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By for Maruti Cervo from Cochin 2010-12-06 22:50:17.0
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Look and Style-  good Comfort Pickup I agree, it's much awaited, much talked about. mainly on the basis of its fuel economy, great look and price. Eveyone seemed to comment only on the plus side. Why don't we think of the possible negativities any way. 1. we've experienced 800/alto in the highways when it runs at beyond 80 km/hr speed- no stability.. If so, think of Cervo in high speed with it's smaller engine size/ light body wt. 2.Even its brothers with 800 cc engine fails to satisfy in the case of AC on (poor engine performance when AC is on). then, will Cervo's 660cc engine be able to do it. I also dont think that AC will not be that powefull, May be, it's 54 bhp may do some better in this matter... lets pray for the best. 3. how about it's reliability....

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  • d_mitra |08 Dec,2010 12:13:36 PM

    You have mentioned for Alto (800 cc car) - 'poor engine performance when AC is on' . Its not correct, I have Alto LXI and its AC is very good and very chilled and engine performance is great with AC on.. by the way 660 cc cars are meant for city drives.. if you want car for highways then go for cars more than 1000 cc..

    NIRANJOY |14 May,2011 05:39:33 PM

    It is not the question of owning a highway car. Have not you seen Nano cars on highway.... that's it. any car any owner will surely drive on highways. and my point is just that. As for Alto, in fact, I too have an Alto LXi- 2008 model. Performance of an Alto with AC on is a little lower, which is agreed by everybody. you try this way- - ride your alto without Ac on first, when you are picking up stage (before reaching the top speed, or before shifting to 4th gear, suddenly on the AC, then, you will feel the difference.)

  • syed |08 Dec,2010 03:43:25 PM

    really cervo going to launch in india or they creating atmosphere to stop the sales of nano

    partha ganguly |15 Feb,2011 09:44:05 AM

    When Cervo will be actually lanch in the market

  • vikas |09 Dec,2010 08:39:18 PM

    so what is the actual mileage of this car cervo??? is it a good decision to go for this car in any way?? Why can't maruti make so stylish car with Alto model i don't understand??? Alto with good performance even with AC on with same shape as Maruti Cervo can't maruti make a new alto model with this shape???

    Anupam k. |23 Jan,2011 09:07:46 PM

    Maruti cervo................. Is combination of ZWN ESTIO & ALTO ....... JUST see compair the front look of etilo & cervo .....size & hight just like alto and engin is newly made up for specialy 700cc becoz.... This car make for indian comman man...........................i think it is FABULUS CAR IN OVER ALL PERFORMANCE :::::::::::::::::::::: BEST OF LUCK CERVO

    Ghanashyam 4m Moran(Assam) |17 Mar,2011 07:20:53 PM

    I agree with u....

  • prakash |13 Dec,2010 11:17:30 AM

    worry about the height and seating comforts.

  • vanshul |16 Dec,2010 01:05:53 PM

    i wanna know that when is it launching. Mai toh intzar kar kar k thak gaya hu

    chandan das |19 Dec,2010 09:13:55 PM

    What will be the actual on road price of Maruti Cervo? When it will be launched?

    Harry |07 Feb,2011 07:14:35 PM

    Q. Launching date of maruti cervo.

    CarDekho Team |08 Feb,2011 04:45:14 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that as of now the bookings of Maruti Cervo has not started. The car is speculated to be launched in April or May. Thanks

    NAGAMALLESWRA RAO |01 Jun,2012 03:28:41 PM

    Dear Vanshul As of now, Suzuki would not launch this car in India since it would give a fierce competetion to their own largest small car ALTO.And already TATA MOTORS is finding it too difficult to clear stocks at their sales centers. So do not expect it to be launched in the near future or never.

  • chandan das |19 Dec,2010 09:15:03 PM

    What will be the actual on road price of Maruti Cervo? When it will be launched?

