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    Renault Lodgy
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    Maruti Ertiga
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    Renault Lodgy
    Renault Lodgy
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    Renault Lodgy
    Renault Lodgy
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    Toyota Innova Crysta
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    Renault Lodgy
    Renault Lodgy
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    Renault Lodgy
    Renault Lodgy
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Be lodgyical

By for Renault Lodgy 2015-04-09 14:36:08.0
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Pros : Everything

Cons : Nil

If a long vacation is around the corner, we all haste in finishing our mundane tasks to finally relish the freedom from work and responsibilities. You would not want to take your sedan as it has a boot but no space for people, not a hatch for sure as it can go fast but not practical. Enter the MPV class, a saviour for the middle-aged family lover, who likes to snug in with everyone once in a while. Renault, the ones who originally introduced the MPV type, is here with a brand new offering - The Lodgy. They are not directly targeting the Big Daddy of MPVs, Toyota Innova, but are sure to create a minor dent in its sales. It is the Honda Mobilio and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga against whom the Renault Lodgy will lock horns to be the most practical compact MPV available in India.

Exterior :-The Renault Lodgy shares its design theme with the Duster as the voluptuous curves and flowing lines make it resemble the compact SUV to a great extent. There is no doubt that the Lodgy looks boxy with its flat lines and straight sections but Renault has tried to hide it with subtle detailing around the design.Instead of a in your face profile, it gets a rather smooth design on the front with petite headlights just around the front corners with a strong chrome line forming the hood lip joining both the headlights. The twin slat grille flows horizontally around the solid Renault logo placed at the centre. The front bumper gradually flows out from the headlight giving it a car like design. It also gets a two tone finish with the lower portion finished in matte also forming an air splitter and fog lamps housing. The chrome touch given all over looks decent.

Interior :-The interior architecture of the Renault Lodgy looks familiar to the Duster. On the plus side, the trims look pleasant with a decent build quality. The plastics aren?t much about upmarket finish but at the same time it won't leave you complaining.

What makes Renault confident about Lodgy's acceptance? They have studied the basic needs of the MPV seeker. The Honda Mobilio and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga are based on a hatchback platform and thus don?t do justice to the MPV tag, they are best suited to be station wagons or hatchbacks with more luggage space and practicality. The only MPV which stood against the competition, for more than a decade, is Toyota Innova

The Renault Lodgy is a great attempt in making an attractive looking compact MPV. The interior quality is impressive and acceptable. In terms of comfort, it scores more than others in the competition. The amazing storage and boot space makes it a practical solution for a family. It has the underpinnings of Duster, which has already made its mark in the compact SUV segment. Both the diesel engines are highly promising and efficient. It gets dual airbags, ABS, EBD with brake assist and rear parking camera with sensors.

The three pod instrumental cluster which was launched in the new gen Duster makes its way into the Lodgy with an analogue speedo and tachometer. It gets an information display screen on right which displays tripmeter, odometer and fuel left in digital format. The three spoke steering wheel offers good grip, has buttons to control the cruise control and speed limiter. As for operating the central infotainment and media options, there is a media rack nicely tucked on the column behind the steering wheel. Quirky it might appear but then it is useful.

Being the top end RxZ version, it had the best of all features like media-navigation screen which also doubles up as a screen for manoeuvring in reverse and parking. It has a decent resolution and is user friendly. One can pair phones, listen to music via USB or Bluetooth and navigate using this screen.

