Indigo Manza Quadrajet Aura Abs

By for Tata Manza from chennai 2011-03-07 11:52:44.0
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Pros : Very comfortable ride when taken for long distances

Cons : poor quality of finish , electrical power window switches and combination switch quality is bad :-(

Look and Style : The look and style of the car is real good , it gives you complete comfort of a sedan  Comfort : I ve been on continuous long rides on the skoda octavia diesel , it is a suprising fact that this car is almost just half its cost but it feel really more comfortable than the skoda itself :-o , the leg room is really awesome at front and rear  Pickup : The car gives a shake while starting but after a few km ride , the car is very silent for a diesel engine . the turbo's effect starts when u clock above 2500 rpm , one on turbo it gives a real constant pull till it touches 5000 rpm , by then ur car's speen would have crossed way above 110 km :-)  Mileage : When driven carefully without too much of pulls , in city roads my car gives me around 14-15 , and in the highways the mileage is mind blowing , if you steer your car at around 70 - 80 km/hr continuous on the 5th gear , the on board computer panel shows you a dislay of Instantaneous mileage 25km/lit (theoriticaaly) but practically it gives around 21 km /lit which is very good efficience for a car of that size . However , if you wanna feel the power your car can deliver and if you speed it to say 120 or 110 km/hr average , the mileage drops to about 18 to 19km/lit . On full throttle , the highest speed i ve touched is 155 km/hr , i was pretty afraid to push it more because the High Speed waring on the dashboard had already started beeping , dint wanna risk it further ,though the car had some more throttle left in it  Best Features : The seats are very comfortable and the lumbar adjustments and seat height adjustments give you the feeling of a top class sedan . The car comes with inbuilt 6 speakers from blaupunkt , it has intergrated on board aux port , usb port and the best i love is inbuilt bluetooth , your phone automatically gets connected to the car as soon as you turn the engine on , when u are riding the car , if you get a call , u need not pick up ur phone just press the answer button on the steering and just speak to the car :-) , there are number buttons on the dash board too :-) IF U FEEL LIKE CALLING SOMEONE JUST DIAL THE NUMBER ON THE DASH BOARD INSTEAD OF THE PHONE  Needs to improve : The only thing where tata really really really needs to look into are its electronic switches and panel switches . they are of pretty poor quality :-(  Overall Experience :  THE CAR IS 100% VALUE FOR MONEY IT HAS ALL FEATURES OF A SEDAN OF MUCH HIGHER VARIANTS AND THE LEGROOM AND SUSPENSION SYSTEMS ARE SUPER COOL . IT IS A 100% PRICE WORTHY BUY . IF U HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ON  SKANDHA - 9884661295 :-) 

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  • sKANDHAPRASAAD |07 Mar,2011 11:54:29 AM


    ashish |09 Mar,2011 04:53:25 PM

    hey Skandha just spoke to u frm delhi i think ur phone is out of battery anyways thanks for the advice. regards, ashish 9891999058

    skandha |10 Mar,2011 04:56:21 PM

    Yeah boss sorry dint have the charger near me to charge it back up .

  • Ranson |09 Mar,2011 08:38:59 PM

    Dear Skandha While I agree with you on most of the points, I disagree with you on the mileage part. I have Quadrajet Aura plus and it gives me an average mileage of 13 plus with ac on in highways and around 11.5 in city drive. Regards Ranson 9447428588

    sKANDHAPRASAAD |10 Mar,2011 04:58:11 PM

    Hi ranson , just 13 for a diesel :-o thats way too less yar , may be you should get your vehicle checked for some kind of clearance or some problem leading to incomplete combustion .

