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Pros : Great Power, Automatic switch to CNG, Excellent CNG fitting and compatibilty.

Cons : less visibility from parking mirror

I purchased Sx4 Green 2 days back via exchange of my old Alto LX 2000 (CNG Fitted) model. After driving SX4 , I feel I am driving State of Art technology called VVT. The CNG switch is perfect, I do not need to increase the accelerator as it changes based on Engine Temperture. The CNG fitting that is available outside is not good due to compativity issues with CNG kit. The driver seat is very high as compared to any car in this segment. I do not feel if I am driving on CNG or Petrol.

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  • rajesh dhakar |07 Sep,2010 05:54:26 PM

    MARUTI SX4 CNG I like this car and buy

  • KUNAL |28 Sep,2010 11:41:01 PM


    Mayank |07 Dec,2010 09:17:26 PM

    Hi the CNG Sx4 does 12Km to 1 kg of CNG depending on the use of the right foot. if you are easy with the car then you can get up to 14Km

    Sureshkumar. c |31 Jul,2011 04:34:45 PM

    Dear Sir, I am using SX4 ZXI VVT 2009 model, can I install CNG kit in this Vehicle? waiting your replay. Regards, Sureshkumar. C

    Kaushik |19 Aug,2011 12:01:49 PM

    Yes. Very well. I am using lovato close loop with lambda/tap/obdi emulator in my sx4 vxi 2011. Run 10k km so far in 4 months.Getting av around 21 km/kg. Go for it without second thought. All the best.

    nakul |06 Oct,2011 06:15:13 PM

    Dear Kaushik, I have just bought SX4 and plan to fit a CNG Kit. you mention that you have fitted a lovato close loop with lambda/tap/obdi emulator in your sx4. How much did this cost? Where did you fit the kit? is this the same as a sequential sytem. Your acg of 21km/kg is in which city?

    Kaushik |07 Oct,2011 12:45:51 PM

    Congrat on purchase of SX4 on occasion of Vijyadashmi,lovely car. I am living in Ahmedabad. Kit cost me 30k 1k rto. It is not sequential but close loop. Kit dealer always insist for sequential but don't listen them. Close loop with lambda,tap & obdi is as good as sequential. I had done lots of research & then decide. I clocked 12k on cng without any issue in 5 months.All the best.

    Ankur Zaveri |13 Jul,2012 11:11:06 AM

    What tank capacity have you installed ? 10kg or 12kg ? I have an SX4 zxi. 3 years old now.

    Kaushik |13 Jul,2012 04:22:01 PM

    It is 12 kg.

    Sam |10 Oct,2012 12:59:36 PM

    HI Kaushik, I own SX4, 2008 model ZXI, 31K KM done on Odo. I am planing to switch to CNG Kit. I did contact a dealer in Hyderabad, he askd me to go for a Versus Sequential Kit which he claims is good. Please suggest me a good kit and your experience with a retro fitment.

    Kaushik |10 Oct,2012 02:49:09 PM

    Sequential is good but close loop is also not bad. My experience with Lovato is excellent so i am suggesting Lovato only. Select authorised experienced installer only. All the best. I already shared my experience in this thread so pl go through it. Now i completed 48k on cng with overall average of 21.45.

    Anugrah masih |30 Oct,2012 12:47:03 PM

    hello i have purchased sx4 2009 model with tromesto kit one month before i change the emulator now my car it is missing the speed and some time it gets stops i visited the CNG dealer their he said car needs sequential kit cause the engine is heavy and your cng kit is not picking the rpm, when i told this problem to the dealer he deny and told me that their is some another fault may be in fitting he advices me to continue my current kit plz suggest me what i'll do whether i go for sequential or continue with same kit with some repair in it.

    MPK |16 Jul,2014 04:31:21 PM

    Hi I own a 2008 SX4 VXI. Until 2013 i had only clocked 15K KMS. But since one year i have crossed 24K KMS. With reference to previous reviews, i guess my car is eligible for a CNG Kit. I my present job i travel daily from Ahmedabad to Anand (Return) total of 170KMS per day. Guys, do suggest if installing a CNG kit is advisable? Anyone from Ahmedabad can suggest a good CNG kit dealer in Ahmedabad? I have seen Lovato dealer on SG Highway, does any one recommend? Thanks for your help in advance.

    devansh |18 Jul,2012 08:51:23 PM

    yes, definately

    devansh |18 Jul,2012 08:49:59 PM

    sx4 is very fantastic car.its mileage is better than the honda city,toyota corolla,chevrolet cruze etc. so sx4 is best car.

    Himanshu Painuly |30 Dec,2012 02:09:05 AM

    I had recently purchased SX4 Green, the mileage is just awesome....It gives me around 17-18 KM per kg in city and around 20-21 in long run.

  • KUNAL |28 Sep,2010 11:42:14 PM


  • Amit Ahi |29 Sep,2010 10:10:58 PM

    I am driving my car at 40 Km/h as the engine is new. Due to rains and bad roads in gurgaon, I was standing in traffic for 2 hours with AC on. Keeping all the above points, the mileage of the car is around 14km/kg on CNG currently . FYI...keep in mind initial 3000 Kms any car consume lot of petrol and CNG. I have used only 1000 Kms till now. On an average I am paying Rs 2 per kms. The mileage of the car improved after 3000 kms. Once I reach that phase it will remain stable. I will publish the mileage once i reach that phase.

  • Ajay Chavda |08 Oct,2010 07:24:24 PM

    Amit, let me know how much boot space covered by cng tank?

  • Amit Ahi |10 Oct,2010 02:15:05 PM

    Boot space is reduced by 50% , however I do not travel outside delhi. I think 50% of the boot space that is consumed is best utilised in my car as it is maximum used. After first service and rains getting over, I am driving 180 Kms with Tank full of Gas costing Rs 280/-. In addtion, it has consumed Rs 200/- petrol which bring 200 280=Rs 480/-. City Mileage =Rs 2.66/-

  • Maruti |13 Oct,2010 12:42:02 PM

    Guys you can join the Official Maruti SX4 Fan Page by clicking on the following URL - We'd love to see you there and together lets build the Official Maruti SX4 Fan Page on Facebook..Pls share this post with all those people you think will be interested in joiing the Fan Page. Let's show the world that 'Men Are Back'!

