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    Maruti Wagon R
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    Maruti Celerio
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    Maruti Wagon R
    Maruti Wagon R
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    Maruti Wagon R
    Maruti Wagon R
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    Maruti Wagon R
    Maruti Wagon R
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    Renault KWID
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    Maruti Wagon R
    Maruti Wagon R
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Info On Wagon R

By for Maruti Wagon R from New Delhi 2011-01-16 22:05:51.0
127 people found it helpful. 18065 ViewsWrite Review
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Look and Style: The looks of the car are not the best in the market but I find it pretty decent as compared to various odd shaped cars. It has a unique style in its segment with a lot of upgraded improvements. 

Comfort: Wagon R has always been spacious than its rivals and the new model exceeds our expectation with more leg room at the back than compared to other cars in the same segment (well at least I found it so). Driving is a pleasure as there is tilt steering which I think is very useful and helps to reduce the stress of driving. 

Pickup: The pickup is fairly good, please don't try and compare it to a swift because the engine differs but the performance is good and you won't be disappointed. 

Mileage: I got the car on 12th Jan 11'. I have driven it 400km so far and it gives me an average of 16kmpl in the city which I think is fairly good considering the traffic on Delhi roads. 

Best Features: The best thing which I found in the vxi model is the integrated audio system, tilt steering, electric rear view mirrors (which help a lot) and the rear window defogger with wiper. It also has a security system. I highly doubt that any car in this price range has all these features! But then again I can be wrong. 

Needs to improve: Maruti could have given a little bit more power to the engine, a USB port in the audio system and an option of alloy wheels in the vxi model. 

Overall Experience: My personal overall experience of the Wagon R Vxi has been very satisfactory and this being my 1st new car I am very happy with my choice. I would recommend to anyone who wants to buy this car should definitely go for it. You will enjoy driving it. 

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  • Suleesh Sukumar |21 Jan,2011 02:30:53 PM

    Thank you for such a good review

    ram |23 Jan,2011 12:25:32 AM

    really useful...

  • abhi |25 Jan,2011 07:43:18 AM

    very useful thanxxxx

    Roma |26 May,2011 05:37:11 PM

    Thanks soooooooooooooooo much

  • Noorul |01 Feb,2011 12:17:36 AM

    very useful and honest review.

  • nilotpal |01 Feb,2011 06:50:03 PM

    agreed, find your review useful for getting into a decesion.

  • KUMAR |01 Feb,2011 10:07:44 PM

    After making a lot of comparision in its segment I personally find Maruti Wagon R VXI ABS worth buying and I have already booked for it.

  • Ajay |02 Feb,2011 12:37:20 AM

    im happy i can be of help to you guys

  • Srikanth |06 Feb,2011 04:11:42 AM

    Good Review.. I agree with u that Maruthi should have given more power to this wonderful car.

  • Abhijit |07 Feb,2011 12:12:49 AM

    I had several doubts to choose amongst few cars. I think this kind of a review cleared lot of my doubts & is going to defnitely help me ahead to choose one. thanks,

    Ajay |08 Feb,2011 12:04:00 AM

    your welcome

  • Mukesh |08 Feb,2011 11:03:36 PM

    good and impartial review. It is of really help

  • mutu |13 Feb,2011 02:58:16 PM

    thanks good review

  • vishesh jain |14 Feb,2011 03:34:53 PM

    Hi, I had almost finalised wagon r lxi mentally but somehow considering the vxi version, solely because of integerated music player and speakers, which would otherwise cost me 20k. But the doubt is-whether this embedded music system is really good? and what about the safety measures in this variant? Will some owner of vxi help me? thanks

    Ajay |14 Feb,2011 08:17:14 PM

    hey Vishesh the audio system in the vxi model is very nice and totally worth it spending the extra cash,it has a good base as well. The car has a good security system as mentioned by mme in my info on the car. U can go in for it like i have

  • chirag |16 Feb,2011 02:26:55 PM

    i bought my wagon r on 27 dec 2010, first service and 1200 km done but still the average is not more than 12 km/l in city. can anyone help me..

    shachin |10 Mar,2011 10:54:40 AM

    Keep weeping no chance to increase mileage.

    Subodh |07 May,2012 02:48:58 AM

    Try to drive the car between 3000 to 3500 rpm It might improve Works well with me

  • sathosh |18 Feb,2011 09:01:11 PM

    good one, use full, i booked wagon r vxi bsiv on 15 th feb 2011

  • Saarang Khetawat |25 Feb,2011 02:01:45 PM

    thanx ... Great Review..

  • Anand |28 Feb,2011 01:52:28 PM

    I have bought new wagon r vxi.Can anyone tell me: 1. from where to get manual for integrated music system or procedure for time setting. 2. From where to buy adaptor for USB. 3. Does it have reverse gear horn inbuilt. thnx

    Ajay |28 Feb,2011 06:26:09 PM

    if u have got a new car then the dealer provides the manual for the audio system along with the car manual. There is no USB port in tthe audio system so u need to buy an AUX cable. There is no built in reverse horn. Regards, Ajay

  • Muralidharan |01 Mar,2011 06:21:19 PM

    I'm a proud owner myself and could n't agree more with the review. U just put my thoughts into words. :-)

  • Hitesh Khatri |08 Mar,2011 12:42:38 AM

    Ajay - Thanks for the details. It's really helpful.

  • shachin |08 Mar,2011 01:56:09 PM

    Why should I buy Wgon-r VXI when I have Maruti 800 ac.please explain ..