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  • Vijay |09 Apr,2015 04:19:27 PM

    Look like a paid review. 70 % of indian road is not suitable for this vehicle. One and only one suv/muv for Indian road is mahindra bolero/ scorpio

    kamal |09 Apr,2015 05:10:45 PM

    Plz sir tell me this car is good or not good plz sir suggest me

    shams |15 Apr,2015 08:32:47 PM

    Sir its a good car u can buy it

    parasuraman |19 Apr,2015 12:21:45 AM


    aman kothari |25 Jun,2015 01:44:04 PM

    Le le bhai lele

    Kaloota |23 Apr,2015 07:45:39 AM

    Hi Vijay - I completely support ur view. All cars xcept tata, mahindra and Maruti are not designed for indian conditions. They are an adaptation. Hence, unsuitable for indian roads. Let's wait &watch customers cry once the car is 3+ yrs old

    xkkfkfkfmff |08 Jun,2015 06:58:27 PM


    xkkfkfkfmff |08 Jun,2015 06:58:40 PM


    xkkfkfkfmff |08 Jun,2015 06:59:14 PM


  • Dr k Verma |10 Apr,2015 08:10:04 AM

    I thought will it superior in comparison to mobilio and ertiga .

  • manish |10 Apr,2015 10:04:14 PM

    When they come in petrol version

  • ajey |11 Apr,2015 11:01:38 PM

    Total tourist vehicle not personal ....

  • dhavalrushat |14 Apr,2015 08:57:54 AM

    Good concept car

  • chetan jathan |16 Apr,2015 01:36:00 PM

    Appears to be more spacious than Mobilio or Ertiga, but Mileage is less

  • jatin |18 Apr,2015 12:13:50 AM

    How much this gear

  • ram |18 Apr,2015 03:07:06 PM

    the best one for the best price....

  • devendra |18 Apr,2015 10:37:43 PM

    I am very much impressed in the price

    parasuraman |19 Apr,2015 12:21:02 AM


    Kaloota |23 Apr,2015 07:50:40 AM

    IF u r very much impressed with the price, what r u doing here? Wasting ur tym? Go n buy it and then cm and tell everyone

  • parasuraman |19 Apr,2015 12:22:12 AM


  • arun |19 Apr,2015 12:58:25 PM

    this is sponserd review; not real.

  • Rajesh |21 Apr,2015 09:51:41 PM

    Yeah, waiting for the user review not the paid review

  • Rajesh |21 Apr,2015 09:57:03 PM

    Guys, Please dont be cheated from the review by Neeraj kumar Naidu. He is a Senior Manager working at Renault, Chennai Go with proper user review

  • Dr.Chandrasekhar |23 Apr,2015 04:28:19 PM

    Mahindra Quantro is crore times better try I have been using past two years. Great for Indian Roads. Good engine power matched with fuel economy & space no compromise. Good turning radius like a hatchback. Tall Bus like driving seat for long journeys. Overall price & economy --- BEST VALUE FOR MONEY

    hiralal r gupta |10 Jun,2015 09:40:59 AM

    Hi..Mahindra vehicles are hopeless in terms of comfort and drive quality..Tall driving position doesnt give comfort, its pain.

  • suresh patel |25 Apr,2015 12:23:16 PM

    hi friends i have a mahindra xylo car and i have been using past five years its a very nice car for indian road .

  • jeevan |25 Apr,2015 09:23:53 PM

    Deaf sir ....hi....Tamil nadu Renault lodgy come not.....guestion

    Konark |26 Apr,2015 12:50:35 AM

    Deaf sir? Plz read before u hit on SUBMIT NOW

  • Konark |26 Apr,2015 12:49:31 AM

    It appears to be a nice car. Lets wait n watch

  • kumar joshi |29 Apr,2015 10:27:34 PM

    Yeah its true a great car

  • bhu |30 Apr,2015 09:29:35 AM

    Just drove the car.... Very comfortable for driving... Speed control and cruise control for comfort driving... 110ps is very good in power.... Seats are comfortable ...will book a car in a couple of days

  • apurva |01 May,2015 02:41:09 PM

    just now i drove the lodgy 85ps...it was a pleasure driving and the turning radius is just like a hatchback...also one can clearly see the bonnet while driving which is not clearly visible in innova... while driving lodgy it was like i am driving any hatchback car ...it was so driver friendly and since my whole family was also with me in the car...the car didnt felt bulky while driving even when it was full of passengers..the suspensions r good since innova has become very common and also since it has been used as a taxi vehicle....lodgy is a good car to try as it has the same engine as that of duster and duster is a success car in the market with good performance and low maintainance....for a family of 6-8 persons i think right now lodgy is the best option..