  • Abhishek |19 Oct,2010 11:05:46 AM

    Hi, I am Planning to buy SX4 CNG and want to know its feedback from the people using it,i heard that eir is nozzle problem at filling stations and also would like to know the mileage on CNG/Petrol. Pls reply

  • MOHIT |19 Oct,2010 01:07:12 PM

    Hi, People who are using CNG cars says that CNG stations having low pressure cheating with air supply with CNG !. Is it true ? I am planning SX4 with CNG.Please guide me. Thanks Mohit Parikh Ahmedabad

    Mayank |07 Dec,2010 09:20:37 PM

    Not in the case if you get CNG from the mother feeder. true in case of sub station. The it happens due to the gas pressuer at the time of filling the cng. so try to get your gas filled up at a motehr feeder/

    devansh |18 Jul,2012 08:52:53 PM

    it is good car for you

  • Maruti Suzuki SX4 |19 Oct,2010 06:23:52 PM

    Guys you can join the Official Maruti SX4 Fan Page by clicking on the following URL - We'd love to see you there and together lets build the Official Maruti SX4 Fan Page on Facebook..Pls share this post with all those people you think will be interested in joiing the Fan Page. Let's show the world that 'Men Are Back'!

  • vikram |02 Nov,2010 12:26:25 AM

    Hey Amit, iam planning to buy SX4 Green, so wats ur review now, i have to cover 50 km in a day, and go to my native place 200 km, is SX4 green worth buying wats ur review as u r driving it frm last 3 months, kindly suggest

  • Amit Ahi |03 Nov,2010 08:23:33 PM

    Vikram, SX4 is a good car however I am able to drive 180kms with CNG gas full. If you need to drive your car for 50 kms , you will need to fill gas in every 4th day. However driving 200 kms is not possible on CNG. You will need to drive on petrol way back from your native. I would suggest to buy SX4 diesel coming soon...within 1 month. Or buy Swift Dzire diesel.

    Ajay Chavda |09 Nov,2010 12:27:23 PM

    Amit, u r the first owner who posted his review on sx4 with i-gpi. Does it make any difference on peformance on CNG visa vis Petrol?

    Amit Ahi |09 Nov,2010 09:24:17 PM

    If your question on performance is related to pickup of the car. Answer is yes but you will not feel any difference. I feel it is better that retro fitted CNG kit. If you notice power output is 87 PS@ 5600 rpm instead of 104.68 PS @ 5600. I feel unless somebody is using the car to race or rally, pickup is okay from city drive prespective. If performance is related to mileage then I think performance is great you can run 180kms from Rs 280/- or 10 kg GAS. I am also spending Rs 200 litres of petrol for 180 kms. Therefore I am spending Rs 2.66 per km

    saurabh |04 Mar,2012 06:51:46 AM

    i have just booked the sx4 green. i just wanted to know wht do u mean it consumes rs 200 worth petrol fr 180 kms. doesnt it totally run on cng once the cng option is chosen. why is it 280 plus 200?

    Sumit |05 Jul,2012 10:17:03 AM

    Whenever the car engine starts, it auto starts on petrol consuming some petrol, but that is minimal. That is why he has also added the petrol cost, so his calculation is correct.

  • harsh |09 Nov,2010 10:57:18 AM

    hi, i am planing to buy cng but my daily traveling is around 80 km daily. which one i should go sx4 cng or sx4 diesal(which is comming soon) please suggest

    Amit Ahi |10 Nov,2010 09:08:30 PM

    Harsh, I believe you can buy SX4 Green (CNG) as far as you are okay filling CNG gas every 2 days. Maintainance cost of Petrol/CNG car is lesser than Diesel. Currently CNG cost Rs 27.80/- which is lesser that Diesel cost. However downside of CNG is ,availability outside Delhi NCR. If you plan to drive your car for long distances outside Delhi/NCR please choose Diesel. if you are driving 90% time within Delhi NCR you can choose SX4 Green.

  • Mayank |07 Dec,2010 09:32:46 PM

    But remember one thing if the car is meant to last for 20 years and you run it on CNG it would last only 15. No matter how much any sales rep can give you gyan.. that is the fact. And there is very simple logic to it Gas has higher combustion force then petrol and it does effect the engine of the car. and i have used it for the last 10 years all has been well. till now and my new sx4 is going great guns as of now. At time you do feel the drop in power of the car but in Delhi traffic i dont miss it often

  • Suvo |09 Dec,2010 02:09:57 PM

    Hi! My question to the forum is- what will be the probability of success of fitting a CNG kit in an Automatic SX-4? Will perform fine or not? Thanks,

  • abhishek |14 Dec,2010 02:09:54 PM

    Hi Guys, GO for SX4 CNG awsome car i drove it for 1500 KM average and Pickup on CNG is good worth buying

  • Nishant Sapra |22 Dec,2010 12:13:04 PM

    I am bit confused between sx4 cng vs dezire VDI .....though SX4 Cng is different segment altogether but in gurgaon, availability of CNG is a challenge and moreover left boot space is almost 35% . My running is 1200 kms in a month but with diesel or cng.... it would always be higher :) .....can somebody guide me to take the decision

    Amit Ahi |09 Feb,2011 07:59:33 PM

    Nishant, You can choose between SX4 Diesel vs CNG/Petrol now, Decision is very simple. How many time you need to fill up CNG vs Diesel maintainance cost. You need to have a trade off. Boot space is 100% in Diesel which is lauching in Feb 2011. If you want low maintainance cost then CNG is best. If your car running is outside Delhi then Diesel is best. Another thing which is important, you and your family needs to get down to fill up CNG , which might be concern from family members.

  • CarDekho Team |22 Dec,2010 03:48:01 PM

    You are comparing a Sedan (SX4) with a smaller sedan (Dzire) well the SX4 is a much bigger car and has a bigger engine aswell. The Dzire on the other hand is much cheaper and the best seller in its segment. The question you got to ask yourself is that Do you really need a CNG car? If you driving a lot on daily basis then go for the CNG SX4 or else get the Dzire Vdi. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Samvit Rawal |23 Dec,2010 08:35:37 AM

    Can anyone please give complete data on the boot space of SX4 Green. Everyone has a different version about it. Can you give me the exact litres of boot space. I tried the chat mode on the official Maruti website and they refused to answer that question. They told me that they had sent my query to their dealer. Gosh! I just wanted to know the boot space of SX 4 Green, does that come under the official secrets act!!!!

