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December 08, 2015: Tata Motors has officially put a halt on sale of Manza sedan. The car has been removed from the company's line-up and is no more featured on the official website. Manza, more or less, was a modified version of Tata Indigo. It was even named as Indigo Manza initially. This somehow backfired as Indigo is known to be a Taxi vehicle. People didn’t accept it as personal vehicle resulting in its failure. Although, the automaker tried to reconcile things by launching a facelift of this car, this wasn’t enough to reassure the customer about the product quality. The Company had stopped production of these cars in July this year as per a report by Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM).

Tata Manza price list (Variants)

Variants Ex-Showroom Price    
Club Class Safire90 GEX  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.07 kmpl
Rs 7.6 Lakh
Club Class Safire90 GLX  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.07 kmpl
Rs 6.21 Lakh
Club Class Safire90 GVX  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.07 kmpl
Rs 6.61 Lakh
Aqua Safire  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.0 kmpl
Rs 5.03 Lakh
Aura Safire BSIII  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.0 kmpl
Rs 5.38 Lakh
Aura (ABS) Safire BSIII  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.0 kmpl
Rs 5.64 Lakh
Aqua Quadrajet  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 18.8 kmpl
Rs 5.91 Lakh
Club Class Safire90 GLS  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.07 kmpl
Rs 5.97 Lakh
Aura (ABS) Safire BS IV  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.7 kmpl
Rs 6.07 Lakh
Aura Safire BS IV  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.7 kmpl
Rs 6.07 Lakh
Aura Plus Safire BSIII  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.0 kmpl
Rs 6.14 Lakh
Club Class Quadrajet90 LS  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.02 kmpl
Rs 6.16 Lakh
Club Class Quadrajet 90 LS  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.02 kmpl
Rs 6.16 Lakh
Aura Plus Safire BS IV  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.0 kmpl
Rs 6.3 Lakh
Aura Quadrajet BSIII  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 18.8 kmpl
Rs 6.34 Lakh
Aqua Quadrajet BS IV  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.12 kmpl
Rs 6.49 Lakh
Aura (ABS) Quadrajet BSIII  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 18.8 kmpl
Rs 6.78 Lakh
Club Class Quadrajet90 LX  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.02 kmpl
Rs 6.93 Lakh
Aura Quadrajet BS IV  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.12 kmpl
Rs 6.94 Lakh
Aura Plus Quadrajet BSIII  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 18.8 kmpl
Rs 7.01 Lakh
ELAN Quadrajet BS III  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 19.0 kmpl
Rs 7.01 Lakh
Aura Plus Quadrajet BS IV  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 19.0 kmpl
Rs 7.13 Lakh
ELAN Safire  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.7 kmpl
Rs 7.17 Lakh
Aura (ABS) Quadrajet BS IV  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.12 kmpl
Rs 7.38 Lakh
Club Class Quadrajet90 VX  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.02 kmpl
Rs 7.6 Lakh
ELAN Quadrajet  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.12 kmpl
Rs 8.03 Lakh
Club Class Quadrajet90 EX  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.02 kmpl
Rs 8.58 Lakh
Club Class Quadrajet90 EXL  (Discontinued)

1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 21.02 kmpl
Rs 8.77 Lakh
Club Class Safire90 GEXL  (Discontinued)

1368 cc, Manual, Petrol, 13.7 kmpl
Rs 8.8 Lakh

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  • S
    Shoaib Desai on 17 Dec, 2016
    I bayed Manza Elan in Jan-2012, Many peoples told me that i made wrong decision by Paying 8- 9 lacs for TATA. but seriously guys i am happy with performance of a car . The car come comes with great comfort. as travelling should be comfortable.with good boot space.car complete all the need. i am not finding any car to compete Manza . As a Sales professional i used to travel a lot. but i am getting very pleasant drive. its 4 yrs and almost 1,00,000 km. but never spend a lot on maintenance . If we... 12
  • Tata Manza Club Class Quadrajet90 VX
    Sriram on 31 Aug, 2015
    Look and Style: Definitely not the car with good looks and style.It completely fails in the form of looks in the rear department with its boxy trunk look.The car looks very bulky and has the same face of a Tata Vista which again could be a let down for many customers considering the higher price for Manza. Comfort: This is where Manza takes its place.I believe there are very few cars which can overtake Manza in the comfort space.The rear seats are king size with a handrest.The suspension is very... 8

