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Pros : Looks

Cons : no automatic

Yesterday I visited a Maruti dealership as I am planning to buy a car in the range of Rs. 7-9 lakh. I checked out the Brezza and the dual tone colour theme of the car looked really appealing. I found the design a little out of the box which is good for a change. I sat inside and checked out the features which were again not disappointing. The interior quality is also good and feels refreshing.

Last time, I sat in a Maruti Swift Dzire and the Brezza is surely different. Automatic climate control, projector headlamps, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system are some of the features which appealed to me personally. The car has dual airbags with ABS and EBD in the higher variants. It seems good enough for a sub 4 metre SUV.

Not sure how powerful will the car feel. The engine produces just 89 bhp of power and with the EcoSport churning out 110 horses at a comparable cost, not sure where will Maruti stand with Brezza.

If you care about the mileage, Brezza offers 24.3 kmpl of it which is good for the economists. I am surely a one who cares more about the performance! The car comes at a price of Rs. 7 lakh and offers a long list of accessories which again is a plus point for me. If Maruti introduces an automatic transmission in this car, that will be really cool for me as I am mostly moving on busy roads.

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  • NAGENDRA JANI |15 Apr,2016 10:22:20 PM

    Today i visit for maruti breeza. Nice looking Nice interior &exterior. Company claim 23 k.m per lit.average. I can`t say about this car future performance. But its availability is not proper.

    ramesh |22 May,2016 10:50:33 AM

    This car is good not good please help me

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:06:21 PM

    It's silencer look very bad like taxi ??

    S M |16 Sep,2016 07:56:48 PM

    Actually if you look at the rear bumper the two black rubber caps which are there seems to be for exhaust pipe originally. The exhaust pipe which is there looks like as if it has been fixed externally.Sometimes, I feel that there's a flaw on the part of design,its only my observation.

  • dipan |15 Apr,2016 11:47:41 PM

    Good to know from your review

  • vanish |16 Apr,2016 08:28:06 AM

    Vetara brezza a good SUV car for this price only 7lac

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:01:16 PM

    Top Model coming in 11.5lac

  • Neil |16 Apr,2016 11:51:42 AM

    The all new Brezza seems to be a good vehicle with all new latest infotainment systems inbuilt in the top variant. Personally I found two major drawbacks viz. 1. The body which is too light and gives a feeling of any other maruti vehicle. 2. Black Interiors is the worst part of Brezza. It doesnt gives a feeling of richness and comfort like Terano.

    Narendra singh |18 Apr,2016 08:22:54 PM

    Good to know from visitors review

  • imtiaz |16 Apr,2016 12:22:19 PM

    What about rear seat at center. I think that is really disappointing. Any comments from customer who are lucky to get brezza Early.

    Shourya Gupta |27 Apr,2016 02:01:57 PM

    No problem

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:09:10 PM

    Silencer looks very bad just like auto taxi

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:10:37 PM

    Silencer look very bad and engine power is also less

  • Atul |16 Apr,2016 06:50:56 PM

    Go go go for it. Amazing vehicle.

  • SYED aleem |16 Apr,2016 10:27:45 PM

    Same engine of swift Punto Vista ciaz manza sx4 linea in different clothes...

  • SYED aleem |16 Apr,2016 10:27:59 PM

    Same engine of swift Punto Vista ciaz manza sx4 linea in different clothes...

  • monusng |17 Apr,2016 12:57:00 AM

    Best in class superb look feeling better than eco spot and duster or prise variations ........bus koi toon jaldi dilwa do

    anoop |15 May,2016 05:48:06 PM

    R u blind?