    sKANDHAPRASAAD |10 Mar,2011 05:21:38 PM

    Ranson wanted to ask you this too , if you go through the user manual carefully , it has been clearly mentioned not to exceed 70-80km/hr till the first 1000-1500 km , i was way too careful to see to it that no one revved my engine for the first 1000km above 70 km/hr . and secondly check your tyre air pressure maintain it at 32psi all wheels , i use nitrogen at 32psi for my tyres .I hope u are an experienced driver too ,avoiding too much of idling and rite gear for the respective speed helps a lot to control fuel economy . . Just one more thing not completely related , though just an experience , my friend got an swift diesel ( Its got the same fiat engine ) , it was giving him real good mileage of around 16 to 17 min because its a much smaller car , he lent his car to his brother and he took it to vellore , ( drive of around 150km on good road ) because the road was good , his brother took up good speed in the new car , ( driven less than 500km ) and he has maintained an average of around 130-140 km/hr on the good toll road , probably because of the long drive in that speed , the overall mileage after that for him has considerably reduced , and when he questioned the service people , they clearly told him that they wont touch the engine for the first 10000 km becasue its a fail proof engine , if you are getting low mileage , it it because the cylinder liners might have got worn and torn a bit because of over speeding before the diesel engine has got set to its actual efficiency . Hearing this my friend got histeric and started yelling out saying what quality do these ppl make engines with etc etc , for which the service guy directly pointed at the user manual which clearly said that DO NOT OVER SPEED THE ENGINE ABOVE THE FOLLOWING SPEC FOR THE RESPECTIVE GEARS . ... Just like that , our manza has a spec too , please refer to the user manual for more info :-) .

    suneel banerjee |18 Mar,2011 08:22:13 PM

    i absolutely agree. having used two indicas, i used them initially absolutely by the book. and by the way friends, i am in the automobile trade, having worked with the dealers of tata (gandhidham, gujarat), honda (baroda), toyota (gurgaon), ford (delhi) and presently Nissan (the sultanate of oman). i am in vehicle sales, at the time of delivering a vehicle, we make sure we show the owner's manual to the customers and request him to spare some time to read it. as a standard practise, i have developed a habit of reading the owners manual - it helps me knowing the product - well have to answer customer queries!!

    Markose Thomas |20 Mar,2011 08:55:30 PM

    Dear Mr Suneel I was planning to buy a diesel sedan in INDIA for a family of 5 adults.With ur experience of Indian cars and now in Oman,what car would u advise.I was planning the new TATA Manza diesel.Ur comments are solicited Thanks markose

    gopal soni |05 Apr,2011 06:31:30 PM

    on milage part....... my aura abs q-jet covered 5500 km so for gave 16 km/l with full ac on and 17 km/l without ac where 2nd servicing is due.

  • Ranson |13 Mar,2011 09:37:22 PM

    Dear Khandaprasad I have religiously followed the manual and did not exceeded the laid down speed up to 1500 kms. Initially I got about 13.3 average with ac on upto my first service. During the service this issue was brought to the notice of the service engineer who told me that engine tuning cannot be adjusted by the mechanics at the service centre as the tuning is done & sealed by the company and no further tuning is possible. In fact the mileage of my vehicle was reduced after the first service. I have been driving cars for over 24 years. I have graduated from old fiat to maruti 800 to santro(used for more than 10 years and I was damn pleased with my santro) to Manza. Hope that mileage might go up after the second service. I can only hope. Anyway I wish you happy and safe driving. Regards Ranson

    Sudheer |17 Mar,2011 02:02:43 PM

    Ranson, No doubts about your driving abilities. Just want to ask you, how many kilometers have you covered so far?I am sure your mileage would go up after second service.@Skanda: good writeup and useful review. Please write more on your ownership review after. Happy driving.

    Kumar C S |12 May,2011 08:03:04 PM

    I would agree with Ranson as I have just done a drive from Hyderbad to Bangalore and back on my Quadrajet ABS and the mileage was an abysmal 12.5 KM/Lit. I am really surprised as my Indica DLG used to give me around 18-19 on highways with the A/C on. Any one facing a similar issue. Regards Kumar Just unable to figure out. Planning a trip to

  • M P BINU |18 Mar,2011 04:39:40 PM

    a nice review.i use an indica and plans to buy a manza.i have trust in tata.its a real value for money.they give lots of features at cheap price and thats the real problem they face.people say its substandard.i ask them pl use it properly and comment.skanda a real good writeup.hatsoff

  • M P BINU |18 Mar,2011 04:56:08 PM

    my indica dls has covered 1,87,500 breakdowns till now.but needs an overhaul now as oil consumption is more.tata is a good buy i feel.but pl give me a good opinion on its mileage.what tata has to do is to improve on build quality as they hav reasonable quality on parts

  • kaustubh |23 Mar,2011 07:37:42 PM

    needed a suggestion. m plannin to buy a manza. everythn seems to b nice but what bout the engine noise. is it like a typical tata diesel engine screamin in full throttle or something bearable?