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Tata Manza Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Diesel Manual  18.8 kmpl 14.2 kmpl
Petrol Manual  13.07 kmpl 12.2 kmpl

Tata Manza review

This company is one of the oldest and largest Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company that is ever increasing its customer base over the years. It has been successfully producing varied automobiles that are unique and sensational as well in the Indian markets. Among the stable of varied cars that it has in stock, their classy looking Tata Manza sedan series is a class apart. It is available in both petrol and diesel versions as well to pick from. When it comes to the description, it has to be started from the outer shell it has and it must be confessed that the very first look at this dashing sedan is grabbed by the polished shades that win over anyone's heart. It has triple barrel headlamps that look unique in style. The radiator grille has quite a lot of chrome depending on the trim. While the bumper has a wide airdam for better air intake. It is offered in contrast shades with a body to roof ratio. The side profile is all posed for having body colored door handles and a chrome strip incorporated in them as well. The rear part is all set with fog lamps along with the regular variant badging and a licence plate console with a thick chrome strip for the top end version. The fog lamps too are not ignored in decorating with a chrome strip while offering to both the front and the rear is an add-on feature availed in this impressive sedan. The overall image has been heightened as it has a set of 8-split spoke based alloy wheels that sit tight in its neatly carved out wheel arches. Though this sedan is heavily built, it still looks slender, sleek and even manages to have a spacious inner cabin. The interiors are very stylish and pretty as well for a rare combination of black and plum, while the black and beige combo in the base and mid range trims is a standard favorite mixture always. It can be considered to be quite roomy and definitely stands at par with the other offerings in this segment. The safety section is very well designed by giving multiple constituents that makes it a safe sedan to drive in. Elements such as dual front airbags with SRS feature, which unfolds and restricts the objects to have any impact on the passengers. The braking mechanism stands high when mentioned about the protection of a vehicle and this is a highlight factor of this sedan. The advanced anti lock braking system is coupled with an electronic brake force distribution. The steering mounted controls are a pure comfort factor to the driver, which enables added convenience. The cabin temperature is regulated smartly by the manual HVAC for the lower trims and a fully automatic climate control equipped in the top end version. The multimedia navigation system has a touchscreen capacity as well, which makes it an information contributor as well as a comfort feature at the same time. There are plenty of notifications that warn the driver about the door being open, headlamps-on etc.., The entertainment part of this vehicle is quoted efficiently by integrating it with a 2 DIN audio unit that supports multiple players and can be enjoyed with the help of four speakers that are well placed in the cabin. The fuel economy too cannot be ignored for having a decent mileage of 18.6 Kmpl by the diesel trims. Another notable factor is of the storage capacity it has got that can contain huge luggage in the boot compartment by having 460 litre potency. Personal preference is taken care of by offering it with several adjustable functions to the seats and its headrests. Equipped with advanced functions in the braking and suspension, the performance part is a thumbs up element about this sedan. All in all, this beast of a performer can be procured at a reasonable price range. A warranty of 24 months or 75,000 Kms (whichever comes first) is offered by the company. Apart from this, the buyers can also avail an extended warranty of 2 years at an additional cost directly paid to the authorized dealer.

Tata Manza Exterior


The face of this car looks brilliant as it has contrasting shades as the entire body is shaded in one color, while the roof is painted in another color. The outer door handles support the body shade, while the door side moldings and the bumper rub rails too are body colored. The fender is layered in bright chrome, while the other aspects like the inserts on the doors, both the bumper rub rails and all its door handles as well have chrome inserts. The windshield on the front is fitted with a pair of 7-speed wipers that has a smart wipe function to it as well. The clear lens headlamps has a motorized control for regulation as per the need. On the rear part of the vehicle, there is a demister offered that would be helpful in during the rainy season. Apart from this, a pair of fog lamps are fixed on both the front as well as the rear end that adds to the looks. To add style, these lamps are surrounded with chrome strip. The follow me home headlamp function comes handy in the later hours of the day as the lights stay on a stand-by mode for a certain time. The antenna is attached towards the front of the roof and it facilitates the Radio tuner inside. The wheel arches have been fitted with a set of either steel or alloy wheels depending on the variant and these are further covered with tubeless radials. Both the sides of this car have outside rear view mirrors, which can be electrically controlled from inside. There is a chrome bottom weather strip, while the license plate is a given a chrome garnish as well.