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:12:18 PM

    Engine power is less and silencer design is taxi like

    Rajesh Sahu |26 Jun,2016 03:59:21 PM

    Less power and silencer is looks very bad

  • rahul |17 Apr,2016 05:04:28 AM

    Confused between ciaz and brezza..plz suggest

    mnanish |18 Apr,2016 12:06:12 AM

    Ciza..... Hai leaa

    Pramod Singh |21 Apr,2016 12:13:06 PM

    I have booked Vitara Brezza vdi(o) version. After doing a lot of research , because i don,t want to go over 9L . Earlier i was relutent to have stearing mounted control for audio and call. But vdi has very good stero interface and it would be in my reach to pick call from sterio interface. Secondly vdi(0) has ABS which is a very importent feature. I also think about the projecter head lamp, alloy wheels and dual body colour. Which can be easily geted from market at cheaper rate. So guys i think vdi(o) is a good deal for budget constraint people. Go for it becuase you will gt compact suv

    Tushar Patil |28 Apr,2016 10:35:58 PM

    100 % agree bro !!

    Rajesh Sahu |17 May,2016 09:51:27 PM

    I m going to book top Model dual color but it is of 11.2lac +31k accessories

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:03:31 PM

    Top Model 11.5lac

    faizan shaikh |23 Apr,2016 10:55:13 PM

    ciaz is the best car

    ali |26 Apr,2016 09:02:49 PM

    Both are ok. But not a big hit like swift, elitei20, city, dezire & wagonr which rules indian road. They are good suv & muv but can't match luxury of hyundai's & Honda's. If u want to go with either one go with ciaz as it has proven itself somewhat.

    mohnish maheshwari |04 May,2016 09:20:40 AM

    Very poor delivery . Comfort is very low

    vic |18 Oct,2016 04:52:02 AM

    Honda image or honda city

  • ranga |17 Apr,2016 08:09:37 AM

    Brezza power with 1250 engine may not match its size. Time will decide fate of brezza.

    rakesh |17 Apr,2016 08:01:14 PM

    At least 1.5 ltr engine required

    ali |26 Apr,2016 09:08:51 PM

    Then get ready to see its price increase by 3 lakhs atleast. It's not a rich person car ??. Maruti has launched it keeping in mind about the common man income in india. Let the govt increase the salary of every qualified citizen then we will see 1.5.

    Rajesh Sahu |17 May,2016 09:55:17 PM

    Top Model is costly 11.2lac +31k accessories so it's costly I have confusion between Breeza and Hundai Creta 1.4S plus

    Badri Prasad Audichya |28 May,2016 03:07:44 PM

    You are correct rakesh. Vitara required at least 1.5 lit engine because it does not make too much power... The best compact SUV is Ford ecosport

  • rakesh |17 Apr,2016 08:02:36 PM

    Why maruti is scared to introduce 1.5 ltr diesel engine...

  • vineet |17 Apr,2016 08:32:28 PM

    Dont buy sucks

  • manish ghumnani |18 Apr,2016 12:10:57 AM

    I am confues ecosporst and bezza please reply fast. Manish

    sujal |26 Apr,2016 09:52:15 PM

    Check comparison vedio

  • manish ghumnani |18 Apr,2016 12:12:30 AM

    I am confues ecosporst and bezza please reply fast. Manish earlist folllewed

    dinesh katad nashik |18 Apr,2016 03:30:08 PM

    Aap veetara breeza le lo Qk money back guarantee

    Rajesh Sahu |17 May,2016 10:02:50 PM

    Breeza is better but I have confusion between Breeza and Hundai Creta 1.4 Splus

  • Manish Vashisht |18 Apr,2016 08:50:13 PM

    Vitara breeza is a wonderful suv If you compare with any suv this range...Eco sports..duster..and anyone..Everyone wants everything in a car who spent 8 lack Rs. So apart from there is no option available in the one can beat in anything.

    Rajesh Sahu |17 May,2016 09:56:54 PM

    It's not in 8lac it is of 11lac plus

  • gurjeet singh |18 Apr,2016 09:43:45 PM

    It is a great car and has a real comfort. We got it on 30march first car in ludhiana and also 2nd car in punjab we had drive it over 1000 km without any problem

    manik |20 Apr,2016 02:22:00 PM

    How is the performance. wheather it is stable at high speed

    manik |20 Apr,2016 02:22:17 PM

    How is the performance. wheather it is stable at high speed

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:17:24 PM

    But engine power is less and it's silencer look like taxi

    sushil |05 Aug,2016 05:15:37 AM

    Every time you mention silence looks like texi have... Have you ever seen taxi that have such type of silencers

  • deep |18 Apr,2016 11:08:09 PM

    baleno is batter thn brezza..