    Anind |02 May,2015 09:08:54 AM

    I am also planning to buy Lodgy , seems to be a vehicle for long drive , any comment .

    prasad |11 Jul,2015 05:15:11 PM

    Sir what is the milage when all the 3 rows Ac on. Please tell me sir

    subbu |25 Oct,2015 10:23:51 PM

    Super vehicle

  • vineet |03 May,2015 05:58:51 PM

    when you cant give correct information why sir thankyou vineet

  • shobhit yadav |04 May,2015 01:34:51 PM

    Very good car lodgy

  • BMSood |05 May,2015 04:04:57 PM

    What about power,Mobilio have 98 Power while it has 85/86,will it be o.k

  • Vyshnav |07 May,2015 03:08:35 PM

    Wow... Its amazing.. My name is Vyshnav.. Last day my dad and me had went for test drive the new lodgy.. Wow.. Superb.. I love that one.. Comfort.. Its awesome.. Performance wow amazing.. Renault its really superb... I love it

  • ManIsh Arora |20 May,2015 10:34:24 AM

    i bought renault lodgy yesterday, it is really a good MPV and comfortable car with good space. best thing is its seats are so adjustable that give you more relax on long drive etc.......

  • sandip ingole |24 May,2015 12:26:19 AM

    Nice car ,I am using renault logan from 6 years so I know the comfort that renault can give ,french maker simply the best ,they dont manufactur cars infact they research on cars ,and it reflect in its cars thats why renault is best for all cars they made

  • B Suman |24 May,2015 02:41:31 AM

    hai i had a lodgy 85ps top end model i am facing a problem in this car is central locking system and some times horn will not work when i approached service centre they told me its a german car the standards are like german but we are driving it in indian roads i do not know what i suppose to do so please think when you purchase this car

    sam |27 May,2015 12:04:41 PM

    Agree with u suman

    shuaib |12 Jun,2015 07:39:20 AM

    How good is your fuel economy?

  • chandra |28 May,2015 10:54:36 AM

    Can any one tell me how is the serivce cost each time and the spares cost.. And is it better to go for 85 ps or 110 ps.. ? For a family of 8

  • B Purushothama Naidu |29 May,2015 03:57:39 PM

    Hi.... I took renault lodgy on 7th May 2015, What ever Sumit Sawhney talked about the car i have all those issues. AC used to get off at the middle, Mileage problem currently i am getting 12.8 KMPL where in the specification they proudly told that it's 19.98 KMPL. Issues are not resolved yet even though i stepped in to 2 service centers one in hyd and another in bangalore. Purushothama. 9849999895