Exterior Measurements:

The entire body is measured at 4413mm for its length and then a width of 1703mm adds to the spaciousness. Apart from having a long body, this sedan stands tall too at the height of 1550mm. The interiors are spacious and this is a result of an impressive wheelbase of 2520mm. The luggage loading capacity is decent enough for the 460 litres of boot compartment.


Ed's Take : The interior space of the Manza is brilliant just like any Tata vehicle, and even the quality of materials used is good. The Manza is great buy if you wish to sit behind.


The cabin is furbished well with elements that would add comfort to the entire insides as well as great style. The seating is draped in fabric, which improves the comfort of the occupants. Its interior color theme is in a dual tone shade of black and beige, which looks stunning and in the top end trim, it has a combination of black and plum that makes it look bright and colorful. To both the front and rear doors, storage pockets are attached for inserting handy stuff. Under the co-driver's seat, a storage tray is provided to keep a few things handy. The bottle holder on the front console adds to the storage capacity while the glove box with a card and a pen holder is an add on. The power outlet at front is useful in charging electronic devices while driving. The tachometer comes with a critical revolution indicator. The ring around the keyhole is illuminated to give easy access to the driver in darkness. Furthermore, the front and rear cabin are also equipped with lights. The sun visor that is on the co-driver's side is fitted with a vanity mirror. The inside rear view mirror is layered with an anti glare film. The gear shift knob is given an insert in a chrome finishing.

Interior Comfort:

The air conditioning unit that is integrated into this sedan has a heating function too, which improves the flexibility in regulating the cabin temperature. Whereas, the top end trim of this series is decked with an automatic climate control function. The tilt adjustable steering can be considered a boon that every driver wishes for, for easy handling. All the doors are fitted with power windows with switches placed on the door arm rests. While the driver's side window is offered with a one touch power up/down window. Furthermore, these power windows operation is on stand-by for up to 30 seconds after ignition is turned off. The convenience of all the occupants has been addressed well by providing adjustable headrests on the front seats, a lumbar support on the driver's seat and adjustable headrest on the rear seat. An addition to the storage is a cup holder to the rear seat armrest. Apart from the standard light in the cabin, there is a lamp fitted to the boot compartment as well that helps in loading and unloading in the darker hours of the day.

Interior Measurements:

The insides are quite spacious with a wide wheelbase of 2520mm. As a result, the head as well as the shoulder room is quite spacious making the passenger's seating much convenient. The boot space is of 460 litres, which can take in quite a few things. Apart from all this, it also has a large fuel tank, which can take in 44 litres of petrol/diesel in it.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Ed's Take : The acceleration of the Manza petrol and diesel is decent for its size. The power produced by them is good enough for daily city commute.


Both the diesel and the petrol trims are harnessed with a manual transmission gear box. To reach the 100 Kmph spot, the petrol variants take about 17 to 18 seconds, which is a quite competitive, when taken into consideration its weight and in comparison with other offerings in its category. It can top a speed in the range of 170 to 175 Kmph. The diesel motor has the capacity to reach 100 Kmph mark within 18 seconds and attains a top speed between 165 to 170 Kmph.

Tata Manza Engine

Engine and Performance

Ed's Take : The performance of the Manza is decent and the Q Jet is the pick of the lot. The revised gear ratios make things easier. The engineers at Tata have done a good job with the Manza.


All the diesel versions are equipped with a 1.3-litre, Quadrajet90, four cylinder and a common rail direct injection fuel supply system based diesel engine. It is in compliance with the BS-IV norms and has the ability to displace about 1248cc. It can generate a maximum power of 88.76bhp at 4000rpm in combination with a peak torque output of 200Nm at 1750 to 3000rpm. Whereas, the petrol variants are equipped with a 1.4-litre, Safire90, 4-cylinder, multi point fuel injection system based petrol engine with a port re-sizer flexibility to it. This too is in compliance with the Bharat Stage IV norms and has the displacement capacity of close to 1368cc. The maximum power it can produce is about 88.76bhp at 6000rpm along with a torque output of 116Nm at 4750rpm. Both these versions are skilfully mated with a proficient 5+1 speed manual transmission gear box, which has a codename C549.


Ed's Take: The fuel economy of the diesel Manza is good, and the petrol has decent efficiency. The multijet engines are known for their frugal nature.


The diesel trims are equipped with a common rail direct injection fuel supply system. It can generates a fuel economy of 18.6 Kmpl in the city, under standard driving conditions and 21.12 Kmpl on the highways . Whereas the petrol variants have been integrated with a multi point fuel injection system and can give out about 12.2 Kmpl.