    Shivanshu Agarwal |24 Apr,2016 08:40:20 PM

    Why baleno is better than brezza?

  • ronak goyal |19 Apr,2016 11:28:57 AM

    Is the vitara zdi gud

  • Jitender Arora |19 Apr,2016 12:23:56 PM

    Booked Brezza VDI on its launch, its 4th week after booking. @ booking wtng prd was 4-6 wks. I recd a call in d 2nd wk that ur car is rdy vd accessories which r cmpny fitted. Befooling clients in the hide of wtng pd. Distribution system is faulty.

    Jitender Arora |19 Apr,2016 12:25:57 PM

    I refused to get accessories fitted vehicle. Now they are ignoring me. Many clients got their bookings cancelled. Co shud look into these matters to stop such malpractices. They are charging cancellation charges as well.

    Sujal |26 Apr,2016 09:55:11 PM

    Really ðŸ'³ðŸ'³

    Jitender Arora |27 Apr,2016 02:34:32 PM

    Yes. Now victim of their step behaviour

    sujal |26 Apr,2016 09:54:30 PM

    Really ðŸ'³ðŸ'³

  • gurdeep s Bindra |19 Apr,2016 06:05:01 PM

    Confused between ciaz and brezza ,,which one to buy??help

  • ravish |19 Apr,2016 07:59:33 PM

    Ecosport produces 100 PS power ! not 110.

  • pankaj |19 Apr,2016 10:28:13 PM

    Everything about brezza is good.... Except the performance...... M not sure about the performance...... Coz it's just 89bhp...... Whereas other car in the same segment are churning more than 100bhp.......the interiors again are simple but refreshing

  • amit |20 Apr,2016 01:39:11 PM

    Value for money ....

  • Rajesh Subba |20 Apr,2016 07:00:54 PM

    Hey! Man I want to see 360 view of this maruti vitara brezza ??

  • Devendra Chaturvedi |20 Apr,2016 07:08:21 PM

    Since long time, i am waiting a SUV with automatic climate control, Revers parking camera, milege above 22, Driver sheat height adustable, specious, all four get water bottel pocket, Frezer for water bottel.These all featurres are available in this car.

    Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 11:22:31 PM

    Engine power is less and silencer look like taxi ??

  • Rajesh Subba |21 Apr,2016 05:57:37 AM

    I want to booking this maruti vitara brezza, so how would month it take to comes???????

  • Pramod Singh |21 Apr,2016 12:10:56 PM

    I have booked Vitara Brezza vdi(o) version. After doing a lot of research , because i don,t want to go over 9L . Earlier i was relutent to have stearing mounted control for audio and call. But vdi has very good stero interface and it would be in my reach to pick call from sterio interface. Secondly vdi(0) has ABS which is a very importent feature. I also think about the projecter head lamp, alloy wheels and dual body colour. Which can be easily geted from market at cheaper rate. So guys i think vdi(o) is a good deal for budget constraint people. Go for it becuase you will gt compact suv

    chetan patil uran |21 Apr,2016 07:34:09 PM

    Breeza is best but rear seat is not spacingg so pls utilise dis rear seats legroom and vent ac also require

  • Manohar Reddy |21 Apr,2016 11:40:11 PM

    All the maruti cars are fantastic in terms of mileage and looks.But when you consider safety features,maruti cars are zero.You see in youtube about crash test,you will get to know about maruti cars.Brezza is also not an exception.Ecosport is offering 6 airbags,abs,emergency call assist etc.Think about safety features before buying any car.Kindly dont encourage cars without proper safety features.