    NIRANJOY |20 Dec,2010 10:25:16 AM

    Price range, according to experts is 1.5 and 2 lakhs, but if it is launched after 2010, certainly price will be a little higher as maruti suzuki is going to hike prices of all their vehicle from the next year.

  • c n ramesh |22 Dec,2010 12:15:10 PM

    What is the cost and when will it be launched?

    CarDekho Team |22 Dec,2010 02:27:45 PM

    Hi Mr. C N Ramesh, we would like to inform you that Maruti Cervo's prices are not yet disclosed by the company, but the car is expected to come in the price range of Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs. The car is speculated to be launched in the first quarter of 2011. Thanks

  • Shailesh Patel |23 Dec,2010 05:48:51 PM

    I am big fan of Maruti Cars.For 1) Fuel economy 2) Less expensive spare parts 3) Price range is also economical compared to other cars. But the model design are very poor. example - Ritz, Wagon R . Swift. Ofcourse due to its economical factors these models are famous according to my opnion. Design of upcoming model Cervo is really very nice. Why company can't upgrade its wagon R or swift or Rits model having such outlook. I notice that Hyundai's all sort of models are classic in design. So , it is high time for maruti Company to have better design of their models if they want to retain the market share.

  • sohel kadri |24 Dec,2010 12:29:22 AM

    this is demo test

  • Chirag |27 Dec,2010 06:05:26 PM

    maruti should think to make electric car on platform of cervo.

    Sanjeev |02 Mar,2011 11:05:05 AM

    Yes. Definitely, it is the need of the hour. An electric variant of this car that too with a reliability tag of Maruti shall be highly welcome by the masses and in my opinion it can turn out to be the next 800 if judiciously designed and marketed.

  • harshal |30 Dec,2010 11:57:53 AM

    Maruti is best for Indian roads,fuel efficiency wise.I think when in April Maruti 800 will go as an antic piece Cervo will take its place... As it is near to 2 lac..A diesel Engine to cervo with some ewxtra value will be great in Future looking at increasing Petrol Index.

  • raghav biyani |01 Jan,2011 03:57:07 PM

    when maruti is lauunching this car, any information

  • Ashish Anand |04 Jan,2011 06:46:23 PM

    It is the actual model or some thing changed Cervo interior or exterior.

  • devraj |04 Jan,2011 08:19:14 PM

    when maruti is lauunching this car

    CarDekho Team |05 Jan,2011 12:07:27 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that presently the company, Maruti Suzuki has not disclosed the exact launch date of Maruti Cervo, but according to the sources the car is expected to be launched in the first quarter itself, this year. Thanks

  • PIJUSH KANTI PRAMANIK |07 Jan,2011 11:02:57 AM

    when Maruti Cervo is going to launc ? what will b the price?

  • PIJUSH KANTI PRAMANIK |07 Jan,2011 11:04:45 AM

    Is booking started ?

    CarDekho Team |07 Jan,2011 12:42:52 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that booking of Maruti Cervo have not yet started. Speculations are that the company would launch Cervo in March-April tenure this year. Thanks

    DARISIHIMACHALA |08 Jan,2011 11:06:36 PM

    Kindly inform whether the CERVO has AUTOMATIC-TRANSMISSION Model, which is suitable for disabled person, like myself.

    CarDekho Team |10 Jan,2011 12:22:57 PM

    Dear User, This in regards to your query posted on the website CarDekho.com, we would like to inform you that Maruti Cervo would come in manual transmission. Thanks

  • santosh |07 Jan,2011 07:31:23 PM

    it looks good . I think it will give sitting comfort than alto and 800. why do go for changing the design of the Wagon R.

  • pravinbuddh |08 Jan,2011 10:35:09 AM

    is maruti cervo available in automatic ?