    Ajay |08 Mar,2011 11:22:45 PM

    do u really wanna compare 800 to a Wagon R!!

    shachin |10 Mar,2011 11:05:14 AM

    sitting capacity are same as wagon-r, mileage is better than WR,Road condition in India are now in better condition.Up to 300 km journey is comfortable in M800.So I have kept my additional Rs.2 lacs in MIP and maintaining my car expenses with this monthly income. I request all car buyers to think twice before buying any costly car.Please don't glamorize your car buying.

  • shachin |10 Mar,2011 10:53:02 AM

    fuel price are going high and mileage of 15/16 km in city is very poor. In coming year price of petrol will be at around Rs.80/-.So Now I am planning to buy LML 4 stroke scooter for my family.

  • sandip |31 Mar,2011 10:36:52 PM


  • thupten |19 Apr,2011 11:32:16 AM

    It is specious than earlier but pickup is poor compare to old waggie

  • philimon jamatia |20 Apr,2011 08:51:03 PM

    what would be the price of waganor rvxi model at agartala?

  • dr. Abhishek |18 May,2011 01:08:00 AM

    very useful..removed my doubts about this car, have decided to go for it only.

  • Rajib |21 Jun,2011 12:02:50 PM

    Do u have any idea about the W DUO model's availability in the market?

  • kadam kumar |26 Jun,2011 07:53:03 PM

    Very informative sir. Thnx

  • SAHIL YAHIYA |01 Jul,2011 03:41:41 PM

    Ya..its a good review...i am also going to buy a wagonr in a week

  • Puneet Singh |08 Jul,2011 12:57:25 AM

    Wagon R or Ritz or A-Star or I-10 or Figo or Indica Xeta?

  • Ashish Mathur |13 Jul,2011 04:01:36 PM

    I too agree with your post sir.. Actually I want to check my average as well but the fuel meter is quite confusing. I cudnt know how much litre of petrol each box contain.. Can anybody help me out..??? And wats the alternate to have a usb jack in the music system other than fm modulator.??

    Ajay |15 Jul,2011 11:35:55 PM

    each bar represents 3.5L..this gives a total of 35L..there is no alternate to USB..u will need to connect it to ur cell phone or ipod via. an AUX cable

    Ashish Mathur |16 Jul,2011 11:50:28 AM

    okeh.. thanks Mr AJay.. And how much petrol left when the last bar starts blinking

    Ajay |17 Jul,2011 12:35:36 AM

    when my bar was blinking i was stuck in traffic, i ran it for about 10kms..maybe it can max 20kms but why take a risk

    Ashish Mathur |17 Jul,2011 11:49:19 AM

    yes just asking for knowledge bhai.. Thanks fr replying...

  • Leen |13 Jul,2011 08:27:18 PM

    how is the a/c performance please let me know

    Ajay |15 Jul,2011 11:37:53 PM

    ac works fine..no problems at all

  • godfrey filomeno fernandes |17 Jul,2011 01:02:57 PM

    i got one question about the audio. is that audio system is a class one. i mean whether its a good one and want to know about the speakers. please help me on this. and some one have commented here saying that there is no usb slot. do that audio have a option to plug in to a cell phone or and ipod. pls let me know friends.. looking forward to grab this car soon.

    Ajay |19 Jul,2011 03:05:12 PM

    the audio system is only available in the VXI model and is pretty nice..there us no use however u can plug in ur ipod

    sage |23 May,2012 11:52:41 PM

    yes you can plug in your iPod or iPhone to WagonR VXI model. You need to buy the aux.cable and connect one end to your iphone/ipad and the other to the aux option on the audio system. I use it all the time!

  • Abhijit |18 Jul,2011 03:04:21 AM

    I have booked my Wagon r Vxi today, can't wait for another 10-15 days to own this lovely car.

  • Narendra Kulkarni |20 Jul,2011 12:52:50 PM

    I fully agree with your honest review. Mileage needs to be improved especially when AC is on. While climbing it strains much. Back seat space needs to be widened.Revesre gear some times problematic. In traffic areas it stops suddenly even on 1st gear.Power needs to enhanced.

  • pranavpc |21 Jul,2011 05:35:23 PM

    ya....i agree to your opinion to a maximum

  • Abhijit.S |24 Jul,2011 11:07:38 PM

    Anybody please comment on CNG WAGNOR!! i need to book ..

  • TONDUP WANGAIL |27 Jul,2011 12:48:18 AM

    I was planning to buy a new car but was confused, now Im clear and it will definitely going to help me in fulfilling of my dream of buying a car,thanks

  • rahul |28 Nov,2011 07:16:16 PM

    Thanks Ajay for the review. Its indeed very Helpful.

  • rajesh |17 Dec,2011 12:07:41 PM

    please elaborate about security system in vxi model

  • S K Dubey |18 Apr,2012 11:31:49 PM

    Thanks a lot sir for your useful comments, I have also the same car from Oct.,2011. I really agreed with you.

  • amit |20 Apr,2012 11:53:42 AM

    perfect reviev

  • sunil |11 Feb,2015 10:48:13 AM

    Two improvements Tyre size upgrade. 165 would be better. Extra one cylinder. Power is no issue torque is less for the car of this size. Torque should be more than 105Nm

  • Mr Rafique |07 Mar,2015 10:23:20 PM

    Wagon R is on doubt a good car but there is a sound in the engine and the engineers/exoert if maruti are unable to solve this issue.

  • Rishikesh |13 May,2015 04:50:50 PM

    Hi, I am about to book new Wagon R vxi. But reading all these reviews I have a doubt about the music system. Is there any improvement in the integrated music system specially regarding USB compatibility? If No, is there any alternate solution for this?

  • asif |24 May,2015 06:23:58 PM

    which one is better Hyundai i10 or wagon r rply fast I'm planning to buy in this budget is 4.50

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