  • Anil |24 Apr,2016 07:09:24 PM

    Brezza I was confused regarding the purchase of a small SUV. My options were Ford Ecosport or Maruti Brezza. Since I am using a Ford ikon 1.8D for the last 13 years I was a bit inclined to Ford. Because my car offered excellent ride and handling. And I also liked the quality of Ford service. The Ecosport has got sexy looks than the Brezza. Recently, Ford offered a big price cut too so that the top version costs only 10.6 lakhs on the road when compared to Brezza Zdi 's 11.3 lakhs. However the Ecosport is on the roads for last few years and hence the looks are getting commonly boring! I took a test drive of the both for a 8km stretch. The Ecosport handled well with no noticeable body roll or pitching. However the back seats and legs room were cramped. The spare wheel was also mounted on the back door which opened sideways. I found this inconvenient. Whereas Brezza had the spare wheel tucked into the boot floor and the back door opened upwards. That placement of the wheels also brought down the extra weight of the wheels from the doors which is in the Ecosport. The Brezza handled well with no body roll or pitching and had more acceleration than the Ecosport due to its lesser weight than Ecosport. The back seats and leg room of the Brezza was much more than the Ecosport! It had more space inside the cabin. Both the vehicles were having 16 alloy wheels. The Brezza sported a 215/60/16R which I found good. In the end, my confusion was over, I decided to go for the new Brezza instead of the old Ecosport. I booked for the Zdi version which I found a good budget package. But, sadly there is a long waiting list!!

    Angshuman Baruah |23 Jun,2016 10:33:02 AM

    I have been hearing a bit about the discomfort in the rear seat because of the stiff suspensions...Whats ur take on that.

    Rajesh Sahu |26 Jun,2016 03:58:24 PM

    Breeza having less power and it's silencer is look very bad like taxi

  • Shivanshu Agarwal |24 Apr,2016 08:42:48 PM

    Is baleno better or brezza?

    Anil |25 Apr,2016 02:59:30 PM

    Both are in different class!

  • harish |25 Apr,2016 08:16:14 AM

    Brought brezza last week!!! It's an amazing package, ride quality phenomenal, interior is made upto the mark, overall a complete package for a middle class family!!

  • Arun sarma |25 Apr,2016 09:16:08 AM

    When will the petrol variant with auto gearbox be launched?

  • Shourya Guota |27 Apr,2016 01:59:52 PM

    I have brought this car. Its top variant with the yello and white dual tone colour. It is fantastic in looks. The suspension are little stiff but not bad. The engine works amazingly good. It should have been offered with a AMT. Its has very smooth ride. The best it gives is the fuel efficiency. If you are looking something which will stand in the Indian traffic. Brezza is just the car you are looking for, within your budget.

  • Arun sarma |27 Apr,2016 02:29:00 PM

    When is the automatic being launched?

  • Akhileshwar singh suman |27 Apr,2016 09:21:19 PM

    I bought the car on 13 th April and went to my native village which is 1000 km from Delhi . The car is very smooth in driving .pick up is excellent Leg space is enoughAverage was around 19 km per liter .Very very comfortable in driving

    Manish |28 Apr,2016 10:59:02 PM

    I am booking vdi ore vdi o which suv segment pleasa reply ecospost any car p

  • Ravindra Kumar |28 Apr,2016 03:12:07 PM

    Yesterday, I drive Maruti Breeza, it is very nice car, I feel int. design is very pleasent and very attractive and external also very pretty and felt very easy to drive. About this SUV car. I am planing to buy this car model no LDI Option. What is waiting

  • Ravindra Kumar |28 Apr,2016 03:22:49 PM

    I like this car but there are two concerns. One: what is correct waiting period LDI Option ?????. and why is so much sound of engine sound is so high in all the new car ???????. It has just double engine sound compare Hundai Creta.