    Skandha |23 Mar,2011 11:11:59 PM

    dear Kaustubh , The Manza does not use a Tata Engine , it uses a Fiat's most successful Engine , the same engine is used for Plunto , Linea , Dezire , swift , Vista , Ritz . ( the diesel variants )

  • CarDekho Team |24 Mar,2011 07:39:24 AM

    Rightly pointed out Skandha, the Tata Manza is powered by the very same 1.3 Multi Jet Diesel engine that also powers the Linea, Punto, Swift the Dzire and the Vista is different tunings.

  • Arjun |24 Mar,2011 02:12:40 PM

    I am planning for best sedan for 6lacs to 6.5lac in the segment and finally selected Manza, Dezire and Etios. Now With etios the issue is that this is very new car and won't found much reviews about the car and its waiting is 5 months so I just left this from my option. Now please let me know which is best among Dezire and Manza for 6 to 6.5lac

    Skandha |25 Mar,2011 09:35:32 AM

    Dezire - Pro - Suzuki so better resale value Cons - much lesser boot space , less leg room , audio system with low features and only 2 rear speaker and 2 tweeter, NO BLUETOOTH , NO USB(LOW END ) , body weight lighter so increase in fuel efficiency by 1 km/ltr , COSTLIER for the features . Manza Pro - Very Big boot , Lots of leg room , Audio system by blaupunkt AWESOME 6 SPEAKERS WITH INTEGRATED BLUETOOTH , drive comfort Cons - Lesser resale value than suzuki , vehicle is big and long so more weight , hence 1km/ltr lesser fuel efficient than Dezire , Cheaper than Dezire for better features

  • Yogesh |24 Mar,2011 04:01:04 PM

    Thanks for ur reviews and comments guys.. I'm planning to buy Manza aura diesel this month can anyone suggest me how much reliable for long drives upto 600 to 800km. because i've to travel to my native for once in 3 months.. thank u happy driving all

  • Yogesh |26 Mar,2011 03:02:34 PM

    hi SKANDHAPRASAAD pls update about your car how much km driven and your experience in long drives.

    skandha |28 Mar,2011 10:35:20 PM

    Hi yogesh , i ve taken it for a few long drives i.e chennai to pondichery and twice chennai to banglore , its total fun to ride yar , dint find any problems at all , i maintained around 100-110 not more than that . the ride was very comfortable. Found the lumbar adjustment in the seat very very useful only after sitting in it continuously for more than 2 hours .

  • tapan |25 Apr,2011 05:42:36 PM

    hi,i am tapan in business of industrial construction,currently running on the wheels of indica turbo dlg ,searching for a sedan of around 6 to 7 lacs of 20-21/kmpl mileage,travelling around 100km/day.pls guide.thanks.

  • Hari |29 Apr,2011 03:36:12 AM

    Hi All, I'm from Pune and recentely bought Manza Qudrajet. I would like to take my car to my Native (Chennai). Plz suggest whether its good to take my car and what speed should I maintain. Note: My Car is brand new and just 3 day old.