    Amit Ahi |28 Dec,2010 06:25:07 PM

    I have the boot space available equivalent to Alto boot space. Exact boot space can be given by Maruti Showroom agent.Please check the boot space of Alto, you will get the same boot space with SX4 CNG (Green).Hope this answers your question. I don't think Maruti guys will be having such kind of answers. You can see the actual car in the showroom and buy if you are satisfied with boot space. You can also wait for SX4 Diesel release if you want more boot space. I am happy with the boot space provided by Maruti SX4 as I travel within Delhi and Gurgaon only.

  • devender |24 Jan,2011 07:30:09 AM

    i m planning 4 sx4 green . i heard about nozzle problem at cng stations. plz somebody give me exact information.

    Amit Ahi |07 Feb,2011 02:40:14 PM

    Yes, you are right, the nozzle provided in the car is rarely available at some station. Even if the stations have NGV nozzle, station have only 1 or 2 point that has NGV to fill CNG gas. If you enter any new CNG station, you have to ask people NGV nozzle availability. Other CNG customer feels you are bypassing the line if we approach directly to NGV point. I feel this is challenge till all the point in CNG station has NGV point.

    Kaushik |15 Jul,2011 05:50:01 PM

    This is the only reason i purchased vxi & fitted cng kit after market.

  • CarDekho Team |27 Jan,2011 12:41:39 PM

    There is no nozzle problem with the Maruti SX4 CNG, its a very reliable Green Car. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    Kaushik |15 Jul,2011 05:54:37 PM

    Sorry sir. Nozzle is the main reason of lower sales of company fitted cng cars. Even i have not purchased sx4 green because of this issue. Gone for after market fitting in sx4 vxi.

    sameer |07 Jun,2012 05:45:23 PM

    they are giving some kind of converter to overcome this problem..

  • rahul |05 Feb,2011 02:12:49 PM

    i am planning to buy maruti sx4 green cng version in next week and confused as my previous planning was maruti ritz vdi.can somebody please help me with the suggestions. in all cng cars there is an manual switch for petrol and cng use.but i have heard that in maruti sx4 cng there is an automatic switch.Can anybody explain me under which criteria it is working automatically.

    Amit Ahi |09 Feb,2011 08:02:00 PM

    Rahul, Maruti is lauching SX4 Diesel also in Feb 2011. I am not sure if you want to buy Diesel car or not.

  • Ganapathy R Iyer |06 Feb,2011 06:44:52 PM

    Car is Great on milage, and family members are happy.

  • Ganapathy R Iyer |06 Feb,2011 06:56:19 PM

    MGNL fill stations in Pune ask for data plate for the CNG components fitting in the car duly inspected and approved by RTO Pune. In spite of my clarifications that the CNG system in my car is Maruti Suzuki Factory installed, the guys at fill station insist that the data plate has to be installed. I am a CNG spacialist, and understand that if CMVR / ARAI have issued a specific notificaion, than the Maruti dealerships have to obtain the same from RTO and install the same in every CNG vehicle before delivery, if not ask MGNL to treat factory installed and type approved CNG vehicles to be treated different from the local kit installed vehicles.

  • Araghni |13 Feb,2011 05:35:23 PM

    I was planning to buy BEAT LT optional, but suddenly got intrigued by SX4 green. I live at Kolkata..and I have become totally confused.. :(

    Amit Ahi |14 Feb,2011 03:57:05 PM

    SX4 is amazing car however you should not be comparing BEAT with SX4. These two cars are not comparable in term on features, Price, Technology and Style. If your budget allows for SX4 , please do not be confused. You will love SX4

  • neerja |21 Feb,2011 03:40:59 PM

    can any one help me to decide about SX4 cng or Swift Dezire VXI? Which will be better as i need to travel 50 KM perday in Delhi NCR.

    Amit Ahi |21 Feb,2011 09:39:00 PM

    Go for CNG if you want to save money and less polluting vehicle. Swift Dezire is Sedan car but the interiors are not as per real sedan. If you fix CNG from outside, it will void warranty and faces challenges with spare parts and requires frequent tunning.

    CarDekho Team |22 Feb,2011 01:03:15 PM

    If you are using the car for more than 80 to 100kms daily you can opt for a LPG car or stay with Petrol SX4. The Diesel SX4 is also launching in a few days which could be an option. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Shantanu |27 Feb,2011 03:40:38 PM

    How much mileage does your CNG SX4 get in heavy metropolitan city traffic and on the highway?

  • rajesh oswal |10 Mar,2011 04:51:50 PM

    wanted to by a car as i am looking for other option then petrol as the cost of petrol is going up my daily running would be around 50 kms & monthly 1500 kms i am looking for cng or diesel which one do u suggest i have to carry 5-6 carttons daily with me so wnt a good boot space i am considering eeco cng or wagan r cng or any suitable option other then this

    Amit ahi |10 Mar,2011 07:00:11 PM

    Go for wagon r cng

  • NARASIMHA RAO A |11 Mar,2011 11:04:27 AM

    please suggest me , whether to go for SX4-CNG / SX$ VDI , when compared 1) mileage / running cost 2) long run maintainance 3) overall pickup / running 4) availability of cng in hyderabad thanks

    Amit Ahi |14 Apr,2011 11:25:56 AM

    I think availability of CNG is a concern in hyderabad otherwise getting sx4 CNG would have been better choice. I would suggest go for SX4 VDI. SX4 VDI has the same engine of SWIFT, Maruti has added Super Turbo charger. Maruti did not get agreement from Fiat to lauch 1600 cc diesel engine. Maruti had only choice to lauch 1300 cc as SWIFT engine is already agreed with FIAT.

  • harleen singh |13 Apr,2011 08:04:03 PM

    I hav daily travelling of approx 50km in Delhi. Need ur constructive feedback between SX4 petrol, cng & diesel. I currently hav a cng fit WagonR. Will keep my car for min 8-10 yrs, pls advise accordingly for long engine life...