    CarDekho Team |08 Jan,2011 11:54:15 AM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Cervo is expected to launch in manual transmission. Though the company has not disclosed the exact launch date of Maruti Cervo, but according to the automobile sources the car is expected to launch in March-April,2011. Thanks

  • pramod mistry |09 Jan,2011 01:34:34 PM

    hi i have come to know that this car will launch in nov-2010 in august-2010, kya ye car realy launch honewali hai? ya maruti public ko lallu bana rahi hai?

    virendra |28 Feb,2011 09:30:46 AM

    ha yar pramod muzebhi yahi lag rahahai ki ye maruti vale hame lallu bama rahe hain.

  • david |11 Jan,2011 12:07:40 PM

    how much ground clearance will it be ? will it be suitable for hill region and rough roads

    CHANCHAL CHARCHIL |17 Jan,2011 03:34:27 PM

    Please clarify about the ground clearance of this car.

  • CarDekho Team |11 Jan,2011 04:23:47 PM

    We advise you to wait for the car to be actually launched, as of now we dont have any specific details on the same. Restassured that the ground clearance should be similar to that of the Tata Nano. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • malchand |11 Jan,2011 11:37:00 PM

    maruti cervo picture is same as display website ?

  • suhail ahmad |13 Jan,2011 12:08:35 AM

    hi i am planning to buy a maruti 800 duo lpg but i am a confused because of maruti cervo which is being launched shortly. firstly i want to know that is maruti cervo a full sized car or a miniature car like tata nano. secondly is maruti going to stop selling 800 duo with cervos launch. pls suggest should i buy maruti 800 duo right now or wait for cervo . . .

    chacha |13 May,2011 05:23:19 PM

    I suggest wait for Servo. New Cars would be on a better technology

  • jayanti das kharkongor, Shillong |17 Jan,2011 11:43:24 AM

    I am dying to see it,'Ismain andar itni space hoga ki main apni Boyfriend ke sath Mosti kor saku???'

  • yorita kharkongor, Shillong |17 Jan,2011 12:35:39 PM

    I need my Car to fulfill my Boyfriend's all needs, can it do so??

  • Ganesh |21 Jan,2011 04:42:05 PM

    Is servo r safe 1& for rough road use ?

  • rajendran |24 Jan,2011 04:24:05 PM

    i think this is the first car with low cc with autogear.How will it help the engine and fuel

  • vijay |24 Jan,2011 08:40:36 PM

    When will cervo be available at the dealers,kindly post a date.What is the car's dimension,

  • chihtan |25 Jan,2011 01:39:04 PM

    If looking for a second car at home... cervo will be the best option..... compared to nano.... for the first car cervo.... think twice....

  • Vishal Pandit |02 Feb,2011 03:47:30 PM

    Please confirm Is booking started or not.

    CarDekho Team |03 Feb,2011 02:55:47 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that as of now the bookings of Maruti Cervo has not started. The car is speculated to be launched in April or May. Thanks

  • Mukesh |03 Feb,2011 12:08:57 AM

    As per information, maruti is going to change in some features of cervo in india as compare to japan what changes ill be done...? shall its top model come with alloys...? when its booking ill b start...? is there bluetooth connectivity feature....?

  • prasanjeet |07 Feb,2011 11:44:33 AM

    Yaar who is this guy who is talking about running this car on highway. This car is meant to target lower middle class segment in india for small cities. They don't need to run the car on highways nor they need an AC. Watch DO DUNI CHAR of Mr. Rishi Kapoor & u will understand the value of a car for such families. Actually for us car is a luxary which which is never complete. My dad used to own a 800, I now own a safari but then still thinks that it would been better if I could buy CRV. But still for my dad 800 is the best car. For this segement car we it's more than enough that it a car. Nothing more required. People are happy to have there own car.

  • amandeep |09 Feb,2011 08:59:17 PM

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a car.I was about to buy maruti Zen 2003 (Used car) but my friend told me about Maruti Cervo So Plz anyone would tell me launch date of maruti cervo. Till the time I will not buy any other car. Please tell me date as soon as possible .......................waiting for response

    CarDekho Team |10 Feb,2011 06:31:47 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Suzuki has not yet disclosed the exact launch date of Maruti Cervo,as per the auto-mobile sources the car is speculated to be launched in April or May this year. Thanks

    chacha |13 May,2011 05:16:43 PM

    31st October 2011

  • Partha Sarathi |14 Feb,2011 05:31:49 PM

    will the cervo be really launched? I need to know . Only the cervo can be the reason to sell off my faithful nine year old 800.