  • Skandha |02 May,2011 02:58:46 PM

    Hi Hari , being just 3 days old you can take it for a long ride thats not an issue but , do a few things listed below before you take it for a long ride 1. Take your car to any tyre point , jack the car up , remove the tyre pin to fully deflate the wheel and then fill it up with nitrogen up to 32 Psi , do not exceed or lower the pressure , make sure it is 32Psi on all wheels . 2. Dont forget that you have a spare tyre at the boot , so fill that up too 3. i am asking you to jack up the car before pulling the pin out because these are tubeless radials if the pin is removed directly , the tubeless tyre might loose its seat and might lead to an air leak , this is just a probablity , it is not meant to happen , any way why risk it you can as well be safe by jacking it up 4. Removing the plastic hub from the rim is tougher than it seems to be , so make sure you take some strong cloth along with you , the hub cap is that tight that if you use any old cloth to try to remove it , you ll end up with a torn cloth rather than removing the cap . 5. The fuses used in the equipments are pretty flimsy , i had an issue with it myself so AVOID USING THE 12V SOCKET IN YOUR CAR DURING SUCH LONG TRIPS . 5. You have asked about the speed , your car being new , it ll have all tight tappet valves and springs , it is practically impossible to maintain at 70 throughout the journey though that would be the best for your car's over all life and performance , i would suggest you one idea , maintain an optimum of 50-70 for the first 100 km of continuous ride after you ride 100 km at a stretch the engine would have heated up to quiet an extent and the components would have got set a bit then probably for the next few 100 km you can rev it up to say 120 or 130 , but going above that is strongly not advisable . If you are stopping for say more than 3 to 5 hours or for the night , (i.e) if you feel the engine has cooled down again , i would suggest you should follow the earlier steps again .. 6. USE ONLY ONLY ONLY ORDINARY DIESEL DO NOT USE PREMIUM DIESELS IT IS STRONGLY NOT ADVISABLE \ I think this ll be more than enough for you for your present journey atleast Happy Journey

  • Hari |03 May,2011 10:15:15 PM

    Hi Skandha... Thanks for your reply and it will be usefull for my long ride. I'll post you about the performance once i return back from Chennai.

  • Sekhar |03 May,2011 11:47:37 PM

    Hi skandha , i donno where from you got all these technical indepth technical matters about these cars but afr=ter reading your answers to every ones question , I can understand that only after a through research about all cars in this sector , you seem to have chosen the manza . After reading your review , i am not going to read any more I have decided that i am going to blindly go and book the manza , I being a C.A have not much of idea about cars and its internal stuff and your review has explained to me all that is required . I heartily thank you for that With Kind Regards Sekhar

  • adarsh |22 May,2011 04:46:48 PM

    Hi,skandha,I have to ask u that should i go for a diesel Manza or petrol as my running per month is not more than 700 kms & sometimes i go for a long ride of about 500 km(to n fro)about four times in a year. Please guide me ----- regards adarsh

    Skandha |05 Jul,2011 02:25:41 AM

    Hi adarsh i would strongly recommened you to go for the diesel one because of the following reasons 1. the prices of petrol is going really high and in our city traffic conditions dont expect more than 9 km/ltr petrol on manza while the diesel ll give u atleast 13-15 @ 42rs diesel 2. the fiat diesel engine is worth the cost becasu when it comes to resale , the fiats diesel engine has proven itself to run for more than 1.5 Lakh km ( If driven decently) with the engine untouched with periodic oil changes though . 3 . Resale for the fiat diesel is way higher than the tata petrol

  • ashish |04 Jul,2011 01:23:03 AM


    sKANDHAPRASAAD |05 Jul,2011 02:28:00 AM

    I am not sure about the etios so i would nt comment about it but as far as the manza Elan is concerned , IT HAS REAL MASCULAR ELIGANT LOOKS WHICH THE ETIOS TOTALLY TOTALLY LACKS , Personally i love the violet colour Elan it gives a real good outlook

    ashish |05 Jul,2011 11:00:16 PM

    Looks is the only thing that i dont like abt Manza, rest everything is GOOOOd. Look it from back n it feels like a very local indian car, no style, no elegance.

  • Rider |23 Mar,2012 07:43:55 PM

    Hi All, I have bought manza(Diesel) in FEB-2012 and getting mileage around 12-13 in city and 14-15 in Highway. After 1st service, went to mahabaleshwar, mumbai-pune and alibag from pune but all the time I have noticed that avg. still remain (14 kmpl) and in city 12. So far my total car running is 3000, please advise me the techniques to improve the mileage or do I need to contact related service center. I would like to share my experience about Manza, A/C is not working :-o and music player having the issue at the time of the delivery whereas showroom manager(Pandit Auto Pune) given the promised that we will fix it anytime and contentiously chasing them till date. Long story in short is Manza is an good product whereas after sale service is horrible. Tata needs to be improve the After sales service and customer handling management.

  • panchal vishnu |17 Apr,2012 09:57:26 AM


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