    Amit Ahi |14 Apr,2011 11:48:44 AM

    Engine life is anyways not a concern for CNG vehicle. Some people claim that life of engine gets degraded. I do not think, CNG has any bad effect on engine. Please read Delhi transport RTO site. My previous car has CNG kit installed by third party. The CNG kits that are installed outside have multiple issues: 1. RPM drops (especially in morning with cold engine) 2. Frequent Tuning required specially after Servicing 3. Change Air filter 4. Poor wiring by CNG kit installers 5. CNG connected to Air filter 6. Switching of CNG to Petrol based on RPM of engine 7. Pay money to get the CNG added to your Registration 8. Warranty gets void due to wiring cuts All the above issues do not exist in SX4 CNG. In addition you will get 1600 cc engine. The SX4 CNG will use petrol for 2-3 kms before switching. This is based on engine temperature. SX4 CNG also environment friendly which mean your next generation will be able to breathe in fresh air. Now if you go for diesel, you will get SWIFT engine which has 1300cc engine. You are paying more money for lesser CC of engine. In my view go for SWIFT rather than SX4 diesel looking at engine capacity. I know it is different segment of cars but fail to understand why different segment of cars have same engine capacity? Just because Maruti did not had agreement from Fiat for 1600cc engine. Personally, I would recommend SX4 CNG over SX4 Diesel.

    Pavan |21 Apr,2011 09:15:36 PM

    I am eagerly contemplating going for a SX4 CNG. But I am quite confused with the choices. Is there a Verna CNG also? If so how would you compare Verna with SX4 whether it be pertrol, diesel or CNG? Thanks, Pavan

    Amit Ahi |21 Apr,2011 10:14:39 PM

    If you will read this article about Hyundai Verna on After Honda City launch Verna failed miserably. New Verna is not available in CNG Version. If you are okay with Petrol or Diesel then please go ahead. Hyundai as a company does not provide CNG kit, it is the dealers who used to provide the kit. Maruti has GPS technology which injects to CNG directly into Engine just like Petrol. Hyundai dealers will fit the CNG which means it is not company fitted. The connects the CNG kit of Air filter.Please read the comments above for more details. The dealer also charges for CNG and Registration changes whereas Maruti is company fitted. No extra charge for Registration.I would suggest not to get confused, go for SX4 CNG.

    Sumit |05 Jul,2012 10:31:13 AM

    Amit, again and again you are stressing on 'No extra charge for Registration'. But i guess you forgot that Maruti charges Rs. 60000 extra for a vehicle for CNG. Doesn't it cover the registration cost as well. In spite of that, I am very well for CNG vehicles, since its a much cleaner fuel.

    Kaushik |06 Jul,2012 11:47:04 AM

    In fact registration charges are higher in case of inbuilt car. After market registration charge is in absolute value which is far lower then inbuilt car where it is in percentage of car value.

  • Ashish Raval |24 Apr,2011 07:34:07 PM

    I am using Maruti Alto since last 10 years. Now want to buy a new comfortable sedan.Running cost i.e. fuel effeciency is more important for me then initial cost of the car.I want to buy a car with company fitted CNG kit.There will be no daily use of the car but average monthly running will be around 800 Km.Hence,I am realy confused about buying CNG or Petrol car. Please guide me to take right decission.If CNG then also suggest- Maruti SX-4 or Chevy AVEO.

  • Kaushik |12 May,2011 02:33:57 PM

    Which is best CNG kit for SX4 vvt ?... I was happy with BRC standard cng kit in my swift vxi.Used for 3 yrs & run 94k with average of 23km/kg cng. Now i own sx4 vxi,(not purchased green due to unique filling nozzle-filling facility available at very few stations, confirmed by calling lots of pumps) but not sure which cng kit is best for, sequential or standard with add ons? Cost variation is just double.I am not a racer. So i am more concern about fuel efficiency then other performance parameters.I checked with couple of dealers but picture is not clear to me.

    Amit Ahi |10 Jul,2011 01:52:42 PM

    It was old issue, now CNG station has 2 or 3 NGV nozzle. If you are filling regularly from some station. You will definately now where the nozzle exists otherwise you can ask as soon as you enter the new CNG station . Best Kit is that is attached by Maruti.

    Kaushik |15 Jul,2011 05:45:19 PM

    Thanks Amit. Since i purchased sx4 vxi, gone for Lovato close loop with lambda etc plus 12 kg cylinder. It cost me 30k. I am getting 21 km/kg average. By the way SX4 is great car.

    Amit Ahi |15 Jul,2011 08:17:55 PM

    Kaushik, I think you have lost the Maruti Warranty when you fit the CNG from outside. You could have avoided this . Anyway learning for other buyers.

    Kaushik |16 Jul,2011 10:36:51 AM

    Fully agreed Amit. But see the other side of coin. I had taken calculated risk. By the end of 40000 km warranty i will save cool Rs.1.00 lacs on fuel. Plus i already saved 40k on car cost (green premium is 70k against i spend 30k) So i will be happy to spend from this savings, if any. But you know Maruti cars are wonders. Very reliable on quality. By the way this is my third maruti car. In my previous new swift i fitted cng kit immediate after registration & run 94k kms without any extra spending.

    Kaushik |28 Apr,2012 11:34:48 AM

    Update:I completed almost 10 months on CNG. I am sharing useful information for the benefit of members/readers. Car:SX4 vxi vvt 2011 CNG:Lovato close loop with lambda,tap& obdi.12 kg cylinder.Cost30k plus Rto. Km run:30k. Average:21.71 km/kg. Saving Rs.85000/-assumption of petrol average at 13.5 km/ltr (though it's on higher side). Av cost per km-2.12 including petrol cost. Only cng cost-1.95. (av rate of cng Rs 42.42/kg) Maintenance: Apart from regular service, changed air filter at 20k. Throttle body cleanup at 30k. For CNG kit cost is Nil. Just tuneup after each service. So overall more than Happy. Enjoy.

    Kaushik |28 Apr,2012 11:37:15 AM

    Update:I completed almost 10 months on CNG. I am sharing useful information for the benefit of members/readers. Car:SX4 vxi vvt 2011 CNG:Lovato close loop with lambda,tap& obdi.12 kg cylinder.Cost30k plus Rto. Km run:30k. Average:21.71 km/kg. Saving Rs.85000/-assumption of petrol average at 13.5 km/ltr (though it's on higher side). Av cost per km-2.12 including petrol cost. Only cng cost-1.95. (av rate of cng Rs 42.42/kg) Maintenance: Apart from regular service, changed air filter at 20k. Throttle body cleanup at 30k. For CNG kit cost is Nil. Just tuneup after each service. So overall more than Happy. Enjoy.

