors are based on Toyota’s latest design language and they look compelling. However, we might have to wait for it till the end of 2016 or even early 2017.

All of these cars are fairly popular, Bolero is the most selling SUV, Fortuner is the best seller in its category and Mobilio too is doing decent. The only place these look a little dated are the interiors and I believe this will eventually change. 

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