  • ganeshkumar.M.A |15 Feb,2011 03:08:55 PM

    i am planning to buy a car with good mileage and comfort.is maruthi cervo will have comfort with mileage in it

  • Sanjay M. |20 Feb,2011 05:33:26 PM

    Can Cardekho team clear my following doubts:- 1. In the photographs the car seems to be quite low due to small wheels. With so many speed brakers in India will it cause a problematic ground clearance? 2. Till date has Maruti Suzuki officially announced that they will be launching this car in India or it is just the networld where thin news is spreaded fast with a view to discourage the competition for new small cars which have recently come on road? 3. Some are saying that cervo will have less features compare to what it has in Japan? Is it a fact? If yes, what will be available in India?

    CarDekho Team |22 Feb,2011 03:56:33 PM

    Dear User, No official specifications are available currently on the Cervo so watch this space for more info on it very soon. Thanks

  • virendra |28 Feb,2011 09:26:41 AM

    main to intajar kar k thak gayahu sali kab aaegi abhi mere dad nano lenevale hai.muze nano bilkul pasand nahi hai yar...

  • Ankit Kumar |02 Mar,2011 07:49:32 AM

    Kya yahan aayegi ya bas bin bajayegi....shala ab thak gaya hoon cervo ki review padh padh ke....Maruti sud declare the Time...nw.

  • Iman |10 Mar,2011 08:51:06 PM

    while seeing the photos cervo has automatic transmission,but car dekho team saying it is manual transmission. which is correct.

  • srinivas p |13 Mar,2011 07:32:02 PM

    awesome car for the middleclass. far better than nano.

  • Shwarmesh Karmokar |18 Mar,2011 05:19:13 PM

    Dear CarDekho Team, Please tell me when is the launch of Maruti Cervo and what will be the available variants as you had said earlier that Maruti has planned in launch Cervo in Q1 of 2011. Also what will be the Ex-showroom Mumbai price.

  • Sanjay M. |19 Mar,2011 12:41:14 AM

    Any official news from Maruti on servo?? The other day I spoke to a person who works for a Maruti dealer. He said there is no official comunication from any one about Cervo's launch in India. So nothing can be said as of now. Can Car Dekho team clarify if there is any official communication on this from Maruti or is it just the thin rumour?

  • Sanjay M. |21 Apr,2011 04:41:43 PM

    Is any official date of Cervo launching announced? Any vehicle specifications received for the models being launched in India?

  • sumit goyal |24 Apr,2011 11:22:08 AM

    it is really disappointing that the company is not giving any news about its new cervo i hope that the company is not befooling the poor public of india who are waiting for this car very eagerly, also no press statement or media disclosures from the company to affirm or negates its planning about cervo , hope not that too much of wait can resulted like nano( much hype , high price , bekar car, no sale)

  • horen |10 Jun,2011 04:46:44 PM

    can i ask maruti suzuki wheather it will actually be launched or not !

  • micky |07 Jul,2011 07:53:57 PM

    i think u should take a test drive of Nano, and check its A/C. its A/c is really effective with a good engine performance.. then why it can't happen with Cervo? u are comparing it with 800, 800 car is of over 20 years old technology.. and the point of high speed... let me tell u this is not a racing car, for that u have to raise ur pocket.

  • ASHOK KULWAL |20 Feb,2012 11:43:08 AM


  • ravi |22 Jul,2012 10:44:09 PM

    when the maruti cervo will be launched, is it really be launched or its just a rumour that the car exist. u r playing with the nerves, dude i am waiting for th elaunch i had postponded my purchase.

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