  • Sachin |24 May,2011 10:03:38 PM

    We had purchased an SX4 automatic last September. Our daily running of the car is around 80KM per day. Can some one tell us which would be a better CNG kit for this car?

  • Pratap.shah |04 Jun,2011 01:42:02 PM

    i am using sx4 vxi since last 2 yrs n now i want to install cng kit so will u pls suggest that which kit is good n what will be the mileage in cng? pls reply asap. thanks...

    Kaushik |15 Jul,2011 05:07:50 PM

    I fitted Lovato close loop in my sx4 vxi 2 months back. I am getting 21 km/kg. Good average isn't it?

  • Makarand Puranik |30 Jun,2011 03:36:13 PM

    Hi, Does Swift Dzire is available in CNG version? What is the price for the same? and what can be the mileage / maintainance cost of the same? Thanks & Regards. Makarand Puranik.

    Amit Ahi |10 Jul,2011 01:53:14 PM

    Not available.

  • CarDekho Team |30 Jun,2011 03:39:05 PM

    @ Makarand - The Dzire is not available in CNG version.

    Amit Ahi |10 Jul,2011 01:49:21 PM

    No it is not available .. go for diesel

  • jayanta |10 Jul,2011 01:02:40 PM

    I want buy a sx4 zxi mt bsiv petrol but need cng/lpg kit in future.should i go for cng / green model and run with petrol now? what will be milease then?

    Amit Ahi |10 Jul,2011 01:48:41 PM

    I had fitted CNG kit from outside for my previous car i.e. ALTO. I do not think the quality of CNG fitment is good in India by local mechanic. The engine faces issue with tunning as Maruti do not bother about CNG tunning. You will face issue with compatibility of CNG kit with CAR. SX4 Green has special air filter which local mechanic do not have. They will attach to your air filter. You have to keep changing air filter regularly. I would suggest company fitted CNG is the best . You are safe from warranty of the the car.I would recommend for SX4 green.

  • Balakrishna |22 Aug,2011 11:08:14 PM

    Hi, Any body in Hyd usiing CNG SX4? Do they have any problems in locating the fuel stations and filling the gas?

  • Amit Ahi |23 Aug,2011 05:10:48 PM

    I stayed in hyderabad, I do not think it makes any sense to buy CNG car in Hyderabad. Please check the CNG stations availability. The Car is fitted with NGV nozzle. Please check the nozzle availability too.

  • Amit Ahi |03 Sep,2011 12:45:52 PM

    I want to share my experiance after one year using my SX4 Green. The mileage of SX4 dropped slowly from 180 to 130 kms per 10 kg of CNG. I visited the service center. They changed my Air filter and now I am again getting good mileage. Lesson Learn't from this is Air filter has to be changed after every 5000kms with CNG otherwise the mileage will be poor. Petrol Mileage did not see any degradation. The cost of Air Filter is Rs 362/-.Hope this will help existing as well as new buyers.

    Kaushik |09 Sep,2011 04:56:08 PM

    So, Amit your lovely car completed 1 year. Kindly throw some light on your overall experience. It will helpful to readers. Thanks. Changing air filter at every 5k is too frequent imo. In my old cng swift i used to change it at every 20k. But i asked every time to air bowed while car servicing.

  • pallav |29 Oct,2011 03:56:56 PM

    HI i m planing to buy sx4 cng variant .i have some question first in idle condition car is working on petrol or in cng mode....and mileage, boot space.

  • Kaushik |31 Oct,2011 02:09:57 PM

    Car starts on petrol. It automatically switch over to cng (based on rpm/engine temp.) Once it switch to cng, it remains on cng unless you switch to petrol.My sx4 cng giving 20km/kg. Rule of thumbs of average is 1.5 times of petrol.Boot of SX4 is bigger(503 ltr) so you have enough space.

  • pankaj kumar |08 Jan,2012 04:37:43 PM

    want to buy SX4 CNG is there enough trunk space ? whts abt interiors ? is it worth buying compare to deisel model. pl. suggest .

    narasimha rao a |03 Feb,2012 08:04:02 AM

    go ahead purchase sx4 cng , it's good really enjoy the drive. with cng trunk space you have to sacrifice. interiors are okay. milage on cng is emaging 20 kms/kg with fully loaded city drive, imagine hyderabad traffic. availability of cng is concern good luck

  • Daljeet Singh |07 Feb,2012 04:18:13 PM

    Hello Experts I am planning to buy a car, reviewed almost all in C segment, my running is around 35kms/day on average and i go to my native once in fortnight (300 kms from Gurgaon to and fro). and other weekends my drive goes upto 60 to 70 kms in NCR. I also looked at SX4 CNG, i would like if you can help me with. 1. Availability of CNG Gas stations in Gurgaon as i always see long queues outside one CNG gas station 2. Impact of CNG in city or highways 3. I understand the boot space would be killed, but would it be enough to carry couple of luggages? 4. Resale of the SX4? and in particular CNG varient? 5. Any chance or news of CNG coming in ZXI? 6. Any news of Maruti upgrading this sedan? 7. Is diesel a good option looking at the daily or monthly running of mine? Please suggest, as the interiors are very dull as compare to other cars in the same segments...i will be zeroing down based on the total cost of ownership. Thanks in Advance Daljeet Singh

    Kaushik |09 Feb,2012 12:33:54 PM

    I suggest to read my comments on this thread, you will find some good info of CNG.By today's price per km saving is all most same in case of diesel or Cng over petrol. But roi period of diesel will be almost 3.4 times of cng (after mkt). Boot-Since SX4 having larger boot still have space for medium 3/4 bags. I don't see any issue with resale value because of cng. I thing it is high time of SX4 upgrade.

  • Daljeet Singh |07 Feb,2012 04:32:14 PM

    One more to the above list of questions :) I read somewhere that people in Gurgaon faced problem with Gas Nozzel which Maruti fits in their kit, only one Gas Station has this supported NGV nozzle. Is it true, please someone share your true experience for Gurgaon. Thanks Daljeet

  • sachin |08 Feb,2012 08:55:46 PM

    I am planning to buy SX4 Green or Dzire VDI. I need to commute between Delhi & NCR a daily run of 80 K.M. All I am concerned about is comparison of mielage, maintenance, between the 2 cars. Hope someone can help me?