  • nitin mahajan |29 Apr,2016 05:44:24 PM

    Why dont use maruti 1.6 engine

  • nitin mahajan |29 Apr,2016 06:05:10 PM

    Improve rear leg space and declaine seats

    manishg |29 Apr,2016 11:29:02 PM

    Avage 16 km per lit in road bezzza

  • ritesh sethi |01 May,2016 12:17:44 AM

    After starting nexa maruti suzuki gon down from month they r not showing. They r busy without work

  • jasvinder Singh |02 May,2016 08:00:37 PM

    Vitara Brezza Excellent SUV

  • pankaj guglani |03 May,2016 11:37:12 PM

    Yes all of the feature is good in this price range but i face big problem of availability . 8- 9 month delivery time is so long..... Craze of buying a new car does't remains the same . This is not good for maruti . So many people refused to buy in this time period.

  • rakesh kumar |06 May,2016 07:34:34 PM

    It will be better to introduce this product in petrol

  • rana |08 May,2016 07:19:56 PM

    I am planning this vehicle since march but couldn't make it till but by the end of this month i will booking my first vehicle of my life.i am very much impressed with this i have not any bike and car till now so just relying on reviews only.

  • vilas |14 May,2016 12:55:43 AM

    Although from outer style Brezza looks out dated like 80's vehicle and is not so eyecaching and stylish as eco sport inside it is good ..Space and mileage and features are good

  • sahil |16 May,2016 03:48:25 PM

    Looks wise good car i planned to buy it but when i drove the car. Its pathetic. Its like u r driving swift. Touchscreen music system is cheap as expected. Its like u spending 10 lacs on a swift with new looks and same engine. Interiors are like old Zen very poor. People are thinking as if they are getting a SUV less price. Dont be befooled and dont b mistaken as it is not a SUV at all jst a bigger swift. No driving pleasure. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • sandy |19 May,2016 12:09:16 AM

    I had yest drive of vitara brezza and found it to be a reasonably good car. I drove ecosport and duster as well before brezza.Till now I was not a fan of mqruti cars but found brezza to be lil different from other offerings fromn mariti so far.Good luck

  • prabhjot |20 May,2016 08:10:42 PM

    SUNROOF... Interior, Exterior Everything is looking Good, car looks like Range Rover too... But why Maruti Suzuki not given a sunroof.. Why 1 thing i Dislike about the car is Sunroof.. Otherwise ??

  • cyril george varghese |02 Jun,2016 07:35:22 PM

    Does anyone know if they are releasing an Automatic model for Breeza

  • Balasaheb More |05 Jun,2016 07:01:34 PM

    Top speed... I heard that brezza gets viable at speed above 120kmph. Whats comment by actual buyers?

  • navneet |12 Jun,2016 09:51:55 PM

    I see VITARA BREZZA at Mandi in competent auto mobiles maruti Suzuki. It is very mascular looking car bold looking and very efficient mileage @24.3 kmpl it is very spacious interiors are very good and two glove box and a storage box under front passenger

  • vikar |18 Jun,2016 10:16:15 AM

    when you see engine power 1200CC, which is similar to swift and i10 ...than we pay 10 or 11 lacs for this car? ford eco sport hase 1500CC in same price, with more power and large cabin space with solid interior design.

  • Rajesh Sahu |24 Jun,2016 10:58:25 PM

    Top Model cost is more than 11.5lac with accessories

    arsh |16 Jul,2016 03:53:28 PM

    Over all its gud car but breaks and road grip is not good

  • Jaswinder Singh |17 Sep,2016 07:59:47 PM

    Engine cpacity is small

  • Shardul Vikram Singh |03 Oct,2016 11:23:14 PM

    I want to buy a car of maruti.Which car I should to buy baleno or vitara brezza

  • Ajay |15 Oct,2016 03:47:01 PM

    I love vitara my car

  • Ajay kumar Gupta |01 Nov,2016 04:54:13 PM

    I am booking brezza time 2 mants but diler is not diliver whith me

  • Stanley |31 Dec,2016 12:55:01 PM

    Did you buy brezza sir??

  • mathews samuel |19 Jan,2017 04:24:01 PM

    Is there any plan to bring out the automatic version of this vehicle in near future? All other features are excellent, and if automatic version also comes out, sale will increase double fold

  • Dr Siddharth |06 Jul,2017 11:02:34 AM

    Wat is the average in city in heavy traffic

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