Power of Tata Manza

Ed's Take : The power produced by the Manza is decent on paper, however the torque has been enhanced for a better spread. There is no turbo lag in the Manza diesel engine.


The diesel motor can produce a peak power of 88.76bhp at 4000rpm and a maximum torque output of 200Nm between 1750 to 3000rpm. The maximum power of its petrol variants can squeeze in is about 88.76bhp at 6000rpm along with a torque output of 116Nm at 4750rpm.

Braking & Handling

Ed's Take : The handling of the Manza is good, and now the tweaked suspension has lesser body roll. The ride is also sorted and the occupants do not feel bouncy.


The front wheels are fitted with a set of ventilated discs and the rear wheels are fixed with the standard drum brakes. The suspension that is equipped in this sedan is very efficient and its impact can be felt during the drive. The front axle consists of an independent, lower wishbone, McPherson strut with coil spring type of a mechanism. While the rear axle is fitted with semi-independent, twist beam with similar coil springs along with hydraulic shock absorbers for all the four wheels. It has a very responsive power steering wheel, which can be tilt adjusted according to the height and built of the driver. While, the minimum turning radius of this car is close to 5.1 metres.

Safety & Security

Ed's Take : The safety features on the Manza include ABS and airbags.


The handling of this sedan has been made very efficient by integrating it with a collapsible steering that would help in reducing the effort of the driver. The stop lamps are high mounted and are LED enabled that would notify the other vehicles about the car's presence from far distances too. The safety of the children is addressed too by child locks built in the rear door and this function helps in restricting unauthorized exit. The immobilizer is an advanced mechanism that depicts any intrusional access and immediately numbs the engine from working and therefore avoids all possible thefts. There is a central locking system available and an entry without a key that is remote controlled is offered as well. There are plenty of notifications that are applicable in this series, which includes a warning buzzer for driver's door open with key-in reminder notification, a headlamp-on warning and tail lamp-on warning as well. The highlight factor that has its play in making the entire performance effective is the proficient braking system that is applied to this sedan. It consists of an anti lock braking system along with an electronic brake force distribution, which when combined results in delivering a safer drive. There are two airbags offered for both the driver as well as the co-driver with a SRS (supplimental restraint system) technology that would deploy at the moment of an identified impact. Then, there are front seat belts that have retractors, pretensioners and load limiters to keep the passengers protected it. All these aspects put together makes this luxury sedan series, one of the best in its category.

Tata Manza Wheels


The base as well as its mid range variants are fitted with a set of 15-inch steel wheels, which are further covered with full wheel caps. The top end variant is have been given a classy set of 15-inch, 8-split spoke, alloy wheels. The rims in all its trims are covered with 185/60 R15 sized tubeless radial tyres. A spare wheel along with a tool kit to change the tyre is offered in the boot compartment as a standard feature across all the variants.


1. Spacious cabin is definitely a win factor.
2. Stunningly lean and stylish as well.
3. Brimming with safety features.
4. Advanced infotainment with touchscreen navigation.
5. Impressive storage capacity.


1. Absence of leather upholstery even in higher trims.
2. Not available in many exterior color options to select from.
3. A few more comfort aspects can be added.
4. Noise produced by the diesel variants can be reduced.
5. Its exteriors still have some scope of improvement

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Tata Manza in news

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CarDekho has been constantly informing you about Tata Motors' plans for the upcoming 2014 Indian Auto Expo. India's leading car maker is planning to refresh its most successful Indica Vista, and the facelifted model has been spotted a couple of times during its test rounds. It is speculated that the new Indica Vista will be unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo, and will hit the shores soon after the event. We have learned it from our sources that the homegrown auto-major will also present the next generation Tata Manza CS at the same event. Read Full News

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Tata Manza Diesel Prices Slashed, now starts at Rs 5.99 lakh

Tata Manza is certainly one of the best products available in its range, after giving the Club Class features to the Manza, now the company has slashed the prices of the vehicle by up to 50,000, making it one of the most affordable cars in its league. Tata Manza has also launched yet another industry first and has introduced the ‘Club Class Buyback Assurance’. With the Club Class Buyback Assurance, Tata Motors offers its customers 60% of the purchase price after 3 years. Read Full News

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Tata Manza Based Compact Sedan to Launch by May-June

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New Tata Manza Club Class Launch on 16th October

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