  • saurabh |04 Mar,2012 07:18:16 AM

    i have booked my sx4 green and will b getting delivery by april 2012. can anyone give me an idea about the milleage or the cost per km with the sx4? my daily driving is about 75 kms

    Amit Ahi |05 Mar,2012 08:44:37 AM

    Please read the commentd above you will get all your answer.

  • rohit |14 Mar,2012 09:49:59 AM

    Hi, My daily running is 75 km and thats why i am planning to buy a CNG car. Also want to mention that out of the 75 km i cover 35 km on expressway. SX4 green is a good choice but its only available in vxi model which doesnt have ABS and airbags. since i travel everyday on an expressway i think these safety features are essential. Now i am thinking to buy a ZXi and get a sequential kit fitted. but since i am not buying a company fitted CNg i am thinking of another option that is honda city. please suggest

  • Amit Ahi |14 Mar,2012 03:02:41 PM

    Hi, I believe getting CNG kit fitting requires the labour perfection. The Sequential kit requires a drill in engine. I will suggest, not to take a risk on this engine alteration. Second the rear shocker will be modified for SX4 Green. I think the SX4 Green is the perfect car.

  • mahajan |01 Apr,2012 02:45:10 PM

    HI. Iam using vxi and desire to convert on CNG what is the cost ?

    Kaushik |01 Apr,2012 09:51:34 PM

    Lovato Close loop with lambda, tap, obdi, 12 kg cylinder- around Rs.30000/

    Amit Ahi |01 Apr,2012 10:30:25 PM

    There are two type of CNG kit, 1 normal CNG kit whose rate is 30k . Second is Squential kit which cost 55k in the market. The Normal Kit connects to Air filter with Tap or Lamda. The CNG gas is sent to engine directly in sequenctial kit. My prvious car had Lamda device but the speed of operation of Lamda device was slow. This means that the gas will be released slowly into cylinder. This utlimately will make your car pick poor due to slow gas input to engine. The second issue with Normal kit to get the lamda adjusted repeately by local mechanic as the RPM of the engine falls. I persoanlly had bad time with local CNG kit.

  • Amit |04 Apr,2012 03:34:57 PM

    Hi, I have a budget of 10Lacks and am looking for a CNG / Diesel Sedan. I am considering SX4 Green/ Sx4 Diesel/ Verna Diesel / Nissan Sunny Diesel. Nissan is costing 8.88Lacks and has lots of safety features generally available in high end cars. I have a running of about 1500-1800Km per month. My questions are: 1) Which engine is better Diesel or Petrol with CNG. 2) Is the Cooling good in peak summers in CNG and howz the pickup in NCR Traffic, while using CNG. 3) I have seen cars burning, are these CNG Cars or LPG. 4) How many stations are for CNG in Gurgaon (any idea). 5) Expenses on servicing/maintenance is higher in which car: Diesel or CNG say after 2 years of usage.

    Amit Ahi |16 Apr,2012 09:21:19 PM

    Amit you mentioned that you will use 450 Km per week on average. This means that you will have to fill up CNG gas 3 times in a week because tank full will run for 180 Kms. 2) Technically Current Diesel engines are more refined and coming with Advance technology. Cooling is good in CNG since sx4 Green as 1600 cc engine. No pickup loss or cooling. 3)The car burning are due to poor maintained cars have poorly local kit fitted. In Gurgaon , there are 5 CNG station, two on Gold suokh road , One on Old gurgaon road and one near golf course road. Sector 50. 5- Expense on servicing /maintainance is maginally higher in Diesel engine due to costly parts. Hope you got all the answers however tell the forum after about your final decision. My persoanl advice will be to go with Diesel since usage is high. The queue outside the CNG stations are terible nowadays. I am filling CNG once a week on sunday so I am good. I would suggest Verna Diesel looking at your current usage and SX4 Diesel is 1300 cc engine of Swift Desire with Turbo charger.

  • Anil Dimri |26 Apr,2012 03:22:52 PM

    Hi ... Just i am planning to buy a SX4 CNG, Can you let me know the performance of the car inrespect of pick-up and mileage. Looking for your feedback.... Thanks

  • Amit Ahi |26 Apr,2012 05:58:43 PM

    What do you mean by performance? Please clarify

  • hjv |30 May,2012 11:09:02 PM

    i have santro cng no. DL-12CC-0777, bought it from koncept hyundai. recently went agra on cng toyal expense 500 oncng , vng available in agra easily. going jaipur next week , cng also available in jaipur , near transport nagar.

  • Prateek |07 Jun,2012 02:11:47 AM

    Hello forum. I'm planning to buy sx4 green. can u pls elaborate the issue with sx4 cng nozzle. Is it available in Delhi cng stations commonly? And also if replacement of air filters is actually needed every 5k kms? I would also like to thank amit ahi and kaushik for their responses in the thread and would request both to throw some light on their personal experience, updated till now with sx4 green in terms of mileage and and maintanance. Pls reply as soon as u can. i need to decide on the car in 3-4days. I'm confused between sx4 green and etios vx petrol. etios hasn't been gaining good reviews lately, so i'm gonna buy sx4 green most likely. Looking forward for your responses. Thanks.

  • Govind |14 Jun,2012 02:37:34 PM

    Hi Prateek, Go for SX4 blindly, as it is time tested vehivle, I am owning it from past two and half year and drove it to 60k km. 20k on CNG in Delhi/NCR. One of my friend bought Etios VX three months ago (But doesn't have CNG installed) and he is satisfied with the performance. I have had a pleasing experience with Maruti cars. My last car was Wagon-R and in CNG it gave me average of 23km/kg (Non AC) and 20km/kg with AC. My SX4 however has not been a mileage muncher and gives me 19km/kg in Non Ac and 15-16kg/kg with AC during peak hour of communte from Maharani Bagh (South Delhi) to Sushant lok-1, Gurgaon (Approad 36km one side). Maintenance is little higher from Wagon R as after every 10k km the service will cost 8k rupees which is relatively higher from Wagon R's 4k rupees. Hope the above information has answered your query. Thanks

  • Deeapk |25 Jun,2012 12:33:53 PM

    Dear All, I am buying SX4 ZXi lather version 2008 mode and planning to put CNG Kit. My daily running is around 20 Km and 50 Km on Weekends, 1000 Km once a year when i go to my village place.. Plz suggest... Is it a vise decision to put CNG Kit.. Also plz help with a Kit which goes very well with SX4... as there are mny brands and types available.. Thnxs

    Amit Ahi |26 Jun,2012 09:17:12 AM

    SX4 2008 version is not a good choice since the engine technology has changed. SX4 2010 was launched with VVT engine which is more optimised. If you want to buy old car, please try to get VVT engine and put CNG kit on it. My experiance is not good in terms of CNG kit installed by many brands. Please read the full review for details.