  • Sudhakar |08 Jun,2015 01:13:19 AM

    Hi, I have booked Lodgy in May 15 after lot of research and a test drive (other similar MPV's like Innova, Ertiga, SUV XUV as well). Here's what I observed about this vehicle..may be useful to you. I am looking for a good review by the owner..could not find one so far, it will be very helpful if some one could share real experience. Here's my review (not a owner yet, will become soon): - Drivability is superb (very smooth engine, no noice - you might think the engine is stopped..its so quite, i liked it. steering and suspention is smooth too. Response is good after certain RPM. I was a bit un comfortable with initial lag though as I am so used to a petrol vehicle from Ford which responds very quickly). Visibility is very good. I had few first time issues like guaging the back tyre track and applying breaks, noicy AC vents inside..but one will become familiar and comfortable after some time. - Space (Front row, second row best. Third row is surely a bit of issue for tall person like me with out thigh support..somehow I liked Ertiga's thigh support and adjustable seats. Love to have those sliding seats and thigh support. Let's see if it can be done after market) - Interior: Best looking, rich feel like in high end cars - Exterior: Looks great overall. Front is superb, side and back profile..I liked it some times and not at times. Its a personal preference. I am fine with it though. The best looking color is Royal Orchid - close to black color and looks very rich. I did not buy Ertiga for only one reason that it does not have presence or did not meet our esteam need of having big car. Lodgy would fulfil that along with many other features -Features: Best in class. It has everything that you need and more. Except Climate Control. I really do not know what it does..but I felt fine with the way AC is blowing the cool air. The noice levels would have been less. It has got Frontal Airbags, Central locking, Rear Camera and sensors, Large touch screen (not very sensitive, may be my expectation is something like iPad), USB, Bluetooth (connected my android phone and spoke with my dad, super clear), Music sounded like Dolby sound system in theatre..sounds good. Overall I felt..it has been packaged well for 14.5 lakhs (RXZ 8 Seater) with all the features that you need with few small compromizes that I need to make w.r.t last seat, few lakhs morethan well tried and tested Ertiga. Like the others commented above, I am not very sure a company like Renault could say its a French (user mentioned Germany though) made car and cannot be driven or serviced in India. The real issues will be known as more users share their genuine reviews. For me..its meeting my budget, i hope gives me better fuel economy, I probably never have a driver as I enjoy driving myself (its perfect driver's vehicle), feels premium, rich and large and still can be driven to office regularly, my entire familyof 8 can fit inside, it has everything in it..i can take calls if necessary I think, I made an informed decission, but I do have still questions on how it will fare w.r.t maintenance costs, resale value, how successful it would be in India? How the sales and service support from renault? etc. By the way, the renault staff were cool unlike others who push you around to make sale. Very professional and helpful. This also gives me expectation that their services team will also have similar attitude to address customer issues and be professional. I hope this review is useful to you and I request the genuene owners to give real feedback that will help us. Regards Sudhakar

  • xkkfkfkfmff |08 Jun,2015 06:58:16 PM


  • xkkfkfkfmff |08 Jun,2015 06:58:59 PM


  • Jaikumar |04 Jul,2015 12:06:04 PM

    Can I Buy Thid Car....

  • c.Edward |06 Jul,2015 11:51:22 AM

    I am C.Edward and basicallly I am honda customer ,presently havcing HONDA Amaze car .My wife decided to buy a lodgy car .I bought the lodgy in the mioth of May .only wo month old . I drove the vehicle i nj the High ways . I went upto trichy. I had have bad experience which I have ever happened going by other vehicle. Whenever cross spead breaker available in the high ways road or bumpy road the front portion and the rear portion touche the breaker and make noise which is not tolerable, 2.There is some vibration while going in the high ways because pf less weight compare to innova. 3.Black smoke is emanating 4,Ac is working in the rear side as well as front side, 5.It goes smoothly inthe surface road but it is not worthy inthe bumpy road we feel uncomfortable.I had bad experience while driving this lodgy. so those who want to buy lodgy vehicle it is not advisable.better go for other cars, Regards C,Edward.

  • c.Edward |06 Jul,2015 12:08:32 PM

    As for as I am concerned this lodgy is comfortable while going inthe smooth road,but it is not worthy inthe bumpy road and it is jumping while crossing the spead breaker and bump also irritate to us. as for as milage concerned okay,,but we fweel it gwets vibrating . so all of my friends who wish to purchase lodgy it is not advisable ,go for other cars, good day. MY mobile no 9444028987, also the service of kivraj motors is also unsatisfactory

  • Meraj Hussain |08 Mar,2016 01:23:45 PM


  • ranjith |05 May,2016 03:45:37 PM

    Why renault lodgy people sell suddenly within 1 year.., Used cars market I can see lodgy is many..., Why? Why? Why?

  • SUDEEP SANYAL |18 May,2017 11:41:39 PM

    test drove the car; felt nice - the 110 PS - but could not gauge what would happen on bumpy roads. C. Edward's comments are illuminating since I was worrying about the ground clearance for such a long vehicle. I drove over smooth roads and found the response in terms of acceleration good. The drive was smooth for one used to a Xylo and I liked the upholstery. Ground clearance might be an issue

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