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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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    Mahindra XUV500
    Mahindra XUV500
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Serious Quality Issues

By for Mahindra XUV500 from chennai 2012-04-26 16:23:02.0
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Look and Style appearance is fantastic 


1.The dual tone on the dashboard is plasticky, cheap 

2.Quality glitches with the glove box. 

3.Infotainment software had problems twice within the first month of ownership and I was told the Software has already gone for 3rd revision with the bugs fixed from the earlier 2 versions   

Major Problem with Gearbox. My vehicle in the very first week of my ownership had this problem of gear not engaging. After my strong complaint, Mahindra provided the required service to fix the problem. 


 1.Quality glitches with the glove box - The lid of the glove box would suddenly open when you are driving. I complained this to the senior regional executive and demanded immediate replacement of the lid. He obliged and the vehicle was given for fixing this. The technician attending to this problem calls me and says the lock is repaired. I insisted that the lid is replaced. To my surprise, In a matter of 15 minutes, he calls me back saying the lid has been replaced. Too soon to believe. But still, I took the delivery of the vehicle and the very next day the lid again opened suddenly while driving.   

2.Infotainment software had problems twice within the first month of ownership and I was told the software has already gone for 3rd revision with the bugs fixed from the earlier 2 versions. The Software would suddenly shut itself while driving. This software has a hands-free Bluetooth connectivity which lets you sync your mobile with the system. I had this embarrassment of this software suddenly shutting down in the middle of a call and I had to pick up the mobile and disconnect the call.   

The engine did not start– Had this same problem 3 times in 2 days.  When contacted, I was told it is a software Issue. 

The Glove box lid is still not working.

 Overall Experience : Not Satisfactory

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  • Satish Sharma |11 May,2012 05:55:04 AM

    I was impressed with the overall looks of the car. I had a short test drive too and almost made up my mind of purchasing the car. I have received sms now to make full payment and take delivery of the car in 10 days. But reading the reviews now is making me scary. I am already driving a scorpio (m-hawk) for last 4 years. Will it be a wise decision replace the scorpio with XUV500. I am afraid that soon after buying the car I start realising my mistake and regret my decision. I am using the scorpio for all purposes - going to office, travelling to my project sites in a radius of 300-400 km of Delhi, familiy trips on Holidays. Will someone give me a advice me to enable me to take a decision in a few days. Some times I think of buying a second hand sedan like cheverolet optra magnum (diesel) or cruze as a second vehicle which can be done in a budget of 5 to 10 lacs while XUV 500 is costing 15.27 lacs and I will have to sell the scorpio. The decision making is becoming really difficult.You may consider my persoal traits while advising me. I am a traveller by nature. I am approx 6 feet tall 87 kg weight with a little paunch and 49 years, wheatish complexion.

    maninder |14 May,2012 04:50:34 PM

    replace the scorpio and take xuv 500 it is very nice car .its not just a car its a caaar.

    Satish Sharma |14 May,2012 07:03:18 PM

    We went to the showroom with the family to make a final decision about the car. We are a family of 5 persons. With driver we become 6. So one of my twin children has to sit on the rear seats. They tried the rear seats and found it tight. Also there is no adjustment in the rear seats or the middle seats. Leg room for the middle seats is more than than required and for the rear seats less than required. A little adjustment would have solved the problem.I understand rather than focusing on the technical aspects of the car I am now on the seating of all concerned.What is your comment on this? The reason to go for scorpio was only this as we cannot be accommodated in a sedan.

    MB |21 May,2012 12:49:30 PM

    XUV 500 has less leg room in the 3rd row but to me that was not a big issue. I have college going son and high school going daughter. They do not complain too much about it. But the main intent of my feedback was to highlight such serious mechanical problems that I was not expecting from a vehicle which is being touted by the Company as GLOBAL. I have been driving for the past 22 years and all the cars were truly global cars and are of superior quality and XUV 500's performance is a complete disaster. DO NOT GET DECEIVED BY LOOKS OF THE CAR AND GO THROUGH THE PAINFUL EXPERIENCE THAT I HIGHLIGHTED.

    Satish Sharma |23 May,2012 03:19:21 PM

    Thanks a lot your input. I had almost made up my mind to wait and postpone the decision to own the xuv. I do not want to compromise on performance for design and features. Now I have decided to wait.My son is little over 6 feet and he is in 11th standard. He was the overawed by the car. And when we all sat in the car he was one who had issues with the leg room specially on long drives. I am not in a hurry now. Thanks for your input again. Probably by waiting for some more time I will come across a better car or will be able to stretch my budget to have any other car.

    Venkat 1428 |18 May,2012 09:01:10 AM

    hi Satish Sharma duster is on the way..................

    praveen dabas |27 Jun,2012 09:48:19 AM

    Thanks for knowing us the major problem in xuv500. I recently want to buy this car & i think M&M is reliable company but in any corner of my heart i know this is local company & its features will not work for so much days. This is shocking to know that many of people get struck in ways during driving due to quality issue & they also feel a life danger mean while. Now i will not buy this car & also suggest for not to buy this car on cost of life risk. Again thanks for your note. Thanks You Praveen Dabas