    Deepak |27 Jun,2012 11:17:26 AM

    DO u suggest tht i should go with 2010 cars.. As my delear is having 2010 model as well.. But how will i know, which kinda Engg tht car is having... any idea whn SX4 started VVT Engg Plz revert

    Amit Ahi |28 Jun,2012 12:39:16 AM

    Please see the car on the left side front . VVT will be written clearly on the car. If it does not exist as it is made of plastic digits. Please check the car booklet provided along with car. Typically VVT engine was launched in Sep 2010.

  • kiran |15 Oct,2012 04:14:34 PM

    Hi, I'm looking to buy SX4 CNG. In the specifications it is written that it has a tank of 50Kg. Why all of your above calculations say that you need to refill every 180km? even if we consider worst case of 10km per kg, wouldn't it go for 500 km per tank? Also, since there is only one CNG model, which of the petrol model variant equivalant it is? My daily running is very low ~20km, so I think this will suit my requirements. I am in Navi Mumbai.

  • Amit Ahi |16 Oct,2012 12:06:44 AM

    Thanks Kiran for asking this question.Specification says it has 65 Litre (water capacity). The density of water is 1,000.00 kg/m?³ whereas the density of CNG is 16.043. If you fill water then 65 litre is correct. The density of gas is 62.5 times lesser than water.i.e density= mass divide by volume. If you convert litre to gas capacity cubic meter then you will find that you get 12 kg cylinder in sx4. The CNG prices are now matching diesel therfore I would suggest to go with Diesel SX4 instead of CNG. The government of India do not think about environment friendly fuel otherwise the prices CNG would have been controlled like Diesel. There are lot of queues outside CNG station at no benefit now.

    Deepakk Gupta |12 Nov,2012 02:46:52 AM

    lolz...awesome one Amit Ahi... i've read all the threats and reply's above and man..hatsoff, u've been doing great work with educating people with all you got..awesome work can u solve one of my queries i am confused btwn CNG and Diesel variant because 1) CNG is no longer cheaper 2) nozzle problem mentioned above has confused me 3) CNG also means waitin in the long station lines 4) i dont have a fixed coverage everyday sometimes my car stays in garage for week long and they say daily running is must for diesel car please solve the confusion as i want to buy Sx4 AsaP and i dont wanna regret for enything later... Thanking you in Advance Deepakk Gupta

    Amit Ahi |13 Nov,2012 11:20:40 AM

    Thanks Deepakk Gupta for your word of appreciation. In my view a consumer can tell much better than sales guys who take us for ride most of the time. Hope I will answer the queries to your satisfaction. Ans1: Yes, CNG is now comparable with Diesel. The price advantage that CNG used to given to consumer is losing it charm. Ans2: All Maruti car are fitted with NGV Nozzle that fill gas faster and safer way. Commonly available nozzle at CNG station is lower and when you visit a station you have find a point where NGV nozzle is provided by CNG station guys. Answer3. The problem that I typically face that my children sleep in car and it is inconvenient to take them out and fill CNG. If this would have been Diesel, then this issue does not exist. When you planned to take your family out, nobody will like you to fill CNG when they are travelling with you.I have to fill CNG when I am alone. Answer 4. I drive 170 Kms in a week, and on weekend I drive 200kms. If you want to park your car for weeks then CNG makes sense. As you did not provide the normal run that you expect from your car in a week. Only Petrol cars can be parked for long periods. The diesel engine should be running at least 20kms per day. Deepakk , recently Honda City is also launched with company fitted CNG. Honda City is also a good car to drive. If you want to buy Diesel car then buy Hyundai Verna instead of SX4 or wait for Honda City Diesel as it is soon going to launch.

    Deepakk Gupta |13 Nov,2012 10:31:59 PM

    hey Amit..Thanks for replyn now i am all set for what fuel to choose for my car now its btwn cars SX4 nd honda city(CNG) i was already searchn about the same and i've heard that sx4 is better then city. They say that Maruti engines are tested with CnG and give a long life on the same...but City lacks this and is also costs more for comparitively similar features... whats ur take...?? PS: Happy Diwali :)

    Amit Ahi |13 Nov,2012 10:52:12 PM

    Happy Diwali to you. I am happy you have decided quickly. I agree Honda city prices are high as compared to SX4. Some people says, VTEC engines are advance technology. SX4 has one of the world class engine designed by Toyota . SX4 has VVT engine which is termed as Variable Valve timing. you can search more about engine.The plastic quality of honda city is very good whereas SX4 dashboard plastic looks cheap. The rear view of SX4 is not good there please install sensors if you planned to buy SX4. i purchased Wagon R CNG last year on Dhanteras for my wife too. Wagon R CNG is doing good too.

    deepakk gupta |13 Nov,2012 11:04:39 PM

    i'v got your point but if left on you with value for money in your head...what would u choose..?

    Amit Ahi |13 Nov,2012 11:15:23 PM

    If you look at value for money then SX4 is the right choice but if you have surplus cash for good plastic material then choose Honda city. Honda City servicing cost is slightly high too. All Maruti cars are made for lower maintenance cost and mileage. Happy Diwali.

    Deepakk Gupta |13 Nov,2012 11:17:25 PM

    Thanks mate... u'v solved most of it.... a very HAPPY DIWALI to u and ur family... stay blessed...:) tc

    Amit Ahi |13 Nov,2012 11:20:40 PM

    do send your photo with car after buying it. I own a french Eclair color (chocolate ). you can add me to Facebook if u want.

    Deepakk Gupta |14 Nov,2012 02:42:04 AM

    r u the BITS Pilani guy on fb??

    Amit Ahi |14 Nov,2012 07:59:05 AM

    Yes, I did MS from BITS Pilani

    Amit Ahi |14 Nov,2012 02:43:34 PM

    One more comparision beside price that I did not mentioned in my comments. Honda City is fitted by dealer where Maruti SX4 is company fitted. The CNG gas is injected by sequential fuel injection system. If dealer tried to put a hole in engine, there is always a workmanship issue /human error while installing the kit. Maruti SX4 is fitted and tested by Maruti. The engine holes are die casted during design of engine.