  • SUNIL AGARWAL |18 May,2012 06:52:26 PM

    My XUV was delivered on March 25th 2012 and done app 1000 Kms so far. The car is great to Look,Full of features, Comfortable to sit an Good to drive. The Major Flaws and shortcomings I have come across are: Its brakes are very weak and unpredictable. I have been driving cars with ABS and EBD for more than 7 years now and rate the braking of XUV lowest amongst them even cars like Ritz, Swift, Dezire have much better and reliable braking then XUV. The dealership was informed that is an inherent problem and present in all vehicles(XUV). During the last visit, the workshop informed that they are being replaced by the company and the Brake Kit would arrive after 15 days and then would be replaced. The Suspension and alignment is not so good either. The steering makes noise when hitting pot holes or uneven roads. There is another flaw in design as the reflection on the Windshield of the dashboard makes the driving very uncomfortable to eyes. The Maps and the display is not visible if sunny outside, would have been nice if they had put the display screen a little deeper inside and provided some shade on the same. Surprisingly the Water tank of the wiper system has been delivered in a leaking condition and not available with the dealership. Its such a great design and with these refinements would do us proud and we could say A Great Indian Car, made in India, Designed in India and sought after in the world. Sunil Agarwal

    MANDEEP |03 Jun,2012 08:58:53 PM


  • sonu |23 May,2012 12:55:04 AM

    i am planning to buy xuv but after reading all the bad reviews .i am in double mind .should i buy or not.someone who owns this plz suggest me.its my hard earn money i dont want to waste its.reply soon

  • uttam singh yadav |30 May,2012 04:12:22 PM

    dear friends after reading all this coument i depley heart because this is my drem car and now i m planing to drop to by this car yet i m confuse what to do i requist u all to help me out and which one soud i buy now thanks

    MB |30 May,2012 04:51:22 PM

    The intent of my review of this SUV is to share the biggest flaws that frustrated me because I was so impressed with the external looks and believed the GLOBAL SUV message. As some of you have mentioned above, my heart was certainly for this SUV at the time of purchase but my mind says I should have waited for a better quality SUV which is truly GLOBAL or atleast I should have been careful to wait and buy this SUV once the major problems are fixed officially by Mahindra. Mahindra has not officially accepted these flaws even though several customers all over the Country are complaining about the same problems that I have complained. Generally, Global companies whose cars I have been owning all these years would recall all the vehicles in the market and fix the problems at no expense to the Customers. Hope my review and subsequent comments helps people in their purchase decision. Good luck!

  • Gourav |07 Jun,2012 02:41:13 PM

    earlier i was thinking to buy the xuv 500 but after reading the reviews and the technical faults i would like to go for any other car

  • Naveen Mukundan |07 Jun,2012 08:18:03 PM

    Satish, Sunil..Thanks for your valuable inputs.. Generally Indians have a tendency to believe/prove that they are correct and the decisions they have made are the best.. But you guys really gave a very sincere and genuine feed back.. Once again Thanks a lot!!!

  • Manoj Koul |09 Jun,2012 04:44:17 PM

    Dear All, I do have the same concerns about braking system of XUV5oo, which difinitely has made my trips on highways worrysome. Since the day of purchase, the dealership couldn't fix this problem and even have changed the whole break assembly once. The infontainment system is really a mockery on the board. It works as per its whims and fancies. Bluetooth conectivity and its syncronization with your mobile is big zero. Will you believe that even the LED lights have gone within 7 days of purchase and when I reported this to dealership, the sweet answer I received from the dealership was that they are aware about his defect and generally left side LED are effected. I was really surprised to know this, since the left hand LED of my XUV were gone for toss. There are N number of technical defects which Mahindra should now really take care off, otherwise branding DESI XUV5oo as GLOBAL SUV is a big joke. I would recommend that Mahindra should come forward and get in touch with the customers who are using the XUV and learn to fix the defects / problems, to make this product really competitive. They should learn this from Maruti Suzuki Service Department, who remain in constant touch with the new customer who purchases their vehicle for atleast one year to get the right and real-time feedback. That is the reason why they get accolades of customer and product satisfaction. External look is not the only factor or basis for purchasing the vehicle. Take your own time. GOOD LUCK.

  • Arun. I |10 Jun,2012 02:59:32 PM

    Hi all, I too have the plan to purchase this one... But I have alternate choice of going for Toyato - Innova. Had a test drive of on both XUV 500 and Innova on the same day. When comparing them, found that Innova is a best one among the leg room/boot space,No Gear shifting noice, Good breaking system and with some more new enhancements... Thanks all for ur valuable comments...

  • Aaliyah |11 Jun,2012 01:52:04 AM

    after going through everybody's comments, since i wanted buy this car, bt now m in win win kinda of situation, pls fans help me out ,should i go ahead to buy this or not,,mail me at above address.wat should i do or not thanks to all!!

    rajveer |11 Jun,2012 10:13:47 AM

    do it its nice xuv

  • rajveer |11 Jun,2012 10:09:58 AM

    sir plz give me some suggestion about xuv500 i want to purchase that car so plz tell me about its perfomace .i want to used that car mostly in desert bcoz i am contrator.so tell me in desert perfomace

  • xuv |16 Jun,2012 12:05:50 AM

    xuv is owned by my 3 known people.no body has any complaints except brake noise which is rectified by the company. if planning to buy one.for more deails contact arora100@yahoo.com

    dipu |22 Aug,2012 03:06:28 AM

    abs brakes are always make NOISE in high speed in any car.

  • Sanjeev |01 Nov,2012 10:03:03 AM

    Looking at the reviews for xuv500, the global suv from mahindra is miserable at all fronts. It will be an embarrassment to put in 16 lacs and get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a non working car. Then we will have to keep watching the suzukis and Honda's drive by grinning at us. I was thinking of buying a xuv500, but now I feel its better to buy an aria..atleast it doesn't have such ridiculous problems.

  • kinglion |09 Mar,2015 11:42:29 AM

    King of road...... 60000 km review....awesome car .....car gives me power love respect......don't compare this car to innova taxi..XUV equal to Hyundai Santa fe....what a style &comfort this car gives....top speed 180 kmph is so easy and good control also

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