    Deepakk Gupta |01 Dec,2012 12:35:19 AM

    now um a Proud owner of SX4...:D :)

  • Sachin |06 Nov,2012 07:38:15 PM

    Hi,I am from Pune and planning to buy SX4 CNG.Can you please tell me the whts means sx4 cng nozzle issue.2.Whts a brand New car average in Pune 3. Whts a maintenance cost 4.My monthly running is too less means around 350KM So Is it worth for me or Should I go for Swift VDI? 5.How many CNG pump are available in Pune and whr?

    Amit Ahi |13 Nov,2012 11:07:53 PM

    I stay in Gurgaon. I have never visited Pune . All you questions are already addressed like mileage and Nozzle issue above. The CNG prices are not comparable to Diesel. If you are not sure about the availability of CNG in your city then you should go with Diesel. Please do a research on diesel cars available in market. Wish you happy Diwali.

  • Sunny |18 Nov,2012 10:31:24 PM

    Hi, Thanks all for the above thread,its really helpful,but i also have list of doubts and i need help in this case 1.Which car i should go for?SX4 CNG or SX4 Diesel or or Verna 1.4 Deisel(Daily Drive around 40 Kms and once in a month,go to my home place-600 Km)(Also please mention the Average of and that also realistic one of SX4 CNg or Diesel) 2.What are the issues of using SX4 CNG especially in Gurgaon city(Nozzle one and long queues). 3.Why is SX4 not seen on Roads(i see more of vento and verna though you see other cars of maruti more on road) 4.What about the Boot space after CNG being installed,is it still more then any hatcbacks like I20 or swift

    Amit Ahi |19 Nov,2012 05:06:09 AM

    Thanks Sunny, I have already provided the real figure and calculation a year back. Looking at 600km drive, I think you should go for diesel as CNG will run 180kms with tank full. If you read the nozzle issue is due to limited point for NGV nozzle at each CNG filling station. Please read above. Ans3. I am not sure which city you belong. I see lot of SX4 in Gurgaon and Delhi. Though my guess is that the previous version of SX4 petrol was not fuel efficient, which is why you see lesser cars in your city. In year 2010, Maruti launch SX4 with VVT engine which is fuel efficient too. Answer4. This car is fitted with CNG by Maruti , so there is no installation by dealer. You will get boot space equal to Alto.

  • Amit Ahi |26 Jan,2013 06:42:29 PM

    I am interested to sell my amazing car and upgrade to higher version of sedan. Please send mails to my email ID if you are interested. email.

    Amit Ahi |12 Jun,2013 11:42:50 PM

    I still own the amazing machine and did not sell it. One observation from market, the resale value to car in India is not good.

  • B S Jadhav |20 Jun,2013 10:10:06 AM

    I would like to convert my ZXI SX4 2007 model to CNG, what type and make of kit should i go for conversion and what average should i expect. Can any opne suggest me the agency for this conversion. Pls help me.

    Anees |20 May,2014 10:30:09 PM

    Hi How much does it costs for fitting CNG kit with endorsement?

  • MPK |16 Jul,2014 04:32:04 PM

    Hi I own a 2008 SX4 VXI. Until 2013 i had only clocked 15K KMS. But since one year i have crossed 24K KMS. With reference to previous reviews, i guess my car is eligible for a CNG Kit. I my present job i travel daily from Ahmedabad to Anand (Return) total of 170KMS per day. Guys, do suggest if installing a CNG kit is advisable? Anyone from Ahmedabad can suggest a good CNG kit dealer in Ahmedabad? I have seen Lovato dealer on SG Highway, does any one recommend? Thanks for your help in advance.

    Kaushik |16 Jul,2014 05:05:43 PM

    I suggest to go through my views shared in this thread.I suggest Lovato close loop as i am enjoying it.I installed it at Divine Auto,Opp Kargil petrol pump,Nr Sola over bridge,SG highway,Ahmedabad. Excellent workmanship. Very experience people. All the best.

    MPK |20 Jul,2014 10:07:01 AM

    Hi Kaushik I went to Divine and met with the owner. He suggested open loop for 30K or sequential for 49K. As close loop will not work for 2008 model as its a BSIII. Cars after 2010 are BSIV so close loop will work for it. On sequential, the pickup will be great and has better efficiency of 2.5KM/KG more compared to other kits. So i am going for sequential coz my ROI will be in 6 months coz of excessive travelling. Thank for your help.

    MPK |02 Aug,2014 08:50:24 PM

    Hi All @Kaushik, thanks for the reference. I got my car converted to CNG at Divine. I am happy with the service and performance of the car, so i decided to write in my review. CNG KIT - Sequential, Cost Rs49K & Time taken 2days( Day 1 - Conversion & day 2 - RTO formalities). I have been using it for over a week now. My fear was the pick-up but that was put to rest. No change in pick-up, very minuscule difference between petrol & CNG. From what i have calculated, my car consumes 6-7Kg of CNG after running for aprrox 180KMS. That gives the efficiency of 25-26Km/Kg. I do make sure at the end of the day before switching off the car that i switch to petrol and let the car run idle for 5mins, that leaves the piston wet overnite. Sometimes i let the car run for a 1-2kms on petrol before i switch on to CNG to improve engine life. Cheers!!

  • ANuj |27 Aug,2014 11:22:54 AM

    Hello All I am planning to buy SX4 Cng and looking for clarity on issue related CNG engine. How safe is it ? if we go 400 KM in one shot. and how is performance in hills.

  • deepak verma |09 Jan,2015 06:40:55 PM

    I would like to convert my ZXI SX4 2009 model to CNG, what type and make of kit should i go for conversion and what average should i expect. Can any opne suggest me the agency for this conversion in west delhi dawrka Pls help me

  • Shekhar |29 Jan,2018 11:28:30 AM

    Hello Sir, Thanks for your inputs and review. I am planning to buy 2011 VXI external Loveto CNG Fitted SX4 Mumbai ragistered. While i was reviewing engine side, the exhaust of engine looks like, its color has changed from bronze to dark brown in bonet area after running of 62000 Kms at Mumbai. There are 2 colors visible on engine exhaust area dark brown and bronze. Is it a serious concern. Should i buy this or not..Kindly advise Pls suggest

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